Born Like This Borne To Win…


And now for a break from Asher Roth news…

NYC MTA unlimited ride Metrocard = $7.50

Dr. Doom action figure = $10 off eBay

New DOOM album so fucking dope it inspires you to play in traffic = priceless

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  • Pierzy

    It’s true – an utterly superb album.

    Would this be considered viral marketing? I think it could be…

    • Capital G

      P.- I know you explained how you’re always first with the comments, being at work with access to the internets helps, but Gotdamn! I’m starting to think dude is like DOOM, sending imposters to handle his work. From here on out, anyone who gets the urge to put “First!” on they shit, has to switch it up to “Pierzy!” and give credit where credit is due. If I read a blog and you ain’t the first comment I’m a little disappointed (NHJIC) Your comment abilities got me commending you on your comments. In a word… Amazing.

      • mo

        you can get off his nuts now….

  • Dallas Penn

    When does a fanboy video become viral marketing? Maybe when someone pays me for making the video.

    Born Like This has been in stores for several weeks now and if you don’t own it you aren’t even a fan of Hip-Hop.

    But with that said we can go back to discussing Asher Ro$$ tomorrow since that is all anyone cares about anyhoo

    • EmCDL


    • Incilin

      Dude, a fanboy video is viral marketing! I know this, I worked in viral for a few years.

      Here’s the skinny on viral marketing and old school marketing: Old school marketing tries to make the consumer a buyer through ads. Viral marketing tries to turn the consumer into a seller through entertainment. By creating a fanboy video, you just promoted Doom but not for no compensation but to spread entertainment to spread entertainment.

  • Dallas Penn

    I second Capital. From now on if you get to a comment thread before Pierzy you have to type in Pierzy.

    Show some effin’ respect to the comments king!

    • Pierzy

      Good lookin’ out fellas…

      I’m just a huge fan of the music, culture and this site (especially the blogs) so I try to check it constantly to get the drop.

      • $ykotic

        Does this mean I have to Wiki this also?

  • Phil

    This is Hip-Hop. Hip-Hop I can support, period.

  • ryne rich

    if the whole album is like this immma look in to it deeper

  • geico lizard

    “New DOOM album so fucking dope it inspires you to play in traffic”

    Someone needs to inspire asher roth to play in rush hour traffic.

  • Dallas Penn

    DOOM album is fireworks! Period. Point blank.

    • EmCDL

      You mean “Lightworks” LOL

  • El Tico Loco

    Why didn’t u push this album like you did 808′s, DTR, and Ass broth? From MMFood to Viktor Vaughn to the Special Herbs this cat’s been doin his thing. Now if we can actually get him to perform his own shows.

  • thoreauly77

    ^^^ tico- i dont think it would have mattered dude. people that know DOOM copped. if this sounds good to you, go buy the album man. the entire thing is DOPE. DOOM’S gotten plenty good looks from front page XXLMAG piece to rolling stone interviews and more.

    D- that video you made is f’ing great!! and i agree, the album IS inspiring. last week i used gazillion ear for a lesson. the week before i used cellz. i have some pretty lucky students eh?!

    • El Tico Loco

      Just sayin tho. Then again you’re right keep his status like that, if he starts gettin too big we might get tired of him LOL. I rather be up on music that nobody else (general public)is checkin for, call it a cratedigger’s mentality.

  • Dallas Penn

    Your students have no idea. DOOM is what I listen to when I’m writing an article about Asher Ro$$.

    I’ve been on a DOOM / Black Thought / Raekwon bender for the last few weeks. I’m very excited about the Rae mixtape and the upcoming Roots album.

  • http://www.plasticsquirtguns.blogspotcom thoreauly77

    you’re always on a black thought and rae bender! as it should be. but this DOOM shit, Bukowski references, Dinosauria reading, universe shattering, insane 1:30 songs with day-long lyrics. lightworks. RPG, rhyme propelled grenade. so many golden lines.

    i’m gonna put that shit on right now.

  • Dallas Penn

    I don’t think I’m always on a Black Thought Raekwon bender but you may know me now better than I know myself.

    DOOM’s wordplay on this album is magnificent. Better than I have ever heard him and totally confident with the mask on.

    DOOM’s been pretty active lately also. Something got his attention and I love the place he is rhyming from right now.

    I copped a Dr.Doom mask off eBay for another video. Gonna try to shoot that joint this weekend upcoming.

  • Ayre

    I aint gonna lie I’ve been managing music stores for all of 13 years now and I never listened to Doom I’ve always heard good things but never got around to listening to him. After hearing “Gazillion ear” I was sold I went back and purchased everything that we had in the bins which was still there because I work in the fucking hood and cats just don’t check for him. I even copped the special herbs box set.

    • BIGNAT

      make sure you get mmm food and madviallany. also the very crazy danger doom album which has some sick shit on it. madviallany 2 also is very good and the occult hymm joint.

      • BIGNAT

        sorry that is suppose to be madvillainy mf doom and madlib are MADVILLAN/MADVILLAINY

  • $ykotic

    DP squeezing out that creative juice!

    Got me stuck on replay though. Good job.


    Dallas, If you want to wear the same mask as Doom himself search for Roman Gladiator Battle Helmets. Doom’s mask is the same as Maximus’ from the Gladiator movie. You can buy the helmet and detatch the mask.
    Then you can put on concerts using Doom’s name and make some quick cash!


    and how dare I not use all caps when I spell the man’s name.

    Please substitute all Dooms above with DOOM.

  • Escobar9300

    Man DOOM is a beast, I really like this album but I still think the Operation Doomsday CD was definitly better. Crazy how much his voice changed from O.D. to his new album. Dudes jumping on the DOOM bandwagon should definitly peep the classic stuff too

  • Dallas Penn

    Thx for the tip [ll], but I already copped a Dr.Doom joint off eBay for the next video.


    once i heard dangerdoom i went back and got all his stuff. which lead me into madlib and getting his stuff. imo i like born like this but my favorite doom album is madvillany.

    • BIGNAT

      i almost forgot to say cool video DP and micorwave mayo is the song i like the best on born like this. no it’s ballskin no it’s that’s that no it’s gazillion ear

      • Tony Grand$

        Co-sign BIGNAT

        I can’t choose either. My son loves Gazillion Ear. Might have to side with him for the time being.

        Or maybe Rap Ambush…..

  • What the ?

    Shits dope, brought me back to that love for rap again on his new album, nice work DOOM, real skill, no selling out garbage at all, no club tracks, no bitch made tracks, no pussy shit just straight up hip-hop like it should be.

  • EmCDL

    Yeah I became a fan of DOOM myself when my homeboy put me onto him back in ’03…he popped in that Mmm Food album and I was sold once I heard that ‘Hoe Cakes’ track. So far the only albums I have is Madvillainy, Mmm Food (well that one I burnt on my computer from someone but I plan on actually getting the disc), and of course Born Like This. Dude got so much stuff out I don’t even know where to start

  • thoreauly77

    it’s simple man ^^. you just go out and cop “operation doomsday” and then buy everything else.

  • Dallas Penn

    “Viral marketing tries to turn the consumer into a seller through entertainment.”

    After this comment I know even less about viral marketing. Turn the consumer into a seller?

    I like the new DOOM album so I made a video. Other people like DOOM so we all bonded over our enjoyment of his creativity. Are you telling me that act of communicating is now viral marketing?

    Sit down, take in a deep breath, and stop overthinking your life. It isn’t that deep even if its deeper than rap

  • Tony Grand$


    First off, DP, I’m coming (no homo) to the realization that you’re somehow a genius in your own right.

    Secondly, I searched for DOOM @ the local spots out here in the City of Angeles. No Dice. I finally found a spot today that had it.

    In a word; exquisite.

    Hip hop in it’s prime form. Even the background noises & echos’s are ridiculous.

    Now, to work my way backwards until I connect the “dots” all the way back to my K.M.D. cassette tape..

  • Dallas Penn

    Tony Grand$,
    [ll] (pause) to you coming…

  • Dallas Penn


    • Tony Grand$

      There you go again……

    • BIGNAT

      dp you going sell that doom figure