2009 DDN Tournament – Sweet 16, South Region Voting

Welcome back to the baddest tourney in the land. While Penn State’s busy trying to win the NIT, the DDNs feature such former Negro In Transition standouts as Franchize Boy, Parlae.

As Drake would say, we da fuckin besssssss!

#1 Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em vs. #4 George W. Bush

I spoke with Drew Ricketts this morning. He gave me some interesting perspective. While I don’t necessarily agree, I understand in what ways some might consider SB savvy. I still think only a moron thanks the slave masters for his life. Speaking of slave masters, we all know how dumb a nigga George W. Bush has been. Is he dumber than Soulja Boy? Like Sarah Palin’s scenario in the Midwest, the voter is left to ponder the notion of intentional evil diluting the Kool-Aid. Regardless the flavor, Sean Hannity’s going to drink it.

I’m leaning toward SB, but this is going to be a head scratcher until click time. I can’t shake the image of Bush caroling about how he’s shaken the strings that once held him down… only to fall flat on his face… and lie… You see the parallels. I don’t have to lead you thoroughbreds to the water. [VOTE @ WWW.RONMEXICOCITY.COM]

#2 Gucci Mane vs. #6 Parlae

UPSET ALERT!!! For those of you just tuning in, Gucci Mane is a moron. Yes. I repeat. Gucci Mane is a moron. However, being both an imbecile and an idolator excludes Mane from being capable of burning $100,000 cash behind the very housing complex in which his own illegitimate children likely starve. Parlae’s kids can smell that burnt cotton. The dye sets it apart from the cotton blaze smoke they’re used to choking on. I’m thinking Parlae FTW! (I just found out that doesn’t mean “Fuck The World!”) He absolutely brutalized Webbie the Jindal Killer last round. Plus, there is an inexplicable amount of Gucci Mane fans out there. [VOTE @ WWW.RONMEXICOCITY.COM]

Questions? Comments? Requests? I mean, Parlae went full Adebisi on that nigga. For reals. ron@ronmexicocity.com

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  • http://xxl gside

    Dam Mex i don’t know how you do it . Just when I thought W had it in the bag you put him up with Soulja Boy dam put a monkey wrench in my plan, and I now W a fuck nigga to but my blackness what let me vote him Ron Mexico play the race card dam.

    • http://www.ronmexicocity.com Ron Mexico

      i can’t take credit for this! haha!

      my head still hurts from deciding on the decider’s fate.

  • Pierzy

    Soulja Boy is a DDN first-ballot Hall of Famer

  • geico lizard

    There is some growing obama hate online so all those gw bush fans may show up to vote souja boy to the next round. Glen Beck may shout you out tonight ron if you fix the results. I voted for bush and parlae


    parlae is a complete asshole for that money burning stunt, and he was my sleeper until i did furter research on gucci! here are a few notches on gucci’s resume:

    1. the nigga went to court wit a gucci mane t-shirt on! he was then sentenced to 6 mos in jail FOR NOT EVEN ATTEMPTING TO COMPLETE HIS COMMUNITY SERVICE!

    2. in case you didn’t know, Detroit is gucci’s best market outside of Atlanta (he said this last week in an interview) so i hear waaay too much of this nigga. that being said, my lil hommie showed me a gucci DVD called NO PAD, NO PENCIL. NIGGA, THIS GUY HAS A WHOLE DVD FILLED WITH FREESTYLES. gucci goes off the head for like a hour…the shit is bananas! if you think his written raps are dumb, try the unwritten shit!

    3. can you tell me what gucci says at the beginning of the “freaky girl” remix? hell naw you can’t…no one can!

    that being said….GUCCI GOT THIS SHIT!

  • orangejuicejones

    Parlae should win the whole tournament for that one dumb ass move. I literally had visions of a pubic execution for his ass, Louis the XVI style, when I saw that clip….

  • amar

    ok this time george dubya’s getting gotten FOR SURE

  • anutha_level

    one word….IRAQ. next to vietnam, it’s the DUMBEST, costliest war in the history of the world.


    gucci losing and W and sb is looking like a close race

  • DevoG

    Common theme in this tournament:

    Veteran’s(extended history of dumbassness) vs
    Diaper Dandies(recent history of dumassness).

    There have been some upsets along the way, but as Michigan St. showed us, youngn’s tend to get run out of the gym!

    That being said, SB been a dumb ass since the camera’s started rolling, and is still under 21. There’s hope!
    Bush on the other hand, fucked the world economy up in 8 years, killed thousands of people, and made an entire country look bad in doing so.

    That being said, Parle’s trap-side bonfire in no way trumps Gucci’s damn “Life”!

    This round was easy: Bush and Gucci +10

    The Final Four is a different story though:

    Bush v.s. J.Jones and Sara Palin v.s. PacMan


  • http://1290wmcs.com “The Party Killa”

    Mex Im checking for the online radio show!! PLUG ME!

  • DV8

    I keep telling you. Bush isnt that dumb. That dude planned most of his deemed “fuck ups”. Believe that. Soulja Boy on the other hand must have dropped out of the 3rd grade which lead to him missing 4th Grade Social Studies and the slave masters take on slavery.

    And burning any amount of money is not only very stupid and ignorant, Its illegal. Just to think he could have easily just burned it on his favorite strippers college tuition or better yet one of his kids. SMH.

    and by the way…what does FTW stand for?

  • http://foshiggadale.blogspot.com Foshiggadale

    yeah, you rocked my world with this whole FTW revelation, WTF does it mean?

    • http://www.ronmexicocity.com Ron Mexico

      FOR THE WIN!!!

      and i just found that out last week.

      OJ… FTW!!!