Welcome back to the baddest tourney in the land. While Penn State's busy trying to win the NIT, the DDNs feature such former Negro In Transition standouts as Franchize Boy, Parlae.

As Drake would say, we da fuckin besssssss!

#1 Soulja Boy Tell 'Em vs. #4 George W. Bush

I spoke with Drew Ricketts this morning. He gave me some interesting perspective. While I don't necessarily agree, I understand in what ways some might consider SB savvy. I still think only a moron thanks the slave masters for his life. Speaking of slave masters, we all know how dumb a nigga George W. Bush has been. Is he dumber than Soulja Boy? Like Sarah Palin's scenario in the Midwest, the voter is left to ponder the notion of intentional evil diluting the Kool-Aid. Regardless the flavor, Sean Hannity's going to drink it.

I'm leaning toward SB, but this is going to be a head scratcher until click time. I can't shake the image of Bush caroling about how he's shaken the strings that once held him down... only to fall flat on his face... and lie... You see the parallels. I don't have to lead you thoroughbreds to the water. [VOTE @ WWW.RONMEXICOCITY.COM]

#2 Gucci Mane vs. #6 Parlae

UPSET ALERT!!! For those of you just tuning in, Gucci Mane is a moron. Yes. I repeat. Gucci Mane is a moron. However, being both an imbecile and an idolator excludes Mane from being capable of burning $100,000 cash behind the very housing complex in which his own illegitimate children likely starve. Parlae's kids can smell that burnt cotton. The dye sets it apart from the cotton blaze smoke they're used to choking on. I'm thinking Parlae FTW! (I just found out that doesn't mean "Fuck The World!") He absolutely brutalized Webbie the Jindal Killer last round. Plus, there is an inexplicable amount of Gucci Mane fans out there. [VOTE @ WWW.RONMEXICOCITY.COM]

Questions? Comments? Requests? I mean, Parlae went full Adebisi on that nigga. For reals. ron@ronmexicocity.com