T.I. prepares for the pokey

So, the fact that T.I.’s giving so many interviews discussing whether or not he’s a snitch means he’s widely suspected of being a snitch, right?

The other day, I saw there was an interview here at XXL in which it was discussed. And then I saw that there’s a big feature on it in the next issue of Vibe. They’ve got him on the cover dressed like Malcolm X, which is just wrong on so many levels.

I guess they figured T.I. is about to go to jail, and Malcolm X of course famously went to jail, where he converted to Islam. But Malcolm X also used to rub lotion on an old white man’s balls for money. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that T.I. isn’t forced to do anything teh ghey while he’s locked up.

Also, this cover has me wondering if T.I. might convert to Islam while he’s locked up, like Snoop Dogg. I knew Snoop Dogg was at least sympathetic to the Palestinian cause, when he pulled out of a show he was contracted to play in Israel, but I figured he’d just smoked weed with some A-rabs and got talked into it. Next thing you know, he’s on stage giving speeches with Calypso Louis Farrakhan.

Speaking of which, all of a sudden, I find myself discussing Snoop Dogg and Calypso Louis Farrakhan, and Rush Limbaugh is on TV every day of the week. I didn’t die and wake up in 1993, did I?

Anyhoo, you’d have to think that T.I.’s handlers wouldn’t even allow him to discuss whether or not he’s a snitch, unless they were trying to put the kibosh on rumors.

I mean, I could see if these were just stories that were popping up in the blogosphere, where people aren’t successful enough to be respectful of artists, but these are interviews here at XXL, and in Vibe. And if you’ve been following this space for a few years now, you probably have a good idea of how it works at these magazines. In some extreme cases, they won’t even let you do a story praising an artist. Word to Charles Hamilton. But they definitely aren’t gonna let you associate an artist’s name with the word snitch, unless the word came down from upstairs.

Let me guess: The TIs are concerned that people are gonna see T.I.’s bullshit reality series (my bad, if this has ceased making any sense), Road to Redemption, and they’re gonna wonder how in the fuck an umpteen time felon is even allowed to spend time with people’s kids, let alone receive a shortened sentence for giving them tips on how to avoid a life of crime. I mean, the guy’s got a rap sheet that’s probably taller than he is, if you stood it on end. My semi-cousin Don, one of the only people to ever break out of the Workhouse here in St. Louis, would make a better role model for today’s youth.

I read an excerpt of the story in Vibe yesterday, courtesy of Miss Info, aka the King of the Internet, and T.I. was basically saying that he couldn’t have snitched, because his plea deal is a matter of public record; you can have eskay look it up for you Lexis-Nexis. As if they’re gonna put the fact that he told on somebody in the public record. Again, this is why we don’t need T.I. acting as a role model for anyone’s kids.

Probably the only way we’ll find out is if the Smoking Gun, or someone who’s capable of investigative journalism (DJ Vlad?) looks into the case. I doubt they could get the Feds to cop to offering T.I. time off of his sentence in exchange for ratting someone out, but they could at least seek out the co-d in the case and find out how long he’s going away for. Or who knows? Maybe Vibe really did get down to the bottom of this case. I’d cop and find out for myself, but I heard they had to jack up the price, since they couldn’t get anyone to advertiste, and I’m just not sure I could justify it in today’s economy.

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  • louie mo

    “Miss Info, aka the King of the Internet,”

    hahahahahahahahaha…….. that’s wrong on so many levels

  • amar

    bol i usually enjoy your blogs, but u must be outta material today. This is basically once again calling TI a snitch with no real new points.

    perhaps u should go back to chris brown…i hear he’s got 2 felonies

  • OG Matt Herbz

    Other than Sohh Gyant, who the fuck would want to watch a tv show about T.I.’s last few days of anal virginity? Count me out, my niggaz…

    –OG Matt Herbz–

    p.s. Oh, and Miss Info…you and Angie stop by sometime after 8 o’clock. You can park the whip in garage stall 21. Just come in through the side entrance under the portico. You already know the code. Holla…

  • http://xxlmag.com Ben

    Lol, amar likes TI, what more proof do you need? Covicted felon? Machine guns? 1 year? Come on man, wake it up.

    • amar

      i like ti, but i’m not disagreeing that he snitched or anything…

      i’m just saying, this is old-ass news, what now?

  • sealsaa

    Don’t think its going to make very much difference if he is revealed to be a snitch (see Rick Ross). Hell, Tupac admitted to getting butt fucked in prison, and his loyal Stans still swear by him.

  • K.ing

    @ Sealsaa

    bitch tupac never admitted no shit like that faggot… shit was made up by wendy williams…

    fuck u and that tight spandex man lookin bitch…. G.O.AT voted by the people everytime bitches!!!

    • valdez

      co-sign K.ing

  • http://dailymathematics.blogspot.com Combat Jack

    ^ “But Malcolm X also used to rub lotion on an old white man’s balls for money.”

    Bol, I thought it was talcum powder that Malcolm was applying to white’s genitalia.

  • maximus 32

    Dudes on this joint be on some bullshit. Pac ain’t say he got butt fucked in jail. I never of the Malcolm X shit but that fucked my head up. That’s something I don’t even want to research. I got a lot of respect for that man, I don’t want to fuck it up. Dude also might not have snitched. If he did, it will come out but for some reason I seriously doubt it. I mean…where are the people he snitched on and why ain’t they talking shit about him snitching from jail or on the run?

  • og bobby j

    “But Malcolm X also used to rub lotion on an old white man’s balls for money.”

    See Tpar…its in your blood

    • Master Cheef

      can’t even front. that shit had me laughing out loud.

  • giantstepp

    Tupac never admitted any such thing. In fact, he addressed the BS rumor saying that he wouldnt lay down for niggas that had guns on him (first NY shootin)so why in the hell would he lay down for niggas w/out them. Taht shit never had any steam because we all knew it wasnt true…it went away as fast as it came; C’mon man, if we’d be honest, noone believes that shit.

    And I keep hearing that TI snithed but I have yet to hear on who and for what?? TIP was a major star, sold millions of units, movies etc when that went down and Im sure far from the trap. Money fuckin talks and he paid a grip to get out of that shit with a slap on the wrist. It happens every day in America.

    • CL

      TI ain’t snitch. He told them cops who killed his boy Philant. The cops did took it from there, before TI got a chance to whack them boys himself.

      I think 50 Cent is Bol’s blog ghost writer.

  • Hollywood_P


  • sealsaa

    Not only did Tupac shower with guys in prison, but I suspect that he secretly enjoyed it, which probably explains his agression towards women (and why he was convicted of RAPING one). Next, you Stan’s will tell me that he was innocent…That train’s never late.

    He DID say that he was raped in jail. There’s a soundbite of him saying it, and Biggie laughing while its being looped.

    • giantstepp

      BullShit and you know it! I shouldnt even address this but I will. When and where did he say this? If Pac wouldve admitted this, it wouldve been bigger than any of the other drama he had after being released. Deathrow would’ve never signed him. All eyes on me would’ve never sold 5 million. The iconic status he had and has in hip hop would’ve never happened. All the rappers he attacked directly by name when he was westside riding wouldve used this info to destroy him. None of those things ever happened because what you claim never happened! Thats BULLSHIT, you know it and so does everybody else. There are way many more rapper more agressive towards women than Pac ever was. Pac always gave a balance. Brendas got a baby, Neva call you bitch again, and many more that balanced out his thoughts. YOU ARE FULL OF SHIT!


    If only you hoes really knew what the game was about……

  • Prince Caesar

    I never heard any such thing about Malcolm X. I don’t really care if T.I.P. is a snitch or not. I don’t personally know the man. Bol is a fat bitch that constantly disrespects people that he is jealous of. I wonder if he would run his mouth to any of these people if they were face-to-face ? Probably not.

  • http://xxlmag.com Kane Corleone

    Who or wtf is a “sealsaa”?…..gettin sick and tired these little white dudes talkin bout men fuckin other men,how is that shit funny? I don’t get it unlike u and don’t want it either. Nigga have u been to jail? Have u been jumped in the shower and knifed in the ass ? Then y the fuck r u so bi-curious about it? Were u there beatin off with irish spring in background ?

  • sealsaa

    Why is it that every time someone admits that they don’t “identify” with Tupac, they’re accused of being white ( i’ve been called worse)? Must be the delousions that his Stan’s suffer about how he was a “black leader”. LOL

    No, i’ve never been to the pokey, and i’ve never been “knifed in the ass”, thank you. I pride myself on making smart decisions, like NOT raping women, or comitting any other such acts of fuckery that could land me in the position to CATCH a “knife in the ass”. I Guess not having been to jail and anally violated makes me “unofficial” in your book. Oh well, i’ll get over it.

  • sealsaa

    LOL @ giantstepp

    I swear, you Stans need to get over “Brenda had a baby”. Anytime someone mentions the fact that Tupac was a misogynistic rapist, here you Stans come with “Brenda had a baby”, or your ace in the hole, “Dear Mama”. That’s like me defending R. Kelly’s child fucking by citing how inspirational “I believe I can fly” was. HA!

  • Master Cheef

    Tip’s lawyers kept delaying the case. Everytime they went to court, they would get an extension. The feds struck a deal to go ahead and get the case over with.

    I followed the case and that is exactly what happened. My lawyer did the same shit.

  • Master Cheef

    the soundclip of tupac says, “Said I got raped in jail.”

    It is referring to Bad Boy spreading that rumor. A truly desperate move from a sinking label that was getting killed on wax.

  • sealsaa

    Not as desperate as raping a woman, but what do I know.

  • Master Cheef

    you really think pac wasn’t getting mad pussy thrown his way?

    besides, raping a bitch is pretty fun. It is just hard to get the bitch wet. I usually just hock a loogie on it.

  • sealsaa

    So the fact that he had groupies absolves him of the rape? *Dies*

    “Rape is fun”. That must be the infamous “black empowerment” his Stans keep raving about. LOL

  • Master Cheef

    no, the fact that the bitch was sucking his dick on the dance floor absolves him of the rape. and the fact that she was banging down the damn door to get in his hotel room.

  • sealsaa

    And somehow, he STILL did time for the rape.

    But YOU’LL tell me that he was innocent, and that the government conspired to have him locked up because he was so influential to the black community, and they considered him a threat because he was an intelligent, articulate, young black male, or some such nonsense.

    OR, you could just accept the fact that he was a rapist, and that he was about as articulate and intelligent as Master P.

  • Master Cheef

    no, because whenever some whore (who’s prolly just embarressed about whata whore she just acted like) hollers rape, everybodys believes her, no questions asked.

    the bottom line is: that bitch was dying to fuck tupac and he didn’t rape her simply because he didn’t need to.

    Master P doin a lot better than you, pimp.

    quit hating, nigga. that kind of negativity will consume you and will remain just as a big a douchebag as you are now for the rest of your life.

  • Master Cheef

    what kind of a bitch is up in a hotel room with tupac and a bunch of thugged out niggas, by herself?

    she might as well have said they kidnapped her from church and drug her up there kicking and screaming.

  • http://www.plasticsquirtguns.blogspot.com thoreauly77

    guys, guys, guys. calm down. pac was a good rapper, and a bad rapist. you know, like the balance giantstep was referring to.

  • Master Cheef

    that’s pretty witty, thoreauly.

    and back to the tip situation, that dude’s lawyers made it clear they weren’t going to trial for a long time. i’m telling yall.

    r.kelly didn’t go to court for like seven years. the feds wanted to make an example out of tip while the shit was hot.
    those big money lawyers really do have a lot of pull and are badass at their job. why else would you pay that much money?

  • giantstepp


    I could care less about how one views Pac as an artist or as a person. He has been dead and gone for what, 12 13 years? RIP. I was addressing the BS you mentioned about him admitting that he was raped in jail when he admitted no such thing. At the time of his murder, no artist was selling more than Pac, no label was selling more than the Row. He was at the top of the game, FACT! Like him or not, thats what it was. Had he admitted what you claim, Hip Hop wouuldve never let him climb to the top of the game. Real talk. His enemies wouldve used that info to destroy him. It never happened because it wasnt true. When rumors aint true, they go away. That rape shit went away and never gained any steam. Im just calling your bullshit, BULLSHIT!

  • sealsaa

    SO he sold alot of albums. THat doesn’t make them GOOD(see 50 cent and Lil Wayne). I swear, you soundscan jockeys. A guy can put out a shit sandwich album (or in Tupac’s case, numerous shit sandwiches) and as long as he breaks some sales record, then he’s a god, lyrical prowess be damned.

    And if his so called fans would have shunned him for getting raped in prison, then I guess that tells you how loyal his supporters were. He got raped, live with it.

  • mikejones


    Come on man it’s Friday!! You know we’re all at work and it’s slow as hell… I need something better then this.

  • reggie jackson

    “But Malcolm X also used to rub lotion on an old white man’s balls for money.”
    Akrkansas-Finest now speaks!U stupid son of a bitch! Malcom X aint never rubbed powder on no white man’s balls! Dont ever disrespect that man like that HOE!!! U hear some bullshit that somebody else heard and gets wattered down and thats the story u come up with? Did u even research before u put out allegation like that on a real black ICON? Dude I hate u and the fuccing horse u rode in on?! Seems to me like u got off on telling bloggers that fictional shit happened to this man? Did u get off fagget? ” It did happen but it wasnt Malocom X who did it, it was a mixed kid -black and Italian… the guy used to like a powder substance poured on him with a diapper on ( an old white man) but the fact stands it wasnt Malcom! So nigga kill urself!!!