What Is “Too Old” For Hip-Hop?

Hip-hop has no age limit or size requirement. If you’re at least “this” tall, you can roll with the culture. No problems given, no questions asked.

But Rap, the musical facet of the movement, is more micro-cosmic, with its own set of personalized regulations. I’m not referring to “don’t snitch” & “never out-rhyme your boss”, those go without saying. I mean the ubiquitous guidelines that make rappers bonafide “Rap Superstars.”

Youth is a major cog in that system. Think car transmission, as opposed to the entire engine. “Rap” wasn’t born in some apartment by a couple of windbags watching The Price Is Right. It began on the street, in the park, at the parties. Call me old fashioned, but there’s something about adult children & crow’s feet that make it hard for me to believe in middle aged pseudo-gangsta rhetoric. Some are authentic of course, but others, simply put, need more people.

I think it’s scientifically impossible for a 43-year-old man to have “swag,” much less covet endless scallywags, shoot up enemy tour buses & relieve third world Kingpins of their product. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger stopped blowing up robots & murdering alien headhunters once it was time to “Just for Men” his salt & pepper coiffure. How much “gangsta” still exists outside of the studio when you start scheduling prostate exams? Point is, we all grow up eventually, & contrary to popular belief, there’s nothing wrong with that.

Rap is a career, I get it. So, instead of an annual “farewell” album, just let the music mature, as it’s supposed to, & let the voice of the young generation (no Kanye West) be just that. I don’t think artists should ever “retire,” but their material should at least grow with their core audience. The same core audience that was there when the “fifteen minutes” began. The same core audience that will still be there when the microwave dings & the Internets suck them dry in search of the next soul to devour.

Loyal die hards don’t give a shit about a ridiculous dance. They can care less if royalty & SSI checks come on the same day. They’re in it for the music, as we all should be. Diamond lane time for those with experience, dig? Get the torch, light your fire, pass the torch & the circle of life continues………

For argument’s sake; Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter, 39. Calvin “Snoop Dogg” Broadus, 37. Andre “Dr. Dre” Young, 43, Joseph “Fat Joe” Cartagena, 39, O’Shay “Ice Cube” Jackson, 39, Earl “E-40″ Stevens, 41, to name a few.-Tony Grand$

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  • http://www.msn.com west philly’s finest

    If you still nice then keep going but if you just putting shit out for your ego you should let it go.

    And if you over 40 you should be on some Andre 3k a verse a year shit



      • Response

        You sound stupid JCITYHUSTLA617! If you seen this recently or before instead of runnin ya mouth about a repeat write something to top this. AND what WEENIE starts internet beef? oh my bad a n122a like you. “E” bangin is for sukkas. If you quick to start mess on the internet then that proves you have no “wobble” skills in person! KNOCK IT AND GO PLAY IN TRAFFIC!

    • mo

      after 40 get off the mic you’re no ong relavent and nobody belives you at that point.

    • MO


    • MO


    • freshness

      This article is one long babble about nothing.

  • Bobo D

    Good post Tony. But one thing you gotta rember that so called ‘hip-hop fans’ are fickle, once a rapper starts putting more ‘grown’ music, people say he ain’t got it, he sold out etc… When in fact the audience should look in the mirror (no Michael Jackson).

    I’m a hardcore fan of most those rappers you meantioned, and if they happen to drop a new album, I’ll definetly buy it, if they go on tour I’l go watch. For I can tell the difference between art and garbage.

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com tony grand$

      Good look Bobo.

      I guess in a “perfect hip hop world” cats could do that & keep their respect.

      Not enough people are that open minded though. But, it’s like I said “nothing’s wrong with growing up”.

      I say if most of those cats can do it & maybe even gain more fans while their @ it.

  • The_Truth

    ***This would only be a topic in Hip-Hop, why? Crabs in a barrel, that’s why.

    EX: Rolling Stones, AeroSmith, Ozzie Osbourne, Fleetwood Mac, etc. . .hip-hop has enough “crabs” to fuel this topic of age.

    • Travisty

      @ The_Truth. That is the truth. Does “Chinese Democracy” ring a bell with anybody? Guns&Roses. Every other genre embrace the diversity of music but hip-hop. Why because the powers that be dont want to see Black music advance to the level of Country, were their artist can actually have a career. So I think that someone if not me needs to start a radio station that is dedicated to a broader base of hip-hop music. check me out @ http://www.myspace.com/travistydope

      • sucio

        The powers that be don’t allow you to buy the albums, and support the artists that come out?

        Stop bootlegging your favorite artists’ albums, when they have a show, go to it. When they drop a new video, watch it. If everyone did this for an artist they “support”, this entire topic wouldn’t be an issue.

        I’m sorry but WE (those part of the hip-hop culture) created this issue.

        As mentioned earlier….Rolling Stones, Phish, Rush, Aerosmith, U2….even Madonna will sell out arenas in minutes….not hours…And all these people are at least 50 years of age. Hip-hop made it corny to be in the game and stay old. Rock has it all figured out. The fans SUPPORT their favorite artists, that’s why they are still relevant.

  • Curtis75Black

    There’s no age limit with Hip Hop because if there was a lot of fans wouldn’t be able to fuck with it much less talk about it. Everyone just looks at it from a Entertainer’s perspective – The emcee themselves who largely started spittin’ professionally in their mid to late teens and early 20′s !! Most have matured with their music but some haven’t. I feel you look at it from a case by case basis especially if you really grown with that emcee and not 10 years later when you was just getting into the music. Let’s be real, Most people on this site was 5 years old in 1990, what do they really know about a emcee who came out before or was currently spitttin’ around that time ? especially when we don’t check History very well.

  • Worley

    “just let the music mature”

    Bottom line. However, corporations appeal to the greatest common denominator: teenagers with disposable income. A 40 year old has no business trying to appeal to that crowd. On that note, they should either go independent with a “mature” sound or just do shows. I still appreciate LL’s old material better than his new stuff. “Ringtone Murder” being the rare exception.

  • Pierzy

    What up Tony! Excellent work on a great topic! Well done, sir.

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com tony grand$

      @ Worley.

      Yeah, I can’t do too much Cool J’n as of late. I stay old school with that dude.

      @ Pierzy,

      Thank you sir! I appreciate that.

  • Mario Marrroquin

    Dude i agree Except everytime andre 3stacks comes out it’s the shit(walk it out Remix)and Dr.DRE he Shit’s on Everyone i’m down to ride from day one when i like an artist’s music when i first heard GRODT i was fucking hooked got the mixtapes and now have every G-unit Album to Date (even Game Special edition The Documentary)i’m a kanye fan for life i love 808′s i’m watching VH1 storytellers right now.
    He grown like a motherfucker.

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com tony grand$

      @ Mario,

      My Kanye gripe is this……ok, his music is (technically) grown, as in he does what the fuck he wants, when he wants, no doubt about that.

      But he’s too emotional unnecessarily. That kinda blurs out any maturity level, hip hop or otherwise. If he would just STFU & make his music, niggas wouldn’t be so quick to piss in his cornflakes.

  • Jhon da Analyst

    What’s up Tony Grand$……Nice work. I too believe that the artist’s music should grow with their audience. I mean when cats startin havin families the real realness set in. How many dudes you gonna shoot up on your record when you’re takin the kiddies to daycare in the morning. That’s the separation between art and life. Some cats seem to forget that. However, I still love a good shoot em song if the wordplay and production is tight. It’s about the music!!!! Oh yeah, been playin “Pink Cookies in a plastic bag” for the last week. LL made a timless piece with that one.

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com tony grand$

      ^”gettin’ crushed by buildings” lol.

  • http://www.myspace.com/emcdlthemusicprofile EmCDL

    Dang Tony you already doin ya thang! First off good post; keep ‘em coming!

    As far as rappers not retiring, I also believe in that; they should keep doing what they love. Its like with Jordan and basketball…he retired for awhile but just couldn’t leave the game (well until the younger cats started running plays on him lol). If their soul still has that fire (re:Soul calibur LOL), then why stop. And while the rappers are getting older, as will their audience as well. I’m into the real hip hop, not the bs that comes out today, so who I’m gonna get when I’m at the cd store or digitally download? I’ma hit up Nas, Jay-Z, GZA, AZ, all them cats…because I know their music is good and I have grown with them.

  • http://www.incilin.blogspot.com INcilin

    I like the post but the problem with all this is Jay-Z; he tried to make a grown man album so he could grow with his audience (Kingdom Come) but it sucked and his fans hated on him. He put out AG (Which is was pretty much the same old stuff he always made) and people loved him for it. As Buddens once asked; “Are we hustling or are we grown up? Every time I hear you, you switching your tone up.”

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com tony grand$

      @ Incilin,

      Yeah, Jay-Z is a good point. If anybody could make cats see that the transition is doable, it would be him. But, he didn’t stick to his guns (no pun intended).

      That Budden line called it for what it was. He’s one of the few cats that can afford to let the art dictate the material. I thought the “grown man on” was a good look for hip hop. I said before that Jay-Z (should have) paved the way for Shawn Carter, feel me?

    • FlapJack

      I thought Kingdom Come was great, but then again I thought TI vs TIP > Paper Trail, HHID > Nigger, Idlewild > pretty much everything else that year. So I must have a thing for flops

  • Curtis75Black

    Hip Hop is a real special case because there’s too many entities involved: Era of the emcee, ego and favorties to name a few. Case in point, LL Cool J. He dropped in a era where you can spit about any and everything which he’s still doing today. Nas, another Queens Vet couldn’t do that in the 90′s. He had to stick to a Hardcore style that was bangin’ at the time. Anything less is “Fall off” Status even today for him. Nas dropping in 93 is equalivent to LL in 84, so if Nas decides to spit another 10 years, he’ll be where LL is today and the peeps who came up listening to him will still appreciate his music regardless of what the younger generation says why ? because they grew with him, not find out about him around “Streets Deciple” and make their judgments on him off that because it wasn’t the “Hottest Cd” to drop.

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com tony grand$

      Yeah Curtis75, those are the “die hards” that are gonna cop no matter what.

      They’ve been fans, & will probably always be.

      Those be the ones actually purchasing the album, buying the concert tix. Kids nowadays are so ADD’d out that they jump @ every loud noise.

      You gotta eat, that’s #1, but look @ E40. He’s not making nationwide noise, but that dude eats. Every album. Them fans ain’t going nowhere & he knows that. He could fart on a record & say “fa shiggadale” & HIS fans will go nuts.

  • capcobra

    tony grand$ aka jackie robinson….what up champ….good work…i feel 40 should be the age limit on mc’s recording full length studio albums…a rapper should be involved with other businesses and different aspects of the music business by the time they 40..if a mc had to wait for 35yrs old to get signed then that means he had 35yrs to prepare his industry takeover..so that leave him a full 5yrs to get situated…same thing applies if a kid get signed at 15yrs old..the kid now has 25yrs to grow up and perfect his craft…i just think that by 40yrs old a rapper is much the person that they gonna be then…producers on the other hand is ageless because they can create the music…only thing a 40 yr old rapper could do to alter his “voice/style/sound” is diguise it or get a ghostwriter…a producer especially one that’s a musician can switch his “voice/style/sound” over and over…and after looking at that list you posted uptop..i think 40 is the number because i’m not waiting on none of those dudes albums…and yes i’m a fan of all of ‘em but my life will go on if i don’t hear none of’em ever again….i heard thier story already….next rapper.

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com tony grand$

      Good lookin cap!!

      “Jackie Robinson” lmmfao!

      You made me think about something that’s actually obvious. There’s a reason 35 year old “rookie” rap acts don’t get signed to deals. If you didn’t have it by now, GTFOH, it’s a milli youngsters who do.

      I agree about the producers. They pretty much dictate what’s going on. I put Dre up there just from an age standpoint.

      I think 40 should be about it, but rock n roll groups go hard until a heart attack. If the music is able to mature AND stay somewhat relevent, I wouldn’t mind a dude getting his “Springsteen” on. It’s just that “maturation” process that henders artistic elevation. I bang E-40 (no homo), but he got hogtied into his style so long ago that now, he is who he is, & that will never change.

      I’m surprised nobody’s mentioned Kris Parker yet.

      • capcobra

        you can’t mention the blastmaster in this category because kris is the teacher….he’s what a 40 yr old mc should be..he does his shows.he drops new albums for his core audience..he raps about realistic and relevant topics..he schools the youth..and give young rappers like soulja boy and nelly a pass…these other 40 yr old dudes still wanna go platinum and have all the limelight..and that’s when you gotta enforce that age restriction.

        • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com tony grand$

          KRS-one IS hip hop.

          Any of y’all younger dudes that really want to research the culture, google him.

  • Avenger XL

    great post and excellent point TONY.

    Now I believe that artists should mature their sound with their audience and 40 something year old men shouldn’t be talking about seriously caping anyone or be caught up in youngster non-sense but someone made a good point when they said that the industry gears sells toward youth with disposable income. Older artists who have nothing to prove need to ignore them and reconnect with their audience with more mature material maybe on a indie tip. Part of the problem with this is the fact hip-hop is not respected as a art and the industry still shits on the most creative cats for the more charismatic cats. If artists come from a creative stand points and discuss grown man topics over great production their legacy is eternal but if they continue playing for the kids and trying to keep the flame alive they may as well call it a day.

    Some folks feel Jay-Z tried this and was over looked on kingdom come or even Dre on his Aftermath album but I think those albums were thrown together and there wasn’t musch soul in them at all. As we age our soul refines and our stories become more powerful in youth we are full of angst, confusion, hormones and emotion. The older emcees need to bring some soul to the game. Great examples of grown man rap.
    J-Live “and thenwhat happened”
    Little Brother everything they do
    Dres from black sheep “Novakane”
    Atmosphere “When life give you lemons”
    Brother ALI “THE truth”
    Andre 3 stakes anytime he breaths

    We need people who are not affraid to show their soul when they age not grown men acting invincible by the time you hit 30 you already know you ain’t immortal unlike in your 20′s when your biggest concern is what’s up on friday and can I get some stank on my hang low. Bring back the soul and the lane is there for aging artists in any genre see rock,R&B etc….

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com tony grand$

      Good looking Avenger.

      Yeah, Phonte & 3 Stacks are great examples of grown man music. I think one of Phonte’s illest verses was a joint (forgot the song) where he addresses his Pops walking out on him, then he grew up & did the same thing to his son. Deep.

      That may be part of Jigga’s problem. It was too tumultuous of a shift when he did it. Seemed contrived, as opposed to the natural feel (again, no homo lol!) of Stacks & Phonte.

  • dark vanilla

    Wow! I didn’t know Fat Joe was 39

  • Curtis75Black

    Everytime I see that “Grown Man” label being used I lmao because it’s something that has been done for ages – AGES Ya’ll but if you wasn’t ready for it, you wouldn’t acknowlege it. KRS went from Criminal to Spirtiual Minded, LL went from “Taking a Skeezer to the crib, Snatch off her Calvin Kliens” to “Luv you Better”, he went from someone who didn’t give a damn about politics to “All We got is the Beat, “Homicide” and “We Gonna make it”. Can’t forget about Chuck D, Ice-T and Ice Cube. There was no label. You knew it when you heard it but if wasn’t from that era it was Wack and Soft, feel me. You check it when you get mature or from that emcee you like.

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com tony grand$

      Now, don’t get me wrong, James Todd is a legend in his own right, but he never really came off as the “grown man” music type to me. It always appeared more a case of “I can make more money if I do it like this (take off his shirt, lick his lips, etc.)…”.

      Not to take anything away from being center stage @ 16, pitfalls & all, but @ the time of his “growth spurt” (around “Shots to the dome”), he was gearing a lot of his music towards the ladies only. It wasn’t a general “I’m an adult now, listen to me” feel about it. I ain’t mad, because look @ his name. Ladies Love. I just think he was paper chasing more than growing up.

      But he damn sure is grown now, just ask Def Jam lol.

      • Curtis75Black

        See Tony, That’s where I wonder about some of yall when it comes to a emcee like Uncle L. This nigga has always been “taking off his shirt and licking his lips” since “I’m Bad”.He worked out and got big in front of us !! Thats been his steelo for the ladies since the begining and he’s always had ladies on his Dick so what’s the big deal? I’m talking about the music, not the superfical shit. Eminem can change from a Homicidal maniac to Governor of Detroit and peeps will be fine but LL will always be looked at as a emcee who just had a female fanbase ? What about Jeezy, A pie sellin’ non rappin’ emcee. Can you look at him as someone who can find Christ later on and change his ways ? As far as “I’m an adult now, listen to me”, He shouldn’t have to say anything. You should already have heard it in “Crossroads, Buck em Down, Diggy Down, All we got left is the beat, Soul Survivor, Homicide, Dear Hip Hop “. Fuck those club singles.

        • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com tony grand$

          I feel you, but you used the word “always”. Certain things he’s always done. That’s his image. He never changed out of character. So where exactly would his growing up be? That’s been his steelo. I agree. From “I need love” to “baby”. That’s what he does. He shouldn’t have to say anything, because he’s been saying it. But it’s still the same basic thing. & it’s geared toward the females. He could’ve released whatever he wanted on Exit 13, single wise. He’s LL fucking Cool J! But, he stayed in character, & put out “Baby” ft The-Dream of all people.

          I never downed him as a MC, I said he’s a legend, but it’s not as dynamic a change as Jay-Z attempted. Jay went from selling dope to wanting to confess his sins to apologizing to his mom. That wound be the epitome of growing up, feel me?

        • Curtis75Black

          So, you’re talking about someone changing his ways, removing boy status to a man ? It’s not so much about the music then. More about the character he pushes. Jay came in the game with his debut as a rapper with a conceptual cd. I feel you on that, if you wanna hear him come across as a changed man who went from saying his verse in “Big Pimpin” to Marriage. Like I said, Its been done, you just didn’t acknowledge it from anyone else but Jay-Z. Nas did it also.

          I feel you though, he could’ve released anything he wanted to but when was the last time ya’ll paid attention to his Hardcore tracks ? 4,3,2,1 probably. He releases crazy tracks for Hip Hop heads but niggas dismiss those for the younger heads. This is the 1st time I seen “Ringtone Murder” even mentioned on this site.

        • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com tony grand$

          I got pulled into Jay or Cool J because those were the names being thrown out early on. You’re right though, it’s a lot more dudes who we could talk about.

          & LL is hard (as hell, ha!), no question. He drops hella music for the heads, but if we didn’t already like him from way back, or own his albums we wouldn’t know that, feel me?

  • Macdatruest

    Long as the love is there, why stop? You never know who’s listening and in the case of veteran rappers, who’s still listening. An old dog doesn’t have to learn new tricks to win a prize, he just has to avoid the “new tricks” competition lol. Go underground, or indie in your last days to get more money directly from your die hard fan base. You have a whole career worth of marketing and promotion behind you. Take it easy, have fun relax and focus on connecting with your fans. The only time a rapper should quit is when they have so much to prove as a “rapper” that they start to suck as a “musician.” Avoid that pitfall in the later years, and you’ll be okay. And stay away from Botox, that shit have you lookin like a grown ass lil boy (LL)

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com tony grand$

      “The only time a rapper should quit is when they have so much to prove as a “rapper” that they start to suck as a “musician.””
      Real talk, mac.

  • Tha1&Only

    Let the music speak for itself

    No Labels

    Wack is Wack

  • these posts are racist

    I don’t get it…so what’s your conclusion?

    • Avenger XL

      I take the conclusion as follows: Rappers need to grow with their audience like other genres of music rather than trying to appear forever young to stack paper appealing to the preteen and teen audience that the music industry keys on because of their limited minds and disposable income.

  • abdulnasir

    seriously, nice article tony, but dnt u think if we get rid of the 0gs like ice cube n ‘em, we’ll be left wiv alot of bubble gum rap? i mean rememba 1 of the reasons we respect jay-z is coz he isn’t bubble gum, despite being commercial. u cnt say the same 4 most of these new cats, can u.

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com tony grand$

      Thanks Abdulnasir.

      I’m just saying that these “legendary” cats we’ve been growing up to for years have been doing the same. Growing up. Or better yet, maturing, getting older, etc. I think their music should be a reflection of that. Every MC can’t be the “21 year old hot commodity”.

      There’s a lane for everybody.

      I really don’t mind the “bubblegum, mainstream, microwave, ringtone” music, but @ some point it should go beyond that, feel me? An example cats are using is Jay-Z. He had the right idea, but then it seemed like he wanted to go back to what the kids are doing. Problem is, he’s not a kid anymore. His music should reflect that. Not just him, but most rap dudes pushing 40, which there are a lot of.

      I think one can still represent hip hop, & rap his ass off with his hat turned forward & his pants pulled up, like a grown person should.

      & that’s why I didn’t mention the “new cats”, because they’re new. Still finding their way, setting the trends & starting the fads. Eventually, they’ll be in these guys’ position. Making (or attempting) to make music for THEIR fans.

  • El Tico Loco

    I don’t believe there should be an age limit on doing something you love especially if you’re still good at it, now if you can’t keep up with the young cats get out the way and go on tour, they brought back the Fresh Fest the 30+ crowd will support that shit and you can still eat and keep your respect at least among your now more mature audience. Now if you still killin it and you have universal appeal still Ice Cube, 3stax, GZA (you can tell they’re not trying) we still want to hear what they got to say (I still buy a GZA album even if is just to hear what conceptual song he puts on there ex: 0% finance, labels, fame, Queen’s gambit). One the other hand you have your Fat Joe’s that never really found an identity in the game and jumps on whatever bandwagon is popping just to keep his name out there but he’s making himself look bad doing it. He doing fine till he started dickridin the south and making ringtone music that was not a good look for somebody cosigned by Lord Finesse and Diamond D he was about to be on legend status just a step below GOAT now look at him.

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com tony grand$

      Under the bus I go…..

      If I was young enough to know nothing about DITC, Fat Joe would’ve fit in with the rest of the “industry”.

      But to be linked with Big L, Finesse, Diamond, Show & AG, then go running to Wayne & the likes, that’s a little hip hop credit lost.

      But keep in mind El Tico, a lot of folks don’t know about Diggin’ In The Crates, so those cosigns don’t mean anything to that generation, unfortunately.

    • $ykotic

      @ El Tico Loco

      Can I throw in “Animal Planet” by GZA?

  • Anti-Mainstream

    There should be NO age limit in Hip Hop. How the fuck is anybody too old to emcee? Better yet how could a person who’s only been rappin anywhere from 1 to 3 years spit better then somebody who’s been rappin for 20+ years, I don’t see the connection. This age shit is WACK and needs to stop. Kids need to stop saying that a rapper is too old once he’s 35 or older. My question to kids who do this is, will you still cop albums by weezy, TI, 50, Kanye, and Jeezy when they near 40? Next to downloading I think this is another reason why Hip Hop has been on life support because Hip Hop’s audience doesn’t respect it’s pioneers like other genre’s of music. We leave our pioneers for dead once they reach a certain age. It should be about skills and talent not age and record sales. Krs-One, Big Daddy Kane and Rakim are still lightyears better then anybody out today, E-40′s making the best music of his career since reinventing himself, Scarface and Too Short still put out pretty decent albums and Busta Rhymes, LL, and Snoop are still pretty relevent in their own right! Bottom line: If you ignore age, who’s the better and more talented emcees? The names I mentioned, or Weezy, Kanye, TI, 50, Rick Ross, and Jeezy?????

  • Stylistic

    I love the way blogs that mention 40 year old rappers make the 40′s sound like the 60′s. Okay rappers are turning 40 now, big deal. The 40′s aren’t that old. I agree with the comment above me, stop leaving our pioneers for dead and let’s respect them and involve them in today’s Hip Hop. Those who paved the way should be welcome back anytime, because if it wasn’t for the pioneers, the new bloods wouldn’t be here now!

  • brand-new

    yo tony! good to see you on here, you always speak the truth! as far as the topic, i don’t see any problem with old rapper as long as they keep it real.when nas dropped illmatic, i was the same age as him, so in a way you kinda grow with that artist as they progress through their career and its easier to relate to their music. u get what im sayin?

  • Curtis75Black

    This thread reminds me of the movie “Tap” Starring Gregory Hines. I have no idea if any of ya’ll seen that movie but there was a crazy scene where Sammy Davis Jr. and Sandman Sims confronted Hines while practicing. Hines in return told these Legends that since they are old with weak legs they can’t fuck with him, sort of speak which turned out to a all out Battle with Hines against all the legendary Tap dancer from the past. The scene was Hot as Fuck because not only did you see different styles, it showed age don’t mean shit if you still got the talent to Blaze !! Cutting a rapper off because of age is someone stopping you from writing about Hip Hop because of Yours.

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com tony grand$

      “Cutting a rapper off because of age is someone stopping you from writing about Hip Hop because of Yours”

      I never said “old rappers should stop”. I clearly made a distinction between rappers who have/should mature versus those stuck in the past or swept up among the whirlwind of current popularity status. Actually, I said a lot of things that would also reflect that.

      I used the word “mature” a lot too, denoting that age should find an individual in a place in life more advanced than their previous one. Never once have I advised that when a certain age is attained that anyone shouldn’t rap.

      That scene in “Taps” was pretty tight.

      • Anti-Mainstream

        Lol-Nah man I was just saying a lot of kids today from teens to early 20′s who listen to Hip Hop hate on the pioneers and think that once they turn a certain age they should put the mic down. I like this blog I’m not hatin on it. As for me I’m 28!

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Damn Tony G$………you got mad comments on this one. When is your official start date??? XXL is gonna be on your jock (for the way u hold down the keyboard)a la EPMD.

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com tony grand$

      Jhon, I can’t speak for nobody else, but I like to know that somebody wrote something they want to talk about, feel me?

      Conversations rather than “articles”, if that makes sense.

  • http://www.ronmexicocity.com Ron Mexico

    good shit, tony!

    i don’t believe in too old. just too lame. they’re not necessarily synonymous, but old niggas end up trying too hard and looking lame.

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com tony grand$

      Awwww snap!

      I got the Big Dawgs barking at me! Thanks Mex.

  • Domjel

    Good post. I’m a B-boy in my 30′s and I appreciate cats from my generation because their rhymes have more substance than these new cats who’ve grown under Jay-Z’s reign. Peace to the the following artists that have dropped quality material in the past year or so: Nas, Q-Tip, Ice Cube, Gza, Scarface, Ghostface, The Roots, E-40, Busta.
    Audi 5000G!

  • FlapJack

    Common is a great example of growing up with dignity. I want to hear his rhymes when he’s 70. Same thing goes for 3K.

    I might fuck with an album from Chuck D too actually

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com tony grand$

      Comparing “Can I borrow a dollar” to “UMC”, is like two different people. That’s that Badu cooch. Make a dude see things differently. She should jump off with a lot more rap cats. Maybe we can start getting some substance again.

      • FlapJack

        Voodoo-pussy should be mandatory for rappers pushing 40.

  • $ykotic

    I love it when good things happen!

    Pierzy he raise the bar Jordan style!

    There is an audience out there that is not buying rap music that is being alienated. And it’s hurting the industry.

    The 30+ hip hop heads. Yes the parents. The ones who grew up on rap. Who invested in these OG’s careers.

    They want someone to rap about paying bills and raising a family thru hardships.

    Make music for them. Not another project saying the same thing from when you were 20ish.

    And these eleventeen year olds can have their style wars for supremacy.

    “And my man Tony grand$ had to regulate…”

    Pierzy on deck!

    • $ykotic

      And a co-sign from “New Balance Talent”!

      • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com tony grand$

        Lol @ $yk!

        That’s what’s up!

        • Pierzy

          My man $yk…

          IF I really am up next, I know I have to really come with it. Mr. Grand did his damn thing!

        • $ykotic

          For real.

          grand$ is that blogger on the rise.

          Besides I read between the lines. They named you 2 from the door.

          To the other guys(EMCDL, DETROIT, JAMAL7MILE(did you enter?)) no bias but these dudes are my dawgs.

          Wanna see all of you bubble. You speak volumes up in here, up in here….

        • Jamal7Mile

          What’s up $yk?

          I really appreciate that nomination, bro!! Means a lot to me.

          But you know what? I’m really satisfied just being a commenter on “this thing of ours”… for now. Tony can hold it down, no prob. EmCdl, Pierzy, you, Amar, Tpar and the staff (Rob, Bol, Billy, Mexx, Datwon), yall got it man! Me, I’m just a fan, my man.

          In the meantime, I’m looking forward to hearing from ALL of you guys (where the girls at??) blog about our HH Community. Lets keep it going!!

        • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com tony grand$

          What up Mally Mall!?

          Thanks for the positivity, man. That’s what’s up, for real.

          Oh, you left out Jackpot. Lol.

          But, what’s HH?

        • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com tony grand$

          Wow. Hip hop. I suck.

          Oh well, it’s after 12am somewhere…….Happy Birthday to me!

  • amar

    whoa holy shit, ton grand$? congrats my man

    • Jamal7Mile


      What up TonyGrand$?!?! Congrats, man! Good to see you up top Bro! Great blog, too (60+ hits? Daaayum)!

      As always, CHEERS!!

  • jojo

    I find it difficult to listen to my heroes now not because of the issue of swagger, but it just seems as though they lose their hunger. When you attain a prominent position in hip-hop, it is difficult to make a record like “Everyday struggle”. Instead, the legends pour out “Jockin’ Jay-Z” to the masses.

    When you listen to Reasonable Doubt, you can sense the hunger and the grittiness in the subject matter, even if there are countless shout outs to materialism. Now that many of these rappers have claimed riches after being dirt poor, they tend to suck.

    I can see how Rakim or Kool G. Rap would be willing to put out an album after so many years, just based on the fact that their irreverence has become irrelevant. Jay-Z, 50 cent and countless others,on the other hand, I can give a shit about (Nas is the exception).

  • meech

    The RZA must be about 45 right?

  • K. Coleman Brown

    Well isn’t that just “Grand$”!!! this post is so on point. Honestly some of the rappers should invest in a “backwards umpire’s vest” (word to TG$) and some of them deserve a swift kick to the spine 4 having platinum AARP memberships and then having the nerve to be in the booth saggin tight azz wranglers with they jockey’s showin. KNOCK IT OFF HERB!

  • Sleepy Wonder

    Lets See Here…Who Is My Oldest Favorite Rapper (Golden Era)? Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, KRS-One, Theres So Many More, The Way I See It, If They Still Rap Better Than Most Rappers Out Today, Why Quit? I Know I’d Rather Pick Up A KRS Album Over Young Dro Or Mims.

  • Jhon da Analyst

    I feel ya cat……..

  • cliff

    As long as you can continue to drop dope material, keep doin’ it! Why must we put limits on this? No one tells the Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, or any other “old” white artist, or country singer, or any other type of music to sit down when artists reach a certain age, so why should rapper sit?

  • FlapJack

    And here it is, the hate:

    Why do I have a dicksucking competition going on in my inbox?

  • NM23

    Good Look Tony on the blog….your one of the few people on here with a voice of reason and well thought comments…here’s hopin this the first of many…..

  • Shawty J

    Excellent job, Tony!

    “Get the torch, light your fire, pass the torch & the circle of life continues………”

    I definitely gotta co-sign that statement

  • venom

    I’m one of the ones that is talked about. I feel that a meal is worth eating when the flock is fresh. old is an age not a skill. The older you are, the more dangerous you are. Ask Kane!!!

  • marz


  • 11KAP

    none of this is my concern.

  • http://www.myspace.com/emcdlthemusicprofile EmCDL

    Gotdamn son 83 comments! Well 84 now!