With more names than a Spanish birth certificate, rappers hold the title for having the most AKA's in the entertainment industry. Whether influenced by religion, politics, history, films, comics or of course fellow musicians, it can be hard to keep up with all of their nicknames.  See if you can match the alias with their rightful owner. Game on...-Jesse Gissen

Big Baby Jesus                                              Kool Kieth
Shesus Christ                                               Pusha T
King Jaffe Joe                                               Max B
King Geedorah                                             Cam’ron
Brick James                                                  Ol’ Dirty Bastard
Teddy Penderass                                         Styles P
Martin Louis The King, Jr.                            T-Pain
Fidel Cashflow                                             MF Doom
Corleone                                                     Kanye West
Pinero                                                         Remy Ma
Wavy Croket                                                Big L
Dr. Octagon                                                DJ Clue