2009 DDN Tournament – The Elite H8

Here are your results from the round of 16:


#1 Yung Berg (61.6%) def. #5 Octomom (38.4%)
#2 Plaxico Burress (54.5%) def. #3 Sarah Palin (45.5%)


#1 Jim Jones (72.5%) def. #5 Lil’ Kim (27.5%)
#2 Chris Brown (59.7%) def. #3 DMX (40.3%)


#1 Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em (61.1%) def. #4 George W. Bush (38.9%)
#6 Parlae (72.4%) def. Gucci Mane (27.6%)


#1 Rick Ross (68.8%) def. #4 Tyga (31.3%)
#2 Pacman Jones (62.0%) def. #3 Coolio (38.0)

Midwest Final – #1 Yung Berg vs. #2 Plaxico Burress

Plaxico Burress nearly blew off his own dark butt and is now looking for work. This comes in the middle of a recession and a felony weapon trial. Burress could have made peace with the Giants by deciding a course of action that would staved off termination, but no… he’s too stupid to do that as well. Yung Berg only… hates his mother; hates all dark women; is an artist, sir; popped shit at Ne-Yo only to PWN himself; got manhandled in Detroit; got manhandled in Miami; lives life as a human 25-cent toy dispenser. You tell me. [VOTE @ WWW.RONMEXICOCITY.COM]

East Final – #1 Jim Jones vs. #2 Chris Brown

With the angel of stank on such a roll, can Chris Breezy muster the gallbladder to beat a dust cloud out of Jim Jones like nana’s carpet? The dust cloud actually serves as a defense mechanism for Jones in a fight. After you land your first punch, you might be temporarily stalled by the asbestos-like particle cluster. Chris might wanna try to talk this one out. [VOTE @ WWW.RONMEXICOCITY.COM]

South Final – #1 Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em vs. #6 Parlae of Dem Franchize Boyz

Now you can lean wit it… and you can rock wit it. Who’s burned through money before your eyes at a more alarming rate? Are you more appalled by Gucci garbage cans or the lighter fluid stacks? Do you love Massa as much as the next jigaboo? Soulja’s got a laundry list of qualifications, but Parlae seems to have the single act of niggardry necessary to rise above the field of competitors… kinda like his own music career. [VOTE @ WWW.RONMEXICOCITY.COM]

West Final – #1 Rick Ross vs. #2 Pacman Jones

Pacman’s not nearly as special as he was last week. He’s no longer the only unemployed NFL player with legal troubles in the competition. He’s still the only one who shot at people who tried to pick up his emerald rain. The shower of singles that changed his life and exposed the world to the niggardry within might be enough to unseat our first #1 seed. All Rawse ever had to do was come clean. Clearly his fans don’t give a shit that he worked in corrections. We’ve all done some fucked up shit to get by. I used to work in fast food. Some of us still do. Ain’t no shame in the game. Shame comes in denying the truth, then engaging 50 Cent in a war of words when all your bringing to the table are the proverbial fat kid and his beloved cake. [VOTE @ WWW.RONMEXICOCITY.COM]

Polls close Friday morning midnight. Vote carefully!

Questions? Comments? Requests? No condom! No nothin’, mane!!! ron@ronmexicocity.com

P.S.: We’s gettin back into the swing of things tomorrow. We got some isshers [issues] to backtrack and discuss.

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  • Worley

    “The dust cloud actually serves as a defense mechanism for Jones in a fight. After you land your first punch, you might be temporarily stalled by the asbestos-like particle cluster.”

    Classic material. Yes friends. My horse is still in it and set to take it all. JJ for DDN 2009.

    Soulja Boy vs. Parlae. That’s a tough one. Indeed Parlae stole on Soulja Boy with one pig feet and grape soda moment of “niggardry,” but I’m going with SB based on his consistency.
    Know wum talkin’ bout.

  • $ykotic

    WTF??! Come on ya’ll! Bauwse and Jim are losing! WTF??!!

    Oops, wrong site. But still!

  • Shawty J

    I picked Yung Berg, Jim Jones, Soulja Boy, and Pacman Jones.

    My kid brother actually suggested everyone except Soulja Boy. Which he considered to be a toss up. Like Worley I picked Soulja Boy due to his consistency.

    @$yckotic, Jones is up now. Rawse on the other hand is goin against Pacman Jones. Sure Ross is a liar and extremely immature, but as my kid brother pointed out “Pacman is stupid, and stays getting in a trouble.”

  • Ya Boy

    Jim Jones And Soulja Boy Will Def Be In The Finals! Theres Just no stopping such a force.

  • Pierzy

    If it was up to the rest of the dudes on this site, they’d pick a final 4 of:

    Asher Roth
    Asher Roth
    Asher Roth
    Asher Roth

    with Asher Roth, winning of course…

  • latino heat

    i’m gonna have to take Chris Brown over Jim Jones. we know Brown’s record is 1-0 in fist fight’s. it was against a girl but hey, a wins a win Jim just runs off like a bitch. we all remember the fight with Junior Mafia right?

  • DV8

    Elite H8 for real….there is no way Pacman should be losing to Ross other then cats hating on Ross. All Ross did is deny the truth (like none of you have never done that). Plus hes been putting out some pretty decent music lately, better then his current enemy.

    Pacman makes it rain in strip clubs and then wants the money back. Orders hits on people at strip clubs, may or may not have participated in a shooting in a strip club. Oh yeah, faught his own security hired to keep him out of trouble and could very well not be signed by anybody in the NFL (I wouldnt be suprised if he wound up in Oakland cuz thats what they do and/or Al Davis is a idiot) because of his actions after he was let back in by the grace of god(dell). The guy fucked up a NFL career and a oppourtunity to make millions because he cant control himself in strip clubs for christ sake!!! How much dumber can you get?

    On another note that epic battle of Soulja Boy vs Parlae is a conundrum. Im leaning towards SB though. Thanking Massa is something reprehensible.

    SMH… Unforgivable!!!

    • latino heat

      hey, easy with the Oakland jokes, pimp.

      • DV8

        Dont tell me you wouldnt be suprised if Davis signed Pacman. He would raise hell in the town, lol.

        • latino heat

          yeah you ain’t lying. if anybody love 2nd chances (or 3rd and 4th chances) it’s good ol’ Al Davis. i’d love to see Pacman out here. he better watch out though, wild muthafuckas like him are a dime a dozen out here.

  • Apollo Moses

    I’m telling you, Jones runs this tourney like 89-90 UNLV, he will not lose.

    As for Rawse Montana, y’all know it’s more than just lying about being a C.O. It’s the delusions of grandeur…have you seen these fool on video talking during interviews. He maybe the world’s greatest and most phony actor with all the played out Scareface themes. I know this rap thing is entertainment but when you can’t be real about anything, only about selling a fraudulent lifestyle because the dope beats “takes you places in your mind” that’s a problem. Yeah rappers create fantasy through music, but is it really 100 to walk out the booth and still tell the kids you were the in the traffic game pushing boatloads of work. Homie is just a customer.

  • Apollo Moses

    Does Souljaboi actually have a song title “Booty got swag”? SMDH. Maybe I should rethink the winner in this mug.

  • Moving Sideways

    Plax and The Pacman Final 4!!!

    Two athletes with everything in the world going for them fucking it up with the utmost DDN behavior.

  • DV8

    oh yeah and how the fuck did Chris Brown beat DMX? How does one moment of losing control of your emotions and kicking your girls ass trump getting arrested 3 or 4 times in a weeks time?


    ^^^^^^^ dmx has been arrested more in 1 year than most people have been arrested in there lifetime. coolio lost wtf no reason to follow this no more.

  • Jamal7Mile

    Wow! I’m surprised that Mr. iSellum beat Dubya! If I was able to post my thoughts on Dubya, I think I could’ve swayed a few votes his way. Thanks XXL bugs (4 thumbs down)! Mexico knows what I’m talking about. Bush was a SHOE-in.

    Officer Rick-EEEEeeeeeEEEE still looking dumber and more fraudulent. Do he got dope beats? YES!!! But that only make me a fan of his producers J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, not Ross. I don’t know the dope game like THAT but if he’s moving all of this weight in FL… shouldn’t he know how to speak Spanish? What kingpin in FL don’t speak Spanish? Am I missing something here????

    Then, again, Pacman so stoooopit I can’t believe he don’t play for the Lions (Hi Rogers).

    Jim still can’t come to Detroit. He oozes stupid and bad luck.

    With all that being said, I still don’t know how I’ll vote. I’m doing my YouTube/XXL archive research on this one.

    …still can’t believe Dubya’s out!! Come on, Yall!!!!!

  • Jamal7Mile

    Oh yeah…

    XXL bugs, you know, the one that won’t post your 3 page comments. And when you push the back button in an attempt to repost your 3 page comment you get a message saying that “I think you’ve already posted this comment”…

    WTF!!! Maybe XXL’s web server is trying to make the DDN list for next year. Hmmm… It’s completely possible. After all, WSHH Comments made the list.

    …Let me put down this Courvosier (sp? fuck it!!) before I say something I shouldn’t (hey Martin, Wasssaaaap).