The Drake Escape

I don’t know what the hell happened on NYC radio this past week. Seems like Drake, Lil’ Wayne’s breakout star on his Young Money label, took the city by storm. He was on every important show the city listens to. Angie Martinez, Funk Master Flex, Cipher, the list goes on. Super hustling while in the big apple, The Toronto native also did some welcomed appearances, performing his bubbling underground hits, “Every Girl”, “Best I Ever Had”, and “Uptown”. My phone/email was getting bombed by questions from friends and fam (who never hit me about music), “Who is this Drake dude? Who does this song Baby You The Best? Day, you know Drake, Wayne’s artist? Dude is nice. I love his song…” New York radio most def pushed the button on the game’s newest hot spitta. It ‘s starting to feel like that Canibus, 50 Cent, and Game energy. Now Drake isn’t a hardcore rapper by any means, I’m talking about the push an artist gets at the beginning of their run into the music industry. He’s getting some pretty big co-signs early in his movement.

No exaggeration, I was really shocked by the interest in the Young Angel (a self-prescribed moniker he apparently uses from time to time), but I was caught up in my own Drake tornado as I was running late for an appointment but refused to leave the office until my computer finished burning a CD of my new favorite track by dude titled “Successful”, and that ironically happened a few days before he swooned NYC with his sing song/melodic punch lines (everyone seems to like “Are any of ya’ll into girls like I am/Lesbi-honest…”, from “Every Girl”). I was like we should see what’s up with dude…(even though he has a Show & Prove article in this new issue of XXL)

But the homies of the internet started the campaign about how XXL missed the boat on Drake not being in our 10 Freshmen story. Even friend to the mag (and former XXL blogger) DJ Drama jabbed us by twitter (follow him people www.twitter/djdrama) about not catching the Drake boat, mentioning how Drake has a bigger buzz than all the dudes we had on our cover, (He prefaced the comment with the no disrespect tag ‘cus he’s a gentleman). I have to agree with him on that, for this moment only, not in total. When that issue was put together, Drake wasn’t on anyone’s radar to pump him up to the degree where he’s getting love right now. We can’t call when the radio decides to push the button on a particular artist. In a lot of ways, I think the hype is an overcompensation of us meaning the “industry” not having a lot to choose from commercially. Our world loves a story and Drake’s is dope, the acting kid, from Canada, links with Wayne and a star is born. But, it’s still wild that he’s getting this huge amount of love from NY, which is notorious for being stone faced to even the biggest selling superstars of the moment.

In “Successful” Drake throws a jab about that very same 10 Freshmen cover with “And fans of these freshman is about to get iffy/While this youngin’ that you doubtin’ is about to get busy.” I honestly feel that the 10 Freshmen cover in some small fashion may have inspired him to go even harder to prove his worth. Not that our mag made him make more music, but the mere mention of it let’s the audience know that he feels he should have been on there. The amount of music he has now out weighs what he had more than eight months ago when we put the whole package in motion. As our Executive Editor Vanessa Satten explained, it’s now closer to our list of Hip-Hop’s new Freshmen class than it is for the last one, so of course he would be a top contender for that group. Regardless of if we “missed” Drake or not, I’m amped that a new artist can come into the game and shake things up from a new angle. His rhymes seem deeply personal, introspective and something sorely lacking in today’s MCs…honest.

As for the 10 Freshmen we did name as the future, you’ll see a post about their status in a few. In the meantime, pick up Asher Roth’s album Asleep In the Bread Aisle and Curren$y’s This Is Not A Mixtape which are both out now and let us know what you think about it.-DT

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  • Pierzy

    I honestly don’t know what to think about the Freshman 10 anymore.

    I’ve listened to that Asher Roth disc and, as expected, it’s horrendous. Just awful. I can’t listen to a dude that rhymes about hanging with Teddy Ruxpin, but that’s just me…

    • ko

      drake was not one of the wack freshmen 10 from that shitty xxl issue. Drake is the future…early

      • Pierzy

        I realize that…I was commenting on the dudes that WERE on the cover

    • mo


      • EmCDL

        Damn the Degrassi cat doing big things! I haven’t heard any of his music yet though…from what ya’ll saying, he must be dope.

        • TheRealist

          where the f u been? and YOU a emc? naaahhh LMAO

    • Anonymous

      yo dude that album was fucking great stfu and find someone else to listen to

  • DragonflyJonez

    True story….Everyone except for one artist *cough Ace Hood cough* deserved that cover…I remember thinking maybe Max B or Drake shouldve got that slot…but eh …what did I know

    • BIGNAT

      max b is not a freshmen to the game

      • DragonflyJonez

        no debut album=freshman imo

    • Superstar Extraordinaire

      was B.o.B on the freshmen list??? if he was i think B.o.B is better than drake….B.o.B spits fire no lie…..his shit bumps in my car daily, n im a west coast cat…..shows that dude is the shit

      • ANT

        B.o.B. ??????????????????

        someone hasnt HEARD drake im sure

  • General

    I think a lot of people slept on Drake’s potential. I know I had a hard time givin him a chance with a co-sign from Wayne, cuz every other artist that he has brought in the game ie. Tyga I couldn’t stand. Then I finally decided to give him the benefit of the doubt and while he is not phenomenal by any means he is better than most of the up and coming artists that i have heard. As far as the Freshmen that you did choose, we are all not as stupid as you think…we know its all label politics and bullshit not talent that determines who you guys put on the covers. That is why we will all be treated to an Asher Roth cover after the Em one drops.

  • Teddy

    drake is fiiiiiree man his gonna be one of the illest for sure

  • deeziejf89

    Drake is an amazing artist. I really think dude’s is going to make some noise with his debut…
    Now as far as the freshman artist… Curren$y is my favorite rapper, so that’s the only reason I bought the cover, I dont really know about them other dude’s, But hopefully Curren$y & Drake will both bring Hip-Hop closer to what it should be this year with their albums

  • 2Gutta

    dude is on young money? his album is neva comin out wayne sucks at runnin his company. jay-z should have signed him to roc nation

    • RDS

      Drake got a co-sign from Hov, but Drake opted to go another direction. I read this somewhere awhile back.

      • T’Andre

        Drake isn’t signed to young money. In an interview Drake said that wayne was to busy and into himself to worry about anyone else. So Drake is signed to a major label now. I think he is signed to interscope.

    • tony

      drake is signed with Interscope Records and is coming owt with his debut album around late 2009 .

  • Detroit Draper

    Mannnn Im not usually one to hate on someone without hearing enough music to give an extensive review but I dont really see this Drake dude makin good music or going anywhere. Maybe he will have some commercial success due to Wayne and his horrible elementary kiddie songs i.e. Any girl….Thats just some bs and not a good song. I almost hate anything Wayne does now. From his auto-tune rappin to his cosign of Tyga??? Almost everything he does now is horrible but the masses eat it up. In alotta ways hip hop is DEAD,.

    • Arcey

      but you’re hating right now simply cuz he’s co-signed by Wayne.
      I haven’t listened to Drake’s music for the same reason as you (actully none of these 10 XXL freshmen music) and the fact that dude was wheelchaired Jimmy in Degrassi… but ain’t nothing with getting paid, learning a craft which he could always go back to once he’s too old for Hip Hop audiences but I guess the main reason is that I don’t like to follow the “internets” hype on artists like XXL on AR’s dick on some chingy shit. I want to find out by myself

      @ DT: that’s probably why he caught lots of NYer ears cuz he went the old-fashioned way instead of sitting on his internet props (I’m thinkin’ CH)… some people are still not on this Web shit like 24/7

      • GorillaJoe

        Its 2009 homie, so if you’re not on this internet ish by now you’ve lost. The radio is rapidly losing influence, and blogs are quickly becoming the premiere source for artist updates, interviews, videos and content in general. Also, you can’t compare Charles Hamilton and Drake in terms of their approach to generating a buzz. The radio format is conducive to an artist like Drake b/c for the most part, his material is radio friendly and appeals to the “teenage chick” demographic (see 106 and Park-ers), while the internet based approach taken by kid Hamilton works as his fanbase consists of the more hard core, underground rap fans, most of whom tastes are underserved by mainstream radio outlets.

        • STALK


    • Ro

      yea well maybe you should listen to his music before you talk cuz u talking out your ass right now. Drake is nice and he gonna be big

    • wednesday69

      dont judge b4 u listen that called ignorance do better dude

      u can download his mixtape/album here:

    • screezy

      yea.. this is definitely not the person to make that assumption on.. u gotta listen to successful, lust for life, the calm,.. and say what’s real where he bodies the shit out say you will kanye’s beat (promoters try to get me out to they club/say ill have fun but i cant imagine how/cause i just see my ex-girl/standin wit my next girl/standin wit the girl that i’m fuckin right now/and shit could get weird/…unless they all down)…dont let me forget november 18th he go nuts on dj screw shit plus the nigga can sing forreal. he next

  • Detroit Draper

    P.s That whole freshmen 10 lineup was complete trash excluding Curren$y. Ace Hood especially.

    • Shonuff

      nah that’s not true, BLU is dope, dude can spit

  • Muatad al sader the king

    I like his music so far. Its good to see, young MC’s working to be clever with thier words and flow. Not to mention he can sing, (quite well), and seems to have a pretty good handle on being able to make street music and radio music.

    Truth be told he’s another in the long line of Jay-Z children. But he’s just diffrent enough that you cant call him a clone.

    Not saying he’s a monster or anything, he’ll need a few classic albums and a career that spans 5-10 years before I’d call him a beast. But the dude is certainly showing potential and I’m digging his music more than Corey Gunz, who I’d say was in the same catagory. (Not saying Corey aint dope either)

  • Muatada al sader the king

    What won me over was that freestyle he did with wayne over the beetween the sheets sample. Thats when I was like OK, this aint another stanky leg.

    I’d be nice if XXL made up for thier AsherEM sins and jumped on this dudes shit. But like General said, we’ll be getting the Ass-her Flop cover soon..

  • anonymous

    Drake is not better than Blu. The only member of the freshman 10 with a classic album under his belt.

    • Derp

      Co-Fucking Sign!!!

      Blu is probably THE best rapper from the Freshman 10

      • anonymous

        Agreed. If you don’t believe us. I suggest that you all peep Blu & Exile’s Below The Heavens album.

  • Stevie B

    Seems like xxl is tryin to make excuses for not puttin drake on the cover. But there is a list of other people I thought should have been on there.

    Nippsey Hussle
    Jay Rock
    Wiz Kalifa
    Black Milk

    In my opinion that whole cover should have been different.

    • Chris Cash

      Nippsey will most definatly be on the next cover but damn finally someone mentioned Wiz Khalifa. I been tryna get ppl to realize his talent for a few yrs now. Dude can spit and he has a good ear for beats

  • Chris Cash

    I see alot of ppl sleepin on Blu and B.o.B yall need to wake up

    • Stevie B

      People not sleepin on Blu and B.O.B. at least im not its just they were on cover so I didnt think it needed to be mentioned.

      But Below The Heavens is a classic

  • El Tico Loco

    Somehow I believe that we will get tired of Drake. He got a good buzz going but I believe is gonna lead to saturation, I see it starting to happen this is just the tip of the iceberg

  • $ykotic

    That freshmen cover carries a curse like the Madden game.

    Anyone else notice this? Most dudes don’t even pop off.

  • kk

    Just to clarify I work in radio and I can tell you first hand that his buzz is genuine. There is no “radio” push for the kid. But he is in high demand just the same! If anything radio is just now catching on. Sorry, but XXL really did sleep on Drake which is what happens when you take cues from labels and not the streets. No hate, I still luv ya’ll!

  • DZ


  • dz


  • Yowza

    XXL def. slacked by not puttin’ Drake but maybe now he’ll get a more in depth article on his own (not da lil show & prove b.s.)

    Drake went 2 my homeboy’s college n he killed it on stage…My homeboy said dat Drake looked as if he neva had dat many chicks get crazy 4 him like dat b4…lol

  • Incilin

    “We can’t call when the radio decides to push the button on a particular artist. In a lot of ways, I think the hype is an overcompensation of us meaning the “industry” not having a lot to choose from commercially.”

    ^^^ Drake’s buzz was not solely Hot 97′s decision. Just like the success of Roth, Cudi, and others wasn’t solely because of the XXL cover. Hot 97 is responding to the popularity of Drake’s incredible mixtape (which btw, is the best album in about 8 months). Yes, more people are catching on to him now, but notice that later that same day when he performed every the fans knew every word. It wasn’t like they had heard Drake earlier that day and just became fans.

    I’m not ragging on you guys, predicting the future is pretty impossible, but let’s face facts: XXL missed the boat. Sure, Drake’s popularity wasn’t crazy when ya did the issue. But don’t go and tell me it wasn’t bigger than Ace Hood’s buzz.

    But don’t feel too bad, Tru story: My boy used to tell me about Drake every day. I figured dude was just hyping shit up, and I laughed when he told me that Drake was from Canada, that he rapped and sang, and that he was on this show Degarsi. But my boy had a ear for talent (He was also fuckin wit Kevin Rudolph) and was interning at Koch. He brought Drake to Alan Grumbat, Alan Grumbat passed.

  • Shawty J

    I heard this dude rappin for the first time last week. My kid brother was listening to him and I came in asking who he was listening to, he replied “Drake!” which left my flabbergasted “That’s that dude from Degrassi!”

    Drake’s got that fire, for real.

    On another note: Drake is not signed to Young Money he’s signed to Atlantic Records.


    what put me on to drake was overdose feat mickey factz the former paralegal. i heard drake freestylin and that kinda made me take a step back and examine his potential. he’s hot but he’s not that hot. he got his lil style n got the basics down. as for the freshmen top ten i think xxl was on point for the most part. my favorite out the pack is charles hamilton. as for asher roth people need to stop hatin on him and ace hood. ace hood did pretty good on that cypher joint. i don’t see corey gunz making any cross over hits. kid cudi prob is going to be the most sucessful. the boy walle is ill too. i don’t know who i would take out for drake so he wasn’t really slept on…just buildin his buzz.

  • N.O.le’

    All i’ve got to say is that Wayne fucked up. As u can tell he was holding Curren$y back, he killed Mack Maine’s career(dude can’t even rap anymore and he used to spit nothin but fire) and he will probably somehow fuck up Drake’s career. He got Drake so he wouldn’t look so bad for the loss of Curren$y. But still…
    Jets Over Everything and Curren$y over Drake 8.99 Go Cop That.

  • MrBlack

    I been bumpin this dude since way before ur freshman issue. Ya’ll late as hell. Dude is versatile.

    • nufaa

      try 2005

  • Cheeks


    I don’t know what label Drake is signed to but I heard he was in the studio with Jay-Z and Swiss Beats. If Jay-Z approves, Drake is hot, just like Lil Wayne blew up after he was approved by Jay-Z i.e. Rhianna, Rick Ross, Young Jeezey.

  • N.O.le’

    Oh yeah, btw xxl mag did a great job with that cover.
    Curren$y=Great pick
    Charles Hamilton=Great pick(Sonic Kills Niggas)
    Cory Gunz=Great pick
    Wale=Great pick
    B.O.B.=Great pick
    Mickey Factz=Great pick
    Asher Roth=Great pick(Bitch Lark On My Go Kart)
    Blu=Good pick(From The Little I’ve Heard From Him)
    Kid Cudi=O.K. pick(Not My Cup Of Tea Besides Day and Night)
    And… Am I forgetting someone Oh Yeah,
    Jody Bree…I mean
    Ace Hood=Horrible pick(This Nigga Fucked Himself Up, Instead Of Taking This Opportunity To Do Something, He Flushed It Down The Toliet. Or Maybe He Just Died Out Like Most Miami Music, for example Brisco(Has Anyone Seen This Nigga)U Gotta Remember How Hot Florida Was At The Time Of This Cover.)


    drake i like the stuff he has done so far

  • CapoStatus

    Download Drakes latest mixtape titled
    So Far Gone @..
    this mixtape defines Drakes range lyrically

  • yoyo

    these rapper shold be on the next mag
    jay rock
    black milk
    big sean
    the cool kids
    you can pick two more

  • http://xxl jg

    dude can spit. the so far gone mixtape is crazy

  • m

    first off this cat has been going for a minute now….to really get a feel for how he spits listen to his room for improvement mixtape…fire….next the wayne co-sign is cool but let’s be honest xxl did miss out on him…for the cover but like in the article not putting him on the cover with thoses guys didn’t make him spit harder and make more songs dude is just talented…point…blank…period…it’s like people who hate on wayne…well sorry folks he just got the midas touch right now…and as far as im concerned wayne has grown as an into one of the elite rappers in the game….

  • that nigga

    Guess we know who was ghost writtin most of Waynes shit. Sorry but that kid Drake Is nice. Really nice. Before y’all comment listen to his old mixtapes and his new ones. Then you’ll see what I mean about that Wayne comment. Thats why he wasnt on that Freshman 10 bullshit list and I hope he’s glad he wasnt.

  • YouGuysRClowns

    I stopped reading at – “every important radio show”. . lol. Thanks for the laugh, I really needed that today :)

  • Phil

    SORRY. I will never, ever, give in to some overmarketed mediocre RAP & BULLSHIT just cuz a flock of tone-deaf bitches says he’s “hot”, yet never quote a line from this dude. I don’t give a fuck if he’s from Zaire, either your EXCEED those before you, stay in the trenches till you are that nice, or get the hell out. NOTHING this dude has said has struck me or touched me like all you fuckin’ sheep on here. But it’s all good, tho, lol, y’all are ruining his “buzz” with all this payola-style gushing and d**ksucking in public. I gave dude a chance to say some of this remarkbale shit all of y’all cry about all day, but never, ever quote. I wonder why? CUZ HE AIN’T SAYIN’ SHIT that Weezy hasn’t said a million times already. No one can single out why he’s special, lol. The singing is average. The beats are average. The writing is average. Everything is big fucking C- from this cat, but y’all sheep so who gives a fuck, lol.

    What I’m going to enjoy the most is the DISAPPOINTMENT.

    • NMHA

      Wow! You gotta be a sheep to like Drake? The hate is unbelievable!

  • nellz

    U got that all wrong. If anything he’s starting to sound like Wayne more and more. He never used to have so many “yea” pauses as he does now.

    And ya’ll kill me. I think Drake is dope, I think comeback season >>> so far gone BUT..for the most part he raps about nothing..and that’s what u all complain about with Wayne



  • james dean

    What??!?!? The labels and bullshit for all those freshmen?? I don’t think Curren$y is signed to a label..He built that whole thing on his own and that THIS AIN’T NO MIXTAPE is way better than 99% of the stuff out now…and it was a digital release……GO GET THAT…Drake is nice tho…. Let them all breathe i say

  • dj rod

    I just got asheley roth cd.It sucked balls.
    To make a long story short,cop the jada and buy the eminem instead of ashley roth.

  • T.Smith

    Drake + J.Cole + Wale = Future. I don’t know what the hell Wale is doin right now tho. Just waitin for that Back to The Feature.

    IMO Comeback Season is >> So Far Gone as well. And Room for Improvement isnt bad either. But where CS and RFI definitely showcased a better Drake in terms of lyrics and rapping, So Far Gone showed his growth as an artist. He said in one of those interviews that anybody who wasn’t on him before So Far Gone hasn’t missed out on anything because his singing wasn’t even a factor like it is now. And Wayne’s influence is starting to almost completely take him over. ON almost any track he’s on with Wayne he sounds just like him. Saying weird shit, punchline after punchline. But I think tracks like Say What’s Real showcase the real Drake. Someone who has staying power.

    XXL definitely missed the boat. Like someone before said Hot 97 didn’t create this guy’s buzz. Hell he even had a vid on 106 & Park like two years ago that was a complete radio jam (Replacement Girl) But when suits tried to market him to the females he split.

    And to the jackasses who dont give him a chance because of his Degrassi background, please stfu. It was his hustle back then, niggas in the hood would’ve killed for a chance like that. To take care of your family and not have to see your mom’s worry about nothing. I’d be the next host on Blue’s Clues if it helped my moms put some bread on the table. And its not like he came outta that rappin like pre-pubescent Wayne. He raps about the shit he knows. He was even a rapper for a few episodes on the show (much to his chagrin) and even back then his shit was kinda dope lol. And BTW, Degrassi isnt even a bad show. Son got some acting chops.

  • Realm Reality

    I disagree with you (XXL) on feeling like he did not have the buzz 8 months ago. Many of the freshman you chose had about the same buzz as drake did even when he’s from canada which says a lot about his movement and correct me if I’m wrong but at the time of the freshman being put together drake had already been recording with wayne and wrote Dr. Dre on Detox. These freshman were to represent the future of their careers and the hard work they put in already to get to this point. Drake’s buzz right now can warrant him a solo cover on your magazine which I believe would help sell your product especially in this climate. His buzz now is 10x stronger than anything that those freshmen had last year so for him to be “considered for the next freshmen class” would be an insult at this point. He’s proven to be something huge to follow now and that should accommodated appropriately. No disrespect to other freshmen. Cory what up my nigga! But Drake right now has a mixtape that he could’ve sold and made an amazing debut. But either way he already has. U-KRIME we in the building!

  • grandma11

    idk how anyone could pass up on, or miss dude. his mixtape comeback season has been out since like 2007 and he’s had plenty of songs with lil wayne. if you havent heard of him by now, you can only blame yourself

    he’s basically everything the xxl top 10 has, plus he autotunes. what more can you ask for?

  • Ciara

    listen to so far gone.
    he will prove many haters WRONG.
    try congratulations, or ignorant sh*t. or anything
    most people hate on him because,
    he is from canada?
    he was on degrasssi?
    he is not “hood”?
    lil wayne has him?

    which one is your reason…

    if you actually go listen to his music..
    he blows many of the guys that have been in the industry for years….out of the water.

  • Cadycoronaa

    Ever since I’ve heard Drake’s previous mixtapes, I knew he was the next big thing.
    When I saw the 10 freshman cover I knew they were missing Drake, I even blogged about it.

    This is just the beginning for him, if you don’t think so you OBVIOUSLY haven’t listened to all of “So Far Gone”.

  • nkwu

    …drake’s buzz around that time was a lot more significant than you make it seem

    he straight up shoulda been on that cover…

  • Toronto’s ownn.

    Drake has been around for soo long. Hese been big in Toronto since degrassi days. 2 be honest tho.drake is starting 2 sound 2 much like weezy. He used 2 rap about his city. Songs like. The city is mine. Now it’s getting2 sound like sumthing I heard b4. Don’t get me wrong. I’m from Toronto & mos definately one of his biggest fans. Just don’t wanna c him become one of the rest.
    He raps.sings& acts. Hese the out for him.

    Check his website. http://Www.octobersveryown.blogspot.come

  • Yohnjbeats

    Drakes a beast handsdown ive been lisint to dudes music for quite a bit now since he dropped room for improvement

  • T.DOT

    Drake…about time he got the shine he deserves
    and of course he has more songs now than when the freshman cover came out, he started fuckin wit wayne …So that was like his booster pack right there (He knew what comes wit association) I actually hated the move but respected it and thought it was smart

  • Rico

    anybody who hasnt heard his music needs two…n for ppl who think he a freshman they jus havent been up on their new ish…kid got like 50 songs out n so far gone was his third mixtape/cd….room for improvement/comeback season and so far gone…hes had a video on bet all day way bak in 06-07 ie. replacement girl ft.trey songz..NY in da buildin showin my dude drake soom love…da future n now da present…

  • D. Ellery

    Honestly I think Drake had a bigger buzz than all of them at the time the article came out too… it was just more underground. Comeback Season was out before that article and he had heavy hitters (lil wayne, little brother, trey songz) on there. Not to mention the Room For Improvement mixtape was slept on. I support because I was a fan before all the buzz and his progress musically is going to get him to the mainstream fans but trust he got some shit for the Hip Hop heads as well.

    P.S. im from the west so when that cover came out I had never heard of most of the 10 freshman. Currency because of Wayne and Charles Hamilton because he blogs hard and was buzzing with Net freestyles lol

  • kwame

    yo, drizzy is an amazing artist. dude is almost a really good singer. The guy is just talented. As for the top 10 freshmen. Only one that really spoke to me was wale. dude is nice and charles hamilton is a good rapper but he’ll never be mainstream. And kid cudi is so overrated.

  • Christyle

    Aight ima stick my neck out here and co-sign drake. This how i see it when xxl came out with that cover drake wasnt on like that. He had like 2, 3 mixtapes out and wayne jus got on the lastest two. This is how i see drake. He’s da D-Wade, Mello, Lebron James of 2003 in 2009. You kno he’s good but (dare I Say It?!?!) has room to be BETTER! If he stays focus, get his team straght, and make the right moves “Mr.Damm he aint coping that is he?” will be here for a long time for the haters and the fans to argue about the man for years too come.

  • hip hop nerd

    YO BUGGS THA ROCKA should be on the front of the new xxl freshman cover with DRAKE this year

  • hip hop nerd

    BUGGS THA ROCKA is way better than the all the top freshman mofo’s be worried about everythang other than the music now-a-days and thats lame! xxl get ur shit together

  • Aysmwill

    Craziness, I thought y’all did list Drake as a freshman of ‘o9. But obviously you didn’t but still his blow up is something that’s been boiling on the stove. Digg? He’s been out there, releasing mixtapes &doing features… so it’s just that he crossed over on a different wave. XXL isn’t responsible for predictions for pushing the best new artists out there, just to give face-time to some that are coming up. Just as in this year (2010) Fashawn, Jay Rock, & Wiz Khalafia… they’ve been out there, on the street wave, XXL just give face-time. Not to say these are the best &this is what’s going to rock the air-waves for the next year… But on some real “check `em”. I think there’s too much h.a.t.e. in the game &not enough respect for what it is. Hard-knock it.

  • King Slominski

    Hello there! This is my first comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and say I really enjoy reading your blog posts. Can you recommend any other blogs/websites/forums that go over the same subjects? Many thanks!

  • hairstyles

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