So, Lil Wayne's got a song out in which he sorta kinda disses 50 Cent. Does this mean Fiddy's gonna go after Lil Wayne?

Wayne hardly mentions Fiddy in "Let's Talk Money," other than to note that Pimp C, whom I'd take advice from, if he was still alive, told him not to bother addressing Fiddy. But you'd have to think that Wayne wouldn't even have said that much, unless he was purposely trying to bait Fiddy.

Because you know Fiddy has been chomping at the bit for Wayne to so much as mention his name. I remember there was an article at MTV News a while back, in which they asked him about some shots he took at Lil Wayne in that especially harsh dis record he had out, and Fiddy was like, "Yeah, I just threw that in there to see if he'd respond, so I could go after him."

If Lil Wayne would have responded back then, who knows? There might not have been any of this shit with Rick Ross, and his various baby's mothers, and what have you. And I don't think I need to remind you how brutal (i.e. hilarious) that's been.

On the one hand, I'm tempted to say it's a good thing Fiddy has devoted all of his energy as of late to going after Rick Ross. If he was trying to beef with Wayne, there never would have been a Pimpin' Curly, or a "Tia Told Me," or the sex tape, or that video of DJ Khaled's mother asleep on the job. But on the other hand, I can't help but wonder what Fiddy would have come up with to attack Lil Wayne.

We know Lil Wayne has two babies' mothers. There's one who's from down there where he's from, and with whom he had a daughter a long time ago. He was probably like 14 at the time, which would lead me to believe that she's some awful hoodrat, and hence highly succeptible to Fiddy's shenanigans. Even if she does have money now, you know how people who were raised in poverty lack the pride it takes to turn down money, if someone's offering. No shots at Jay-Z. Then there's this Chinese woman Wayne had a baby with last year, who's a joke waiting to happen, if only because she's Chinese. Fiddy, who doesn't even do this for a living, is clearly more talented at coming up with insults at I am. But if he needs any help coming up with insults re: Lil Wayne's Chinese baby's mother, I'll cut him a rate. It'd be worth it just for the potential "lulz," as they say in some corners of the Internets.

But I digress.

There's also the fact that Lil Wayne is a junkie, and he kisses another man on the mouth. Suffice it to say that Fiddy would have plenty of material to work with. While the Rick Ross beef seems like a perfect storm after the fact, Lil Wayne might be even more vulnerable from the curb.

The question is: would Fiddy be able to getty away with beefing with Lil Wayne? Rick Ross always was kind of a clown. Lil Wayne is a much more beloved figure. Last year, Tha Carter III did Vs. numbers, at a time when hardly anyone was even buying CDs. Meanwhile, the last 50 Cent album got pwned in its first week sales battle with Kanye West and then struggled just to go 1x platinum. If Fiddy goes at Lil Wayne, it might have the same effect as his beef with Kanye, i.e. mostly just making people pissed at Fiddy.

Of course, I'm Fiddy just goes for it anyone. Never mind whether or not very many people cop Before I Self Destruct. It's not like he's in any danger of running out of money. Indeed, in this beef with Rick Ross, it seemed obvious to me that Fiddy was in it mostly just for the fun of attacking. He could have stopped with the Pimpin' Curly and what have you, once his album was pushed back to "some time after the new Eminem album comes out," but he kept on anyway.

Here's hoping that same spirit guides him in his beef with LIl Wayne.