Let me guess - the TIs had a talk with Eminem, and explained to him that he's not allowed to dis Asher Roth.

They probably sat him down in a room somewhere and showed him a chart of how much money they've made for him over the years, and how he stands to make a mint from Relapse. Then they showed him some never before seen footage of the Kennedy assassination, from off the grassy knoll, and asked him if he had any questions.

Or, who knows, maybe Eminem is just old now and hence less apt to beef with people. Even though he rapped from the perspective of a high school kid, he was at least as old as I am now, if not older, back during his early '00s heyday. And this decade's damn near over. Remember, there were those rumors of him putting on a lot of weight and having a heart attack back during his extended hiatus.

Either way, you have to figure the old Eminem would have eaten Asher Roth's ass by now. No Boutros. The guy used to live to dis white rappers. I don't know if it was because most white rappers fucking suck balls, and he wanted to distinguish himself from them, or because he just thought it would be easy, or what. It was probably a little bit of both.

Eminem could get away with dissing every white rapper there ever was, because he's white himself. If a black rapper tried that shit, I'd mail him a check on GP he'd probably be accused of being racist. Never mind the fact that white people held his ancestors in captivity for hundreds of years. As Sam Jackson's character in the movie Jackie Brown would say, that's a old crime!

So far, the only white rapper I've heard to dis Asher Roth was Copywrite. You guys might have heard his song "The Real Fake Shady" back when it hit the Internets, the other day. I'm not sure whether or not it was posted to this site's Bangers section. If you haven't heard it, I'm sorry to say there's not a whole lot I can do for you. The most talented amongst us would consult Google. As T.I. would say, you can do whatever you liiiike.

In "The Real Fake Shady," Copywrite takes Asher Roth to task for jacking his whole steez from Emimen. Hence the song's title. Listening to it, I couldn't help but wonder, Why is Copywrite dissing Asher Roth on Emimen's behalf? I mean, I could see if Copywrite's main argument against the guy was that he's not a very good rapper. But "The Real Fake Shady" is specifically about how Asher Roth never would have gotten a deal, if he didn't sound like Eminem. I'm not saying Copywrite shouldn't have written a song about how Asher Roth is a budget Eminem, if that's what he thinks. (I'm not sure if I agree.) I'm just saying. It used to be that you'd dis a rapper for biting your own style.

It sounds to me like Copywrite's beef might be with Eminem more so than Asher Roth. Of course, a white rapper is gonna try to sound like Eminem, if there's a dollar to be made. And given the fact that I read somewhere the other day that "I Love College" is now more popular than "Crack a Bottle" (i.e. one of the most successful digital downloads evar), I'd say there definitely is.

The fact that Asher Roth is all up in Eminem's lane is Eminem's fault. If Eminem would have ethered Asher Roth a long time ago like he should have, if only for my own personal amusement, none of this would even be an issue. I'm assuming the reason he hasn't is because they both record for the same label, and I happen to know that Interscope is being very protective of its younger artists these days, what with the state of the economy.

What do you fruits think? "Crack a Bottle" was supposed to be Eminem's big comeback single, and Asher Roth is stealing his shine. Eminem should pounce on him, right? Let him know what you think, on the outside chance he reads this site.