Everybody, WESS UP! I mean, like--front, back, side to side. Maad Circle alum, Coolio takes on the only man in the tournament who could intercept a back-alley crack toss. The Bawse looks to discard yet another young brotha to the confines of DDN Tournament failure. The road to the final four is paved with Olde English 800 bottle caps.

We's finna ease on down the road.

#1 Rick Ross vs. #4 Tyga

I didn't think Tyga was going to make it past Scott Storch (AKA Rock Scorch). He's still signed to Young Money. This man continually defies all odds. Is Officer Ricky's momentum enough to carry him and his Isaac Hayes cake into the Elite Hate? Are we still hung up on that whole denial thing? Do we hate Ross for making the circus stronger by feeding the gorillas? [VOTE @ WWW.RONMEXICOCITY.COM]

#2 Pacman Jones vs. #3 Coolio

You would think Pacman done smoked somethin to get this dumb. If he hasn't yet started, you might soon see him and Coolio in closer quarters than these. Like, huddling for warmth and protecting the butane flame. Y'all niggas know what I'm talkin about. Say what you want about Coolio, I'm thinking his employment status is an improvement on that of Mr. Jones. You've probably got more money in your little forgotten pocket than this niglet. Walk the plank, Chaka Zulu! (That's an inside joke for my REAL coon video aficionados.) [VOTE @ WWW.RONMEXICOCITY.COM]

Questions? Comments? Requests? Officer Rickeeeee!!! Could you read us a bedtime story, pleeeeeeease? ron@ronmexicocity.com