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  • http://xxlmag jb

    How is KRS not on that list? Your fucking crazy.

  • Jamal7Mile

    I love all 3 of those cats but BDK is the most pleasing to MY ears.

  • HERM

    “I’m rated R, this is a warning ya better avoid/Poets are paranoid, DJ’s destroyed”

    Good lookin’ out for this one.

    *bobs head while eating a sandwich*

  • ShowTime

    Rakim period!!That song aint even nothing.
    Check His song let the Rythem Hit’em..

    Whats Fucking with that?..Bar 4 bar thats One of the best Lyrical Concept track ever!! Before Nas made I gave U power, or Pharroah or Tupac Made, “me and My Girlfried..Rakim Did it. He’s a Lyricist Blue-Print..Uses No Curses, Gave Birth to countless Flows and Rhyme Patterns.

    Still Not Convinced.. Check, “The Punisher” of of Dont Sweat The Technique Album.

    Kane Is Smooth as Fuk, versatile,
    Charasmatic and Explosive but Rakim is nicer.
    And Im from Bk so U Know Im Not Bias.

    U can Find more Rakim shit that Can Not only keep up with Todays best MC’s but actually outshines them!!

    Kool G Rap: He Birth that crazy Multi’s that Em,Pun, Corey Gunz and Countless other use today. Plus he had the crime rap on lock!

    Kane has the best track on The mix tho.

    Len U chose whack songs for Rakim and Kool G Rap..What u tryna fix it fo Kane..haha!

    Yall can peep Let The Rythem Hit Em on my page
    Its located under Influences, The Vids on the left side of the page.

    • http://XXL GSIDE

      I don’t know big baby this might be rakim the god best work shit I ain’t heard this song since 1990 skiping school I never forgot the words.

  • tHe WoLf

    G Rap is the greatest pure lyricist ever. Word for word, verse for verse. That being said an argument can be made for The God, BDK, The Teacher (KRS-1) The Storytaler Slick Rick. But there is one guy that never gets his props and he is the most battle tested pure Em Cee ever. James Todd Smith (LL Cool J) Has he ever lost a battle??? No he has lit up Moe D, Ice T, Cannibus, Em Cee Shan. These were public battles, not none of that secret battle J-Zay shit. We know how his only known battle turned out. Ether LOL!!! Respect the man that built the greatest hip-hop lable ever DEF-JAM. And if you don’t think he can bring it lyrically ask his peers. Ask Kane about him LL & G Rap and the cipher that took place in the bathroom of LL hotel room. Or ask MM how great an Em-Cee he is and has always been. Or download some of is older and some of his new stuff on I-Tunes. LL Cool J is a great Em Cee, do your research, his career is the career any Em-Cee should prey for.

  • Mr.Len

    jb be eeeeeeasy man. The debate is about those three. Not the best of all time. You’ll see the KRS lunch debate soon. Personally I like Kane of those three.
    I miss writers of these guys’ caliber.
    LL has his own lunchtime mix…check Cool J Cookies

  • D-Block

    im a G Rap man myself but they are all dope