Rappers’ Worst Albums

When it comes to our superstars, we fans expect a lot. So when the artists don’t deliver for whatever reason, it’s hard to stomach. Not to come across as a complete hater with this post – I actually tend to give most artists too many chances to impress me – but certain albums have ended up being huge letdowns, thus earning the distinction as the worst album in one’s catalog. These clunkers usually come after a few good/great albums, after said rapper has exhausted most of their witty metaphors and catchy hooks and simply stopped trying. It could just be shoddy production and/or poor judgment that’s to blame. It’s subjective, of course. One kid’s Soulja Boy might be the next kid’s Nas. And some are arguable, but certain albums, we can universally agree are the worst in someone’s career. The opposite of a classic.

Nas had Street’s Disciple, Eminem had Encore, and some consider Massacre to be 50 Cent’s WAE (worst album ever) even though it was only his second (damn). For a while, Common’s WAE was Electric Circus, but I’m gonna go ahead and throw Universal Mind Control in the ring. The pop sound ain’t for everybody, and Pharrell/The Neptunes (who produced a good portion of that album) are just a bad influence these days. Totally off the mark. Then there’s Jay-Z’s failed comeback, Kingdom Come, where the Intro “The Prelude” is pretty much the best song on there, right? The remaining tracks (save “Lost Ones” & “Beach Chair”) had me with the WTF face.

Not every rapper has the least-coveted WAE. To qualify, a rapper has to have released a considerable amount of albums (good ones) and if you’re already a W.O.A.T (Wackest Of All Time, according to Jackpot) then pretty much everything you put out sucks. I don’t think Kanye West or Ludacris have made any albums that are bad enough to be considered their worst. I could be wrong—feel free to dispute the above-mentioned WAEs. Any other contenders? Does Snoop have a worst album? LL Cool J, I’m sure? —clovito

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  • Dan

    Nas’ worst CD isn’t Street’s Disciple it’s Nastradamus. Streets Disciple was good and I think Jay-Z’s dynasty album was wack 2.

    • Pierzy


      “Street’s Disciple” was better than people give it credit for…some good ideas and concepts on there but, like all double albums, it’s too long.

      I think “Blueprint 2″ (another double album) is Jay’s worse effort BY FAR.

      Snoop’s newest “Ego Trippin’” is pretty terrible.

      LL’s “10″ was his worst, in my opinion.

      And yeah, “Encore” was pretty terrible.

      • http://www.myspace.com/maxprofit Max Profit

        Holy Shit!!!!! Who the hell is writing this blog?

        “Street’s Disciple” is Nas’ Most complete album other than Illmatic (short as hell) Street’s is the best album!!!

        “I Am” by far is Nas’s worst album

        • amar

          yeah, isn’t streets dis critically acclaimed? not for me, but it wasn’t his worst..i’d say hip hop is dead and nastradamous are..

          i like iam..

        • clammyclaude

          u silly fuck…street’s disciple is not up there with illmatic….its definetly nas’s worst if not his worst…it was written comes after illmatic for me over gods son and stillmatic for sure

      • Jesus Martinez

        Paid the cost to be the boss, Rhythm and Gangsta, & The Doggfather were worse than Ego Trippin, I actually liked his last album.
        Kingdom Come and In My Lifetime Vol. 1 were pretty bad too, but its prolly a tie between Blueprint 2 and Kingdom Come.
        The production on “Street’s Disciple” was so awful I could barely listen to the whole thing.

        • Jesus Martinez

          I meant to say “The Game is to Be sold and not to be told” instead of “Paid the cost to be the boss” but Ego Trippin might be better than both of em to me.

        • clammyclaude

          u sill fuck how u gonna hate on in my lifetime vol. 1 lol that was one of jays best albums friend or foe 98 , imaginary player, rap game/crack game, real niggas, one in a million , lucky me, where im from, streets is watching…yo those drums r ridiculous…what r u thinkin homeboy 2 primo tracks…reevaluate ur statement

      • CHEAA

        Kingdom Come would have to be Jay’s worst..

        Blueprint 2 wasnt that bad.. It was just TOO MANY SONGS… If he cut it down to one album it wouldn’t be considered that bad..

        • clammyclaude

          no u silly fuck blueprint 2 was almost horrible minus about 3 or 4 songs

    • Tc

      I agree,Nastradamus was trash

    • avon

      that dynasty shit was weak

    • BIGNAT

      Nastradamus was just a quick thrown together album. the real one was leaked so he had to throw some shit together. which sounded like shit hahahahhaha

    • Screwmatic

      Dawg u trippin’, Nastradamus was one of them good rap albums back in 1999 or 2000, whutchutalkinabout. But i ain’t even listen to Nas since stillmatic.

    • mo

      the g-unit mobb deep album was by far their worst

    • steve

      Dynasty album was wack? r u serious…… soon youll understand, this cant be life, where have you been, streets is talkin, dynasty intro, I just wanna love you etc

  • zilly

    Dude, kingdom come gets shit on way too much. its just that he dropped the black album which was a godzilla album, anything after that would be worse

    • JustTheFacts

      definitely.. Kingdom Come, while not as monumentous as his other albums, was still a solid album (if not a great one). “Anything” with Usher may have been the worst song of Jay’s career though

      having said that, Blueprint 2 was probably his worst album, and its still better than most garbage out now. I didn’t think Nas’ Streets Disciple was that bad either

      • O

        BP2 was definitely the weaker album, but strictly because it had more tracks that were just useless. To this day no one bumps any tracks (except for “U Don’t Know Remix feat. M.O.P.) from that album. That said, Nastradamus was weaker than Streets Disciple; The Massacre was a tragedy; LL had a few worst albums;every album after Doggy Style was Snoop’s worst album and Encore was truly trailer park trash.

  • http://www.xxlmag.com jackpot

    Luda’s albums are consistently mediocre. It’s kinda crazy.

    • yoprince


    • Detroit P

      Agreed….after Word OF Mouf he started losing it..I think his worst one was “Red Light District”, that shit sucked

      • Phil

        Worse than “release therapy”?

        • Tc

          I think Release therapy actually showed his talent.War with god was a hot track along with a few others

      • Pierzy

        Co-Sign…although I think his newest one is his best.

        “Release Therapy” was gawd-awful.

        • Detroit P

          I never got around to listening to that in its entirety….If you guys are right, I’m glad I didn’t

        • Phil

          The most ironic thing about “release therapy” was that that was the album he won a Grammy for! Or was he just nominated?

        • Detroit P

          lol..he did win a Grammy for that didn’t he…that’s when T.I. Lostto him….smh

        • Phil

          YO! How does that happen, LOL?

    • Tc

      True,i think Release therapy was his best work.

      • FLYMASTA



  • Brick James

    The Massacre was a solid album the only thing wrong was that the album title was misleading…majority of your album cant have soft/smooth beats and be called the massacre..lol

    • cold

      the massacre was junk , one of the worst albums i’ve ever heard

      • Byron Crawford

        Curtis is much worse than The Massacre

        what about LAX for Game after two great albums

        and also The Carter 3 is garbage compaired to carter 2

    • Rex Banner

      I am no 50 stan but the massacre was 50′s best album. Most of the joints were actually pretty hard. he only had a few commercial tracks um just like grodt. so amazing, disco inferno, just a lil bit, candy shop, get in my car, maybe outta control thats only 6 songs out of a 22 track album. the nigga had some hard shit wit:

      Ski mask way
      position of power
      gunz come out
      this is 50
      my hood
      toy soldier
      I don’t need em
      piggy bank
      I’m supposed to die tonight
      ryder music

      there were so many bangers on that album, u guys are retarded the massacre was way better than grodt

    • clammyclaude

      no u silly fuck “blueprint” “bitches and sisters” and “the watcher 2″ were bangers as well but yes i agree blueprint 2 was like unreal garbage trash a shame to jays career

      i dont care what anyone says….the massacre was THE SHIT …that album was fuckin bangin…i loove that album man..curtis definetly was 50s worst without a shadow of a doubt

  • jburg

    Ludacris’ Red Light District was his worst to me.
    The Massacre was a really good album just too many tracks on it. I disagree will Universal Mind Control. I thought it was pretty good. LL’s was that Todd Smith shit he put out a couple years ago. Snoop’s Rhythm & Gangsta I think was one of his worst and it wasn’t THAT bad.

  • Phil


    1.Lupe Fiasco’s “The Cool”. Worst production choices ever.

    2.Conye Fess: 808s….(vomiting)

    3.LL Cool J: 14 Shots to the dome

    4.Method Man:the prequel

    5.Foxy Brown: Chyna Doll

    6.Dr. Dre: that “Aftermath” album with the “Keep their heads ringin” single. That was, like wow, Dre really recorded this.

    7.Talib Kweli: “A Beautiful Struggle”

    8.Redman: “Malpractice”. Still had some joints, but the features and most of the production were really blah.

    9.Madlib: “WLIB”

    10.Beanie Sigel: “The Solution”. Man, this was HORRIBLE. Still got faith in my boy, though.

    • Curtis75Black

      Yo Phil, What didn’t you like about 14 shots.. ? I found that cd better than the previous Mama Said and a step up in topic range. You didn’t hear any Milky Cereal, 6 mins of Pleasure or Around the way girl type tracks. Every track on their was crazy: “Straight from Queens, No Frontin’ Allowed ft. Lords of the Underground., Soul Survivor, Ain’t no Stoppin’ This” and Crossroads was a crazy concept, Way sicker than Bone Thugs version without a Video. Don’t forget Pink Cookies and Backseat. Funkadelic relic giving a history lesson on how he came in the game featuring his previous beats meshed with the new one !!

      • Phil

        Ok, I actually got the opinion on that album from an old Cool J interview. He didn’t care for that album himself, lol…LL’s worst album to me had to be “Mr. Smith” and whatever “Freeze” was on.

        • Detroit P

          1.Lupe Fiasco’s “The Cool”. Worst production choices ever.
          Not by a long Shot

          Even IF “the Cool” wasn’t the great album that it is…it still wouldn’t have the worst beats….have you heard Streets Disciple?

        • Phil

          I based my opinion on Lupe’s “The Cool” on what I admired about “Food and Liquor”. Dude did a complete 180 on the tracks for “The Cool”. Beats were just too overdramatic, and none of them had the feel of “Superstar”, which is the only song that still gets airplay from that album. He pulled a bait-and-switch move to me with that album. The sounds were thin and overprocessed and he was going overboard with the live instrumentation. Sorry, that album didn’t hit me like Food & Liqour did, and I wanted it to.

          Streets’ Disciple was ok to me, not worse than “Nastradamus” tho.

        • Pierzy

          “Keep Their Heads Ringin’” wasn’t on that album – it was on the Friday soundtrack.

          That “Aftermath” album had two Dre songs – “East Coast/West Coast Killas” with RBX, KRS-One, B-Real & Nas and “Been There, Done That”

    • unknown

      You’re just flat out wrong about The Cool

      • Phil

        Hey, to each his own! I can’t stand overly dramatic beats!

    • Jesus Martinez

      I thought “The Solution” was Beanie best fuckin album. It only had a couple joints on there I didn’t like.
      14 Shots to the Dome was way better than “Exit 13,” “10″ “DEFinition” and “Todd Smith.”
      “Aftermath” wasn’t really a Dr. album. He was only on two tracks and produced less than half of them.

    • NaCoBe

      Talib Kweli’s “A Beautiful Struggle” a WAE? Really? That album is sweet!!! Granted there are some songs that made me scratch my head and wonder what he was thinking (Back Up Off of Me, Work It Out) that album was lyrically tight… Hell, “I Try” and Around My Way” make the ablum if nothing else does…

      Kanye’s 808 and Heartbreak… I don’t think it’s bad… I think it’s VERY diffrent, most definitely not a Hip Hop album. But I also feel it was an expression he needed to make.

      Lupe’s The Cool is nice! Yeah it’s not Food and Liquor but it was still a good piece of work.

      Everything else I kind of agree with you…

  • Curtis75Black

    Threads like these are too bias and subjective. If you’re not a fan of a rapper then basically you’re not gonna give a rapper a chance. When you hear a single and it’s wack in your ears, you judge the whole cd on it. It also depends on how old you are and when you started listening to Hip Hop in general because if you came through the Wu, Nas and Biggie era with their 1st opus, everything else might be garbage to you because you like that particular style. If anything, “What is your favorties wackest cd ? ” should be the question. You might be truthful to yourself instead of hating on a cd you didn’t even listen to from a artist that don’t really interest you.

  • jake steed

    Co-Sign Jay Nas and Em
    50 Cent – Curtis
    Mobb Deep – Blood Money
    Redman – Malpractice
    DMX – Year of the Dog Again
    Ghostface – Bulletproof Wallets

    • jake steed

      thank u phil. chyna doll, the prequel and the solution were all terrible

    • Phil

      I was ALMOST disappointed with “Bulletproof” until my dude gave me the copy with all the uncleared songs and samples. Shit was fyah. The album from GFK that was only close to weak to me was TPTA, and only due to about 3 songs on there.

      • DETROIT

        TRUE…but ghost is the only one who can be blamed for that. it’s show business, and he didn’t have his business str8! “the sun”, “watch”, etc….woulda definately made bulletproof a strong album.

        the other side of that is mobb deep! do you remember when murda music got leaked? they went back to the lab and made that shit even harder! ghost shoulda reworked bulletproof rather than just putting it out minus such good songs.

        • Phil

          Yup, I do remember the leaked version of “Murda Muzik”. I don’t know what the fluck happened there, lol. That label must have had them by one ball each.

    • jburg

      I actually though Blood MOney was a pretty good album?

      • jake steed

        personally i hated blood money.i thought them signing to the unit would b good but it wasnt.i dont really count juvenile hell cuz they were like 14 years old and infamy was a take it or leave it album. but the infamous, hell on earth, murda muzik and even amerikaz nightmare r my favorites.

        • DETROIT

          in my opinion, the problem with mobb deep on g-unit is that none of the other members of the IMD are included anymore. if you remember, it used to be infamous mobb deep, which consisted of infamous mobb, noyd, twin, hav and p, etc. now it’s just hav and p, and everyone else has been replaced by g-unit artists. i think that killed the authenticity of their music. take noyd for example, on the infamous he rapped on the intro, give up the goods, party over, and right back at you! he even had an acapella freestyle on there. when 50 took mobb out of their natural situation, it really effected their music.

        • jake steed

          yeah i agree wit that. i miss big noyd. but prodigy no longer rides a beat, he prefers to just talk on the track and havoc’s beats are not what they once were either

    • macdatruest

      Buletproof Wallets???!!!!!! That shit was hot as fuck, that was the Cuban Linx Sequel I think you need to go back and check “walkin through the darkness” and that “Wonderland” shit wit that crazy ass sample. Nigga you nuts

  • Phil


    1.Lupe Fiasco’s “The Cool”. Worst production choices ever.

    2.Conye Fess: 808s….(vomiting)

    3.LL Cool J: 14 Shots to the dome

    4.Method Man:the prequel

    5.Foxy Brown: Chyna Doll

    6.Dr. Dre: that “Aftermath” album with the “Keep their heads ringin” single. That was, like wow, Dre really recorded this.

    7.Talib Kweli: “A Beautiful Struggle”

    8.Redman: “Malpractice”. Still had some joints, but the features and most of the production were really blah.

    9.Madlib: “WLIB”

    10.Beanie Sigel: “The Solution”. Man, this was HORRIBLE. Still got faith in my boy, though.

    11.Ludacris: “Theatre of the Mind”, “Release Therapy”, and “Red Light District” (even tho this album has 2 of my favortite Luda joints, “Potion” and that song about managing the funds)

    • yoprince

      you’re wildin on lupe.. The Cool is classic

      • Phil

        LOL. To each his own!

        • yoprince

          lol true true

  • Curtis75Black

    For entetainments sake though:

    DMX – His 3rd cd was shitty !!
    Jay-Z- Kingdom Come
    Nas – “Nigger”

  • Josh

    Street’s Disciple was a good album. Much better than Nastradamus.

    And hip-hop heads need to stop hating on Electric Circus.


      “Street’s Disciple was a good album. Much better than Nastradamus.”


      Street’s Disciple was too long, and had some tracks that coulda been left off, but overall it was a good album. VERY LYRICAL.

      Nastradamus was pure trash!

      • Detroit P

        Is that the only basis for a good album?…I thought we were sposed to be listening to music not poetry…This school of thought is why Nas stays Losing….I heard somewhere that Nas said he picks bad beats on purpose so it won’t draw attention away from his lyrics…Ultimate Fail…He needs to just go do Def Poetry Jam if it’s like that..I’d rather listen to Plies

        • DETROIT

          “This school of thought is why Nas stays Losing”


          nas is more marketable than 95% of the rappers in the game! the nigga is writting for detox…that’s loosing? nas is more relevant now than ANY RAPPER THAT CAME OUT IN HIS ERA. that’s the problem with rap, niggas get so caught up in 1st week numbers that they forget what it’s really about. nas is a brand! the nigga wrote belly! but he stay loosin?

          also, when you’re in the game for 15+ years, your cds should show some varience. so yes, it’s great that streets deciple was based on lyrics. think of how many good albums are based on beats! nigga “sekau story”, “gettin married”, “theif’s theme”, “live now”, “just a moment”, etc….none of that shit is wack!

        • Detroit P

          “nas is more marketable than 95% of the rappers in the game!”

          “nas is more relevant now than ANY RAPPER THAT CAME OUT IN HIS ERA.”
          LOL…did you really say that with a straight face or are you just fuckin with me? the last relevant thing Nas did was Stillmatic
          the nigga wrote belly
          dog…that was like 10 years ago….thats relevant?
          “sekau story”, “gettin married”, “theif’s theme”, “live now”, “just a moment”, etc….none of that shit is wack!
          thats 5 songs plus a few others you didn’t mention outta like 25 tracks..smh

          Blueprint 2 >>>>>> Streets Disciple
          Nas is about as relevant as LL Cool J…for someone who is winning, you sure didn’t list many accomplishments, and you had to stoop to mentioning that he (co)wrote Belly…mattafact…take all those accomplishments and compare them to someone who stay winning like Jay-Z or Kanye

        • DETROIT

          kanye stay winning? he has dropped 3 albums! and 808s sucks! that’s more impressive than nas’ resume? do you know how many rappers have 2 good albums in their catalogue?

          nas was the king when jay was unheard of! and now jay can’t make a hit! nigga jim jones smashed jay in a rap beef…that would never happen to nas!

          sometimes i think that rap fans say stuff based on their own opinions rather than facts! when nas made an album called hip hop is dead (which was the third album of his career that entered billboard at #1 and which he was nominated for a grammy for) every rapper had a take on it! that was the subject of conversation for months on end. THAT’S NOT RELEVANT? WHAT DOES THE WORD RELEVANT MEAN TO YOU?

          with “untitled”, everyone again had an opinion, even bill o’reilly. understand this, if most other rappers made an album called the nigger album, or hip hop is dead…no one would care!


          when the shootings at v-tech happened, who did thay call to perform…NAS! is that not relevant enough for you…they didn’t call ll, or jay z, the called nas!

          i could go on and on…he just signed a deal with fila, damien marley (one of the biggest reggae artists in the world) is about to do an entire album with ol’ non relevant nas! MATTER OF FACT, A FEW WEEKS AGO THERE WAS A HEADLINE ON THIS SITE ABOUT NAS HAVING A BABY! DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY RAPPERS HAVE BABBIES? FOR THAT TO BE A HEADLINE PROVES NAS’ RELEVANCE TO THE GAME. if rocko and monica had another baby, that shit would not make this site! so what i think you should do is look up the word relevance in the dictionary. after you do that, i’m sure that you’ll agree with me.

        • murK

          kanye has released 4 albums. but yea, good points.

      • clovito

        you guys are right. Nastradamus is his WAE

    • http://www.twitter,com/maxp77 Max Profit

      Sorry dude But you can’t name your album “Electric Circus” and expect people to really listen to it.

  • http://xxl ryan

    whoever said lupe “the cool” should be named on this lost their cotton pickin mind.
    but rakim “the master” shit was horrible n mos def “true magic” was bad 2.

    • latino heat

      True Magic was bad, but it was still waaay better then New Danger. Mos was trippin for that shit. by far his worst ever. co-sign The Master though. Rakim might need to pack it up if that’s how all his new material is gonna sound.

  • giantstepp

    Most of the shit after Pac’s death. Some of that shit wasnt released for a reason. Damn vultures picking at the bones trying to eat while ruining the great work of the Lendary Makavelli The Don!



    • Pierzy

      Co-Sign all day.

  • yoprince

    50 Cent – Curtis
    Nas – Nastradamus
    Jay-Z – Blueprint 2 and Kingdom Come
    T.I. – T.I. vs. T.I.P.
    Snoop – Da Game is to be Sold, Not to Be Told

  • YA Boi T.O.

    first of all phil ur trippin hard real hard on that that lupe shit

    1. outkast idlewild
    2.jay-z kingdom come
    3.young jeezy inspiration
    4.50 cent Curtis
    5. Fab real talk

  • Kabelo

    Co-sign on Nas, Jay & Em

    50 Cent – everything after GRODT
    Busta Rhymes – The Big Bang & B.O.M.B.
    T.I. – TI vs TIP
    The Game – LAX
    Dilated Peoples – Neighborhood Watch
    Fat Joe – All or Nothing

    • avenger xl

      When have fat Joe did a solid album he is a singles type dude? He comes in and smashes you with some hit singles and he is out.

      • Phil

        “J.O.S.E.” was the closest Fat Joe has ever come to a solid album lol.

        • http://callmephlip.blogspot.com/ Phlip

          Don Cartagena was not bad either.

      • latino heat

        actually if people stopped hatin and actually listened to Fat Joe’s album’s you’d find out Most of them are pretty solid. All Or Nothin was wack but it suffered from the same problem as Bulletproof Wallets. Just Blaze even said that most the hot songs couldn’t be used because of sample issues.

        • Curtis75Black

          Definite Co-sign !! Fat Joe has one of the most consistent catalogs but gets shitted on because of his alliance to Pun,and his hate for 50 cent. They continue to judge off his singles which you can’t do for anyone in Hip Hop.

    • jburg

      The Big Bang was good. actually pretty slept on “cocaina” was that shit. and the production was dope.

      • Jesus Martinez

        Cosign. I don’t know why everyone hates on the Big Bang. If it wasn’t for that joint with will.i.am and the one with Missy Elliot, that woulda been a fuckin classic.

      • Pierzy

        I actually liked “Big Bang” a lot but you could tell that they made over 100 songs for that and just chose the ones that made the album. There wasn’t much cohesion from song to song but those individual songs (aside from that awful Missy track) were really good.

  • OG Matt Herbz

    Here’s a few of my picks…

    Anything by Cypress Hill after Temples of Boom.
    The Blueprint. Dynasty-Roc La Familia.
    Nastrodamus AND Street’s Disciple.
    The Prequel.
    Iron Flag.
    Just about all of Rae’s joints after OB4CL.
    The Doggfather.

    • Phil

      Ahhh, the only thing wack about Phrenology was the album title, but it was also that group’s most misread and misunderstood record.

      • Curtis75Black

        Phrenology was the shit and still to this day is the shit !!There is nothing wack about that cd at all. Every track was different from the last and eclectic to a slight degree. OG, What were you looking for with that cd ?

        • DV8


        • OG Matt Herbz

          I think I was still high on their sound since Illadelph Halflife and I didn’t mind Things Fall Apart, but I felt they kinda turned a corner with that album. Maybe I just wasn’t ready for it at the time…

          –OG Matt Herbz–

    • yoprince

      phrenology?? that’s just crazy talk

  • General

    Nas-def Nastradamus, that was horrible
    Jay Z-Blueprint 2 worse than Kingdom Come
    50-Massacre was terrible
    TI-TI vs TIP, that joint was all over the place
    Em-Enconre without a doubt
    BIG-everything after Life after Death(never should of released any of that shit)
    2Pac-Pacs Life
    Snoop-First No Limit CD was garbage and R and G, was right there with it
    Dr. Dre-Dre Presents The AFtermath

    The fool that said Lupe’s “The Cool” is out of his mind though, that is one of the more solid joints from start to finish I have heard in a long time

    • Phil

      Well, you’re the 2nd person to defend “The Cool”, so…

  • real talka

    UGK – 4 Life (sorry but it wasn’t good)
    The Game – Doctor’s Advocate
    Nas – untitled
    Common – Universal Mind Control (WTF)
    Trick Daddy – Everything after “Book of Thugs”
    Juelz Santana – From Me To U
    Cassidy – Split Personality

  • ace

    1st album off Street’s disciple: that shit.. from beginning to end besides the tracks with “Scarlett” it was fire.. then disc 2 had 8 great tracks and like 2 interludes witch only left like 3 bad song on that disc..

    even nastradamus wasn’t too bad, there was no terrible tracks just weakers overall save a few standouts..

    im not tryin to sounds like a nas stan, but Nas never really had a bad album..

    for that matter neither did Jay really. Kingdom Come has grown on me quite a bit and is actually a sick album, only one i could consider is Volume 2.. that shit was a lil too jiggy but still strong

  • Arcey

    top 5 WAE:

    Redman – Malpractice (2001)
    (it took him another 6 yrs. to release another album, this shit hurt his career but I blame Def Jam!)

    Jay-Z – Kingdom Come (2006)
    (dope Intro, wack 1st single, weak lyrics when he says, for exemple, “take off the blazer losen up the tie
    Step inside the booth Superman is aliiiive”, “Anything” with Pharrell & Usher, “Hollywood” & another blueprint-sounding song for his mom after “Anything” summed it all up a few before, etc.)

    Nas – Nastradamus (1999)
    (opened the door wide for Memphis Bleek to diss him and Jay to attack with “Takeover”, thank god for “Ether” cuz I had lost faith in dude – big time!)

    Mobb Deep – Infamy (2001)
    (“Hey luv” with 112? too much filler and Prodigy lost his wittiness/charisma since)

    Wu-Tang Clan – Iron Flag
    (the one and only Wu (as a group) album I can’t stomach. They had Trackmasters do a radio joint which didn’t play on the radio, no O.D.B. at all & Cappadonna’s leg still on the cover while the rest of his body was taken off, like we wouldn’t notice!?)

    while I’m on Wu, all the solo sophomore albums from the same guys who made 1995 a crazy, ill year, i.e. “Tical 2000″, “Nigga Please”, “Immobilarity”, “Beneath The Surface” Vs. “Tical”, “Return to 36 Chambers”, “OB4CL” & “Liquid Swords”… ??!!?

    • DV8

      Oh your sick, lol. Infamy was ill. Yeah “Hey Luv” was out of place and was a desperate attempt to get sales but overall the album was ill.

      • Arcey

        I’ll listen to it again to see what I may not have heard back then. I do admit that “Crawlin’” & “Getaway” were pretty dope & “Burn” is still ILL

        • DV8

          Please do brethren!!!!

          I was dumbfounded by your claim, lol.

          Not knocking you though. To each they own, but personally I cannot see how someone can say that album was weak. I think I would say Blood Money was Mobb’s weakest before any of the others.

    • latino heat

      Cappadonna’s leg is on the cover?! i never caught that. and i had that poster on my wall back in the day! lmao! i gotta go back and check that out. co-sign most of your comment though.

  • Real Hip-Hop



  • http://xxlmag jb

    Jay’s worst album is Vol 3. I’m sorry! Between the Mariah Carey song(Swizz wackest beat ever), the Juvenile song and the appearances by Amil this album definitely gets my vote. Yes the singles were good but the album tracks weren’t there that time. I think we all agree about Street Disciple.

    • DV8

      Oh yeah I forgot about Vol 3. It had a few strong tracks but over all it was weak.

      • Phil

        I don’t know…wouldn’t you say Blueprint 2.1 (or was it 1.2?) was the worse album? I mean, dude actually rehashed a Dr. Dre beat to just get Rakim to spit on it, LOL. “Sunshine” (and video) are unforgiveable…but that second Blueprint was SUCH a waste of time. Maybe not more than Dynasty 2, but…damn I don’t know lol

        • DV8

          look at my next post below this responce

    • Jesus Martinez

      Jay-Z is probably the most inconsistent MC of all time. He cannot come out with two hot albums in a row. Reasonable Doubt is a classic and then In My Lifetime Vol.1 came out (too Bad Boy-ish minus BIG).
      Hard Knock life was alright, a little too pop for me, but classic compared to Vol. 3
      I’m not conting Roc La Familia since it was a group Rocafella album.
      The Blueprint was fuckin great but then he destroyed his rep with Blueprint 2.
      Black Album was good enough to counter the Blueprint 2 but he had to come back after a couple years with Kindgom Come (also dropping that bullshit with Linkin Park and R. Kelly in the middle).
      His last album was American Gangster and that was pretty good but forgettable (Blue Magic was bangin tho).
      From the sound of it, Blueprint 3 is gonna suck too, he better stay in the lab.

      • http://xxlmag jb

        I think Vol 1 gets too much hate. Yes it has Sunshine and I Know What Girls Like. But it also has Streets Is Watching, Where I’m From, A Million And One Questions, Imaginary Player etc. Song for song it’s a good Jay album and much better then Vol 3 and Kingdom Come. Blueprint 3 isn’t gonna come out. It better not! If so it will be the first Jay album I dont buy.

  • DV8

    Nature- For All Seasons (hes great on other peoples shit though)
    Eminem- Encore
    Busta Rhymes- The Big Disapointment
    Jay-Z- Im My Lifetime Vol.1, Blueprint 2 (too many fillers), Kingdom Come (hit and miss)

    anybody notice Jay has had more wack albums in his career then Nas?

    • http://xxlmag jb

      For All Seasons wasnt bad and if you thought it was u should of heard his albums following it. I’m sure u would have a new pick. lol

    • latino heat

      For All Seasons is another album that suffered from sample issues. i remember hearing the sampler for that album that was out around 1999 and it was hot! the actual album that came out was way different.

  • Detroit Dave

    I think Nas albums are all good… when you talk down on a Nas album you should re-phrase the question to ” which one of his albums had the worst collection of beats”

    • clovito

      Lol true

    • Detroit P

      If the beats suck, the music sucks..and therefore the album sucks…that is all

  • maCaso

    50 Cent – Curtis
    Snoop Dogg – Paid Da Cost 2 B Da Boss
    P. Diddy – Forever (Horrible)
    Ja Rule – Last Temptations
    Nelly – Nellyville
    Eminem – ENCOR3 (But wasn’t bad though)

  • http://xxl All Dae

    Busta Rhymes- E.L.E. was pure garbage.

    Gang Starr- The Ownerz was boring.

  • sledge223


  • http://adamfangman.com Adam

    Everything Snoop did between Tha Doggfather and Tha Last Meal was garbage. Nas has a lot of bad albums, but most of em aren’t that bad. His last one, Nigger, sucked pretty hard.

    The worst WAE was Scarface’s My Homies Part II, but that doesn’t really count since it was released without his input.

  • The_Truth

    ***Nas doesn’t have any bad albums. . .just ‘Cave-Man’ production on some.

    Sreets Diciple is one of his best, real talk.

    3)T.I.-T.I vs T.I.P (they were actually gonna do a pt.2 call TIP vs TI! Wow…)

    2)All of Luda’s after his 2nd. (Dope artist, but content will never match his early stage)

    1)Blueprint 2 (unbelievable Dash had a hand in that!)

  • DV8

    Cam’s Killa Season was his WAE too.

    • Phil

      You sure about that? Not speaking as a Cam fan, but knowing Cam fans, they hated “Purple Haze” with a passion, lol. What is Cam’ron’s worst album?

      • DV8

        Oh yeah I forgot about Purple Haze. Actually its kind of hard to choose between Come Home With Me, Purple Haze, and Killa Season. S.D.E. is my favorite Cam album and I have yet to hear anythng from Cam close to that, but I think Crime Pays is gonna be sick.

      • Detroit P

        Anybody who hates Purple Haze is not a Cam fan..that album was great…I’d say Killa Season is the worst..but then again..even that wasn’t terrible

        • latino heat

          Purple Haze starts and ends hot. but it gets REALLY lost in the middle. around track 9 to about 18 are wack! way to many skits too. his worst has to be Killa Season though.

      • yoprince

        whoa.. i don’t know ANY cam fans who hate purple haze..

        in fact, i don’t think cam has any wack albums, he’s kind of just you either like him or you don’t..

        • Phil

          I feel you on that, it was just a bunch of cats around here that had kind of the same critique latino heat had: “it gets REALLY lost in the middle.”

  • http://xxlmag jb

    Are people forgetting Snoop’s last album Ego Trippen? GARBARGE. lol…and 4 the people trying to defend Nas he picked those beats so he’s responsible for the wackness. lol.

    • DV8

      Ego Trippin was a solid album to me.

  • Phil

    Ok, I’d like to know what the consensus is on what the worst albums were for these particular artists:

    3.8-Ball & MJG
    5.Ice Cube
    7.Kool G. Rap
    8.Master P

    • Black man

      2-u kiddin? tha nigga hasnt made anything thats not wack..
      3-wouldn’t know
      5-Laugh Now, Cry Later
      6-Adventures in Emceein
      7-can’t call it..
      9-co sign with most of the post mordem albums. ie: pac’s life

      • El Tico Loco

        Scarface – Made

        Can’t think of a hot Plies album? How about . . . maybe . . . or that joint . . . can’t think of anything.

        8ball and mjg – not one

        Outkast – Idlewild (and tha’t a stretch)

        Ice Cube – Most albums between Lethal Injection and LNCL

        KRS1 – Spiritual Minded

        Kool G Rap – Giancanna Story (good album just not the best)

        Master P – the good albums list is shorter

        Tupac – that Eminem produced album

  • DV8

    I can say for Cube it was War and Peace Vol.1 and Vol.2 (He was on that Don Mega bullshit then)

    Scarface’s may be his MADE album

    Pac worst would be that shit sandwich that Eminem was allowed play with like a toy and every album after that. (Till the end of time and Better Days where pretty good overall to me)

    Outkast has never had a wack album in my opinion. Those with a closed mind would probably say “Speakerboxxx/ Love Below” and “IdleWild”.

    • Phil

      So, are you saying that ALL of Pac’s albums done while he was alive were on point? Not knocking the dude, just curious.

      • DV8

        not at all. maybe his first 2 albums where hit and miss.

        • Phil

          Damn, I almost expected ‘Pac to get the most defense here, I guess times have changed, LOL.

    • Jesus Martinez

      MADE was a bangin album. It better than Emeritus, My Balls and Word, the Untouchable, and the World is Yours.

      • DV8

        I will have to give MADE another listen. Im not saying it was wack. I just think it may be his weakest effort. What album would you say is Face’ weakest one?

        • Jesus Martinez

          “My Balls and Word” but that was an unofficial album Rap-a-Lot put out after he left the label for a little while. The Untouchable is my least favorite because of the production. Its okay, plus he has joints with Dr. Dre, Cube, Pac, and Daz. And Devin the Dude as usual, but still his weakest.

  • http://www.incilin.blogspot.com Incilin

    Worst albums

    Nas – Nastradamus
    Jay – Kingdom Come
    Em – Encore
    Kanye – 808s
    Outkast – Idlewild Soundtrack
    Ghost – Bulletproof Wallets
    Method Man – Tical 2000
    Snoop – Game Is Meant To Be Sold, Not Told
    LL – Exit 13 (Also quailifies for worst cover art ever)
    Mobb Deep – Blood Money
    Mos Def – The New Danger
    Busta Rhymes – Big Bang
    Cypress Hill – Stoned Raiders
    DMX – Year of the Dog
    Ice-T – Gangsta Rap
    Puff Daddy – Forever

    • Curtis75Black

      I co-sign everything but Busta and LL on your list. Everything on Busta’s cd was crazy and as far as Exit 13 goes, the only tracks I don’t listen to is “Like a Radio, American Girl and I fall in love” (wack as Hell) !! Everything else is solid and the Bonus “New York,New York” with the Frank Sinatra Sample is fucking Dope.

  • The_Truth

    ***As a Eightball/ MJG fan since ’92, I have the right to say. . .

    . . .they will NEVER make music like they did with Suave House, period.

    The Suavehouse sound with Eightball/ MJG was like Shaq/ Kobe, Jordan/ Pippen, Optimo’s/ Good green. . .perfect combo.

    • Phil

      The new material is that much of a departure from their original stuff? What changed for you, exactly?

    • DV8

      True…they havent been quite the same since leaving Suave House

  • George Clooney

    IDLEWILD for Outkast (are these seriously the same dudes who made ATLiens and Aquemini?)

    808s AND HEARTBREAK for Kanye (1st one was a classic, the other 2 were solid – can’t fuck with this latest shit)

    MORE FISH for Ghostface (overall, Bulletproof Wallets was a dud, but More Fish doesn’t have anything that could touch Strawberry)

    THE FIRST HOWEVER MANY LIL WAYNE ALBUMS (Granted, none of the Carter albums are the classics HE thinks they are, but when you look at what this guy evolved from….)

    VETERANZ DAY for Big Daddy Kane (Even Prince Of Darkness, Looks Like A Job for…and Daddy’s Home had good shit on them)

    BEATS, RHYMES & LIFE for Tribe (It’s a toss up between Love Movement and this, but Love Movement didn’t have to follow Midnight Marauders)

    BP2 is easily Jay’s weakest. Kingdom Come (the song) was heavily slept on, but the album was a letdown. It wasn’t garbage though. And yeah, the intro was crazy, which didn’t help. But Trouble, Dig A Hole, Lost One and a few others were solid.

    Nastradamus was a fail. At least Street’s Disciple had Thief’s Theme, Bridging the Gap, Nazareth Savage and Disciple.

    • Arcey

      concerning ATCQ, I’d say Love Movement was their WAE plus it had to be their last as a group, which is why, IMO, they are one of the greatest group to ever do it but are often overlooked. That BS album was not even mixed properly, it had N.O.R.E. singing on a chorus, Q-Tip singing all over that shit too!
      I did dig “Find A Way” & “Steppin’ It Up” with Busta & Redman

  • The_Truth

    ***I was a hardcore Cube fan at one time. . .

    . . .but he fell off after the Predator/ Lethal Injecton, Era. BUT, he does have one of the greatest albums in rap history. . .DEATH CERTIFICATE.

  • JM

    how do you dudes have kingdom come on here. i will give you blueprint 2 that was wack but a couple of good songs. lupe’s the cool was good not great album should not be on here.

  • 206

    Snoop’s “Da game is to sold not to be told” was garbage.

    Every Nas album after God’s Son. Nastradamus was weak too though.

    Scarface’s “Balls and My Word”

    Outkast’s “Idlewild Soundtrack”

    Busta’s “It ain’t safe no more”

  • capcobra

    everything rakim made after that follow the leader tape.

    • George Clooney

      What was wrong with Let The Rhythm Hit Em?

      • Phil

        THAT’S what I want to know! LTRH IS one of my favorite Eric B & Rakim albums EVER. It’s damn near perfect AND it includes one of the most respectful and, dare I say it–ROMANTIC–Hip-Hop songs of all time, “Mahoghany”! A song so dope that you could do a vid for it TODAY and create a damn movie to that shit, lol.

        • capcobra

          the production on that album is what caused rakim to fall off…a couple songs was ahead of it’s time but the rest of the album wasn’t timeless and it didn’t create a moment in time like the first 2 did..if you think about it rakim been declining since that album…i wanna know what’s on ya mind and know the ledge was hot singles off soundtracks..but at a time when n.w.a p.e kane LL l.o.n.s native tongue cypress hill naughty salt n pepa brand nubian heavy d and whoever else was delivering hits..rakim came wit an average album that only rakim fans loved..and that’s what killed him..he had the chance to put the crown on and didn’t…and no i’m not blatantly hating on the god cuz it was him and krs that made me pick up my pen..i just think that particular album killed eric b and rakim as we knew ‘em….imo

  • andre


    • DV8

      You have got to be kidding

    • Phil

      Sorry DV8, gotta co-sign that one. Big Bang was solid…except for the singles. I was almost scared to buy that joint cuz of those singles, but the album didn’t sound like that.

      • DV8

        I guess I was disapointed because I was expecting more of a “Genesis” type sound for Busta’s 1st Aftermath album. Busta got way out of character on “Big Bang”. Sounded like he was trying to be a member of G-Unit on that one. He never talked about slanging drugs before until Big Bang.

  • George Clooney

    I don’t know why people sleep on The Predator. Probably doesn’t help that it came after Death Certificate. But based on its own merits, that album was another notch in his belt. Compare it to the messy shit rappers put out today.

    Speaking of legends, Kool G Rap fell off after, or possibly during, 4,5,6. First three were bona fide classics.

    Big Pun was obviously slipping with his second joint.

    • Phil

      Cube was mad focused on “The Predator”!

      I think Big Pun’s health had a lot to do with how that 2nd album sounded, God bless the dead. Yeah, he chose to let his weight get like that, but still a sad story to practically hear through his delivery on that 2nd album.

  • latino heat

    808′s and Bullshit dosen’t count as Kanye’s worst ever? that shit was wack! Snoop’s worst ever was a tie between Doggfather and Game Is To Be Sold. those both sucked. Nastrodamus was waaay worse then Street’s Disciple, which actually wasn’t that bad i thought.

  • Quantum Solace

    No way. ‘Massacre’ was ill. That’s a dope album.

  • Nibs

    Young Jeezy’s Inspiration

    • Detroit P

      Young Jeezy doesn’t have a wack album at all…so he is excluded from this conversation….Plies first album-”The Real Testament” is his worst

      • DETROIT

        the recession was pretty bland, but i give him credit for tryin to change up his subject matter….as for plies, DUDE IS ALWAYS TRASH! i understand now detroit p…you have to be like 21. we have a generation gap…lol!

        • Detroit P

          detroit p…you have to be like 21.
          lol…I’m 20

          88 baby!..I grew up thru your Golden Year of the 90′s loved lyrics…so I can appreciate alot of the music from that era…I even like Death Certificate from Ice cube and I just went back and listened to that last year(but that’s as far as I’ll go back)..but I’m still young in this era so I can appreciate the music of today…I still like lyrics…but I got bored of all these extra lyrical rappers trying to prove how witty they are by spitting as many meaningless multisyllabic words at me as they can to wack beats and terrible hooks…now I just appreciate good MUSIC in general, whether it’s lyrical or not…Jeezy and Plies both make good music for the most part…and they both say stuff that resonates with me in my life…and they don’t do it as if they got up on their soapbox to preach..they just say real shit from real perspectives..and I hate to use such a cliche term, but it fits….and I was dissapointed by Recession at first…but it has grown on me more recently…It’s still solid to me tho

    • yoprince

      good call on the inspiration.. it’s not terrible but i fux with jeezy and between his three albums, there’s never a reason for me to listen to the inspiration..

  • Nibs

    Young Jeezy’s Inspiration
    Game’s LAX

  • http://www.xxlmag.com 615banga

    t.i.— ti vs tip

    the game- doctors advocate

    50 cent- curtis

    jay-z – kingdom come

    snoop dogg- rhythm & gangsta

    e-40 – breakin news

    nelly- brass knuckles

  • Tc

    G-unit’s T.O.S album.That album stinks

  • Alr8

    Raekwon’s The Lex Diamond Story

  • The_Truth

    ***Unless you’ve listened to E-40 over the years. . .you can’t judge his albums! A first-time 40 listener may think it’s wack, but the 40 fan knows where he’s coming from.

    Breakin News had some bangers:

    Breakin News/ Hot/ Married to the Ave/ Act A Ass/ Northern CaliFOOLya/ That’s A Good Look 4 U/ Quarterbackin’ (DJ Quick Remix)

    C’mon man. . .u can’t put this on the list!


      40 is one of my favorite rappers ever! that being said, i think that only weak album was loyalty and betrayal. i wasn’t feelin that one.


    • latino heat

      i’m from the Bay so i’ve been up on 40 for years. i agree Breakin News wasn’t his hottest but his only album i never could get into was Charlie Hustle. i know i’m pretty much alone on that. Loyalty and Betrayal is like a classic to me though.

      • DETROIT



      • DV8

        Charlie Hustle was my shit. Loyalty and Betrayal was hot but it wasnt fucking with Charlie Hustle in my opinion. You would be hard pressed to find a weak 40 album.

    • DV8

      co-signing The Truth

      only true blue 40-Water fans can judge his albums. A casual listener most likely cant fuck with it. If I had to pick a weak album of 40′s it would have to be his albums before “In A Major Way” but even those was hot.

  • Str8jckn

    To those that hated Luda’s Release Therapy, J5 Productions did a remix and that shit was dope luda shoulda released there version cuz i mixed most of those tracks with some of the originals and the album came together well.

  • MIKE


    • Phil

      Damn. I was afraid for this album after I heard a song featured with OD Da Juiceman! And even that mixtape with Green lantern was underwhelming.

    • latino heat

      can you really name a classic Jadakiss album? his 1st album was wack as fuck, 2nd had some joint’s but overall wasn’t a hot album. same for both Lox album’s. a joint here and there but overall nothing special. Jada suffers from Cannibus syndrome, hot on everybody’s shit but his own. 50 hit it on the head when he said Jada can spit but can’t write a song for shit.

      • Phil

        Arrgh. Sad, but true. Technically, “Kiss of Death” was my favorite Jada album, tho. Not very cohesive, but did serve its purpose that summer. But, only THAT summer, lol.

  • http://www.get2knowpro.com LeonTheProfessional

    I’ve read all these comments, and what’s crazy is that ALL these ‘shitty’ albums are earnin’ $$$. Peeps are coppin’ ‘em! So, it’s so skewed to what’s ill dope as hell, and what’s gawd awful shitty. It’s almost like cats are sayin’ Nas, Jay, Snoop, Luda… but, Soulja Boy made THE WORST ALBUM OF THE DECADE, and aint no one called that out! lol! i guess maybe it’s cuz we expect so much from them cats? i dunno – but there are WAYYY shittier albums than what’s been mentioned. haha… eazy.


  • Johnny Cage

    Yall forgettin bout those Best of Both World albums. Even thouth they were collaberations they were not needed

  • Apollo Moses

    I’m one of the biggest fans of Nas and even I have to put Nastrodamus at the top of the list. Couldn’t really play anything but Come get me and shoot em up.

    Blue Print 2 seems far worst than the Kingdom Come, but BP2 had more cuts with the double disc.

    TI vs Tip sounded like a dude with nothing left to say.

    Idlewild was some ole bull.

    But THE WORST CD I ever heard from a rapper I really like was Tical 2…pure garbage.

    • capcobra

      i gotta agree wit that tical 2….that shit was horrible…a bunch of forgettable songs and too many skits.

  • The_Truth


    I agree. . .Jada is too good of an artist for THAT many features. Real talk, I haven’t seen that many features since ‘Birdmans’ first CD (The WACKEST album cover of ALL-TIME on that, MY GOD!).

    How you gonna feature Jazmine Sullivan and Mary J. Blige on the same album?? Waste of fuckin money.

    Shit’s more like a ‘Jadakiss-n-FRIENDS’ album than a solo.

    • Phil

      Lol, well, whose albums had the most pointless features? I vote for Foxy Brown’s “Chyna Doll”, that shit was out of control! I can’t even imagine how many features a Birdman album would have…or need (yikes)

      And the fact that Jada has 2 vocalists on the album is the same reason I overlooked Styles’ “Time Is Money” and why I hated Beanie’s “The Soltuion”–TWO songs with Raheem Devaughn? GTFOH.

  • Gooderz

    jigga’s wackest albums were definately the ones with R Kelly

    nas – I Am
    any ja rule album
    any pac album released after his death

  • yoprince

    damn. so i’m the only person who likes bulletproof wallets. it got weaker toward the end but i thought it was a good album.

    Lil Wayne – Dedication 3… lol, i know it’s a mixtape, but still, he ruined the franchise with that joint.

    • Phil

      You are not alone, brother, I, too, appreciate “Bulletproof Wallets” (in its “pure” form anyway, LOL)

      • yoprince

        “two murders in the hood, we call it double features!”

    • clammyclaude

      i fuck wit bullet proof wallets…any ghost album is worth listening too although supreme clientele was the best

  • Jesus Martinez

    Jay-Z: Kingdom Come/Blueprint 2
    Nas: Street’s Disciple
    Public Enemy: New Whirl Odor
    Run DMC: Crown Royal
    Snoop Dogg: The Game is to be Sold, not to be Told or Rhythm and Gangsta (too watered down)
    LL Cool J: Todd Smith
    Mobb Deep: Infamy
    The Game: LAX
    Common: Universal Mind Control
    Kanye West: 808s and Heartbreak
    Raekwon: Immobilarity/Lex Diamond Story
    Ghostface: Bulletproof Wallets
    Ice Cube: War & Peace vol.1 and 2
    WC: Ghetto Heisman
    Prodigy: HNIC 2
    Devin the Dude: Landing Gear (alright album but he should’ve stuck with Rap-a-lot
    T.I.: Paper Trail (I think this is worse than TIvTIP. Paper Trail had way too much pop commerical bullshit. It just sounded like Justin Timberlake or Robin Thicke trying to go ghetto.)
    Tony Yayo: Thoughts of a Predicate Felon (his worst and best, I guess).

    • Phil

      “Tony Yayo: Thoughts of a Predicate Felon (his worst and best, I guess).”

      LOL. So accurate.

    • El Tico Loco

      IDK about bulletproof wallets as WAE for Ghost have you heard more fish? Bulletproof wallets feels that way because this is what followed Supreme Caliente.

      • Jesus Martinez

        All of Ghost’s albums are good, but I still like More Fish better than Wallets. Wallets was too watered down compared to the rest of his releases. More Fish only had two tracks on there I didn’t like-Back like that remix and Good.
        That Alex (stolen script) track was crazy; I had to listen to that a few times to hear the story behind it. Blue Armor with Sheek Louch beat harder than anything on Bulletproof Wallets and the overall soul-sampling beats were better produced.

  • joel90

    im sorry phil but lupe fiascos “The Cool” was a great album. i can see probably two songs being wack but the rest was good. outkasts idlewild was actually a good album. ludacris release therapy was bad but he took a lot of heat from being on oprahs show for being childish and degrading women on his first couple of albums. i have to say that nas-nastradamus was his WAE. the content was bad the beats were shitty albeit probably two songs.

    • Phil

      I’m going to say this one more time:

      TO EACH HIS OWN. “The Cool” duped me with “Superstar”. Sorry, but it did. Nothing on that album sounded like it and I HATE over-dramatic beats. That’s it, that’s all, CASE CLOSED.

      Like it, lick it, love it, rub it all you want.

  • The_Truth


    I feel you on Loyalty and Betrayal. . .

  • Jesus Martinez

    DJ Khaled: the one where you actually had to hear him.

    Why do rappers keep letting him on their records? He’s produced like 7 tracks ever, he doesn’t rap, he doesn’t actually scratch like DJ Premier, What is his fucking purpose?
    Rappers are even letting him on their albums during interludes, intros, and outros even tho he contributed nothing to the song or album.

    He’s a worse fucking hype man than DOC after his vocal cords were cut in that car accident.

    50 and Buck are the only two calling him out. I really don’t know anybody who don’t find him annoying. Why is he so relevant in the game now?

    • yoprince

      i fux with khaled..

      “We the besssssssst!”


      We, niggggaaaaaaa!!”

      .. classic

    • Pizzainn

      He brings in the guests, arranges them, and arranges the beats and mixes them

  • zood

    Gotta say i do not agree with the jay-z and nas ones
    Nastradamus and perhaps Blueprint 2 or the Dynasty are Nas and Jays worst
    And I thought Curtis by 50 was his worst.
    But like people say its a matter of opinion sometimes.



    • DV8

      thats a good question. i forgot about the original BadAss Ant Banks. Im gonna google him and see what he has been up to. Im sure he has some kind of interest in a Indie label out the Bay. I cant imagine him not still being a part of the Bay Area scene.

  • shone jones

    Public Enemy-Muse Sick N Hour Mess Age.

    *awaits PE stans to defend the album*

    • Pizzainn

      Public Enemy dont have stans

  • avon

    ludas wae is red light district snoops wae is damn near everything after doggystyle save r&g and top dogg

  • The_Truth

    ***Best of Both World’s was a LANDMARK album. . .if it wasn’t for Kell’s situation at the time. . .possibly one of the biggest ever.

    To this day, R&B and Hip-Hop artist always debate doing a collab album: The-Dream/ Kanye, Lil Wayne/ T-Pain, Ja Rule/ J-Lo(yes, Murder Inc was gonna do it), Lloyd/ Lil Wayne, etc. . .

    Gotta give that album props for being the first.


      i have to disagree with you there bro. the best of both worlds was one of the worst albums ever in my opinion, simply because it sounded like each person’s verses were mailed in! there is no way that jig and kelly were in the studio at the same time when that album was created. also, they had no muscal chemestry at all, shit, in real life they can’t stand eachother! it was more like a lik…they wanted to capitallize off of each others fans, so they did an album. it seemed like r was in the chi and jig was in ny and someone mailed them both a beat and song title and told them to write!

      • Detroit P


  • The_Truth


    Nas and Jay-Z.

    Yeah, they did some coo tracks. . .but nothing like the way people were bumping their diss tracks.

    Very disappointed.

  • Ace

    o shit even i forgot this.. Jay has 2 weak ass albums


  • Detroit Dave

    I don’t know about yall but I took it personal when I first heard Kiss of Death.. I bought that shit and after I listened to it I was thinking……”this nigga Jadakiss tried me”. Also on the list…..

    Curtis- 50 cent
    Tha Dogg Pound- Dogg Chit
    Q-Tip- The Renaissaince (he really let me down)

  • the game

    how the hell people saying Doctors Advocate is games worst album, that shit is his best and is a classic… clearly LAX is much worse

    • clammyclaude

      yo nooooooooooo nooooooooooo noooooooooooo games first album was the documentary….if u think otherwise ur nuts

  • Detroit Dave

    T.I vs. T.I.P that shit was garbage

  • What’z Crackin

    Nigga it’s kinda hard to say which famous artist’s album is the worst cause alot shit that really poppin at the moment doesnt stand the test of time. I haven’t listen to 808 heart break and I uselly listen to kanye album but the nigga singing on the whole fuckin disk, and that nigga aint r-kelley or ne yo and ya’ll still went out and bought that shit so shame on ya’ll. kingdom come wasn’t a bad album Hov just got into this creative perspective that we just didn’t get.

  • Burnout108

    I’m just going to come out and say it…”All Eyez On Me” was pretty meh. Not knocking it entirely, b/c it definitely had strong tracks, but also had some of his weakest, too.

    • Phil

      What about “Me Against The World”? I’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews about that record over the years. I’m not speaking as a ‘Pac fan, tho, but as one who knows ‘Pac fans.

      • DETROIT

        i’m not a pac stan, but i will say that none of pac’s albums were wack! with pac, everyone has a differing opinion about what’s actually his best work. to me, that’s the biggest compliment to pac as an artist!

        that being said, all eyes on me was da shit! picture me rollin, pain, only god can judge me, hearts of men, thug passion, all about you, how do you want it, run the streets (4 the chicks), etc. THAT CD WAS EPIC MAN! DRE BEATS, C-BO, 40 WATER, REDMAN, METHOD MAN….that shit was classic.

        me against the world was more street in my opinion. the thing about pac is that he spoke directly to street niggas. if you were not a street nigga, you couldn’t hear him. it’s like wesley snipes said in white men can jump…”you can listen to jimmy, but you can’t hear jimmy”….that’s how pac is in a lot of ways! i remember 40 year old men saying that pac was the only rapper that they listen too back in the 90s.

        • macdatruest

          If you not a Pac fan, you lucky as hell you should go listen to Me Against The World for the first time. I guarantee you’ll be a Pac fan. That’s Tupac at his best right there, the whole feel of the album, Pac was only like 22 when he recorded that shit too!

        • Burnout

          I like how everyone’s getting at me as though I’ve never listened to “Me Against The World”…I’ve no beef w/ that album, it’s great from start to finish…

          And like I said, “All Eyez On Me” had its moments, but some of the flaws were unforgivable…i.e. “All About U”, “What’z Ya Phone #”, “Shorty Wanna Be A Thug”…

        • yoprince

          sun.. all about u is classic

        • Burnout

          Maybe to you…

  • El Tico Loco


    • Jesus Martinez

      Ight, here are some new ones:

      Kool G Rap: Half a Klip
      KRS-One: D.I.G.I.T.A.L.
      Eazy-E: Str8 off the Streetz of Muthaphuckin Compton
      MC Eiht: Tha8tz Gangsta
      EPMD: We Mean Business
      DJ Clue?: The Professional 3
      Cormega: Legal Hustle
      M.O.P.: Mash Out Posse
      Kurupt: Kuruption!
      DJ Quik: Balance & options
      Warren G: Take A Look over your Shoulder
      Xzibit: Man v. Machine
      Bone Thugs-N-Harmony: Thug World Order
      Twista: The Day After
      B.G.: True Story
      Juvenile: Project English
      RZA: Digi Snacks
      Gravediggaz: Nightmare in A-Minor
      Geto Boys: The Foundation
      Three 6 Mafia: Choices II
      Too Short: Get Off the stage
      Fat Joe: Loyalty

      I don’t think you can call a rapper’s album his worst if he hasn’t released at least 4.

      • DV8

        Balance & Options was sick.

        Project English was a put together album Cash Money did after Juve left. They where scraps. Just like Scarface’ Balls and My Word

  • zayzkidd

    The last Kanye album with all that singing was pretty bad, and that Outkast album, I think it was the soundtrack for the movie they did was bad, as far as Ludacris, I never really got into his shiit like that, so I couldn’t really do him like that.

  • Jerm

    first of all, i dont know what u guys are saying about Ludacris…he was spittin on his first few albums – but to me Release Therapy was his best and not worst, every track had something someone could relate to and he was actually saying stuff on them – not just punchlines, he had better subject matter in his later albums – to me he got more mature. Although, Word of Mouf had alot of his best tracks, Chicken & Beer to me seemed the weakest of them all, but still not the worst…like how many times can u talk about sex?!

    and for DMX to me it looks like his first 3 are his best…then the next 2 fall off a bit…but his last one didnt have it for me.

    • Pizzainn

      That’s the problem, not every rapper is gonna be all sentimental and be all conscious, the punchlines are what made luda their part of him

  • http://xxl goose

    If you go back and listen to nastradamus, that shit was ahead of its time. If you are a real street nigga you can relate.

  • Hideous Duframe

    you know nas is the reason I listen to rap, and i hated street disciple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was shocking to hear that from a double album.EXCELLENT OBSEVATION WORD!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.myspace.com/fastlifearchitects miles archer

    Yo, Iron flag has some joints on it, and compared to 8 Diagrams?? (wich I find un-listenable).

    Mobb Deep – Blood Money
    Kool G Rap – The Giacanna Stories
    All the Wu-Tang solo joints after 1998(except Supreme Clientele)

    I thought The Massacre was better than Curtis

    Big Pun – yeah Baby(I liked the two singles and That Nigga Shit, but, that was it).
    A tribe called Quest – the one with the white album cover

    Kanye West – 808′s & Heartbreaks
    there’s a bunch…

    miles archer

  • macdatruest


    Nas- Stillmatic (thanks a lot Jay)

    Jay-Z-Kingdom Come (thanks for nothing Dre)

    Fiddy Cent-Curtis (thanks for nothin’ Pimpin’ Curly)

    Lloyd Banks-The Hunger for More(thanks for nothing, involuntary hype man)

    P. Diddy- Press Play (no thanks homo)

    T.I.- T.I. vs TIP (tell Tip to slap the shit outta T.I. and tell him no thanks)

    Eminem- Encore(no thanks on killing myself but stopping because of Haley AGAIN)

    Snoop- The Dogg Father (No Thanks freshly smacked up by Suge in his prime Snoop)

    Mobb Deep- Blood Money (Thanks for nothing Fiddy Cent roster management ability. Hollywood Havoc? V.I.P.? I guess after Jay little manned Prodigy, they was willin’ to try anything-title is a true story)

    2Pac- All eyez on Me-(Thanks for nothing Suge and Interscope TIs. Suge owned and operated Pac was weak to me, I can dig Me Against The World, Makaveli and all it’s sequels 2-7. Strictly4myniggaz, a bunch of shit he did after he passed away that he wrote when he was focused. Fresh outta jail, beginning of the end Pac aka Death Row Pac–No fuckin thanks and way too many songs)

    Charles Hamilton- The Pink Lavalamp (You reaaal quiet after you got caught up wit that Black Spade beat lyin like it was yours. You like a lil faggot Rick Ross now. And you still denying it after the facts emerged no thanks Sonic the Hohog)


    • DV8

      Stillmatic? Are you serious? Wow? to each their own…i guess. I feel you on Snoops 2nd one though. That murder trail scared the G out of that nigga.

  • Shawty J

    Kanye West – 808s & Heartbreaks
    Despite the diversity of the production this was one monotonous album. Personally I think some of the songs sound good shuffled amongst other songs on my iPod, but listening to the whole album in one setting is painful. And songs like “Bad News” and “Robocop” were just bad to begin with.

    T.I. – T.I. Vs. T.I.P.
    Apparently T.I. doesn’t understand what a split personality is. T.I. and T.I.P. are moods, not personalities. The only difference between them is subject manner, and by having his songs split up like that just made for an unbalanced album.

    Jay-Z – Blueprint 2
    I haven’t heard all of Kingdom Come, but there are some songs on their that I did here an like. Blueprint 2 was overkill. Too many songs, not enough focus, and just further proves why rappers should stop making double disk albums

    Ludacris – Red Light District
    Personally I like most of the album. But as a complete album this seems to loose and unfocused. Also I agree with Jerm, Release Therapy was one of Luda’s better albums. Most of the subject material was pretty mature compared to previous releases, the only track I didn’t like on there was that R. Kelly record.

    The Game – LAX
    Same thing as Red Light District, I for the most part like all the songs, but the album lacked direction, it lacked focus.

  • balaramesh

    first of all, i see a lot of folks on here that do not have great or classic albums: by no means should yayo, banks jada, luda, plies, ect. get mentioned.

    a few people dropped great mixtapes before but not good albums.

    as a HUGE nas fan, i would have to say that nastradamus was his worst album. the concepts on street diciple made it worthwhile. i dunno about the hip hop is dead. i thought it was pretty dope.

    jays worst album had to be kingdom come. it was still better than most stuff out but the expectations for jay’s albums is MUCH HIGHER than anyone else. blueprint 2 was bad. but the lyrics on their were exceptional: hovi baby?!?

    the last outkast cd; the love below. although it had huge commerical singles and sold like 12x; i never listened to it entirely. at least for big boi’s cd.

    i would never put beenie sigel in the list since he has not even had a great cd. he had a few solid ones but nothing elite.

    in regards to T.I, i never liked an entire album from him since trap music. he makes good commercial singles but the albums are pretty mediocre to me.

    as for folks that call me a down south hater all the time: i heard that cd “world party” by goodie mobb and nearly died. it severly fails in comparison to soul food.

  • Sleepy Wonder

    Ok Let’s Get To It:

    Jay-Z: The Dynasty, The Blueprint²
    Snoop Dogg: Everything After Death Row
    Mobb Deep: Infamy, Blood Money
    50 Cent: Curtis
    2pac: Pac’s Life (Not His Fault Though)
    Eminem: Encore
    Beanie Sigel: The Solution
    Kanye West: 808s & Heartbreak
    Jadakiss: Kiss Of Death
    Wu-Tang Clan: 8 Diagrams
    Ice Cube: Laugh Now, Cry Later


    T.I.- T.I. VS T.I.P.

  • Parsifal

    I find it intresting that Nastradamus is getting all this hate Idontlike it either but I have had friends of mine defend itbysayingsomething to the effect of”Nas wrote Illmatic when he was 18 you cant expectsomebodytoproduce something that good every time and alot of that stuff went over people’s heads i.e. Street’s Disciple and Nastradomus” Inever really got those albums but as much as I like Spice 1 199 sick was just chincey sounding and Comeing Out Hard compared to the latter work of 8ball and MJG is really simplistc sounding and wodenthematiclly it’s still a good album but compared to Space Age Pimpen and In Our Lifetime it’s weak sauce another one would be every album GZA put out after Liquid Swords

  • Ali

    The Cool only had 1 bad song to me, Hello/Goodbye it’s just too weird but still a great album….Jay’s worst album was Volume 3….I skip any song that pops up on m iPod lol it’s shit…..Mos Def’s True Magic sucked lol I like him but yeah, wtf was that……..I guess Eminem’s worse was his last one….UGK’s new album sucks I’m sorry….legends but hey obviously there’s a good reason why it’s not good

  • DANJA29

    Nas’ worst was definitely Nastradamus, but Street’s Disciple is up there… I don’t wanna hear shit about how lyrical it was. Those beats were archaic, and most of those songs as a whole had no business making it on the album. There’s songs that belong out there for the public, and then there’s scraps. Nas just seems like he said “fuck it”, and threw em all on there together.

    Jay’s worst is Kingdom Come for sure. I don’t think he has another album that’s as bad as that one is. He has some albums that are below the mark, but I’ve never listened to a Jay album and had no desire to ever hear it again until KC.

    Pac’s worst is probably oneof those posthumous made-up shits, but as far as albums he came out with while still alive, I’ma have to go with ’2Pacalypse Now’. That album gets a LOT of after-the-fact love, when in context, that shit was way behind the curve of the better releases out at the time. I think that comes in to play with certain albums. It can’t be all that good if it wasn’t up to the standard of what else was out there when it came out. It wasn’t then, and it’s still not. It’s aged horribly.

    Ice Cube’s worst to me was Lethal Injection. Dude got really gassed around that time, or maybe he was just trying to ride the wave of what was popular at the time, but that is way below-the-mark compared to the stuff he had been dropping before that. He just seemed to be coasting all the way thru that shit- it has a couple standouts, but the standouts stand WAY out from the rest of that shit.

  • DANJA29

    Oh, and Mobb’s worst is Juvenile Hell. I’m not buyin’ that “oh, but they were young” shit. That shit dropped two years prior to the Infamous album. They made great strides between ’93 and ’95 no doubt, but in ’93 they were still pretty weak. I’d listen to that Blood Money album before I fuck with that Juvenile Hell joint.

  • Ya Boy

    50 Cent – The Massacre
    The Game – LAX
    Lil Wayne – 500 Degrees
    Lloyd Banks – Rotten Apple
    LL Cool J – Todd Smith
    NaS – Nastradamus
    Jay-Z – Blueprints 2
    Eminem – Encore
    Common – Universal Mind Control
    Ice Cube – Dat War & Peace Shit
    Three 6 Mafia – Last 2 Walk
    Jim Jones – Pray IV Reign
    Wu-Tang Clan’s Last Album
    T.I. – T.I. Vs TIP

  • Screwmatic

    The thang with these niggas is, these rappers a gettin’ way too fly on the mic nowadays. they don’t put the much effort in the new albums like they first albums. Every niggas first album gotta be the bang, if it ain’t the bang then he’s gonna be trash till he decide to quite like Saigon did. Saigon weak as fuck.

  • The_Truth

    ***I appluad cats being honest in here. . .Tupac had alot of missteps no one wanted to call him out on.

    Me Against the World was his greatest album. . .all that “WESTSIDE!” shit took away from his music we grew to love.

  • http://XXL TheGodJustice

    Why are people making LUPE’s “THE COOL” out 2 be that dope?? It was okay album, IMO. BUT NOWHERE NEAR FOOD AND LIQUOR. I say only HALF of “THE COOL” was dope, but towards the end, the beats were blah. I think that’s why I don’t know alot of the songs by heart like most of the tracks I know on FOOD AND LIQUOR. That shit was a damn CLASSIC.

    As for my boy NAS, “NASTRADAMUS” wasn’t that bad, but compared 2 his other albums…..NAAAHHH. BUT WTF IS UP WITH PEOPLE CLAIMING THAT “NIGGER” WAS HIS WAE???? Sorry 2 bust yall bubbles, but that album was actually his best SINCE “ILLMATIC.” Critically acclaimed at that. Nominated 4 a GRAMMY (WHICH THAT SHIT SHOULD’VE WON INSTEAD OF THAT GOD-AWFUL C3!!! SMH) The album was dope IMO, I can say that only 2 songs (“UNTITLED, “YALL MY NIGGAS”) was so-so, but better than alot of shit that’s out now, feel me??

  • oskamadison

    This is the worst albums of my top 5 dudes in no particular order:
    Redman-Malpractice:Compared to his previous
    joints, this one was a little substandard for him. Even so, it’s still harder than a lot of these cats’ joints nowadays.
    Common:Everyone wants to say Electric Circus or even Universal Mind Control but everyone seems to have forgotten about Can I Borrow a Dollar. This got swept under the rug so much that a lot of people stiil think Ressurection was his debut.
    Nas-Nastradamus:This is the ONLY Nas album that I simply CANNOT listen to from beginning to end. Say what you want about Streets’ Disciple but that at least had something on there to bang. Drop about 4 or 5 joints (ie, Makings of a Perfect Bitch, American Way or No One Else in the Room) and it’s up there with his best. Nastradamus would have been better left in the vaults.
    Hov-Blueprint 2: I used to think IML vol. 1 was the worst but at least there were remnants of Reasonable Doubt Hov, pardon me, Jigga. BP 2 was “I made me a classic album, now let me go on a 2 month vacation around the world then go into Baseline and spit whatever.”
    Rakim-The Master: Aside from the 2 Premo joints and that 1 45 King joint, hands down the laziest production the R ever wasted his vocals on.

  • romil

    Wu-Tang- 36 diagrams + others
    Meth- every album except Tical

    Whoever said Dynasty wasnt hot is crazy. Thats a classic street album/

    Nas- Streets desciple, Nastradamus, was alright but expected more from Nas afer releasing Illmatic, and the classic album after that. It’s clear to see nas dosent have the ear of a producer, he doesnt always pick the best beats due to him experimenting.

    Jay-Z- Jigga. BP 2, Kingdome come had some hot trax on it but some were just bhoring after a while for some reason.

    Every artist drops a dud every now and then, and the answer is because they dont stick to the formula. Or they loose that hunger.

    Now Pac and Big didnt get the chance to drop a dud.

    I think Snoops DoggFather was the worst and hugest let down in Hiphop History.


    The worst albums in Hip Hops History Hands down:


    The worst Hip Hop Artist EVER:


    The worst period/point blank:


  • oskamadison

    As far as Ghost is concerned, The Big Doe Rehab is his WAE. Even with Bulletproof Wallets’ sample clearance issues, there was some joints on there (The Forest, Theodore, The Juks). BDR, overall, was a letdown in the production area which is one of Starks’ biggest strengths.

  • Ant

    All ya’ll saying Street’s Disciple was the worst don’t know shit about hip-hop,

    Hot trax on Street Disciple:
    These Are Our Heroes
    Suicide Bounce
    Just A Moment
    Street Disciple
    Just A Moment
    Live Now
    U.B.R. (Unauthorized Biography of Rakim)
    Bridging the Gap
    Thief’s Theme

    Hot trax on Nastradamus:
    …None (Ain’t That Ain’t Song)

    As for Jay-Z, ya Dynasty, weakest he ever done…
    Snoop-The one with No Limit
    Pac-Which ever one was the last after his death.

  • steve

    I just wanna say whilst Kingdom Come may or may not be his worst album- dere were some other good tracks other than the ones you mentioned- his wordplay on the title track- ‘kingdom come” was brilliant, minority report was ok and do you wanna ride is underrated