E=MC^2, Square root( MC^2 )= +-MC, MC= Commercially Unsuccessful.( ehh...it sounded better in my head) Anyway...

I don't know about you but I hate it when these so-called "hip hop heads" (who the heck is a hip-hop head in this day and age) ridicule today's rappers for not being lyrical and call them rappers, but make a clear distinction that they're not emcees (And I just hate the term "real hip-hop" what the fuck is that anyway?) Then when I ask what the difference is between the two, they give this bullshit answer about substance and lyrical ability, which are okay by today's standards, but if you look back to when rap first started, the Emcee definition kinda implies that Emcee's didn't really develop until the 90s a.k.a. the era of the super lyricists.

Someone once sent me a link to this website, that supposedly teaches people how to rap...lol...yea I know.

Anyway,this quote is what had me raising my Eyebrow:

If you wanna learn how to rock big wigs and purple sequins, get the hell out
of here. You wanna learn how to improve your flow, spit wicked lyrics and
strengthen your voice (in other words, be a real MC) then you came to the
right place. I've been doing this for over a decade, and have learned what
works and what doesn't in the rap game.

If you've been doing something like rapping for a decade and still haven't gotten a bit of success, it's time to do something else, and I can't see why you'd be teaching your failure to other people.

I've also been to rap shows where some unoriginal backpack rapper thinks he's a real emcee because he's lyrical, bitterly yells out "this is real hip-hop"....and proceeds to rap the same old lines that every other backpack rapper raps...so what's the point of being a real emcee if your music sucks...does it make you feel better to play the martyr and just rationalize that you're unsuccessful because you're real and real hip-hop doesn't sell?.....well...let me tell you my friend...people still like "real" hip-hop....people still like Jay Z, Kanye, Wayne, Jeezy, Plies(more on this later...or did I just lose all my credibility...oh well), Lupe, T.I., and others who put good music or at least creativity, before everything else (except maybe money)...you see my friend...you just suck...you're just one of those rappers who became a rapper because they were lyrical...not musical....well guess what...rap is hip-hop MUSIC, and "swag"(ugh..I mean personality...or some sense of it) is the new lyrics. In the 90s complicated lyrics were the "It" thing, and being successful meant you had to be lyrically "hot". But I'm sorry to say, it's not the 90s anymore, times have changed...but good music has always prevailed over both of those variables or "swag" and lyrics...step ya rap game up....and either rap about something other than A.) how good of a rapper you are and B.) general ass shit about how blacks live in ghettos and need to do better..or at least do it in a different way...because people want to be rapped TO...not rapped AT....and we get tired of the same ole thing.-P. Clark