When the east is in the house, oh my god, it's danger. No, not the psycho chick with the face tattoo.

This ain't just the east. You can officially call this shit the Big East. We've got four titans left here.

#1 Jim Jones vs. #5 Lil' Kim

Before Lil' Cease throws bottles at both contestants, I'd like to point  a couple of things out. One: Lil' Kim is wearing the jeans Jimmy slapped Ne-Yo's man over. Two: Were Jimmy to shower, he'd be the color Kim aspires to. While their transgressions differ in nature, it's on you to determine how greatly they differ in magnitude. Is Kimmy's self-hatred worse than Jimmy's... damn... everything? I'm going Jim Jones here, but Kim Jones' easy road to the 16 isn't fooling me. You niggas reeeeeally dislike her.

Kim Jones vs. Jim Jones. Truly amazing. Gotta love it. [VOTE @ WWW.RONMEXICOCITY.COM]

#2 Chris Brown vs. #3 DMX

As X comes home from Tent City, Breezy's getting his ducks (and rope soaps) in a row for a short stint in the pokey himself. I don't know if he's getting off with probation for that asswhoopin--er, umm display of excessive force--he put down Grammy day. I haven't voted for X at any turn as I contest, niggas with diagnosed medical conditions... Fuck it. Y'all put him here and have kept him here. I wouldn't be surprised to see him excel. I'm voting Breezy, if anyone's interested. This former gum-chewing song-and-dance minstrel has fucked up like none other. [VOTE @ WWW.RONMEXICOCITY.COM]

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