Asher Roth: The Truth?

How do you really feel about Asher Roth? I know the debate has been going on for some time but now we have much more material to judge him on (the album drops next week but it has sprung a leak and so it is fair game). I for one am on the fence.

When The Greenhouse Effect mixtape first dropped he could not have found a bigger fan than me. I thought it was refreshing to hear this kid spit with skill about the suburban lifestyle. But not in the John Brown style of thugging out the ‘burbs, Asher stayed truthful to himself, flip-flops, beer bongs and salmon with capers all the way.

Then the all-important co-signs came in: Jay-Z, Andre 3000, DJ Drama and on and on. Videos started surfacing on the blogs of frat parties attended by Steve Rifkind and Don Cannon, studio sessions where he’s teaching rappers how to bong beers and even a Show & Prove in XXL of the kid holding a girl upside doing a keg stand.

But pre-album buzz is customary in Hip-Hop and ultimately you will be judged on your debut album. And this album has me feeling confused as a Hip-Hop fan I like it but I don’t love it. The beats are good, the guest spots are impressive and the lyricism is on point. Forget Eminem, this guy is the nephew of the Beastie Boys. He rhymes about weed, girls and parties License to Ill style. He gets too self-conscious sometimes, trying to address all the haters before they get a chance to speak, but also really shines on tracks like “Bad Day” and “Lark On My Go-Kart”.

This is a big moment for Hip-Hop. On April 29th his sales numbers will come in and if the Hip-Hop mainstream does accept him and his numbers are high (especially if he tops Rick Ross), you will see a production line of Frat Rappers starting up. The labels will be sending A&Rs to the ‘burbs scouring for the next FratRap superstar. They’ll call it the next big thing, the “true” rap fans will cringe and Biggie will roll over in his grave.

I’m still a fan but feeling more cautious now. How do you feel about the kid?

- MikeD

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  • $ykotic

    I am totally convinced that AsherEm’s label cut a check for ya’ll.

    But if he outsells Ross THAT will be something for all…

    • Pierzy

      There are about 6 Asher Roth fans that are over the age of 19 and, unfortunately, they all work for XXL.

      • X

        Pierzy, that had me rolling. It’s the truth though. Something tells me XXL got paid a lot of money to dickride Asher Roth all day every day until his overhyped album comes out.

        And in response to the question, I don’t like Asher Roth. I hope people like him aren’t the future of rap. My prediction: He’ll probably fade into obscurity. His fanbase is the type that doesn’t buy albums anyway.

        • J


    • asher roth

      you are a faggot

  • General

    Another blog about this clown
    *shakes head, goes back to rapradar site*

    • Dat_Chyk

      Smh @ the mention of Roth *follows General to rapradar*

  • Pierzy

    Co-Sign my man $yk above. Every single day is something new on Asher Roth. I feel like I’m on dude’s Twitter account when I come on here.

    Asher Roth is garbage. Has been, is, and will be. Garbage.

    Great promotion a great emcee does not make. Also, he’s got a song about beer and pot so of course college kids like it. When I was an undergrad, we all loved “Because I Get High,” that didn’t mean that Afroman is one of the all-time greats.

    Like I said over on Billy’s post, the album should be called “Asleep in the Studio.” Dude’s trash.

    • OG Matt Herbz

      Besides, any REAL nigga that’s held down a job at a food retailer will tell you that the BEVERAGE aisle is the best place to catch some Zzzzs. You stack the 12 packs up front and leave a void behind them where you crawl in there, with or without a female companion and chill out for a few…

      –OG Matt Herbz–

  • $ykotic

    P you’re making my stomach hurt homie!

    Okay seriously. So dude is the new “Em”. The old one ain’t dead yet so shorty gotta go in for HIS. Pay them dues. I have only heard 5 songs from dude. No dice.

    But I don’t control the media/payola.

    Fratrappers>>>emo hipsters

    • X

      Frat rappers=emo hipsters

      The stereotypes are both emotional, whiny, dumb, and overly sensitive.

  • clovito

    first it was interscope, now asher roth? we can’t win! hahaha. what’s wrong with commenting on someone who has the potential to be a big artist in the industry? why not just explain you don’t like his music…

    by the way my next 10 blogs are gonna be about B.O.B.

    • Pierzy


      You know that a big part of this is hyperbole because it’s fun but I think I speak for a large number of us when we say that it seems like every other blog lately has been about dude. Not only in this space, but Byron wrote one yesterday and Billy the day before.

      Maybe it’s just the way things are now – something is new and it’s all over the place until it becomes saturated and then it’s something else new…the cycle continues.

      I damn sure felt the same way when Carter III was about to drop…this was like Lil’ Wayne’s official site. I’m not saying there is a conspiracy or that it’s even a conscious decision, but that’s how it feels to us fans…

      • $ykotic

        P they had a Wayne button on top! Remember?

        I know it’s all business and dude may have something, but damn let him EARN it and leave the anointing for the worthy.

        How is he Micheal Phelps winning it all and he ain’t put his feet in the water yet?

        That’s all I’m saying.

        • clovito

          I understand. It’s like that anytime an artist is hot or bubbling – they’re gonna be everywhere. I think Asher is a viable hip-hop artist though. dude can rhyme. it’s just not for everybody just like college ain’t for everybody lol. by the way Eminem comments on Asher in the new issue

        • Pierzy

          Oh yeah? I know you’ll tell me to cop it but anything good?

          Is it ’99 Em talking or ’09 Em talking? Because one of them is much more compassionate and understanding than the other.

        • Jean Jeanie

          Cosign Pierzy. Lol!

  • BA

    Asher Roth, B.O.B., they stand for a new school, if you will, of rappers who speak to “the new generation.” Regardless of what the guy sounds like, he can flow over a beat; and he actually is rapping about interesting topics. He does not try to be something that he is not… He is not a fake drug lord, like a Rick Ross, or claiming to kill 1000 people like 50 cent; He is rapping to his “actual” surroundings, like a De La Soul type of commentary, about the suburbs and growing up there. B.O.B. is compared to Andre 3000 all of the time, but his music is impressive and trancends generes. Enough with the hating on Asher, guy can rap, is witty, and people pay attention to those types of rappers. We have had enough of Soulja Boy, Bow Wow, Rick Ross, 50 cent, Fat Joe, etc. who rap about money, drugs, killing individuals, etc. Soulja Boy and Bow wow-girls and money, Rick Ross, 50-killing and fake drug dealing etc., Fat Joe-All of the above…. Need I say more, it is time to usher in a new era of rappers…

    • BA

      Genres is the correct spelling, and also to respond to Pierzy, one thing you cannot call him is trash; call him an EMINEM sound-alike, but he is not trash. I am interested to see as to whom you support, as far as buying cd’s etc.

      • Pierzy

        What up dude…

        Personally, I think he’s trash. I didn’t grow up very far from him, so I have been aware of him longer than most and I just never got his appeal. I have two of mixtapes (Green House Effect and Asher Roth’s Day Off) because I like to give an honest listen before criticizing or praising, but I just don’t see it.

        What artists do I support? My favorites would be: NaS, The LOX, Slaughterhouse (especially Joell Ortiz), Wu-Tang, but if you want less mainstream artists, I’m a big supporter of Boot Camp, I love a group out of Brooklyn called Da Gate and my favorite newer artist besides Joell would have to be Termanology. He’s a guy that I think has all of the skills…

        Again, it’s just my opinion that Asher is trash. Some people agree with me, many do not and that’s fine. I know plenty of people that can’t stand D-Block and that’s their choice.

  • Curtiz75Black

    This makes me wonder if we had Hip Hop mags back in the early 80′s would they have been on Run-DMC’s and LL’s Dick the way scrubbin’ this fool ? I would like to challenge XXL to a Month Hiatus, Let his music sink in, Let his #’s chill and then analyze the emcee !! Clovito, You and your staff is trying too hard for a emcee who only has 1 single, a mix cd, and a debut Next week. Of all the emcee’s on ya’ll freshman cover, He’s been the only emcee talked about on a consistent basis. Like I said before, this is worse than radio playing his shit constantly because this is a co-sign of the written kind. Ya’ll suppose to rep Unbiasedly.

  • Mutada al sader the king

    The lengths that people go to defend this fraud.

    Who gives a fuck if he can flow over a beat and raps about different topics? How does that make him special ? How many soundclick, myspace rappers can do the same thing? For that matter cant you go to just about any high-school, or even middle school and find kids that can flow over a beat and rap about different topics? Hell I have 12 and 13 year old cousins who have better lines and better flow, than AsherEM. Give me a fucking break !

    Do you have wax in your ears? You think AsherEM is “witty”? There is nothing clever about his world play, or complicated about the way he strings words together. This guy is doing Eminem show rehashes, with Eminems voice and talking about the same topics that all rappers talk about. Doing drugs, drinking and chasing women. I want to see some lines.. Since he’s so witty, post some bars from dude.. I’ve heard nearly every song over the last 2-3 months and NOTHING stands out except a few choice bars on “Lark” and most of that songs appeal came from the video. GTFOH

  • cguest

    i was really feeling the greenhouse effect too but i was definitely disappointed when i heard the album last nite. the production is really good and the first half of the album is fire but i felt shit like bad day, his dream, lions roar was totally wack

  • BA

    Mutuada-Listen to Greenhouse Effect-Cannon Remix, Dey Say Remix, THe Lounge, and maybe you will get a new perspective of Asher. He is clearly witty, and yes it’s entertaining like an Eminem. Eminem is a sadist and raps about one extreme while Asher raps about another. I love Eminem, Crooked I, Jadakiss, Royce 5’9, Nas, Cormega, Pac, B.o.B., Andre 3k, Wayne from time to time-Carter 1 and 2 type ish, to name a few, why because they are all unique in their own way; Ash is straight, nothing extreme, but he is a breath of fresh air from these other talentless rappers who have good production

  • K

    Not feelin’ Asher Roth’s new album. It was kinda boring actually and I was wondering when it would end. When I first heard his mixtape, I was instantly a fan. Not no mo’.

  • El Tico Loco

    He may not be trash and Greenhouse effect was kinda straight, but there’s a thin line between promotion and shoving an artist down people’s throat a line which you guys have crossed big time. We probably would appreciate him more if he wasn’t in our faces daily thanks to XXLmag, we would probably would feel the same about Slaughterhouse or anybody else if they did the same with them drop a banger here and there and keep it pushing. If you have him in our faces 8 times a week or more (in articles and blogs) they gonna pick him apart dissect his whole persona, and you’re doing him more harm than good. On another note I wish the hate could stop because he happens to be white boy that will obviously’s gonna be mainstream, and encourage the Black mainstream rappers to step their bars up even if it means writing.


    Asher Roth is cool.

    Not one of my favorite artists but he has a lot of good tracks.

    He makes good, fun music.

    People are just rejecting him because this site pretty much shoves him down your throat.

  • LeonTheProfessional

    Asher Roth = SRC major label $$$ x overhype x Em’s flow

    I even wrote a diss track because i felt so strongly about it. I mean, they REALLY want this cat to blow, hunh?! Like, they cant let him understand hiphop, and make his own way to the top. Instead they pay for everything, and force feed it into every way of media possible [XXL?!]. And, Asher IS NOT good. That’s like sayin’ Guerilla Black is as dope as Biggie. Come on, y’all. Homeboy comes in in ’98, and he should represent hiphop?

    I really think he should have a shot to rap, but there’s no way THIS dude should be a star. BOB, Charles Hamilton, Corey Gunz — these cats are 10x better..? But, hey – SRC is fittin’ the bill so, that’s why we keep hearin’ his name. No hatin’ — we’ll see how he does…!

  • IggieGiggie

    I ran into his myspace after i hit up the Chain Letter trailer on youtube.

  • clovito

    @pierzy all I can say is I was surprised by what Em said about Asher

    nobody’s paying for any coverage lol. that’s paranoia. you have to at least admit that Asher can rhyme even if he’s not your cup of tea.

    XXL, I’ve been trying to post for the past 15 minutes yo!

    • Pierzy

      I said earlier that everyone is different and has different tastes so I’ll never hate on someone’s favorite artists. Again, I’m a huge D-Block fan and there are plenty of people that have barely heard of them (until the new Kiss album really takes off).

      But personally I don’t see the appeal. I don’t think anything about him is superb – his flow is okay and his rhymes are “fun” but that doesn’t always mean they’re funny. I’m just not a fan myself…

  • Stephflow

    yo ya stupid if ya think hes wack. this kid is def talented and i for one think his album is crack. fuck the carter 3, asleep in the bread aisle is betta. im not hearing ne shit about “im the shit n ur the toilet seat” bs on hear. ur hearin sumthin fresh, new skool flow. i think ppl hate cuz they cant relate to what this white boy has to say, unlike wit Em. but wit me bein in college i can relate n even if i wasnt able to relate i think his shit wud b fire neway. Ash Roth is the truth ya n plz do expect to hear more from the kid in the future

  • LeonTheProfessional

    Clovito – come on, son… i mean, come on. Nobody’s paying for coverage?? He’s 10 ‘Freshest’ in ya mag, let’s just compare him to the peeps that were in that section!! lol… he doesnt even sit on the same planet as half of them! Then he’s on radio, myspace ‘the release’ concert, loud newsletters, he’s walking to every label to get everybody to cosign him – is HE payin’ for the trips? I mean, it’s OBVIOUS — they want another white rapper, but THIS time, he’s got a cool neat lil gimmick. GIMMICK. Something to sell and make SRC M-O-N-E-Y. And he can rap — well, so can i. So can B.O.B but you dont see him trying to run around shakin’ T.I.’s hand, and hopin’ CeeLo will cosign his jointz…

    Asher is ok at BEST. And it’s gonna be proven in a week that he’s the next Vanilla Ice. We all loved Ninja Rap lol… but, yeah… no.

    • clovito

      should be daughter, not son haha. I can only speak for XXL. we picked all of those 10 freshmen, including Asher, based on talent and buzz and fans genuinely like him. but I can respect those who don’t. Ima stop defending him though lol. Em has a gimmick too

      • X

        The difference is Eminem’s not Vanilla Ice and actually has talent.

        “Asher is ok at BEST. And it’s gonna be proven in a week that he’s the next Vanilla Ice.”
        Amen, Leon.

  • Bee

    Ya’ll really need to get a life and get out from in front the computer. Go out to the record stores ( if there is any left) and ask people quit assuming on what they think. Dude is nice but really worth all the blogs, blogs post or comments??? Don’t think so wait till next week for all this.

  • LeonTheProfessional

    What’s Blu + Exile up to..? Curren$y? B.o.B? U-N-I…? See there’s no ‘question’ on their truth… so let’s hear sommore about them cats. LOL

    • Clovito

      my next blog whenever that is will be on bobby ray

  • capcobra

    dammit..another asher roth promo

  • Crocker

    Lol At Pierzy for actually admitting he’s still a Term fan after that garbage ass fucking LP. God help me, I anticipated the hell out of that record and —reaches for Canibus analogy— anyway, yeah but forreal, enough already with that kid, he’s alright, I dig the Go Kart joint, I can’t even front. Mixtape blew tho. Kid made history with Drama and it still sucked. Fuck It tho.

    • Pierzy

      Damn, you put Term’s CD down there with “Can-I-Bus”? Wow. I can respect that…at least Term paid his dues (shout to $yk!) and worked his way thru the game…

      • Rob the Music Ed

        I AGREE Term’s album was underwhelming to me. It just wasn’t new. I have Mobb Deep’s “The Infamous,” I own OB4CL, I have all of Pete Rock and CL’s albums, and Gangstarr too. “Politics As Usual” just didn’t do it for me IMO, no shots at all.

        Funny how I wasn’t feeling Asher at first and Mike D. turned me on to him. Now the tables have turned. I think the album is dope, original and a POV that we havent really seen in hip-hop. I can appreciate that Asher is just being himself.

        • Pierzy

          Soulja Boy is being himself too…I don’t think “being yourself” translate to being great.

          And, I agree that Term’s debut wasn’t fantastic, but I still respect him as an artist.

  • Curtis75Black

    Eminem still has that gimmick but you’ll remember there was a time when XXL and Em didn’t get along. Remember that lil shout out on the Marshall Mathers Lp ? Funny thing is it was the same reason why The Source started shittin’ on him later on !! The best thing about the debacle was that we already made up our minds on his music. He was already established as a credible emcee, The same with every other emcee before him. Last week, ya’ll was already mentioning Platinum plaques with Asher !! I thought this was XXL – a Hip Hop Mag, Not Entertainment Weekly.

  • $ykotic

    I c u all. Some good points but…

    Let Asher pay them dues first! He gotta earn it!

    @ clovito

    that wasn’t right leaking that!

  • Stevie B

    I do not think he is hot at all I have asked this before and I will ask again somebody please put some hot bars he spit on here. I really want to see what I am obviously missing.

    And how come XXL does not support other fresman like B.O.B. Blu and Curren$y they spit way better then Asher and Hamilton but yall never say whats up with them I want to see XXL promote a show with B.O.B. Blu and Curren$y in NYC not at BB Kings I hate that standing room only shit lol. But anyway I need that I live in BK and these cat never be out this way.

  • daz_oc

    yall mu’fuckas hate too damn much

  • Armyjon

    yall are trippin on Asher Roth..if he was weak I doubt if Jay-z, andre 3k, B.o.B or anybody would co-sign. if you think he’s not hot..listen to his version of a milli. Its just a shame that it takes a white boy to bring hip hop to the light without talkin about hoes,drugs,or money!

  • stoneyisland

    I dont thinks he garbage like say a soulja boy or crunchy black:) I actually liked the verse he kicked on that “know the ledge” joint besides for that joint though, I aint feeling shit he is dropping. He will sell albums white college kids absolutely love this dude, white people will support him because he isnt trying to act “black” he’s a normal white dude who likes to party. Will I buy his new joint? fuck no.



  • Monty B.

    Nephews of the Beastie Boys?

    They kicked those rhymes in ’86.

    This kid is a Em clone.

    He is not the Truth. He’s just plain garbage.

    People bought millions of Vanilla Ice records back in the day too… and how much talent did he have?

  • Shawty J

    I feel nothing listening to this guy’s music. With the exception of “I Love College” which made me cringe the first two times I heard it, his music invokes no response from me which isn’t a good thing.

    I gotta side with some of the other XXLers here when they ask you guys to lay off of Asher Roth. Ya’ll have been jocking this guy pretty hard.

  • newyawka631


  • LB

    Unless this dude is accepted by the UNDERGROUND, then he’s gonna fade away quicker than the time it’ll take to remove this article. NOBODY survives in Hip Hop without the blessing from the Underground. And please, quit comparin this dude to the Beastie Boyz and Eminem! At least they respect the gear, the look. He thinks he can be Mr. Preppy and do it big. It ain’t happenin.

  • Crocker

    @ LB, The GEAR? Are you serious? Gotta love that crab in a bucket mentality. Who in the blue hell are you, that other dude that rapped with Jamie Kennedy that noone remembers?

  • frankwhite

    Asher is dope, i dont care if hes white or from the burbs, its refreshing.
    nothing like em by the way….i dont hear anything on rapin his mom or drugs

  • jay west

    real talk, yall gotta make up yall mind. 1st thuggin it out & life in tha ghetto was cool then it got played out, now this kids a lil breath of fresh air & ur on tha fence?! c’mon, it is what it is, this is what balances hip hop out, if he was tryin to pull a vanilla ice or really thug it out, yall would want his head, but since hes tru 2 himself theres an issue? jus let em live, if it fails, it fails (though i doubt it, cuz we’ve far less talented rappers substain their careers 4 more than 4yrs/2LPs) but either way its him & not some guy lying bout killing cats or flippin more keys than tha hardware store.

  • Victor

    The issue for me is that he just sounds waaaay too much like Em. I acknowledge he is a decent spitter and has different subject matter. But i cant listen to him without thinking, yo, why complain bout the em comparisons when you haven’t bothered to change your voice up a bit?

  • james dean

    wow……. I mean how can you say that he sound like eminem?? I mean as far as his voice yea he does but the flow, subject matter etc is totally different than that pre-emo before emo was big shit em usually is up to… and i’m not even checking for his album!!! but uhhh the HOT SPITTA drops THIS AIN’T NO MIXTAPE 4/21…….if you wear fake jordans don’t buy the album

  • Avenger XL

    we’ll at least we know that the payola machine is working fine. How much is rifkind paying you guys?

  • test

    Payola is in full effect! How much is rikind paying you clowns?

  • ed

    i wanna know why all the hate?

    he is soooo much better than alot of garbage out there.

    hes good, not the best but hes good.

    he would take out that fake ass rawse in a battle any day.

    but really, why all the hate on this guy?

    is it cuz hes white?

    is it cuz he talks about something different?

    is it cuz hes not lil waynes bitch ass?

    and i seriously dont think he sounds a bit like Em. Em is at a another level

  • Muoi Caissie

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