General consensus is that the next generation of hip-hop MCs don't have the chops to carry this thing of ours into the future. While I thoroughly disagree with popular opinion, I have noticed something: Most cats put the responsibility of solely on the MCs shoulders, but what about the hip-hop producers? Which one of the game's beatsmiths will take rap to new heights?

The last producer to come in and completely change the game was Kanye West and that was over five years ago. Not only did the Louis Vuitton Don save the Roc (along with Just Blaze), he saved the best beats for himself and became a certified superstar. Everyone came to snatch up a track from Ye, even pop stars like Janet Jackson and Brandy sought West out to save their sorry ass careers. But since Kanye which hip-hop producer has truly emerged to help restore the feelings? Here are a few that I feel may have a shot. Who are ya’ll feeling? – Rob the Music Ed


What the fuck happened?!? "A Milli" was the perfect track to jump start homie's career. Bangladesh has ALWAYS had a respectable track record producing songs like Ludacris’s “Ho” and “What’s Your Fantasy,” but after "A Milli" dropped he followed it up with "A Milli Pt.2" aka his own “Adidas” and "A Milli Pt.3" aka Beyonce’s “Diva.” And even though he did “Bass” for Busta Rhymes, fans just over looked it, even though that track was CRAZY! This guy needs a new banger and quick.

Polow Da Don

He had and still has a legitimate shot. Rich Boy's "Drop" is a dope record with a MONSTER ass beat. Still most of Polow's memorable shit is his R&B tracks. I mean Nas's "Hero" was cool but almost a year later who still bumps that? Still with a new Rich Boy project on deck, you can never count out Low.

J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League
This Florida based production trio has been killing shit for a minute. With heaters like Rick Ross' "Maybach Music" and "Magnificent" under their belt these cats are in prime position to take over the game. These are also the cats that did Young Jeezy’s “Bury Me a G,” but they hit a bump in the road when they got with 2 Pistols. They did like 70% of his debut album (Death Before Dishonor) and it just didn’t take off like it should have (probably because it was 2 Pistols and not a more capable MC). I remember once talking to Rick Ross and telling him that he should enlist JL to do his ENTIRE album, but then again what do I know; I’m just the Music Ed.

I’m not quite sure how popular Exile will be in the long run, but I’d be damned if he ain’t dope. While his Below the Heavens album with Blu is his defining work, let’s not forget he produced the best song on Mobb Deep’s brick of a G-unit album (“Pearly Gates”). His Radio album was real experimental and may turn some mainstream fans away, but really, there is no fronting on this guy.

Most recently the homie produced Busta’s “Respect My Conglomerate,” but he’s been putting down for a minute doing joints for 112, Eminem, Bishop Lamont and Christina Millian. Rumors are that he is working on Dre’s Detox and if that ever drops Focus will be in position to take over the game.

Don Cannon
It will be interesting to see where Cannon takes his career now that he has split from DJ Drama. He doesn’t have a ton of credits under his belt, but the shit that he has definitely knocks. Outkast’s “The Art of Story Tellin’ Part 4,” Jeezy and Hov’s “Go Crazy,” 50’s “Man Down” and my personal favorite “Circulate” off of Young Jay Jenkins’s The Recession album. Can’t wait to hear more from dude.