11 Collaborations I Wish Happened

I have an inner A & R just like any hip-hop fan.

Given the opportunity, I’d love to pair up certain MCs and producers with one another. Unfortunately, some of my dream collaborators are either no longer with us, or past their prime. But thankfully, a few of my dream match-ups aren’t too far fetched.

Biggie, Jay-Z & Nas: Actually, Big and Hov got to spit with one another twice, so a Nas and Big collabo would do. But just imagine the holy trinity joining forces circa 96. Since the song would have been recorded during the pre-pro tools era, the three legends most likely would have worked together in the studio. Ideally, you would have locked those dudes up in D & D and keep Puff out the session. Rhymes that ill don’t need no freakin’ adlibs.

DJ Premier & Canibus (Circa 98): As long as his catalog is, there are still a handful of folks I would have loved to hear spit over a Premo beat. First off, I’ll never forget this Source Magazine  Summer 98 Music Preview. According to their report, Canibus was hard at work on his debut LP with DJ Premier. At the time, Preme was cooking up heaters like All City’s “The Actual,” Jay-Z’s “A Million And One Questions” and Paula Perry’s “Extra Extra.” Just imagine what Bis would have did to a monster beat like “Extra Extra.” Bis and Preme are obviously still living, but they’re both past their prime.

DJ Premier & Lauryn Hill (Circa 98): I’ve always considered Lauryn Hill a dope MC, period. Her and Bis have made such an impression on me during their brief, yet impressive stints that they’re part of my personal Top 5 Dead Or Alive. Lauryn is probably at no. 4 and Bis at no.5 or something. Preme did appear as one of the teachers on the Miseducation, but we’d probably still salivate over whatever gem they cooked up if they did hook up.

DJ Premier & Andre  3000 (Circa 95- 98): Granted, Premo’s been pretty stubborn about switching up his boom bap formula, but he did step out of the box here and there. You guys must have forgot about Devin The Dude’s “Doobie Ashtray.” It was undoubtedly Premo, but still nothing he would have given an East Coast artist. Since Three Stacks didn’t have any solo ambitions at the time, he and Big Boi could have tag team over some work of marts.

Eminem & Big Pun: I was listening to The Slim Shady LP last night and it just hit me. For some reason, I could just hear Pun go off over the Bass Brothers’ production. The fact that both are the most prominent MCs of their respective ethnic groups is coincidental. I just like these two’s word selection and the way the enunciate. They would have been a problem on some rhymin technician ish.

Nas and Just Blaze: I swear, I’m such a Nas stan I practically take it personal whenever I hear him spit over weak beats. It’s like, you’re Nas, why aren’t you picking better beats? This guy went over to Def Jam when Hov was still the president and inexplicably still hasn’t worked with Just Blaze. Just, give dude a call.

Nas and Andre 3000: I know they worked together on Lloyd’s “You” remix, but I’d love these two to cook something up over a Kanye West track. Dre’s been nice for years, but he’s arguably dropped the best verses we’ve heard in the last few years. These two would definitely push each other to pen something incredible.

Jadakiss, Styles P and Freddie Foxxx: Most name drop Kiss or Styles when the hardest MCs in the game come to mind, but Bumpy Knuckles is not to be slept on. Kiss + Styles + Bumpy + DR Period  circa 2000 = Superthug Anthem.

Ludacris and Just Blaze: This one could still happen. Just is still nasty and Luda’s still a beast. I’m gonna need Mr. Blaze to give Luda one of them super hero beats so he can black the uck out.

Jay-Z and Big Daddy Kane circa 2002: I know they’ve worked together in the past, but Jay wasn’t Hov at the time and Kane was on the decline. Some of you Future Flavors and Stretch Armstrong listeners will remember that BDK had somewhat of a resurgence at the top of the millenium. Not only did he murk Big L’s “Platinum Plus,” but he also did his thing on the DJ Premier-produced “Any Type Of Way” and “The Man, The Icon” produced by Alchemist. I’m sure a collabo at the time would have made Brooklyn proud.

Eminem and Pharoahe Monch: Remember when Em and Dre said Monch was nasty on 106 & Park? There were even long negotiations to ink Pharoahe to Shady Records, but it never materialized. I still don’t know why one of them blend DJs hasn’t added an Em verse to “Agent Orange” yet. It’s not too late. Pleae lock those guys up with Dre.

What about you guys? What are some of your dream collabos?

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  • EdwardDigital

    Raekwon and Beanie Sigel over a Bink! or Just Blaze track

    Saigon and Pharoah Monch

    • http://www.myspace.com/maxprofit Max Profit

      I think Camron and GhostFace would be craaazy!

      Big Daddy Kane and Rakim circa 1990 (after Juice they both fell off!)

      Biggie and Pac (of course!)

      Eve and Remy Ma (sexy!)

      Andre 3000 and Weezy (just like George Clinton and Bootsy Collins)

      Nate Dogg and T-Pain (wow! you gotta love that one)

      Redman and Luda (old to tha new)

      Young Jeezy and StylesP (real recognize real)

      Snoop Dogg and Too Short (way pimp!)

      T.I. and Jay Z (big money and bigger money)

      Master P and Baby the Bird Man (nuff said!)

      • BigDan!

        Nas and Bun-B. Call the collabo album “Trillmatic” Ha!

        Plus Nas over Organized Noize would be good (I’m unaware if they worked together in the past).

      • Justice4All

        Camron and a bad mic with all the equipment turned off. That guy is garbage. Freakie Deakie, my name ke-ke…negro Paleeze.

      • benjamin bixby III

        andre 3000 and lil wayne are already on a song together its called hollywood divorce off of the idlewild soundtrack….to me thats when he started spitting abstract..dre must have learned him something

        and i believe too short and snoop are on a song together also

  • OG Matt Herbz

    What are the Jim Jones’ numbers? You can’t have a blog questioning the masses about their predictions, then not follow up! What’s the numbers, B?

    And about that Nas/BIG/Jay-Z collabo, you’re damn right about the adlibs. “Who Shot Ya” could have done without all the bitchassness. That was just Puffy trying to put himself out there on top of his artist…stealing the shine, nahmean?!

    –OG Matt Herbz–

    • jake steed

      jim sold 43,000 lol fallllliiiinnnnn

      • jake steed

        did d4l and dem franchize boyz ever collab together? throw in the shop boyz wit bizarre and silk the shocker and that would b tight

        • El Tico Loco

          Dress 4 less and Dem Franchise boys had beef (I know) around the Laffy Taffy days.

    • KSA1001

      I have to disagree wit u OG..Who shot ya was about the only time I liked his adlibs “READY TO DIE MUTHAFUCKAS!”
      That time and the “TAKE THAT TAKE THAT TAKE THAT” before Hypnotized.

  • LOL

    Beanie Siegal, Scarface & Jay-z

    • Uhh…..

      “Guess Who’s Back”

      • Young History in the Making

        “this cant be life” off the dynasty cd….and “somehow, someway” a track off the bp2

    • DV8

      I take it you never heard “‘Guess Who’s Back” off of Scarface’s “The Fix” album?

      • LOL


        • benjamin bixby III

          i always wanted to hear a album with the 3 of them…but the majority of the beats would have to come from the old kanye that locked himself in the basement for 3 summers….now the kid that made that deserves that mayback

    • Billydmims

      I take it LOL; never heard can’t be life, Some how, Some Way, and Guess who’s back. hov, beans, scarface tracks always hot.

    • jay415

      dude beans scareface and jay already did a song its on the that bullshit dynasty album

      • yoprince

        u might wanna give the dynasty album another listen

  • Anti-Mainstream

    1st-I’ll say Eminem and Canibus on the same record would be incredible, and speaking of Canibus I think if Premier and not Wyclef produced his first album he’d still be in the mainstream. (As far as Canibus being past his prime, don’t make me laugh, because if Bis is past his prime he’s def spittin lightyears better then people today who are in their prime now, (Weezy, Kanye, TI, to name a few) And at 33 he’s still young! Other collaborations that would have been good are Biggie, and Big Daddy Kane, (would have been a much better brooklyn’s finest record if Kane were on it!) Krs-One and Big Daddy Kane, Speaking of Kane if Premier produced his 90′s records he would have had a more successful career! These collabos are all I could think of for now!

  • Curtis75Black

    A Collabo I wished would’ve happened was Ice Cube and LL – Cube Rocked his beat on Jackin’ for Beats and LL returned the shout out on Pink Cookies. LL’s track “10 Million Stars” if those same lyrics was spit by Cube and L it would’ve been severly Crazy !!

  • RiZob

    man all this east coast bias is sickening sometime…this is even worst than the top 5 “fight” music joints…think outside the coast……smh

    • DV8


    • Phil

      LOL. Biased when there’s barely an East Coast artist on the radio! Where’s the bias when the East is the perceived minority in the game right now? Y’all are either just greedy or confused.

    • Barry Washington

      Hm, last time I checked “Ludacris, Pharaoahe Monch, Eminem and Andre 3000″ weren’t from the East Coast.

      However, I agree there could have been some more coastal diversity. My dream collaborations:

      Big L (if he had lived he would have been signed to Rocafella and you know he would have been making smash hits so circa ’98-’99), Mase (circa ’97-’99), Fabolous (circa ’00-’02) & Jadakiss (circa ’97-’01) (Yes I’m well aware of the Children of the Corn, have the collector’s album.) But, the four of them on a track would have been just smooth player talk, showcasing multis and punchlines.

      The Notorious B.I.G. & Scarface – Frank White meets the King of the South.

      Guru (of Gang Starr) & Common (doing a collaboration album) – Have you heard “State of Clarity”? That shit is sick.

      Chuck D & Ice Cube (doing a collaboration album) – Both conscious rappers against the white man/for black power over that Bomb Squad production.

      Big L & Big Pun – Imagine that.

      Method Man, Redman, Snoop Dogg, B Real & Devin the Dude – All on one track, stoner session.

      Too many to list, those are just a few that came to mind.

      • Barry Washington

        Fabolous circa ’00-’03*

      • DV8

        ” How come you can listen to my first album/ and tell where niggaz got they whole style from?”- Big L

        I think that line was directed towards Jay (I could be wrong). I just didnt understand why Big L would even consider signing to Rocafella other then for the money.

        • El Tico Loco

          Children of the Corn were managed by Dame Dash at one point, Cam was a member, now do the math.

        • Barry Washington

          No, DV8. You are wrong, that line was just directed towards anyone. (There is no way in hell that in ’98 “Hard Knock Life” Jay was “taking L’s style” sorry, it’s a fact.) He was just throwing out hot lines because if you want to get technical, I always thought from day one that “You ain’t a leader what, nobody followed you/You was never shit, your mother should’ve swallowed you” was a subliminal at Rakim (Eric B. & Rakim – Follow the Leader). Obviously it’s not but, that to me was the most possible “shot” at someone in that ’98 Freestyle session.

      • Curtis75Black

        Yall know there’s a such thing as Northeast and Southeast. Same as SouthWest and Northwest right ? Sometimes yall niggas can be so Black and White !! There’s a gray area in Hip Hop, always has been. All these emcee’s yall love come from either the Southeast or Northeast. Atlanta is SouthEast, New York is Northeast and they all collaborated on many ocassions. Stop the Bickering, trying to make this into a civil war.

      • ROCstar

        @ barry:

        -this is only “sorta serious” but Meth and B Real (along with LL, coolio, and busta) got on a track for the Space Jam CD back in 96. “Hit Em High” it was called. actually a pretty dope song, considering it was for a PG-rated animated movie starting Bugs Bunny haha.

        • Matt Swagg

          Hahaha, i remember that song… fucken jokes!! was a pretty good song considering

    • Jamal7Mile

      I always wished that Eazy-E lived long enough to join the other N.W.A. members on “Hello” and “Chin Check.” N.W.A. never quite reformed because of Eazy’s absence. It never felt right to me.

  • Creala

    Nas & 2Pac collabo, that would’ve been fuckin crazy.

    • Jamal7Mile

      It almost happened, too! Pac made peace with Nas shortly before he passed away. I’m talking maybe a few WEEKS before his death. And from what I’ve read in a few post-humous books about Pac, I don’t think he was really, REALLY that mad at Biggie, either (My opinion only, not a fact).

  • http://thankgodimfamous.com Sickamore

    Nas rhymed over JB production on The Game’s album

  • Pierzy

    I love to hear that story about Nas and Biggie hanging in the studio and then in the hotel later and Nas was just spittin and he was so ill that Big said, “I can’t fuck with dude…” Those two together would’ve been incredible.

    Rakim & Kool G Rap in ’89, not on G. Dep’s album.

    And of course – Jay, Nas, Big & ‘Pac

    • DV8

      yo I have brung up that BIG/ Nas freestyle session up plenty of times and nobody wants to believe that BIG bowed out. They keep saying I made it up.

      • Pierzy

        I’m with you, DV8! It’s one of the craziest hip-hop stories

  • Rashaan

    My dream collab would be Rakim Nas Big Daddy Kane and Jay Z. Produced by DJ Premier. Sick

  • capcobra

    nas n marley marl…g.rap n premier…nore n pharrell…sticky fingaz n prince paul…devin the dude n puff…bun b n premier….slaughterhouse n hi tek….eminem n pete rock..luda/busta/twista n timbaland….sticky fingaz n shawty redd…common n just blaze…i could go on forever………………………………..

  • http://www.youcapper.com/user/titansfan78.htm geico lizard

    -Jay-z,DMX and Ja Rule- were supposed to start a super group but they can go ahead and leave Rule out of that.

    -Outkast and Anita Baker- they said they want to work with her but Dre 3000 is hard to catch when he is speeding.

    -Outkast and The Fugees- I want a new album from both of them so Ill just take one supergroup album. They can leave off pras.

    -Outkast,Prince,Jay-z and Mary J Blige.

    -Ice Cube, Killer Mike,Nas,Talib Kweli and Common.

  • http://www.myspace.com/dollarsignjones Dollarsign Jonesy

    Cam’ron & Big Daddy Kane: Cuz Cam is the reason why everyone in the game now wants to have “swagger”. And of coarse Kane is the originator of “swagger”.

    Big Pun & Kool G Rap: Flow, Lyrics and Street Talk. Period.

    M.O.P. & Onyx: 2 of my all time favorites, Im really curious to see how many people both crews combined could kill on one track. P.S. Lots of screaming.

    Slaughter House – Jo Buddens & + Ransom: I just think that group would be so much more hardbody.

    D12 – Bizarre & + Royce Da 59: Same shit. That would have made them so raw.

    • El Tico Loco

      G rap and Pun’s have at least 2 collabs “Wishful Thinkin” (ft B Real and Fat Joe)and another joint with the Executioners.

      MOP and Onyx? Damn that would be lots of screaming. Let me guess a Lil Jon hook and beat? and a Kid Capri or Clue intro?

  • og bobby j

    how about
    2pac, snoop, big and Jay all in the prime – with nate dogg on the hook.

    i would also like an eminem, andre 3000, old (dedication 1) lil wayne, & hova over a dre beat

  • DV8

    Im going to do mine by region

    West: Soopafly and Yukmouth (2 of the illest)

    Mid West: Im going to go outside the box and say Bone Thugs and Timbaland (just to see what would happen)

    South: I wish a label will collab with Stat Quo and put a album out. For those that dont know he is the best mixtape artist this year. I challenge you to find somebody who has put out better mixtapes this year.

    East: Nas and Kanye (a whole album)

  • Tyler Betts

    I wanna see a callbo between Ya Boy,Chamillionaire,Young Buck & Glasses Malone

  • DV8

    Pharoah Monch and JDilla

    • Chi City Animated

      There is actually an EP called, Desperate Measures that is just Pharaohe Monch and Dilla. Just Google the EP

  • Chris Cash

    Andre 3000 and B.O.B
    Asher Roth and Em
    Saigon and Slaughter House
    Jay-z and Game
    ATCQ and Outkast
    Corey Gunz and Crooked I

  • http://xxlmag jb

    Me personally I always wanted a Nas/AZ collab. Just the two of them. For an entire album. I also heard Face would come out of retirement for two albums: one with Nas and Cube or one with Beans and Jay. I would prefer the latter. If Big would have lived him and Face would have been crazy too.

  • jon jon

    maino, crooked i, juice, ya boy, currency, drake,and cassidy all in one track produced by just blaze with a biggie sample as the hook

  • Chris S

    Big L and Masta Ace would be really good together

    Andre 3000 and Lupe Fiasco would be nice too

  • joe farver

    scarface and biggie with production by preme or timbaland or N.O. Joe and devin on the hook
    jadakiss and method man with a rza beat or swizzie beat with lauryn hill on the hook
    cory gunz, big pun and eminem beat by preme
    t.i. jay-z and andre 3000 over a jazze pha beat



    • DV8


      they could call the track “Confusion”

    • Reemycks!

      That’s actually weird enough to work. I’d fuck with that.

  • http://www.xxlmag.com 615banga

    50 and fat joe and on a scott storch beat

    project pat and styles p on a dj paul/juicy j beat

    Ludacris and Eminem

    Snoop Dogg,Slim Thug,Young Buck,Young Jeezy,Fabolous, and Lloyd Banks

    • Eric

      cosign Eminem and Luda — that shit would be crazy!
      Also, Hov and Andre 3000
      Beanie Sigel and Ice Cube
      Scarface and Biggie
      Lil Wayne (circa 2005) and Silkk (circa 1998)
      **fuck all you Shocker haters!***
      Lupe Fiasco and Nas
      T.I. and 2Pac



  • CORL3ON323






  • murK

    mos def & DOOM

    50 & game one more time

    a new eazy-e verse on detox

    big l & eminem

  • El Tico Loco

    Common and Phonte over 9th wonder

    Keith Murray and Kool Keith with Keith Sweat on the hook (In their primes of course)

    Joe Scudda and Joe Budden over Don Cannon

    Celph Titled, Ludacris, Big L, Kool G Rap,Big Daddy Kane, Grand Puba,Chaundon and Redman
    (a punchline buffet) with just Rahzel or Scratch on the beatbox.

  • El Tico Loco

    Joell Ortiz, Pitbull, Immortal Tech and Chino XL over the Beatnuts and have Pit and Tech spit in Spanish

  • CapoStatus

    Big, Pac, & Luda (a rapper from each coast) on the Ante Up beat, or perhaps a Dr. Dre beat..some of them might have to alter thier flow in order for this to work..just sayin

  • http://Yahoo.com 80′s Baby

    The collaboration that I would love too have seen/heard would be the four individuals that I consider to be the FOUR HORSE of rap. They are KRS-One, Rakim, Kool G Rap, and Big Daddy Kane. Imagine all four of them on one song or even an album, that would be CRAZY.
    Big Pun and Joel Ortiz is the other collaboration that I would have like too have seen or heard.

  • 6Cubed

    Scarface, Ice Cube and Nas. I heard that if they get together the group would be called S.I.N.

    Em and Dre3stacks over a Dungeon Family beat

    Stat Quo and Crooked I over a Dre beat

    Brother Lynch Hung and Gangsta Nip with production by RZA when he was part of the Gravediggaz (that’ll be some morbid ass shit)

    Big Pun and Biggie with over a Hitmen Beat

    Young Jeezy and Ghostface with production by Drumma Boy

    Triple-6 Mafia and Bone (circa 1995)

    Mia X and Remy Ma

    David Banner and Pharoah Monch

    Luda and Em over Em beat

    Hell Rell, Beanie, and Styles P

    The Game and Dre one more time

  • romil

    Eminem & Royce da 5-9 (Album)

    Ice Cube, Mc Ren, Snoop, & Dr.Dre ( album)

    Nas & AZ + Rae & Ghost (album)

    Scarface, Jay Z & Beans ( album)

    Scarfeace, Bun B, & Slim Thug ( album)

    Andre 3000, Ludacris, & Lil Wayne ( Album)

    Joell Ortiz, Fat Joe, Cuban Link (New Terror Squad ALbum) lol

    Nas Illmatic 2 by Preemo,Pete Rock, Large professor, Ski,Kanye, Just blaze & Clark Kent+ executive producer -Dre

    Tell me my list aint the best. lol

  • romil

    Eminem & Royce da 5-9 (Album)
    Ice Cube, Mc Ren, Snoop, & Dr.Dre ( album)
    Nas & AZ + Rae & Ghost (album)
    Scarface, Jay Z & Beans ( album)
    Scarfeace, Bun B, & Slim Thug ( album)
    Andre 3000, Ludacris, & Lil Wayne ( Album)
    Joell Ortiz, Fat Joe, Cuban Link (New Terror Squad ALbum) lol
    Nas Illmatic 2 by Preemo,Pete Rock, Large professor, Ski,Kanye, Just blaze & Clark Kent+ executive producer -Dre

    Tell me my list aint the best. lol

    • http://xxl ryan

      it ain’t.

  • nellz

    OJ Da Juice Man, Juelz Santana, Young Jeezy, and the dream (for the all the different “aye” adlibs

    andre 3k, b.o.b (or billy ray..whatever the fuck) and lil wayne (they all sound a like)

    luda, busta, lil wayne, dmx (lotta energy)

    joe budden and ghostface

    fab (00-03) + ma$e (97) + loon

  • http://bwo.com dex

    Max B and Devin the Dude

  • fireforreal

    Rakim and Big daddy kane over a Marly marl beat.(circa 1988-89)

    Nas and Big( was suppose to happen in 94. Nas was gonna be on a remix to a track on ready to die either gimmie the loot or machine gun funk(that’s what was said in the making of ready to die in the xxl)

    Foxy brown and Lil kim in 96 over a primo beat

    The Game over a primo track(come on haters you know he would kill it)

    Talib kweli with a whole album produced by kanye in 2002-2004

    Beanie siegel and Freeway album 2001-2003

  • http://xxl ryan

    the writer said some of your dream collabos not every dam 1 you can think of.

    skillz n big l they were real nice with the punchlines back in the late 90s or cam’ron n ghostface that track would have a lot of originality.

    • romil

      who cares what a blog writer said

      camron and ghostface lol

  • corlione39


    • Eric

      took me like 10 minutes to read this shit! why the hell write “coodve” when you could have just written “could’ve”? damn school system is failing us…

      just kidding by the way

  • HERM

    Eminem and Budden. Now, that’ll be dope.

    • hmm…

      I like that one

  • http://MySpace.com/dj_wyte_eyes AHughes

    Gucci Mane & Freck Billionaire

    Asher Roth & The Lonely Island

    Asher Roth & Jay-Z

    OJ Da Juiceman & Ya Boy

  • BGZ

    Erykah Badu & Lauryn: The Crazy Chicken Sessions (w/ sonical input from The Soulquarians, Dilla’s reanimated carcass, all their baby fathers, Cee-lo Green, etc.)

  • DownSouth

    Anti-Mainstream, you hit the nail on the head with the Canibus and Eminem collabo. And imagine Dr. Dre on the beat. OMG! Also:

    No Limit-Cash Money-Hypnotize Minds artists posse song with KLC, Mannie Fresh, DJ Paul & Juicy J on the beat circa 98-99. SICK!!!


  • miuel aka el meksicano

    i think a good ass collabo in 1 track would have 2 be with eminem biggie nas jay-z 2pac pun big l krs and luda…and prolly with a beat by a colabo of premo and 9th wonder

  • Hey

    T.I.P. and 3 STACKS

  • richboy

    Mase, 50 cent & Fab

  • NIK

    Black Thought & Crooked I
    Chino XL & Twista
    Pac Div & U-N-I
    MURS, Blu & Chali 2na on 1 track
    Skyzoo & Q-Tip
    Nipsey Hussle & Snoop Dogg
    Ras Kass & Chali 2na
    Ras Kass & Del
    Kool G Rap & Royce Da 5’9″
    Termanology & Busta Rhymes
    Tech N9ne & Cory Gunz
    Afu-Ra & Canibus

  • $ykotic

    MOP f/Onyx

    They could make a song to peel the skin off your face.


    The sickest would be if they had like a battle track CD even if it was friendly say like couple emcees a track. See who got the illest shit come pressure time.



    EPMD and a The Lox, MOP and Smith n Wessun, Nas and Marvin Gaye, DMX, and ODB Trick Daddy, BG, and Scarface on tha hook some g shit wit Banner on the beat some real shit Styles P with MOP Wit Just Blaze on the beat SHEEK wit Hell Rell wit a Swizz Beat on dat thing man i could go all day.

  • http://www.xxlmag.com 615banga

    Ludacris,Lil Wayne,T.I.,and Chamillionaire
    on a don cannon beat.

    The Game and Bun B over a Hi-Tek beat

    Nas and Eminem over a dre beat

    Chingy and Nelly over a lil jon beat

    Lupe Fiasco and Nas over a kanye beat

    and Young Buck,The Game,Fat Joe on a streetrunner beat

    and Plies,Gucci Mane,Lil Boosie,Yo Gotti,and Project Pat on a dj paul and juicy j beat

  • Klutch

    nas and cube on a Dr. Dre track woud be dope

  • qtip77

    You Want A Killer Combo How About This
    Nas,Immortal Technique,Sick Jacken,Vinnie Paz & Joell Ortiz That’s A Dream Collabo….just imagine all of them on one track over a premo beat that’s my hip dream collabo!!

  • biggz325

    for texas collabo z-ro from rap-a-lot records and capone aka caps of latino jam records it would be the best

  • Mc Hype

    A collaboration that i would like to see is Eminem and Ice Cube or Wu Tang Clan and D12 do an ablum that would be hype.


    Biggie and Scarface
    Big Pun and Biggie
    UGK and Wu-Tang
    MF Doom or just Doom as he goes by now and O.D.B. that would have been sick
    ceelo and biggie
    3 stacks and ghostface
    Big boi and ray cash
    little brother and outkast
    joell ortiz/big pun/fat joe and tony sunshine that joint would be crazy
    slim thug and snoop have they done anything yet?
    charles hamilton and lupe
    2pac/royce/crooked I
    2pac and 50
    killa mike and biggie
    killa mike and cube
    devin the dude and odb
    man i could do this all day

    • BIGNAT

      i messed up killa mike and cube did something together already

  • jester

    dmx & xzibit (but i heard they beefin :|)
    ice cube & nas (they cross lines no bastard wud dare)
    shady & luda (cumon how fuckin crazy wud tha b)
    jigga & game (cant see tha happenin)
    snoop & budden (i fink they cud get retarted)
    d12 & lil kim (talk bout nasty bizzy & kim)
    westside connection & eve (talk bout attitude)









  • yoprince

    BIG and Weezy

    Cam’ron and Ghostface (on some gritty RZA soulful shit)

    Redman and Ludacris (on a Zaytoven beat with Gucci Mane on the hook)

  • escobar9300

    ^^^ Lol not really my place to say, but I don’t think for a second that Biggie would have even stepped in the same room as Wayne, let alone give Wayne the time of day to do a song. Biggie was on a whole ‘nother level than these commercial rap cats like lil stain, oops, I mean wayne.

    Back on subject, I would have fuckin flipped to hear a Pac/Nas collab. That would have been on some legendary shit

  • Rae Tha Great


  • Beast McCoy

    My Ghetto Wish List

    1. Snoop Dogg, Bun B, Jay-Z & Twista – “4 Corners”

    2. The Clipse & The Lox – “Cold White”

    3. Nas, AZ, Beanie Sigel & Freeway – “Survive”

    4. Jean Grae & Lauryn Hill – “Top Shelf”

    5. Busta Rhymes, Ludacris & M.O.P. – “Crushed”

    Just some titles for songs of the head.

  • don brasco

    dead prez,common & nas w/ dilla production
    little brother & slaughter house would be crazy
    crooked i & chino xl
    rae & ghost w/ heltah skeltah(sick)

    ill leave it at that i get mad knowin none of these would happen

  • http://www.myspace.com/teditor Teditor

    Percy Mircles Album produced by R. Kelly!

  • http://j-mace.deviantart.com Shawty J

    I too would like to here Luda on a Just Blaze beat as well as well as Nas on a Just Blaze beat (I mean technically this happened on The Game’s song “Why You Hate The Game”) but I wanna see what Nas would do with 48 bars on a Just Blaze beat.

    Jay-Z, Nas, and OutKast, doesn’t matter who the producer is. I’ve been wanting this collaboration to happen for years.

    The Game, Cassidy, Lil Wayne, and Fabolous on a Neo Da Matrix beat or Cool & Dre beat.
    This is another collaboration I’ve been for.

    UGK, Scarface, 8-Ball & MJG on a CHOPS beat
    Just seems like something I’d probably enjoy.

    Ludacris, T.I., and OutKast on a Don Cannon or Drumma Boy beat
    My favorite rapper from Atlanta on one of my favorite rising producer’s beats

    Fabolous and Lloyd Banks (circa 2004) on a Timbaland beat (circa late 90s)
    I’ve actually hear this collaboration before one a remix of I’m So Fly, but it was just the original song with a new beat and a Fabolous vers randomly inserted into the song. I’d like to see what they’d do together from scratch.

    I might think of more later.

  • Grassisgreener

    My nuts in ya bitches mouth!!!

  • http://www.justice.gov.za GO-Getta’

    Big L,Canibus,Lupe Fiasco & Mia as a

    Now that’s what’s up,ya diiiiiig?

  • http://www.justice.gov.za GO-Getta’

    Canibus,Big L,Lupe Fiasco & Mia as a sing-rapper ova’ Dilla beats.

    I like ‘em young & fresh…… What u know ’bout that?

  • shawn carter

    mims and soulja boy

  • macdatruest

    Nobody wanna hear a Fiddy Cent collabo??? Yall niggas is some Haters G-Unit For life!!!! Fiddy Cent sold more records worldwide than any of yall haters dream collabos would’ve sold. GRODT sold 10 million, yall just mad!!!
    Yayo and Chubb Rock
    Spider Loc and Monie Luv
    Hot Rod and The Fat Boys
    Lloyd Banks and Special Ed
    M.O.P. and EPMD
    Olivia and Das EFX
    Lil’ Scrappy and Tribe Called Quest
    Ma$e and Ice Cube

    G-Unit, Pimpin Curly 4 Life fuck Ja Rule

  • FaRoOk

    Royce 5’9″, Elzhi, Guilty Simpson over Black Milk production.

    Ice Cube, Crooked I, The D.O.C. over Dr. Dre production.

    Joe Budden, Fabolous, Freck Billionaire over Just Blaze production.

    Scarface, Z-Ro, K-Rino over Mike Dean production.

  • BayAreaGetsPaper

    Cee-Lo Green and Tech N9ne!

    that would damn near be the greatest song ever… a forever slapper…

  • corbin

    dead prez – pac
    dead prez – nas
    dmx-sticky fingaz
    xzibit-ice cube

  • Catalyst

    1. 2pac & Jay-Z
    2. Lupe Fiasco & Joell Ortiz
    3. Notorious BIG & Saigon
    4. 2pac, Nas & Eminem
    5. Slaughterhouse & Termanology
    6. Lil Wayne & Eminem
    7. Royce Da 59 & Jay-Z
    8. 2pac & The Game
    9. Joe Budden & Saigon
    10. Slaughterhouse, 2pac & Biggie

  • Catalyst

    Snoop Dogg & Bob Marley
    Nuff Said

  • Master Cheef

    ti and 50

  • Trenton Watts

    Beanie Sigel and Biggie..
    Big L and Canibus
    Freeway And dude from Usda you know Jezzy’s florida dude.

    Matter of fact someone make that happen freeway and dude!

  • http://www.xxlmag.com 615banga

    i think ludacris and the game should do a whole cd together

    Bun B and Nas on preemo beat

    Fabolous and Lloyd Banks on a jake-1 beat

    Project Pat and The Game

    Lupe Fiasco and Joell Ortiz

    Fat Joe,DMX,Busta Rhymes,and Jadakiss on swizz beatz beat


    Nas, Common, Jay Electronica, Eminem, Outkast(Dre 3000 & Big Boi) over Just Blaze track…

  • http://facebook d

    my dream collabos:beanie sigel and scarface.bigpun and eminem.biggie smalls and ludacris.eve and queen latifah.m.o.p and biggie.ice cube and fat joe.jadakiss and jae millz.joe budden and eminem.joell ortiz and freeway.snoop dogg and mos def.ghostface killah,cam’ron and stack bundles.nas,saigon and lupe fiasco(new version of’war’)kanye west,diddy and cam’ron.royce,em,mosdef and crooked i.ludacris,eminem and busta.fabolous,red cafe and black rob.tupac,t-painand busta

  • Louisiana Dawg

    I would love to hear Method Man, Eminem, & Papoose on a song. Talk about some fire!