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General consensus is that the next generation of hip-hop MCs don’t have the chops to carry this thing of ours into the future. While I thoroughly disagree with popular opinion, I have noticed something: Most cats put the responsibility of solely on the MCs shoulders, but what about the hip-hop producers? Which one of the game’s beatsmiths will take rap to new heights?

The last producer to come in and completely change the game was Kanye West and that was over five years ago. Not only did the Louis Vuitton Don save the Roc (along with Just Blaze), he saved the best beats for himself and became a certified superstar. Everyone came to snatch up a track from Ye, even pop stars like Janet Jackson and Brandy sought West out to save their sorry ass careers. But since Kanye which hip-hop producer has truly emerged to help restore the feelings? Here are a few that I feel may have a shot. Who are ya’ll feeling? – Rob the Music Ed


What the fuck happened?!? “A Milli” was the perfect track to jump start homie’s career. Bangladesh has ALWAYS had a respectable track record producing songs like Ludacris’s “Ho” and “What’s Your Fantasy,” but after “A Milli” dropped he followed it up with “A Milli Pt.2″ aka his own “Adidas” and “A Milli Pt.3″ aka Beyonce’s “Diva.” And even though he did “Bass” for Busta Rhymes, fans just over looked it, even though that track was CRAZY! This guy needs a new banger and quick.

Polow Da Don

He had and still has a legitimate shot. Rich Boy’s “Drop” is a dope record with a MONSTER ass beat. Still most of Polow’s memorable shit is his R&B tracks. I mean Nas’s “Hero” was cool but almost a year later who still bumps that? Still with a new Rich Boy project on deck, you can never count out Low.

J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League
This Florida based production trio has been killing shit for a minute. With heaters like Rick Ross’ “Maybach Music” and “Magnificent” under their belt these cats are in prime position to take over the game. These are also the cats that did Young Jeezy’s “Bury Me a G,” but they hit a bump in the road when they got with 2 Pistols. They did like 70% of his debut album (Death Before Dishonor) and it just didn’t take off like it should have (probably because it was 2 Pistols and not a more capable MC). I remember once talking to Rick Ross and telling him that he should enlist JL to do his ENTIRE album, but then again what do I know; I’m just the Music Ed.

I’m not quite sure how popular Exile will be in the long run, but I’d be damned if he ain’t dope. While his Below the Heavens album with Blu is his defining work, let’s not forget he produced the best song on Mobb Deep’s brick of a G-unit album (“Pearly Gates”). His Radio album was real experimental and may turn some mainstream fans away, but really, there is no fronting on this guy.

Most recently the homie produced Busta’s “Respect My Conglomerate,” but he’s been putting down for a minute doing joints for 112, Eminem, Bishop Lamont and Christina Millian. Rumors are that he is working on Dre’s Detox and if that ever drops Focus will be in position to take over the game.

Don Cannon
It will be interesting to see where Cannon takes his career now that he has split from DJ Drama. He doesn’t have a ton of credits under his belt, but the shit that he has definitely knocks. Outkast’s “The Art of Story Tellin’ Part 4,” Jeezy and Hov’s “Go Crazy,” 50’s “Man Down” and my personal favorite “Circulate” off of Young Jay Jenkins’s The Recession album. Can’t wait to hear more from dude.

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  • Arrogant_Al

    the better question is will their ever be another young PREMO, or Dre or Timberland……them dudes in their prime were sick.

    i like Neo the Matrix….dude has a long track record of hard beats

    M-16 dropped some tracks for rich boy in the past

    Hi-Tex been on the decline as of late

    Swiss……fuck happened to Swizzy?

    ehh…seems like the producer game is strugglin just as much as the rap game.

    T.I. got DJ Tomp though….that niggas beats are on some other shit…

    • og bobby j

      a young primo…nah…but a primo understudy in statik selektah…his shit is fire.

      • Pierzy

        Co-sign on Statik Selektah

        • Silky Johnson

          Co-sign on Statik Selektah.

          That new album that Statik & Saigon did in 24 hours is gonna be fire.

  • Rudedogg

    I like Vinny Idol

  • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com tony grand$

    I like what the J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League are doing with the music, kind of bringing a 90′s feel to it, but I really think the next producers that may really blow is Cool & Dre. It’s just a matter of time before notoriety carches up to their body of work.

    They’re so low key that most of the time people don’t know it’s one of their tracks. It’s a lot of good beatsmiths, but C&D don’t just stick to a stable of artists, they venture out.

    • capcobra

      champion…what’s good?…i think cool n dre in the kitchen cooking up some heat since christina milian with the dream now….lol

      • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com tony grand$

        Ha! Yeah, they gotta couple of tricks up their sleeves from what I hear.

        *sidenote…..ya boy Boo Boo is a beast right now, right? I hate to admit it, but I have some new respect for dude. Of course not music wise, but I may have to buy this “50th law of power” book I heard about.*

  • Mas

    Black Milk!

    • http://www.dronkmunk.com/search?q=wu dronkmunk


    • Stuey

      How in the fuck do you mention these tools over Black Milk! He puts 10x the music those hosers do, and it’s 10 fucking times better. NExt greeeeaaaaaat producer is BLACK MILK fuckers! Sit on it.

      • http://www.myspace.com/emcdlthemusicprofile EmCDL

        Co sign on that! Denaun Porter is the truth too, and Khrysis…

        Why isn’t Alchemist on the list? Dude makes fire and been making fire for a hot minute…

        DJ Babu ain’t on the list either ya’ll trippin…if anybody the next Preemo its him…Preemo himself said so…

  • capcobra

    kanye…toomp…focus….statik selektah…scram jones and hi tek.




    wow! 4 sum reason i could’ve swore i was gonna see Drumma Boy up there, & u had da nerve not 2 put Zaytoven on the list. u will remember those names.

    • Rob the Music Ed

      don’t worry… I know who Drumma and Zaytoven is. This is just a short list to get the convo started. I forgot Toomp too.

  • Harlem World

    Tha Bizness
    Neo Da Matrix
    Drumma Boy

  • yoprince

    zaytoven makes perfect beats for gucci but I don’t think anybody else wanna rap over that bullshit.

    ya’ll gotta remember the thing with kanye is EVERYONE wants a Ye beat.

    I dunno, I’ma have to think about this one. Everyone mentioned in the post and comments are decent or better but not change the game level.

    “now everybody tryna make the blueprint 2 b4 Hov”.. they not on THAT level.

  • General

    All the next great producers are chained up in the Aftermath studios tryin to finish Detox

  • Victor

    Black Milk, surprised you overlooked him. Dude was easily the best producer last year with Tronic and The Preface (so slept on its embarassing).

  • El Tico Loco

    9th Wonder, even tho I’m still mad about “wake up” with Luda and Common.
    The Runners, Khrysis, Black Milk, Don Cannon Dam, the list can’t help being short and this one here’s stretch Nitty.

  • louie mo

    that list was on point and some of the producers that people posted are also good ones as well………. but with the exception of exile none of these cats really held down a whole album…….. and when that happens and that album blows up you will see the next great producer……..

  • Cal

    Beats dont mean shit if nobody’s killin them!

    The producer is a necessary accessory but he only does back up, if these clowns cant spit hard enough to hold hip hop up, it aint the producers fault!

  • http://www.xxlblocktalk.com/INDOE INDOE

    Black Milk is up there but who’s gonna give him a bigger shot ?

    These idiots out here are caught up in glossy bullish rather than good music .

    Kanye i think is still got something up his sleeve . With the 808′s album he really went to another level of production and proved it with the success of his album .

    I still hold out hope though that RZA will get back on that early WU sound . I know the question was about the next big soundman but to me RZA always deserves a mention somehow .

  • epinz

    El tico took the word right out my mouth! They the only good new ones..also illmind and nottz!

  • Romil

    DJ Khalil better than everyone you mentioned.
    Dj Toomp is another one. They both have signature sounds. Bangladesh is pretty hot but we need to hear more of him with different artist.

  • $ykotic

    The list would grow if cats would step their raps up. Producers are suffering due to lack of exposure.

    9th Wonder(that Buckshot collabo is decent)
    Black Milk



    Rick Rock has been in the game since 96′. His beats are Bangers. His style is untouchable. Slappers. He’s produced tracks for E-40, Jay Z, Snoop, 2pac, G-unit.

    -Bay Area

  • Yayza

    Bangladesh and Polow are wack as fuck. Everyday Bangladesh song is just A Milli. Seriously. Listen to any song he’s produced after A Milli. They all sound exactly the same. As for Polow, dude can barely make a beat without using some preset sound from garageband or some shit. Fuck em both.

    Exile on the other hand is one of the illest producers I’ve seen in a minute. I was gonna post the video of him flipping A Milli, but apparently it’s been deleted. If you have a chance to watch it, please do. You’ll be blown away.

    • http://www.myspace.com/emcdlthemusicprofile EmCDL

      Yeah Exile is a beast…dude be doing straight up shows flipping shit with the MPC…shit is ill as hell

  • Yayza

    Oh yeah, how could I forget Statik Selektah?

  • Prince Caesar

    I haven’t heard of any upcoming producers that are hot because of most of them are producing for a bunch of wack niggas, anyway. I think Alchemist is one of the best in the game, period. I’ve never heard a wack beat from him. The white boy from Beverly Hills is doing it. Shout-Outs to Yeezy, Statik, and DJ Premier, too.

  • Josh

    Frequency damnit!

  • nellz

    Manny Fresh

  • http://www.xxlmag.com 615banga

    Justice L.E.A.G.U.E.

    Don Cannon

    The Runners


    Zaytoven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 (he does all guccis tracks)

    and Drumma Boy too

    Vinny Idol

    Black Milk

    and Bangladesh (he did that beat for tay dizm too, shit was bangin)

  • Young History in the Making

    I would say bangledesh…maybe drumma boi (if he can stop with the rising synth noise in every track..) justice league maybe….i wouldnt count out swizz tho…(he had his run in the 90s tho) but definately not polow the don if he keeps up with the a milli rip-offs

  • FlapJack

    Plain Pat & Emile (whoever does the producing)
    Nick Catchdubs? Did he do most of A mixtape about nothing?
    Dot da Genius

    Mick Boogie and Terry Urban both need their props

    That Adele shit was crazy nice