Two Platinum MCs The Same Year?

I don’t know what to make of album sales anymore.

As most of you know, no one from the XXL staff even came close to predicting Jim Jones’ first week sales accurately. Apparently the This Is Jones documentary, the Broadway play and every other trick Capo had up his promotional sleeve, wasn’t enough. I think Cam’ron’s re-emergence hurt Jim’s buzz, but who knows, maybe there’s something else.

It’s like the year has officially begun now because rap records are coming out at a more rapid pace. Jada drops next week and he may just outsell Jones. Our executive editor VS were talking about it yesterday and we’re both betting on Jada. Mind you, he hasn’t been getting nearly as much attention as Jimmy, but he has more of a fan base. People check for Kiss, Capo’s CD purchasers are usually random radio listeners who liked one of the songs featured on the album.

There’s also an interesting head-to-head match up taking place on April 21: Asher Rauwth Vs. Rick Rauwse. It’s no Soundscan Showdown of Kanye West and 50 Cent proportions, but the buzz around the office is that the new kid could possibly top Ross. Rauwthe! I’m hearing Asleep In The Bread Aisle leaked last night. The people want it. Shoot, I wanna hear it myself. Asher just better hope Em doesn’t pull a Cam’ron and drops his new single before Bread Aisle hits stores. And since Relapse is due out May 19, I’d say that’s pretty likely. Just last night, Miss Info tweeted that some new Em joint was to surface any minute. Now, Em and Ash aren’t involved in any conflict, so I don’t think Slim Shady will negatively affect him. In fact, we may just have two white MCs going platinum within a few months of one another. Would it be the first time? If I’m not mistaken, it came pretty close back in 1989-90. Beastie Boys went plat with Paul’s Boutique (1989), followed by 3rd Bass’ The Cactus Album (1989) earning a gold plaque, leading the way for Vanilla Ice To the Extreme (1990) to sell a gazillion copies.

But that was a different time in the game. Not that white MCs weren’t getting busy before (they were especially in the underground),  but his massive success caused somewhat of a Caucasian Invasion at the turn of the millenium. All of a sudden, everybody had to have a token white MC. Timbaland signed Bubba Sparxxx and Diddy signed that  guy Kane (where is he?) just to name a few. Should The thing is, Vanilla Ice was a joke and the Beasties always bordered on rock. Should Em and Ash go platinum within months of one another, it would mark the first time two credible white rap superstars co-exist. Would labels try recreating the Caucasian invasion? God knows they need some sales right now, so why not? Outasight already has a deal, but maybe they’ll start a bidding war on Will Roush now.

What do you guys think? What happens to the game if both Em and Ash go plat. Music biz as usual, or should we expect some type of shift?-Jackpot

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  • og bobby j

    Asher will def sell better than rawse….but plat i dont think so.

    Em will go plat without a single….his fanbase will allow that….

    If they both go plat…hip hop is dead and casper is still around.


      im sorry but that made no sense.
      “if they both go play…hip hop is dead…”????
      wtf ur saying if rappers sell records, then rap is dead…
      listen to urself.
      ok so if they DONT sell records, hip hop is alive?

      • eaztcoast

        go plat*** i meant

      • miguel aka el meksicano

        yo son its true wat u said. but people have to stop focussin on record sales. i mean i would would hella like to sell a million copies in a day but people forgot tha real shit about wat these rappers are sayin. personally id rather like 2 see asher sell more than ross for tha fact that asher can actally spit better than him.ross is koo but he aint i wat i call a real lyricist.

    • eaztcoast

      go plat** i meant

    • tyson mike

      casper lol


    its no way that i see asher roth selling more than rick ross. let alone going platinum. & depending on em’s single i dont think his ass is going plat either. but thats just me.

    • MC 567

      Ash WILL beet ROSS. Nobody wants that fraud garbage. ASH WILL not go platinum however. And EM will go plat first week moron.

      • miguel aka el meksicano

        yo son u 100000000000000% ryte. im sick of all this 1 single and them im done bullshit ass no lyric ass havin ignorant ass shit. they need 2 b playin niggaz like common little brother q-tip planet asia. these brothats r real hip hop

  • capcobra

    i think white people gon fall for asher roth the same way that black people fell for barack obama…which means that if you criticize him publically then you’re an ignorant racist bastard that’s not prepared for neccessary change…and with people like xxl co signing then he must be official….so it don’t matter.

    • stfu


      black kids are going to buy asher’s album, just like white people voted for obama.

      • capcobra

        wrong!!!!!…………if niguz ain’t buy jim jones then they definitely not spending they money on asher roth…you must be

        • http://XXLMAG.COM gettinmoneycool


  • zayzkidd

    Hell yeah it would help, white folks are the ones who buy most of the music and right now they buying that corny a$$, bad sounding rock n roll. But on the real, Ashole roth is WACK!!!

  • Moving Sideways

    As far as white rappers go…nobody is touching Copywrite.

  • Cal

    While I have no beef with asher I do have one with xxl for dick riding these new schools as though their gonna do carter 3 numbers when only a few hip hop heads know them. Mind you aside from jay z or Em fans the current majority of record buyers are your regular radio listeners who have been weaned off any good music so saying that asher roth may go platinum is horse shit there’s no if’s or buts or even bets on that shit!

  • Jae Michelle

    If two white rappers go platinum. Good for them. Its not easy for a lot of Hip-Hop artist to go platinum as it is so if they do, they have love from fans and its all good. Nothing Will happen to the Game. People should stop putting Hip-Hop in this little box labeled “This is What it’s Supposed to be” let our baby grow, evolve and change.

  • Mario M.

    i’m buying all three albums Relapse Pt. 1&2 and Asleep in the bread aisle i like his style i just fucking want to hear Before i Self Destruct

  • Pierzy

    First of all, does XXL have a piece of Asher’s sales? That dude is all over this site.

    Secondly, how about some props to those of us that DID get close to accurately predicting Jimmy’s lackluster sales?

    • yoprince

      man you xxl staffers are pretty terrible with predictions.. i think you’re too “industry” to see what’s really going on sometimes.. getting caught up in the hype you create..

      look at the commenters, we knew jim wasn’t gonna sell. all of you staffers predicted more than 75k. i perdicted 55k and a lot of the comments were right on point with even smaller predictions.

      now you’re talking about ASHER ROTH going plat? WTF? his buzz is not “snoop/eminem/50 debut album” size. we can all see that out here.. but ya’ll been so busy gassin him you believe it.

      asher roth will do jim jones numbers. so will jadakiss.

      rick ross will do around 120k, easily eclipsing asher roth.

      college kids don’t buy albums. they DL and then if they really like it, they may buy it some months or even yrs later. the east coast doesn’t buy albums. the south still does tho.

  • Drew

    Roth ain’t the truth.

    • Pierzy


      Em had/has skills out the ass. Can’t say the same for Asher.

    • Monty B.

      Word. The kid is a Herb.

  • jojo

    Forget Platinum. There is nooooo way in hell that Ash is going to sell more than 50,000 units his first week, let alone 200,000 units of his record in total. Perhaps I am underestimating the college single and the majority white-driven music market, but I just cannot see the rookie outshine many of the records that have previously come out in the past year (08-9).

    I do not listen to the radio and I do not watch BET…Is there really that big of a buzz around this guy?

  • squadwildin

    Cal…some have the potential to do carter 3 numbers possibly down the road when they’ve been in the game long as Wayne. It takes a while to accumulate a fan base… THis early in a rapper’s career, you still have doubters. and you still got ppl talkin out they ass that have barely heard any songs from the rookie artist….so off top, no they probly wont sell a million in a week….but some of them do have the potential down the line.

    • Cal

      I dont doubt their skills my main argument is that unless you made your name big enough in the last 5 years your just not gonna sell massive units! Majority of rap record buyers are dumb teenage kids who dont know shit about real hip hop or skills so whatever fanbase these guys acquire isn’t gonna compete with majority of record buyers!

  • Mutada al sader the king

    XXL staff writers are washed up hacks. Why would you even mention “Asherem” and Slim in the same sentence? Other than pointing out the blatant and obvious clone that he is.
    You motherfuckers are actually in the office talking about how many records Asher Roth will sell and have now gone on record as stating that he will go platinum along with Eminem ?


    What the fuck happened to you dudes ? Man.. XXL of 2009 is a fucking disgrace. This is the company that brought us all the great covers, the best interviews, the best album reviews, the best photos, and single handily dethroned the SOURCE ! Do you even read your older magazines? Cant you see how much better YOU used to be? Just like the Source you got complacent and another magazine will soon dethrone you if its not happened allready.

    Now you fuckers have reduced yourself to a marketing machine for an clone. Why??? So you can create another Eminem and have exclusive rights to place him on the magazine cover for the next 2 years, like you dick rode G-Unit?

    Were are your morals, were is your love of hip hop. Bitting and being a clone are the ULTIMATE SIN within this music and you fuckers are supporting it. I would rather listen to “HAM”, pink clothes and all, because AT LEAST HE HAS HIS OWN VOICE. You are completely out of step with what the streets AND the Teenybopper crowd listen too. No one GAVE A FUCK ABOUT JIM JONES, thats why his fucking album flopped. Do you read your own blogs comments section? Did you have a clue that Jim Jones was a fucking pariah of hip hop? I remember when XXL told US what was cool, who was popping and who was dope. Now its the other way around. Hop off the “Asherem” band wagon before it too late. Platinum… OK (lowercase) -.xxl….




      Asher is OK at best. I’d give him an 8.5. He could get better. Possiblely.

      Em is going to sell just from his fan base.

      Ross will sell, but being exposed as a CO, lying about it, beef with 50, then the baby moms being exposed could really damgage his sells. Down here in Miami, we already knew this nigga was fake but he was hometeam so we fucked with him. Now, niggas not even lettin him skip in the line at McDonalds. Sad.

      Asher: 35-55k

      Eminem: Plat

      Ross: 50-100k

      • Yayza

        “Asher is OK at best. I’d give him an 8.5. “

        Assuming you mean out of 10, 8.5 is not average. 8.5 is great. 5 would be average.

        • NAWLEDGE

          You’re right. I meant to put 5.5. Thanks.

    • Yayza

      “I would rather listen to “HAM”, pink clothes and all, because AT LEAST HE HAS HIS OWN VOICE”

      Except, you know, when’s he stealing other people’s beats. Oh wait, you guys don’t know about that, because XXL won’t post it.

      • Julio

        its called sampling.
        not stealing.
        with all the mixtapes he’s put out
        the guy dont make no money off it,
        just promotional purposes to set he’s name out from the rest of the pack

        • Yayza

          It’s not sampling when you take a beat that was already made, speed it up a little and add an effect or two on it, then claim it’s completely original. Why didn’t he just admit it if it’s just sampling? Google “charles hamilton steals beat” first link, watch the video.

  • Curtis75Black

    My question is what has Asher Roth done that makes him a “credible” emcee besides Freestyling off tracks? A co-sign from so and so don’t mean shit if you can’t back it up with a decent cd in your name. Sorry but I smell a Huge Dick Ride from yall on this. Eminem has history within the Hip Hop community. He shown us what he can actually do. Asher hasn’t and yall are just giving him the Platinum throne of GP? I know yall want some new blood up in the mix but keep it real man !!

    • Pierzy

      Co-Sign Curtis. One of your most on-point posts yet!

  • Caesar Constantine

    Change the game how! By two white niggas going plat back to back in hip-hop? Man Kid Rock Still Hip-Hop (in some kinda way) and him and Em been goin plat back to back all the time… Get outta here with that shit. Both them cats dope and if the albums stand up then they goin plat, period. But that’s not ’bout to change the game?!!

  • Yayza

    Well, I think the problem is that we’re not specifiying what you mean by “Go Platinum”. First week sales? I doubt Asher can do it yet. I Love College is still climbing the charts, it hasn’t even peaked yet. If he dropped another single and it was a hit, the buzz might be enough to make that happen, but as it stands now, it won’t happen. But Asleep in the Bread Isle will obviously eventually go platinum, unless it turns out to be a complete pile of shit, which I doubt. As far as Eminem, eveybody knows he’s gonna sell a ridiculous amount of albums. He’ll do better than Wayne. As for Rawse…..well…..fuck him.

  • romil

    I think Asher has a chance at going platinum. Just listen to his first single, smart marketing on that one. Them college kids are feeling it. And it’s true the white boys & girls will cop Asher, Black dudes will cop but its like a 18% Black sales 82% White Imo. Everybody know’s thats how Em sold all them records, Them Jersey white boys was all rapping when he dropped. Not in a racists way either, its like if Michael Jordan played Hockey imagine the views that sport would get. It’s just more interesting when another Race reguardless of color steps in another realm. Thats why its gonna be hard for old Ash he gonna have to really prove himself after a rapper like Em killed the game.

  • romil

    Ross will probably go platinum, he had a better chance if dropped in March. He released too much to the fans and people are getting tired of the hype surrouned by his so called classic on the way. If he dropped right in the boiling point of the Curtis Beef he would’ve went platinum.

    Em is always gonna go Platinum, he’s the All american favorite I know people in there 40′s and 50′s that are gonna cop him yall are crazy if you think Wayne is gonna outsell Em. lol

  • Mike


    • Rex Banner

      Hood niggas don’t buy cd’s period lol

  • what!?!

    what the fuck is up with asher roth. he’s not that dope. and it’s not about his race either. There have been 10,000 fratboy MC’s on campus’ around the country with the same haha funny bullshit raps. what makes him special? why is the industry on his nuts? he must have an uncle that owns xxl or something. i agree with curtis75black.

    it bugs me no one seems to question this (as if it matters but ya’ll asked)

    Even if he goes platinum he can’t be considered a “credible superstar”, on the level of Em. Maybe after the next platinum album.

    Seems xxl is desperate for anything to pop off at this point. boooooooooooo

  • murK

    damn xxl, u smell that? ur readers just shitted on you! asher is a good mc but you’re overhypin’.

    • Tony Grand$

      Roth has to pay some dues before he can go platinum. Fuck going platinum. There was a time where a rap cat had to work HARD, perfect his specific craft, create his own lane, & only after that did he deserve to enjoy the fruits of his labor. Nothing personal, but he’s done none of that.

      I’m not buying the album simply based on the fact that he hasn’t earned my recession money. Get out there, sweat a little, bleed a little, show me you deserve my time to hear you speak & then we can “talk”. That’s the problem with the “gen-next”, they ready for the big time without putting in the overtime.

      Marshall deserves another plaque. He’s a staple in the hip hop community. Even if his album is only decent, he is & always will be Eminem. But Roth, not hating @ all, but he still needs more people, imo.

  • Stan

    Fuck an Asher Roth…

  • Moi

    RECORD SALES ARE DEAD. race, the state of hip hop, and so on are not the issue. MEGA stars will still do platinum numbers–eminem, 50, dre, kanye but even they sell way less than they used to do so relatively speaking. Asher Roth sucks by the way, not even in comparison to anyone. that college song is horrible. artists, go independent, be original. also, where is the next midnight marauders, enter the 36 chambers, infamous, chronic, ready to die, all eyez on me, fear of a black planet, cuban linx coming? no sales, no classics, no originality, wack journalism. i can’t even comprehend sitting through an entire Jim Jones or Rick Ross album or Asher Roth for that matter. fuck everyone.

  • IndyKid

    No love on here mane….

    Mutada, we always get along, right? So you hate him because he’s a ‘blatant and obvious clone’? So when have we had a mainstream white rapper that raps positively? Please, if you can answer that question, I’ll never poke holes in your ridiculously stupid arguments again.

    But back to Asher… I think the guy is a good rapper. That’s just me. I’ll bet he outsells Ross when they drop (and I kind of hope so). Somebody who raps positively and without talking about guns and drugs nonstop deserves at least some credit in today’s hip-hop society that we’ve created.

    I understand everybody’s gonna have their opinions on which rappers they like and which they don’t but do we have to say it’s xxl’s fault for showing them to us? I don’t think so, myself.

    Oh, and if you’re just going to complain about XXL itself then find another hip-hop site to comment on.


    • El Tico Loco

      So you’re saying that is better to go to another site to complain about this site behind their back, instead of letting them know our opinions so they may improve their content? The comments may be crude but they’re real and the fact that we keep coming back is obviously tough love.

  • What the ?

    Sweet another Em, Asher comparison thread ?

    Only thing, there is no comparison other than skin color.

    Em = skilled lyrical monster, legendary status.

    Asher = rookie green horn college boy that has no struggle, no come up, weak ass deliveries, corny teeny bopper pop tracks and the list goes on.

    Why must we keep comparing Legends to fucking trash bags.

    And FYI no white kids like Asher either nut garglers, it’s more college kids teenage girls retards ect..

  • What the ?

    Oh ya and we all know numbers mean nothing in rap any who ? no , not all of us.

    Lets see, Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer sold more than anybody, does than mean there the best MC’S ever ? fucking idiots, lets get off this numbers and sales dictate how talented you are.

  • Curtis75Black

    How can ya’ll talk shit about the radio and their blatant overhyping/props giving, face shoving of wack music in our face and ears and ya’ll doing the same shit ? This is even worse because you’re suppose to Rep Hip Hop to it’s core !! At least Yellow Nig was straight up with the Bullshit -”I’m putting 50 on the cover because he sells mags !!” There’s too many other cds and rappers to interview to just be on Asher’s Dick and if it’s all about him being white, then you’re a disgrace to Hip Hop because then, It’s all political.

  • Juan Galvez

    XXL u guys are clearly getting payed by record companies to overhype artist….is asher roth gonna go platinum?,,,fuck no!…hes an average were near eminem..But i ask u guys this?..When atmospheres album was coming out why didnt XXL run a feature on them?..becuase there an idie hip hop group..Im just saying because if you guys are trying to compare any white MC to em then it should be slug..u guys are slowly stooping down to the level of THe Source magazine..

    • Moi

      what about El-P? never seen a feature on him in XXL (please correct me if i’m wrong)and he puts out dope relevant hip-hop for sure

  • Dave Hustle

    Come on everybody. Seriously. Ya’ll all know if you truly are a hiphop fan that when Em first dropped “My Name Is” that you wasn’t even feeling that shit right away, because I wasn’t. But overtime Em proved to be a superior lyricist. Give the new kid a chance. He might actually suprise alot of ya’ll.

  • Mutada al sader the king

    First lets dispel a few of the idiot arguments that “Asherems” street team bloggers continually use as a justification for why he will be successful.

    1. College kids like him and because of that he will be successful .

    1. Like someone pointed out college students DON’T BUY RECORDS !! Did you forget that peer to peer file sharing , (Napster) STARTED ON COLLEGE CAMPUSES ?

    2. Most college students are BROKE, they are eating noodles and macaroni and cheese.( I just personally paid $189.00 for a fucking science book.)They are NOT going to forfeit the little bit of weed and beer money they have on an Eminem clones album.

    3. Not all college students are 18 years old, lots of them are in their late 20′s and early 30′s. Most of these older hip hop fans would not touch a “Asherem” CD with a 10 foot pole, let alone spend any time or energy going to a target or Walmart to BUY IT !

    2. Ashsers lyrics and different and he talks about positive things. Really

    Nearly ALL of the songs I’ve heard from this dude have been about doing drugs and getting wasted. How is that positive ? Sure he has not talked about “chokeing a baby’s trachea”, like a certain superior white MC..but how is talking about getting high and drunk all the time positive? This argument holds no water. “Asherem” is Eminem lite, his songs are loose remakes and rehashes of Eminems first album. Songs like “I love college” = “Mushrooms” etc.

    BTW Indy, have you heard Bubba Sparks records ? Positive white rappers ? Thought not.

  • Curtis75Black

    3rd Bass and Bubba Sparks was very positive as well as mainstream, especially without the “My Name is and Real Slim Shady” type singles !! They were also original, sounding like themselves. No gimmicks were needed. No constant cameos from their Producer/Boss in their videos plus they can spit talking real shit within their raps and had the respect of the Hip Hop community. The Co-sign was their skills as an artist.

    • El Tico Loco

      Can’t forget Non Phixion probably the only white boys I’ve heard kill a Primo beat, and he even did a cameo on their video.

      The thing is if you nice you nice (no 125 grams). Asher has the potential if he manages to shed the Em comparisons, right now he’s the Ja Rule to Em’s DMX, but even they paid some sort of dues but I guess times are different. Maybe if he wasn’t getting hyped up by magazines so much and just let the music do the talking these comments would be a whole lot different. True hip hop fans don’t like to be told what to like and right now his fans are people that fell for the hype not people that really took time to appreaciate the art.

      • Enlightened

        You hit the nail on the head. I guarantee you, nobody, I MEAN NOBODY, who has never been on has heard of Asher Roth – except for the few people who heard of him somewhere else – on the internet

  • johnnyp

    asher is okay..but eminem is way better….eminem will sell millions while asher is still in the thousands…asher has a couple good songs but thats it…he is weak

  • romil

    People said the same thing when Vanilla Ice dropped, that he wasnt as skilled as Third Bass. And what happended he outsold everyone dancing hiz ass off to the bank.

    It dont matter as long as they market the kid, he’s making trax to appeal to the suburban college kids whose parents give them money, benzes and credit cards for college.

    My thought is he might sell over time because they are rushing it/ Put him on one of those college kids road trip type movies, and a soundtrack. This goes to show that sometimes skills dont matter as much as appeal. remember NKOTB outsold Boys II Men lol.

    • Curtis75Black

      @ Romil,

      NKOTB outsold everyone so that doesn’t even count lol !! As far as Vanilla Ice goes,It was just one of those things. He came, He rapped, He starred in Movies, He lied and said he was from Liberty City in Miami, hanging out with Luke, Got caught in a lie and dissappered as well as dissed by Everyone in Hip Hop especially 3rd Bass “Pop goes the Weseal” anyone?

      • romil

        We all knew V.I was a Fraud. Aint no pretty white boy in poker dots riding thru the hood in a 5.0 lol
        But my point is you take a white kid, who got small potential of talent, market and promote him, like they did Vanilla put him in a movie. He’s gonna do numbers reguardless!! the industry knows this.
        You take a black kid do the same the numbers arent gonna be even. real talk.

        people sayin Asher aint gonna go platinum shouldn’t bet on it. He might not hit the 1st week but he gonna hit. He might not be a top 10,20, or 30 rapper but he has appeal. MtV is loving the kid, he even sold out a college shows. Bubba Sparks outsold T.I. I mean c’mon I bought both albums but like I say you put bubba next to Tim, and you put T.I. next to Tim see who gonna outsell. It has nothing to do with racism either but caucasians especially the famales are gonna buy the white boys album 1st. Put it like this if Tupac and Biggie was still here they would not outsell Eminem period!!!

  • Chris Cash

    WOW! whats up with all the Asher Roth hate. I understand the talk of XXL dick riding him but damn the dude actually can rap.
    Just because he sounds like Em doesnt mean hes a clone, they have two totally different styles, and I have heard alot of positive tracks from dude along with the tracks about drugs and sex. Lyrically is he better than Em? Not Close, but neither is a Ludacris or Joe Budden who are two Great MCs. He is the type of artist the game needs. I just cant understand all the hate. Yall acting like he on a Soldier Boy level or something.

    • romil

      Exactly, If he was another race nobody would care. The Em comparison is killing Roth.
      And this is coming from a black dude.

      I honestly didnt think Em was real hot until the second album, because first he was just a good rhymer but being honest his subject matter was better on that Marshal Mathers Lp.

  • X

    Asher Roth and credible rapper don’t belong in the same sentence, let alone the same article.

  • http://hip-hopdx Braveheart

    Em will go platinum and rightly so, he’s got the skills whereas a
    spoilt little fraud and punk whiteboy ( and i’m white! so i can say that!) who has no talent shouldn’t sell zip. Roth is a an Em rip-off and sounds so goddam lame. He’s had everything handed to him and comes from a different class , at least Em earned his stripes and has come up thru the struggle. Em’s 2 lps should be dope, hopefully Detox won’t disappoint and 50 should do a lot better than the wack-ass ‘Curtis’, the real album to look out for will be Slaughterhouse!!! Those cats are dope as hell and that latest Crooked I joint is an absolute banger.
    Sai’s album will be the shit if it comes out anytime soon!!
    As for that wee rip-off Roth, black folk ain’t gonna waste an honest buck on that loser, he’s boring, wack, fake bollocks!!! … and ginger!

    Check out Nutrageous & Jay Large’s joint effort Ep, New York meets

  • http://Batmanonfilm Braveheart

    Roth = GARBAGE!!!!!!!

    Slaughterhouse forever!!!

  • http://Batmanonfilm Braveheart

    Roth = PLOP! In other words shite!
    Don’t waste good money on a wee fraud like this, he’s had his life bought and paid for by daddy so don’t spol the brat any more.
    He’s WACK!
    At Least Em came up thru’ the struggle and deserves his props.

    Slaughterhouse forever baby!!!!!!

  • Nitty


  • grandma11

    i dont think roth will go platinum. i mean i predict he will outsell ross, but who knows, because ross even outsold snoop. I never woulda guessed that

    i think “IF” both these artists (Em and Roth) go plat, it would do alot more for the new school of rappers (charles hamilton, curren$y, drake) than it would do for white rappers

    • romil

      Ok, what will Eminem’s sales have on Currency, or Charles Hamilton. It’s obvious his sales didnt do ish for any other rapper besides 50 Cent, D-12, Obie Trice etc.??

      I’ve been working in this industry for years and I swear yall kids dont get it yet. Remember Benzino talking about the Machine, that Machine is real.

      A major point is blacks dont buy as much records as whites, when you work in this industry there is a chart for every city, every race based on sales structures. Even the concert tickets. It’s all about appeal. Why do you think Diddy made Donnie go Solo??With the right push he could be a Justin Timberlake. lol

  • Mutada al sader the king

    Most of you regulars hang around here enough to understand that most people dont care what color “Asherem” is. Why a motherfucker has to pull the race card out of his ass when ever a white rapper gets critisized is beyond me. Why a motherfucker has to pull Vanilla Ice out of thier ass when ever a white rapper is brought up also makes no sense.

    If “AsherEM” changed his flow and voice, and stopped doing “Mushrooms” remakes. You would never hear a peep out of me. Honestly though (most of his lyrics are mad corney), but that can be said about 90% of the rappers today. Dude is a cornball, and the video of him redoing D’angelo’s video is proof that his company is scared about this release, they got this kid do mad stunts, scared to DEATH that new eminem single will drop any day now

    And for the record, Ludacris has maaaaaaad punch lines and comedic flows. Budden is a beast period.

  • lildough

    Romil, that is the str8 truth, hate to admit but it’s been like that since late Elvis. It aint that Blacks dont buy records, it’s whites buy more. That goes for more than just music, what about movies. A label will sign a white kid over a black kid if he has skill. Not because of racism but because of sales the game is sales.

  • escobar9300

    lol so many of you dudes musta skipped coffee and decided to sip haterade HARD today. The kid hasnt even released a studio album and already you are ready to bury him as an eminem clone in addition to whatever lame dick anti-caucasian remark that pops into your domes. Im not really impressed with Roth thus far, and far from a fan but that dosent mean Im going to shit on the guy before his album even fucking drops. Haters like that are the reason that Hip Hop is in critical condition right now. Nobody is willing to give anything new an opportunity to break through.

  • Enlightened

    We had 3 rappers go platinum last year:
    Lil’ Wayne, T.I. and Kanye.

    That didn’t change nothing.

    So, why would 2 this year change something?

  • P

    Lot of good points….its sad that Roth gets alot of hate because of the comparisons between him and Em, i heard alot of white emcees and to be honest alot sound like Em, its the truth, lucky for him he was the first whiteboy to killshit, otherwise we might be talkin bout some other whiteboy (cant forget the fact that Ems got skill), another thing is its true more white people buy albums and majors cater to this, alot of people front blaming “white kids” and what not but most the people hating is people who aint buying, remember that phrase “your vote does matter” same idea here, wack rappers are getting so much support nowadays it sickens me and its becuase REAL hip hop listeners stopped buying cuz we recognize shit when we hear it and therefore your left with a bunch of suburban white kids buying shitty music cuz they dont know the culture. Industry really fucked shit up, they promote fags and phonies and the real rappers gotta struggle to get theres, my point is people need to start supportin the real hip hop heads to build that trend again, support jada, joe budden, Em, Jay, Nas, show this “kids” what hip hop is cuz i know it aint bout no dudes kissin eachother on the lips

  • chillin mayne

    nobody i chill wit knows bout no asher roth…i only know bout dude from comin on this site, so i dont know…southwest houston tex….aint nobody jammin him…dudes i roll wit dont jam da radio, and NOBODY…not even one cat has herd of asher roth down here…not hatin..jus fact statin

  • Tony Grand$

    That “college” song gets a little spin down here in L.A., buy cats think it’s Em. & when I tell them who it is, they don’t believe me.

  • sublicon

    Willy Roush, he’s the boush, and the fuckin besht

  • macdatruest

    I don’t know no nigga waitin to hear what Eminem or Asher Roth got to say about shit, that’s the way I see race playin’ into this shit. If I’m a felon, can’t get a job and I’m hustling all day, why the fuck I care about how the next muthafucka love college??? As far as Eminem, he proved himself as a lyricist, which anybody can become eventually through practice rhyming, but he aint shit when he aint making shock value raps. Plus, shock value raps are not what’s hot, it was something different to hear a suicidal white boy spaz out lyrically, but the dude like 37 now, that rah rah rape a dog shit aint hot no more

  • Enlightenme

    yall r dumb!! Rick Ross will outsell asher For the simple fact of “Promotion” (ross 350k- asher 160k). His singles are Doing good, his beef wit 50, i meen c’mon now! Asher roth is good BUT ask any black person in the hood over 18 if they ever heard of asher Roth. Guarantee u can count on 1 hand the amount of ppl familiar with his music or even know who tha fuck he is! Let be serious the only song i know from him is “I Love College” it’s average, nothing too groundbreaking. Now Eminem, that’s TOTALLY different! I honestly think he’ll sell more than wayne first week out. I put that on my life!! His fanbase is enormous, and he’s been gone for 5 years! Even if his single is trash (which i doubt) i can guarantee over a million 1st. week respectively!!! 1.8 -2.5 million that’s my prediction!

  • dwi

    Em will fo sho!!

    Roth aint even hip-hop he is rich white boy pop!

  • md

    eminem will go plat 1st week
    i hear that we made is going to leak today..
    asher roth isnt great
    i think he will sell 80,000 – 120,000 1st week

  • grandma11

    okay romil, maybe not for ma nica curren$y, but remember hamilton drake and Em are all on the same record label. so it would technically help them out