2009 DDN Tournament – Sweet 16, West Region Voting

Everybody, WESS UP! I mean, like–front, back, side to side. Maad Circle alum, Coolio takes on the only man in the tournament who could intercept a back-alley crack toss. The Bawse looks to discard yet another young brotha to the confines of DDN Tournament failure. The road to the final four is paved with Olde English 800 bottle caps.

We’s finna ease on down the road.

#1 Rick Ross vs. #4 Tyga

I didn’t think Tyga was going to make it past Scott Storch (AKA Rock Scorch). He’s still signed to Young Money. This man continually defies all odds. Is Officer Ricky’s momentum enough to carry him and his Isaac Hayes cake into the Elite Hate? Are we still hung up on that whole denial thing? Do we hate Ross for making the circus stronger by feeding the gorillas? [VOTE @ WWW.RONMEXICOCITY.COM]

#2 Pacman Jones vs. #3 Coolio

You would think Pacman done smoked somethin to get this dumb. If he hasn’t yet started, you might soon see him and Coolio in closer quarters than these. Like, huddling for warmth and protecting the butane flame. Y’all niggas know what I’m talkin about. Say what you want about Coolio, I’m thinking his employment status is an improvement on that of Mr. Jones. You’ve probably got more money in your little forgotten pocket than this niglet. Walk the plank, Chaka Zulu! (That’s an inside joke for my REAL coon video aficionados.) [VOTE @ WWW.RONMEXICOCITY.COM]

Questions? Comments? Requests? Officer Rickeeeee!!! Could you read us a bedtime story, pleeeeeeease? ron@ronmexicocity.com

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  • Pierzy

    I’m dying laughing at the thought of Coolio & Pacman looking like Pookie as they try to get turkeys from Nino…

    • http://www.ronmexicocity.com Ron Mexico

      that’s the exact image i had in mind.

      “I was prom QUEEEEEEN at Martin Luther King high school!”

  • DV8

    Pacman should be blowin Coolio out (no homo or crack pipes) WTF is wrong with yall?

    Ross refuses to take his ass-whipping like a man. I cant believe he still barking back. Just asking for more embarrassment.

    • DV8

      and the nigga Ross got played by Ralphage, LMAO!!!!!

      Actually we all got played by Ralphage but still…


    LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!! “Coolio takes on the only man in the tournament who could intercept a back-alley crack toss”



  • $ykotic

    Rick vs Jim. Finals.

    And with Rick getting pinched AND let go, that’s the last second 3.

  • Ya Boy

    Before U Vote 4 Ross Just Take A Look At What Tyga Has Done In The Last Few Months..

    He Ate a dirty Benjamin dat prob had numerous shit covered hands touching it

    He Got Like 3 chains snatched

    And worst of All he let Lil Wayne tattoo his face like he was some kind of prison bride.

    He Should definately be a finalist

    • Arcey

      I’m with you on that!

      Ross’ denial of having a job fucking 12 years ago Vs. all that bullshit Tyga pulled in the past 12-15 months is nothing.

      That makes him a dumb nigga, not enough to be a dumb-dumb & everybody should get over it by now.
      He was able to make good (i.e. dope beats, nice flow, no subject matter but dope features) songs while 50 let Lloyd Banks bark back better than he ever could. Plus he has an actual release/leak date compared to 50 who’s doing like 2 years ago, throwin’ a bunch of singles around ’til one is appreciated by radio programmers and the likes – 50 killed NY’s Hip-Hop, what y’all think?

      • DETROIT

        50 is wack, but the top 3 earners in hip-hop are jigga, diddy, and 50! so if new york hip hop is dead, i’d like to see how much doe these niggas make when it’s alive!

        also, the biggest rapper in the game (wayne) got his whole style from new york niggas. as far as rappin and dressing!

        kinda like when niggas said that the west was best because of pac…BUT PAC WAS ACTUALLY FROM NY!

      • latino heat

        Ny hip hop has been dead. (as far as mass popularity) 50 was the last NY artist still selling units. so i don’t think he can be blamed for “killing Ny hip hop.” and to Detroit, they are the top 3 earners, but they didn’t make a dime off of selling albums. all that money came from outside interests. so yeah they do got all the money but are they still considered relevant musically?

      • DV8

        50 did kill NY hiphop. All the artist he beefed with where reppin NY and keeping NY relevant until he came along and started shutting everybody down. Ja Rule, Fat Joe, The Lox, Nas etc all lost some fans due to 50 or 50 at least changed some peoples opinions about them. Only people he couldnt really touch is Jay and Diddy and thats because there money and influence and status in the business was too big for him to handle.

        • latino heat

          i see your point. but if you look at the people you named though, Nas fans aren’t going anywhere, i don’t think 50 had any effect on him. Lox fans too, to a lesser degree. as far as Ja Rule goes, he was a straight bubblegum pop star. he was on TRL everyday and singing duets with J.Lo. you never looked at him and said “damn that dude is reppin NY to the fullest.” i don’t think the casual rap fan knew where Fat Joe was from because his singles are usually southern sounding. although his albums are straight hard body NY shit for the most part. although i can’t deny that 50 did hurt his carer terribly. NY hip hop was already on the decline popularity wise when GRODT dropped. i see your point but don’t agree that he killed it.

  • Mika

    but Pac never repped NY (as far as i know)

    ….word to ‘Loso

  • tommy gunz

    “hip hop is dead..and 50 cent killed it..” LMAO

    “damn u curtis jackson and you’re money makin ways…” LMAO…

    anyway how can anybody deny the coonery that is CAROL CITY CONFESSIONS PART 2= LMAO…Rawse v Pacman in the West…’nuff said