Make Her wanna lick the….Emcee?

E=MC^2, Square root( MC^2 )= +-MC, MC= Commercially Unsuccessful.( ehh…it sounded better in my head) Anyway…

I don’t know about you but I hate it when these so-called “hip hop heads” (who the heck is a hip-hop head in this day and age) ridicule today’s rappers for not being lyrical and call them rappers, but make a clear distinction that they’re not emcees (And I just hate the term “real hip-hop” what the fuck is that anyway?) Then when I ask what the difference is between the two, they give this bullshit answer about substance and lyrical ability, which are okay by today’s standards, but if you look back to when rap first started, the Emcee definition kinda implies that Emcee’s didn’t really develop until the 90s a.k.a. the era of the super lyricists.

Someone once sent me a link to this website, that supposedly teaches people how to rap…lol…yea I know.

Anyway,this quote is what had me raising my Eyebrow:

If you wanna learn how to rock big wigs and purple sequins, get the hell out
of here. You wanna learn how to improve your flow, spit wicked lyrics and
strengthen your voice (in other words, be a real MC) then you came to the
right place. I’ve been doing this for over a decade, and have learned what
works and what doesn’t in the rap game.

If you’ve been doing something like rapping for a decade and still haven’t gotten a bit of success, it’s time to do something else, and I can’t see why you’d be teaching your failure to other people.

I’ve also been to rap shows where some unoriginal backpack rapper thinks he’s a real emcee because he’s lyrical, bitterly yells out “this is real hip-hop”….and proceeds to rap the same old lines that every other backpack rapper raps…so what’s the point of being a real emcee if your music sucks…does it make you feel better to play the martyr and just rationalize that you’re unsuccessful because you’re real and real hip-hop doesn’t sell?…..well…let me tell you my friend…people still like “real” hip-hop….people still like Jay Z, Kanye, Wayne, Jeezy, Plies(more on this later…or did I just lose all my credibility…oh well), Lupe, T.I., and others who put good music or at least creativity, before everything else (except maybe money)…you see my friend…you just suck…you’re just one of those rappers who became a rapper because they were lyrical…not musical….well guess what…rap is hip-hop MUSIC, and “swag”(ugh..I mean personality…or some sense of it) is the new lyrics. In the 90s complicated lyrics were the “It” thing, and being successful meant you had to be lyrically “hot”. But I’m sorry to say, it’s not the 90s anymore, times have changed…but good music has always prevailed over both of those variables or “swag” and lyrics…step ya rap game up….and either rap about something other than A.) how good of a rapper you are and B.) general ass shit about how blacks live in ghettos and need to do better..or at least do it in a different way…because people want to be rapped TO…not rapped AT….and we get tired of the same ole thing.-P. Clark

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  • Phil

    Not sure what to make of this one. One side of me says “DUH”, the other is sick to death of bloggers complaining like they’re guests on “The View”. I mean, everything you’re saying is pretty much a given.

    • money

      real hip hop is any before ’97.

    • mo

      real talk this sounds like a letter to krs-one…I think swag is a big excuse for these new niggas with no skills though.

  • bongolock

    plies? last word i read before i stopped…

    • tony grand$

      I believe “real hip hop” to be the culmination of sound, artist & audience. It’s not even so much what you say, but how you say it, & how the audience feels when they hear it.

      “Real hip hop” isn’t a fad or trend. It’s the musical soundscape supplied to accompany the movement of the culture. There are “old heads” (as there are in any significant culture, that don’t believe in the new ways), but hip hop, the movement, can never be old. I believe ANY hip hop artist is a hip hop head, & in the same vein, not all hip hop heads rap. Some dance, some DJ, some sing, etc. Being a “hip hop head” doesn’t mean you have to be on the frontline getting your Ted Koppel on for the streets.

      Hip hop is about style, creativity, expression, which are all going to change every couple of years. Die hard puritans of the lifestyle might not always agree with the change, but that doesn’t take anything from the experience at hand.

      Hell, I’m not even sure this pertains to the post. I just saw some rambles & complaints & decided to give my 2 cents.

      • Pierzy

        What’s good, Tony…

        I feel you on your post.

        Just because Plies calls himself “real” doesn’t make it true, just like Wayne calling himself the “greatest rapper alive” also doesn’t make it true.

        If you don’t see the difference between the likes of Plies & Young Jeezy and the likes of Ghostface & Mos Def, then you need to open your ears.

  • Barry Washington

    co-sign completely

    since when the did the term emcee/mc mean someone was “lyrical”? last time i checked an MC was the master of ceremonies or as Rakim put it, one that can “move the crowd” . . . exactly im not saying you shouldnt be lyrical cause being lyrical is a def helper but you also need to have a good hook, good beat, good flow/rhythm thats what these “heads” or “backpackers” fail to realize shit is annoying

    and i could sit here and defend why plies is a good rap artist but im afraid close minded muh fuckers wouldnt go even consider it

    rap music should be enjoyed in balance, you can like mos def, talib kweli, jedi mind tricks, immortal technique, etc. and still like young jeezy, lil wayne, kanye, t.i., plies, rick ross, etc. and still be a real “hip hop head”

  • Chris Cash

    At the end of the day rap music is entertainment, and to be successful you have to produce music that entertains the public. These days all the lyrical artist and there fans have flocked to the internet ( the new underground), leaving a lane open for artist who just wanna make a quick buck to entertain the masses. As talented as anyone of those guys who graced the freshmen 10 cover is, they probably wont go mainstream because they are internet artist. My sister is 16 and she likes Plies and Bow Wow, she has no idea who Wale, Charles Hamilton, Asher Roth or B.O.B is because the music that entertains her is played on tv and the radio, but for me to be entertained i have to visit the internet, and thats bullshit.
    Swagger is nothing but charisma and througout the history of Hip-hop if u didnt have charisma u didnt go mainstream. Pac, Big,Hov,LL,Easy-E,Snoop etc.. all had good charisma.

  • Rembrandt

    I would mostly agree with you but good music doesn’t always make it to the top, and there is no lyrical ability in Gucci or OJ da Juiceman and they get heavy spins while someone like M1 from Dead Prez can create a song with substance and a catchy hook and beat yet get no exposure. Look at LL, his last single with the Dream fits perfectly into rotation yet he didn’t get any spins because he is considered old. Plies sucks, Ross sucks, and they aren’t bringing “good” or creative music to the table just regurgitating a formula.

    • Barry Washington

      i dun kno where u at kid but LL’s record with the dream got mad spins this summer up here in the NY/NJ area

      ross def dun suck i dun give a fuck bout his CO past and all his fabricated bull shit cause almost every rapper does it, Ross has def. elevated his word play and his last couple songs (mafia music, cigar music, magnificent) have def been quality tracks, theres no denying/disputing that.

      as far as Plies obv. hes not the most lyrical cat out there but he knows how to put songs together, he knows how to have a balance, knows how to make songs that people can relate to (people need to basing their opinions mainly off radio and dig deeper at an artist’s catalogue) if someone sat him down and showed him how to step his bar game up trust me hed be a problem, i look at him as a watered-down ‘Pac, maybe he can do what ‘Pac did and walk around trying to rhyme everything for a month (ha ive read he did that not sure in the authenticity of that)

  • Producer James Moore

    so does that mean XXL gonna change that column to “Step Your Swag Game Up”? or does that mean its about to be the 0-Teens and we can finally stop worrying about another man’s swag?

  • Josh


    My brother and I kind of have been arguing about this since November.

    We got into this big debate on a long car ride this weekend, because I don’t think certain songs by rappers qualify as rap records. Maybe they are Hip-Hop records, or at least Hip-Hop-ish, but they aren’t rap records.

    For instance:
    “Whatever You Like” by T.I.
    “Lollipop” by Lil’ Wayne
    “Love Lockdown” by Kanye West [Forgot to mention that one to big bro]

    It has nothing to do with lyrics. Those songs, TO ME (key words: To Me) are R&B/Pop songs. I’m not saying they are bad or that I don’t like them. They’re just not rap songs.

    Funny thing is my brother doesn’t consider “Sensual Seduction” to be a rap song. If you think about it though, that song at least has one verse where Snoop raps…

    I actually think that there’s a difference between a rap record and a Hip-Hop record. Rap records require rapping. Hip-Hop records are defined by a sound or a feel. Aaliyah was Hip-Hop. Mary J. Blige is Hip-Hop. R. Kelly is Hip-Hop. Lincoln Park is Hip-Hop.

    Those are clearly R&B artists (and whatever Lincoln Park is categorized as), but they all made countless Hip-Hop songs. Even when those songs didn’t feature a rapper.

    In any event, you’re starting to see a lot more rappers make pop songs and/or R&B songs. Are they still Hip-Hop songs? I guess. But they ain’t rap songs.

    Flo.rida is a good example. He kind of raps, but, TO ME, he’s really just making pop songs. They are Hip-Hop-ish. And the funny thing is, I debated this with some of your favortie rappers’ rappers the other day, who consider “Right Round” to be one of the hottest RAP records out right now. Go figure.

    It’s all subjective.

    Honestly, what stops “Summergirls” by LFO from being a rap record. As bad and corny as it was, TO ME, it’s more of a rap record than some of the other stuff out right now.

    I hated Limp Bizkit, but they kind of made rap records.

    I loved this Snoop song, but “My Medicine” sure wasn’t a rap song.

    In any event, I think your answer to the following questions answer the debate:

    1) Is “808s and Heartbreak” a Hip-Hop album, a rap album, both or neither?
    2) If Lil’ Wayne releases “The Rebirth,” will it be a Hip-Hop album, a rap album, both or neither?
    3) How do the record stores categorize these albums?

    • $ykotic

      1.Lincoln Park is not rap.
      Beastie Boys are hip hop.

      2.Bizkit is rock that rapped.

      3.Kanye put out a pop album.

      Your comparisons are answered through your Flo.rida thoughts. He is a rapper, not an emcee, which pertains to this post.

  • $ykotic

    The MAJORITY of people wanna be RAPPED TO about SOMETHING(LYRICAL CONTENT) and not RAPPED AT about NOTHING.

    Even the TI’s know this isn’t real hiphop these days. Why do you think they are shutting down all the video shows? Switching up the radio station playlists? Folding labels and dropping rap artists?

    When we had them spending hard from ’87-’99?

    Recession? Pop/Rock/Country still selling…

    • El Tico Loco

      Co sign

      Because the industry is nothing but charismatic characters that are well connected and sorrounded by yes men who will not tell them “HEY THAT SHIT WAS WACK!”. And there’s those that could kill it but will not bring their a game to the booth is the Fabo syndrome, you wouldn’t believe me if I told Fabo from D4L can really spit but I guess that goes to Fabolous too.

  • EmCDL

    I disagree with Plies liking real hip hop…he sure don’t speak it in his lame songs and extra non-organic presentation (LOL)…

    I started getting into your blog, then as I was reading it, I got lost on what you was talking about; first you were talking aobut the distinction between MC and Emcee, then all of a sudden started talking about some dude thats teaching how to rap online…i got lost man. Not hating on your post and all, but just got lost.

  • Curtis75Black

    Topics. It’s all defined nowadays with the topics the person is spittin’ about. Nowadays a rapper is talking about his money, sexual prowness, partying and fame. A emcee is spittin’ about world politics, uplifting his people and the decline of the culture. Of course there are some who has done both throughout their career, but might be looked at as either one because of image they portray. That’s where we come in. We know the difference but our biases stops us from accepting what’s right in front of us.

    Nas is Both
    LL Cool J is Both
    Ice Cube is Both
    Jay-Z is Both
    Busta is Both
    Eminem is Both
    Ja-Rule was Both
    Meth and Red are Both
    Ludracris is Both

    When you have a diverse catalog and able to have a good time with your lyrics, able to make songs and talk about many topics and not just a lyrical session about nothing you are Hip Hop. Not only that, sucessful. LL’s latest was a mixture of Hardcore lyrical Hip Hop, Smoothed out Hip Hop, Political Hip Hop, Party Hip Hop, Hip Pop and Cultural Substance for Hip Hop. It’s what you want to hear from emcee’s – Diversity.

  • http://xxl ryan

    this guy just said Kanye, Wayne, Jeezy, Plies are real hip hop. wat the hell is this guy smoking. real hip hop is not about just making money and portraying gangsta bullshit. none of these fools know anything about being yourself(maybe old kanye but he sold his soul for making more money).

  • Incilin

    Geez, maybe XXL needs to stop letting commenters go on. This post is weak.

    Honestly, do you think music is better today or was it better in the 90s? I’m a 80s baby myself, but the more I listen to 90s shit and compare it what’s out these days, it really don’t compare. In 1994 alone Doggystyle, Ready To Die, and Illmatic dropped (I’m sure I’m missing something there). From 2000 to this point I can only think of a handful of truly classic records. And even then, if given the choice between all of them versus just ’94, i’d probably go with 94.

    • tony grand$

      @ Incilin,

      Damn, that’s a harsh one. So all the guest bloggers catch a bad one because you think this one is weak?

    • DV8

      Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik by Outkast and Cocktails by Too Short and The Diary by Scarface (not sure about Scarface that year)

  • Curtis75Black

    @ Incilin, You mentioned 3 Classic debuts that came out of the 90′s. Now lets put this in perspective. In 94 I was graduating High School, hanging out with my peeps, not paying Bills, no care in the world. Of course the music was better then !! All I had to do as vibe and listen to what Snoop, Biggie, Wu and Nas was saying. All was relevant to that time !! But we are in 2009 now. There are plenty good music that’s been dropped but I feel some fans who grew up in that “90′s era” are too overcritical because it’s not the same. But those emcee’s aren’t the same either. They have grown and you should’ve grown with them if they’re still dropping music. The difference between the 90′s and now isn’t necessarily the music but the access. We know radio and tv shut Hip Hop out years ago, not breaking in the new acts we hear daily but we still hear them. Cd’s aren’t being pushed like they used to but we can BUY them over the net. We had party tracks and club bangers in the 90′s also. It all wasn’t street shit. Niggas just forget quickly and afraid to listen thinking all he’s doing is sounding like the “Hot” emcee instead of himself.

    • nellz

      co-sign to the fullest