After weeks of heated battle and catastrophic warfare, our field of 64 Dumb Dumb Niggas [as opposed to Smart Dumb Niggas] has narrowed to one unequivocally dumb nigga we can all look down on.

The DNCAA would like to take this opportunity to thank the viewers and voters. Without you, none of this is possible.

#1 Yung Berg (53.1%) def. #1 Soulja Boy Tell 'Em (46.9%)

I didn't think it could be done, but the unthinkable has occurred. Soulja Boy Tell 'Em's coonery and fuckery has been trumped by Yung Berg's. Detroit rejoices as hip-hop's Peter Schibetta, the human birdfeed, holds up another shiny metallic object he'll surely be relieved of.

Both figuratively and literally--this award is yours, Detroit!

Soulja put up a fight. No one could forget his kind words for massa; blaming Nas for killing hip-hop because of his album title; waging war with Young Nino Brown; Bird Walking, etc. Unfortunately, there's no match for the quantity and quality of Yung Boss's transgressions.

Who did you vote for? Do you agree with the result? Where the fuck is the trophy?!

Questions? Comments? Requests? Why you can't let bygones be bygones.

All my Oz watchers... Y'all already know. "I always wondered if..."