Where’s the white on white rapper beef?

Let me guess – the TIs had a talk with Eminem, and explained to him that he’s not allowed to dis Asher Roth.

They probably sat him down in a room somewhere and showed him a chart of how much money they’ve made for him over the years, and how he stands to make a mint from Relapse. Then they showed him some never before seen footage of the Kennedy assassination, from off the grassy knoll, and asked him if he had any questions.

Or, who knows, maybe Eminem is just old now and hence less apt to beef with people. Even though he rapped from the perspective of a high school kid, he was at least as old as I am now, if not older, back during his early ’00s heyday. And this decade’s damn near over. Remember, there were those rumors of him putting on a lot of weight and having a heart attack back during his extended hiatus.

Either way, you have to figure the old Eminem would have eaten Asher Roth’s ass by now. No Boutros. The guy used to live to dis white rappers. I don’t know if it was because most white rappers fucking suck balls, and he wanted to distinguish himself from them, or because he just thought it would be easy, or what. It was probably a little bit of both.

Eminem could get away with dissing every white rapper there ever was, because he’s white himself. If a black rapper tried that shit, I’d mail him a check on GP he’d probably be accused of being racist. Never mind the fact that white people held his ancestors in captivity for hundreds of years. As Sam Jackson’s character in the movie Jackie Brown would say, that’s a old crime!

So far, the only white rapper I’ve heard to dis Asher Roth was Copywrite. You guys might have heard his song “The Real Fake Shady” back when it hit the Internets, the other day. I’m not sure whether or not it was posted to this site’s Bangers section. If you haven’t heard it, I’m sorry to say there’s not a whole lot I can do for you. The most talented amongst us would consult Google. As T.I. would say, you can do whatever you liiiike.

In “The Real Fake Shady,” Copywrite takes Asher Roth to task for jacking his whole steez from Emimen. Hence the song’s title. Listening to it, I couldn’t help but wonder, Why is Copywrite dissing Asher Roth on Emimen’s behalf? I mean, I could see if Copywrite’s main argument against the guy was that he’s not a very good rapper. But “The Real Fake Shady” is specifically about how Asher Roth never would have gotten a deal, if he didn’t sound like Eminem. I’m not saying Copywrite shouldn’t have written a song about how Asher Roth is a budget Eminem, if that’s what he thinks. (I’m not sure if I agree.) I’m just saying. It used to be that you’d dis a rapper for biting your own style.

It sounds to me like Copywrite’s beef might be with Eminem more so than Asher Roth. Of course, a white rapper is gonna try to sound like Eminem, if there’s a dollar to be made. And given the fact that I read somewhere the other day that “I Love College” is now more popular than “Crack a Bottle” (i.e. one of the most successful digital downloads evar), I’d say there definitely is.

The fact that Asher Roth is all up in Eminem’s lane is Eminem’s fault. If Eminem would have ethered Asher Roth a long time ago like he should have, if only for my own personal amusement, none of this would even be an issue. I’m assuming the reason he hasn’t is because they both record for the same label, and I happen to know that Interscope is being very protective of its younger artists these days, what with the state of the economy.

What do you fruits think? “Crack a Bottle” was supposed to be Eminem’s big comeback single, and Asher Roth is stealing his shine. Eminem should pounce on him, right? Let him know what you think, on the outside chance he reads this site.

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  • G2

    I would have to agree with your reasoning on this one Bol. The kid sounds a lot like a suburban Marshall. For Eminem to not say anything about that is suspect. Or maybe he’s gonna have a song on his album about Asher in which he disses him without mentioning his name.

  • http://www.nerditry.com nerditry

    Ever see a retard fight stay interesting past minute one? Me neither.

  • http://xxlmag.com Cal

    I think Em’s aged a little way beyond beef and after the whole Benzino/source debaucle left a bad taste in his month he stayed off all the beef shit even his usual attacks on small game ceased!
    But on the other hand we’re talking about a really visceral and unpredictable entertainer here and with all the secrecy surrounding Relapse I wouldn’t be surprised if tore Asher a new one, but my money’s more on lil wayne(hopefully)!

  • UARK83

    Remember when MC Serch and the Beastie Boys “beefed”…some good ol white on white hating!

  • General

    I just don’t see anything for Em to gain out of this.
    He has already cemented his status as well as his money. To me, it would be a waste of time for him to go at someone who is obviously not on his level or going to be around for the long run.

  • tommy gunz

    exactly…em has nothin to gain outa that battle…its a lose lose situation…he looks like the overly successful bully against the weaker kid with weaker skills…

  • Yayza

    Eminem is an adult now. Why would he do such an immature thing? Asher always gives props to Eminem, and doesn’t act ignorant, so why would Eminem diss him? I really doubt he’s desperate enough to start a beef just for albums sales, I mean he’s Eminem not 50 Cent.

  • LB

    Honestly, who the hell is “Asher Roth” for Eminem to even mention the dude? Eminem will stomp on dude with one liners. Besides, I don’t think their core demographic would buy into those guys beefin.

  • amar

    em never really started beef with white rappers, they started wit hhim

  • http://xxl All Dae

    Yeah Bol got’s it all wrong. Em has no reason to beef.

  • Josh

    As much as I’d like to see it, I agree with half of the dudes above that Em probably thinks it would be useless.

    Em dissing Asher would do nothing for Em’s career and would almost validate Asher.

    But someone should still dis Asher on GP because he’s wack…

    6th Sense?
    Iron Solomon?

  • Josh


    • http://www.myspace.com/emcdlthemusicprofile EmCDL

      Get Slug from Atmosphere on his ass he would lyrically rape Asher seriously

      @ Josh

  • giantstepp

    “Even though he rapped from the perspective of a high school kid, he was at least as old as I am now, if not older, back during his early ’00s heyday. And this decade’s damn near over”

    Amen Bol. Em can spit, no debate there. But his shit just didnt reach me on a personal level. Too animated or some shit….

  • OG Matt Herbz

    No TIs had a talk with me, though..

    Yo Em, back up…I got this.

    …Asher Roth, you’z a straight bitch. Your freestyles were ass and the song I heard today is the same cartoonish fag shit I got too much of on your mixtape. I don’t like your voice, your hairdo, or your muthafuckin skin color– you’z a fake White Nigga and that’s the worst fucking thing you can be. You’re straight ass, nigga. How long you gonna write rhymes about college? I’ve been there, done that and fucked more hoes on the strength of my mack-game than you’ll ever slay with those bitch-ass rhymes. Fuck Cee-Lo, nigga, I sat Dr. Dre in my truck and he fucking blew his brains out when he heard the beats I made–how many industry niggaz did that when they heard your shit?! Fuck you, nigga…it’s on-on sight when I see your bitch ass.

    –OG Matt Herbz–

    • Mika

      sometime back at some post , id read you’re white. so..are you ?

  • Michelle S.


  • Juzzy

    LOL @ Matt!!! Quality!!!


    but if ash and em battle how would you know who won it will sound like em is battling himself. it would not work ahhahahaha

  • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com tony grand$

    As much as we like to lump Em & Fif together, keep in mind that Marshall is Curtis’ boss (no racism).

    How many times have you seen the boss do the same job as the workers? Very rarely, I assume. Em’s in a position where all the “rah rah, blibbity blah (snuck an ’8 mile’ line in, sorry)” can be left to his soldiers. He’s probably in a place in his life where he wants to see another young, white rapper get a shot like he did.

    Hell, he might be a little mad that he didn’t scoop him up when he first heard the name, & wants absolutely nothing to do with him.

    Let’s hope an older, wiser Eminem doesn’t resort to such trickery & distraction, & relies only on his skill.

  • $ykotic

    I don’t think he would waste his time going at his carbon copy.

    But you know somehow Em’s gonna throw a subliminal dart. Especially when shorty and his label are gonna try to ride the wave.

  • escobar9300

    Man I don’t know why everybody has so much hate for Roth. Dude is pretty talented although I don’t like most of his material Im willing to give him a chance. Granted, his voice sounds alot like shady, but the content is totally different. Now if Asher Roth came out with a track talking about growing up in a trailer with a fucked up mom on drugs then Ill eat a full plate of my words and admit hes jocking ‘Em. But until that point, Im not going to bury the guy before he even gets a shot to prove himself. Set down the bottle of haterade and give the kid a chance to release some decent material

  • latino heat

    white rappers Eminem has slaughtered, Evidence, Cage, Milkbone. i might be forgetting 1 or 2 more. and to Nerdity, the retard fight on South Park (Timmy vs. that kid on crutches)went on forever and it was hilarious.

    • amar

      insane clown posse and christina aguelera (i swear she tried to rap a bar once! that counts)

      • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com tony grand$

        Eminem should go balls to the wall & get @ Teena Marie for the bars she spit on “Square Biz”!

        • Curtis75Black

          I guess I’m the only one who got that joke tony. I don’t even think Em was even thinking about spittin’ when that Classic verse was brought to the table.

        • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com tony grand$

          I thought it was funny.

          *rimshot for grand$*

    • Dub Sac

      Don’t forget the ass-whooping Everlast took on “Quitter”!

  • Teddy

    every rapper is influenced by other rappers and inherintly will sound like who they are influenced like at the beginnin atleast peep jay-z in fu shnikens days or lil wayne in his jay-z soundin gays its just a stupid argument to say his jackin em there completely different rappers how many rappers sound like jay-z eminem wouldn diss asher roth cos his a genuine mc / lyricist and does his own thing copywright is a goose for dissin him jus cos his white too why isnt copy write dissin everyone who sounds like jay

  • O.G. Kush

    At least Roth doesnt cry about how shitty he’s white life is. Feminem will always be sucking dre’s dick

  • mannyd

    Em and roth both sound the same because they are white boys. No dissrespect. Its just that Em and Roth rap in their real voice and dont try and sound extra “thuggish.” E.g. Plies. Im not clowning them, they just both sound the same because they have similar voices. For the record I dont like Em or Roth.

  • What the ?

    Why in the fuck would EM waste his time on this kid ? and yeah, there are other white boys a 100x better as well. Ashers just the easiest to market to 12 year old girls.

    It’d be like the David and Goliath story that ended up the way everyone thought it would because David ended up getting ethered in one move.

  • Dr Flav

    When did it get to the point where muthafuckers are too mature for a fucking battle rap/rap battle, if you claim to hold the belt, then your ass should be prepared to go against anybody, anytime, WITH LYRICS and have the desire to check somebody if they even got a slight bit close to your style, since ORIGNALITY was supposed to be upheld. This rap shit is a sport and you are defined by how good you are and the type of emcees you slay or get slain by are a part of that.

    Hip Hop’s element called rap, is a constant poetical artform, although it may have some unique attributes for different people, ages and regions, but the idea that a muthafucking emcee is above servin an emcee or getting served by an emcee is ignorant. What about the young Mike Tysons or the seasoned knockout artists such as George Foremans and Evander Holyfields. If you aint in the sport to play, sit down.

    On a related note Em aint had the lion in his heart since Benzino exposed his alleged rhyme dedicated to the black girl who broke his heart, you know that “nigger shit?” It took Ja Rule to shit on his family to get him to even spark at him.

  • http://www.malakithemosthi.com Malaki the Most Hi

    Be real please.
    Copy shouldnt even waste breath on Ash, the cat even agressive(Ash).
    Em battled for years, you got new cats thinkin they vets demanding 10 stacks from smack and aint did jack, how you expect for Em to bring his battle swag back????

    Malaki the Most Hi

    RIP Dilla Dawg and Big Proof


  • RBMC

    Hip Pop Sux period !!!! Rapper Elvis aint trying to mess with Teena Marie cuz rick James will jump out of the grave and burn him Newports

  • Johnson

    Copywrite is just trying to get some fame. He is good but an arrogant jerkoff.

    Copy tries too hard to be this tough guy. He can rap his ass off but when you see him you cant help but think “what a D-Bag”
    another white boy acting black.

    Asher Roth is really lame

  • http://jizz.com The Nerd

    Why Does Em have to dis Asher just because their both white…..he could go after a number of wack MC’s

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  • http://www.myspace.com chris from h-town

    may be asher or whatever wanted to be one of the guys following em at the music awards show when he did
    ‘i am” definitly a follower and not a leader, rap needs leaders not another just anybody,

  • chrism

    if yall havent listened to haystak. look him up on myspace.com/haystak. he has 5 or 6 songs on eminem. he’s underground but big enough for em to know him. he’s been in the game for over 12 years now. around 13 albums. dude is a wordsmith.

  • TheCoolest

    “Then they showed him some never before seen footage of the Kennedy assassination, from off the grassy knoll, and asked him if he had any questions.”

    My quote of the day.

  • BEasy


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  • Ian

    No chance he sounds ANYTHING like Eminem