The Name Game

With more names than a Spanish birth certificate, rappers hold the title for having the most AKA’s in the entertainment industry. Whether influenced by religion, politics, history, films, comics or of course fellow musicians, it can be hard to keep up with all of their nicknames.  See if you can match the alias with their rightful owner. Game on…-Jesse Gissen

Big Baby Jesus                                              Kool Kieth
Shesus Christ                                               Pusha T
King Jaffe Joe                                               Max B
King Geedorah                                             Cam’ron
Brick James                                                  Ol’ Dirty Bastard
Teddy Penderass                                         Styles P
Martin Louis The King, Jr.                            T-Pain
Fidel Cashflow                                             MF Doom
Corleone                                                     Kanye West
Pinero                                                         Remy Ma
Wavy Croket                                                Big L
Dr. Octagon                                                DJ Clue

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  • Michael New West

    Dr. Octagon – Kool Keith
    Wavy Crockett – Max B
    Martin Louis The King Jr. – Kanye West
    Big Baby Jesus – Ol’ Dirty Bastard
    Fidel Cashflow – DJ Clue
    Teddy Penderassdown – T-Pain
    Pinero – Styles P.
    Corleone – Big L
    King Geedorah – MF Doom
    King Jaffe Joe – Cam’Ron
    Shesus Christ – Remy Ma
    Brick James – Pusha T

  • Josh

    Step your blog game up.

  • Casey

    too easy man…

    • Pierzy

      Yeah, I’m not trying to hate, but this was mad easy


    c’mon… really? okay!

    styles p – pinero
    cam’ron – King Jaffe Joe
    big L – Fidel Cashflow?
    dj clue – King Geedorah?
    remy ma – Shesus Christ
    kanye west – Martin Louis The King, Jr.
    mf doom – Dr. Octagon?
    tpain – teddy penderass (down)
    odb – Big Baby Jesus
    kool keith?(who) – Corleone
    max b – Wavy Croket(u niggaz not wavier dan me B
    pusha t – Brick James ?

    i guessed on da ones w/ the question mark

    • El Tico Loco

      Dude you need to expand your mind past I285. I bet if they threw Mr Thanksgiving, Lefleaur, or Possum Jenkins on there you’ll be right on it.

      But on another note WTF is the blogger doing puzzles for? This ain’t quiztime, I thought this was gonna be a discussion about aliases. SMH

    • BGZ

      More familiar with Max B and T-Pain than with Big L and Kool Keith? Tsk, tsk, tsk.

      (Didn’t Styles changed from Pinero to PaNiro when he heard that Miguel was gay?)

  • tony grand$

    “Coming this friday, XXL presents Hip Hop Crossword”

    • RiZob

      “BURNNNNNNNN!!!!!!” lol classic….

      • Tony Grand$

        Oh shit! Remember the crossword puzzle in The Source back in the day? Lmao!

        & lol @ El Tico (as usual). Hell, why don’t you start the discussion then……

        • El Tico Loco

          That’s a lame ass topic man, discuss what? I’m so and so I’m this I’m that? (word to KRS) cuz the post is wick wick wack. Guess matching is all you can do with that topic, or try to figure out who has the most aliases.

        • Tony Grand$

          Oh well, it was worth a shot………

        • Arcey

          @ Tony G’$: Yeah I remember them!!! that was back in 1999… shit, I still have issues from 1994 ’til ’97, when they sold their souls to advertising (I do understand that any business is about making money)& had Puffy all by himself on the cover!

          let me try to start a topic: What’s your most memorable XXL/The Source/Vibes/Blaze/Scratch/Rap Pages/(Word Up?)magazine moment? for example XXL’s classic albums’ making-of’s articles – ya’ll know, things of that nature…

        • Tony Grand$

          Source memory……Reginald C. Dennis. I’d read his section of remarks/comments before anything else. Hated when he stopped writing for them. Oh, & of course the crosswords!

          Vibe memory…….Kevin Powell. I used to think that dude was the illest writer since Edgar Allan Poe.

  • $ykotic

    Is this a throwaway blog?

    I used to do those crosswords on the A train!

    • DV8

      LMAO yeah that little quiz is mad easy. It would have been a little more challenging if you had asked for government names.

      • Tony Grand$

        Tracy Marrow

        Todd Shaw

        Earl Stevens

  • Jhon da Analyst

    LOL@ Tony G$.


    Too Short


    Shit, no google!!

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