Lil’ Wayne, meet Pimpin’ Curly

So, Lil Wayne’s got a song out in which he sorta kinda disses 50 Cent. Does this mean Fiddy’s gonna go after Lil Wayne?

Wayne hardly mentions Fiddy in “Let’s Talk Money,” other than to note that Pimp C, whom I’d take advice from, if he was still alive, told him not to bother addressing Fiddy. But you’d have to think that Wayne wouldn’t even have said that much, unless he was purposely trying to bait Fiddy.

Because you know Fiddy has been chomping at the bit for Wayne to so much as mention his name. I remember there was an article at MTV News a while back, in which they asked him about some shots he took at Lil Wayne in that especially harsh dis record he had out, and Fiddy was like, “Yeah, I just threw that in there to see if he’d respond, so I could go after him.”

If Lil Wayne would have responded back then, who knows? There might not have been any of this shit with Rick Ross, and his various baby’s mothers, and what have you. And I don’t think I need to remind you how brutal (i.e. hilarious) that’s been.

On the one hand, I’m tempted to say it’s a good thing Fiddy has devoted all of his energy as of late to going after Rick Ross. If he was trying to beef with Wayne, there never would have been a Pimpin’ Curly, or a “Tia Told Me,” or the sex tape, or that video of DJ Khaled’s mother asleep on the job. But on the other hand, I can’t help but wonder what Fiddy would have come up with to attack Lil Wayne.

We know Lil Wayne has two babies’ mothers. There’s one who’s from down there where he’s from, and with whom he had a daughter a long time ago. He was probably like 14 at the time, which would lead me to believe that she’s some awful hoodrat, and hence highly succeptible to Fiddy’s shenanigans. Even if she does have money now, you know how people who were raised in poverty lack the pride it takes to turn down money, if someone’s offering. No shots at Jay-Z. Then there’s this Chinese woman Wayne had a baby with last year, who’s a joke waiting to happen, if only because she’s Chinese. Fiddy, who doesn’t even do this for a living, is clearly more talented at coming up with insults at I am. But if he needs any help coming up with insults re: Lil Wayne’s Chinese baby’s mother, I’ll cut him a rate. It’d be worth it just for the potential “lulz,” as they say in some corners of the Internets.

But I digress.

There’s also the fact that Lil Wayne is a junkie, and he kisses another man on the mouth. Suffice it to say that Fiddy would have plenty of material to work with. While the Rick Ross beef seems like a perfect storm after the fact, Lil Wayne might be even more vulnerable from the curb.

The question is: would Fiddy be able to getty away with beefing with Lil Wayne? Rick Ross always was kind of a clown. Lil Wayne is a much more beloved figure. Last year, Tha Carter III did Vs. numbers, at a time when hardly anyone was even buying CDs. Meanwhile, the last 50 Cent album got pwned in its first week sales battle with Kanye West and then struggled just to go 1x platinum. If Fiddy goes at Lil Wayne, it might have the same effect as his beef with Kanye, i.e. mostly just making people pissed at Fiddy.

Of course, I’m Fiddy just goes for it anyone. Never mind whether or not very many people cop Before I Self Destruct. It’s not like he’s in any danger of running out of money. Indeed, in this beef with Rick Ross, it seemed obvious to me that Fiddy was in it mostly just for the fun of attacking. He could have stopped with the Pimpin’ Curly and what have you, once his album was pushed back to “some time after the new Eminem album comes out,” but he kept on anyway.

Here’s hoping that same spirit guides him in his beef with LIl Wayne.

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  • allison

    UGGGGGGGG! Don’t you get it yet? Fiddy would not have baited Lil’ Wayne if he did not have something on him. He has a purpose behind everything that he does. Did you think maybe he got some dirt on Wayne in regards to Trina? He’s got something, he’s not stupid….

  • OG Matt Herbz

    I heard a Lil’ Wayne verse on a Keri Hilson song this morning and unfortunately it consisted of about 80% post-consumer recycled lyrics…

    …That’s why that nigga stays in the trash.

    Fuck him and 50 for being bitches about this shit. But, you got to think: If either one of them won a battle against the other, would it change anyone’s perspective of the respective loser?

    –OG Matt Herbz–

  • Rosco


  • $ykotic

    It would be interesting though….


    all 50 have to do is Post up that Mp3 of pimp C speakin out on fake gang bangers…

    then shouting out 50…


    as far as the battle don’t respond 50… he ain’t worth it… let that junkie/homo kill his self…

    im mean the south ain’t shit since pimp c died… niggas stand for anything now…


    50 went plat in six weeks… took jigga like six months…

    watch these Ross #s…

  • capcobra

    “ppl raised in poverty lack the pride to turn down money……”that’s a tuff ass statement champ….i think that’s the reason why 50 stay winning…niguz respect money and they “know” 50 rich…like it really don’t matter if jay sold his moms drugs and shot his brother over jewelry a chick bought then shitted on his team because jay rich…and it don’t matter if puffy jerks everybody he signs cause he it don’t matter if weezy a junkie because he’s rich..and no it don’t matter if dre buy beats as well as rhymes cause he’s rich….it don’t even matter if t.i snitched or not cause he rich..and it really don’t matter if kanye is gay or not cause he’s rich….it’s kinda like if a rapper ain’t have on a chain and a jersey then he was wack….nowadays metro jeans and scarves is way cooler than a broke nigga…remember when jay told ‘em “you broke you gon tell me”…niguz live by that…you seen the apprentice lately?…the rich man is always right…even more than that if hip hop fans was really real then they’d stop fuckin wit 50 n rick ross…..cause 50 violating g code by involving women n children the way he doing…and both of these dudes is fake gangstas wit real gangstas names….ain’t that the pot callin the kettle black…so who’s the biggest fraud?…rick ross because he ain’t paid like 50…ross need to study the mirror effect..stfu…get low and comeback like cam did…2-3 yrs later…other than that it’s a really a wrap..and now ross gonna come clean on b.e.t…wow!!…he only been in the limelight for 4-5 yrs..shit…weezy been out there for a good 10 or more…50 will murder wayne off rumors n gossip alone..banks gonna handle him lyrically…you know why right?…QUEENS MAKE THE BEST BATTLE RAPPERS…PERIOD….ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT…EVERSINCE KRS DISSED US..QUEENS BEEN ON SOME SHIT..DO THE RESEARCH.

    • $ykotic

      Cap you killed it. Nothing else to say.

      • squadwildin

        yea i like the idea that Banks will kill Wayne….most definitely…

        but one thing you forgot to mention….

        “Dont go to war if ya money aint right”

        Ross lost before he even started. Lil Wayne i dont know about…you dont know how much that nigga has…he could be exaggerating or may be he really does have it

        one thing is for certain. that suurip addiction is expensive…(along with the suspected cocaine addiction)

      • Tony Grand$


  • Worley

    50 is the greatest rap villain of all time. Only God knows what he has on Wayne. It’s going to be hilarious finding out.

  • RiZob

    the funny thing is, 50 cant even compare to wayne on the mic. but most of yall niggas gon swear 50 is winning even when its painfully obvious that 50 is not a good rapper. my guess is 50 will talk some slick shit and Wayne will ignore….wayne will put out better music…but people will stay say 50 is “wining”….Wayne’s next album will shit on 50′s…..and the world will keep on spinning….

  • Master Cheef

    oh, what a friday. the sun is shining and your boy is Cheefing some of the finest cheeba. I stay high, bitch. they dont call me Master Cheef for nothing.

    I’m from the dirty. Weezy gets a lot of love down here, but so do niggas like gucci mane, lil boosie, webbie, plies, and a bunch of other lames. Just as many white girls be buying weezy shit, too.
    I think most of the niggas down here dont be on the net, so they dont know bout wayne and baby smooching. After that, I have never been able to listen to him anymore.

    The problem with fucking with 50 is you’re fucking with the whole unit. Weezy is not seeing Banks lyrically.

    I would absolutely love to see wayne get ethered and never have to hear his gremlin voice again.

    Banks killed Game on “you aint authentic” (the hood made him cover up the buttefly, i’m gone make him cover up the other eye) and ross on “officer down”

    • render

      like you pointed out Waynes core audience is mainstream listeners (white ppl,fans of that kanye, louis vuitton, stay fresh type bullshit)…mainstream dont give a shit about banks or gunit

      unless they got pictures of wayne gettin diddy’d by superhead or something, 50 just doesn’t have the weight to seriously affect the career of anyone cept borderline irrelevant rick ross type rappers

      everybody and their momma knows wayne aint hood and never lived it like hes spits it but a cpl mill sold says they dont care

    • real is real

      Fuck quarter boy he’s a bitch messy like a hoe. Hands down ain’t fuckin with weezy and he fake ,talk bout ja. Turnaround did the same shit. quarter boys a pussy piss when the light ain’t on her. I jam wayne cause it jam fuck wut he do on his own time 2 b real a lot of y’all niggas on sum fuck shit,and on the banks shit he quarter boys bitch everybody know it and if he was fuckin with wayne he woundnt b quarter boys hypeman? lame the whole girl group lame get off the bullshit we know who’s better stop suckin quarter boys dick he ain’t payin ,,,,wait its said sum dude sayin quarter boy is payin lol .

  • amar

    foolshe’s a vietnamese hairdresser, not a chinese woman. Hilarious stereotype, but i bet she’s hotter than 75% of rapper gf’s. My theory that the more succesful a celebrity is, the uglier their baby mama does not apply in this case, seeing as how wayne looks like a deranged mountain goat and is quite possibly the ugliest motherfucker alive. Also, vietnames chicks are usually either super fugly or the hottest asian chicks ever, so i don’t doubt she’s a hottie.

    • Superstar Extraordinaire

      hahahaha deranged mountain goat….funniest shit ive read thus far

  • Keyser Soze

    NOBODY wants it with 50 & G-Unit. They’re the best rap group out!! Not to mention G-Unit has the streets & Jails on lock.

    • GorillaJoe

      Yeah, cuz we all know inmates are copping albums by the boatloads nowadays…

  • Bobo D

    If 50 ja rules(on the mic) or officer ricky’s(on the net) Wayne I’ll buy a copy of his next LP. Not download it but go to a store and pay for it.

  • Adam

    50 couldn’t win that one. Besides being untalented, 50′s probably looking a little poor self next to Weezy, who’s probably GTODT-era 50 rich by now.

  • Shawty J

    Does 50 have anything on Wayne?

    Does it matter, Lil Wayne should’ve been labeled an embarrassment a long time ago. In between is drug fiendness and his “platonic” make out sessions with Birdman, Weezy should’ve been labeled a joke. And 50 can’t even make fun of Birdman and Weezy tongue wrestling anymore, because he’s already done it.

    50 really has nothing to gain from a feud with Lil Wayne. Wayne mentioned 50, big deal, but Wayne has already established he isn’t going to feud with anyone, so if 50′s take cheap shots at someone who’s paying him no mind, he’s just gonna look like a moron. 50 may make a random cheap shot on a new record, but I doubt 50 is gonna pursue a beef with Wayne.

  • Vicious Seiger

    To tell the truth Wayne has too much dirt to be thrown back in his face. From Buck tapping Trina to Wayne kissing Baby to well… you get my drift. Lil Wayne is like a walking talking car wreck. If I didn’t know better I’d swear him and Flavor Flav came from the same genepool. Now I’m not here to hate Wayne because he does have a certain amount of charm but he’s like that cousin you love to have stop by and give you a good laugh but you’d never be caught hanging with him in public because you know EVENTUALLY he is going to embarass you. I for some reason and can see in next ten years around when his Waynamania stops running wild that he end up on VH1 or much worse BET with some sad ass excuse for a reality show [Maybe even with 50 like a nuevo Odd Couple revival].

    • tony grand$

      Lol. I gotta cousin just like that.

  • dark vanilla

    50 wants to go at Wayne, cuz he thinks he can do Wayne like he did Ja Rule. Problem is 50 has lost so much respect, that even if he went at a faggot like Wayne, he would probably come out on the bottom. Here’s an idea for 50, why don’t he quit beefing with everyone and actually work on his album and lyrics. Maybe that will help him sell instead of these gay beefs with Southern rappers. Thats the way to get respect. Come out with good music, not diss everyone in the rap industry.

  • black

    Normally i would say that Weezy has so much shit in his closet that 50 would body him easy.But when those pictures surfaced of him and Birdman kissing i really thought he was done,but it only seemed to help him…
    But then again that kissing shit is Black maffia shit right?(

  • Stan

    Wait a minute DV…. So your sayin the key to bein successful and sellin lots of records, is actually takin the time to write clever lyrics and just tryin to make genuinly hott music?!?! You kno that just sounds crazy enuff to work… (Busts out the paper and pen, throws J Armz into the Labtop… Deletes YouTube account)