So, Jim Jones might be getting back with his hetero life mate Cam'ron. Whoopty frickin' do.

Jones was on Funkmaster Flex yesterday trying to generate interest in Pray IV Reign, and he suggested that the two of them might be able to patch things things. He admitted he'd been selfish in the past, and said he'd like to sit down with Cam to talk about a possible Dipset reunion.

Actually, I took it at him mocking Cam'ron, rather than genuinely extending an olive. If you notice, this is being reported everywhere as a potential Dipset reunion, but if you look at the actual quotes, it sounds like Jim Jones is just patronizing Cam'ron, for the sake of his own ego. Like, "Now that I've got umpteen record deals and a fake exec position with Wonder Brothers, making Bugs Bunny money, I'll let Cam'ron crawl home and hang out with me again. I hope he's learned his lesson."

One problem though: Cam'ron is hardly out of the game. He's got an album coming out soon, too, and what's there to say it's gonna do any worse than the new Jim Jones.?

Yeah, Jim Jones somehow fucked around and made an album that wasn't half that bad, not to mention an album that managed to sell remarkably well on Koch Graveyard ($7 an album x 500,000 copies sold = ballin'!), but that was three years ago. And "Na Na Na," the single from Pray IV Reign is as gay as a three dollar bill.

On the one hand, it's hardly surprising that a Jim Jones song would suck balls. The guy's hardly a better rapper than I am, and I don't even rap. He's the true spiritual heir to 2Pac. Never mind that guy The Realest.

But on the other hand, you'd think Jim Jones would take extra special care to make sure he didn't blow this. He's got a shedload of money now; he could have brought in ringers. But to listen to "Na Na Na," it's obvious he doesn't have anyone surrounding him that felt comfortable telling him he was playing himself.

Prediction: Pray IV Reign won't do nearly as well as Hustler's P.O.M.E., despite the major label backing. It'll be like the weeks leading up to the release of Curtis, when Fiddy was going around talking about how his last album sold 8 million copies, as if that all but guaranteed his new album would do just as well. Then it didn't, and he hasn't been quite the same ever since. Six weeks from now, working with Jim Jones probably isn't gonna sound tempting in the least bit.

Then there's the fact that I'm not sure why we should give a shit about Cam'ron and Jim Jones getting back together. This isn't Nas going back into the studio with DJ Premier. I reviewed that Dipset album when it came out four or five years ago (yikes!), and I don't recall any notable songs featuring the two of them together. Same thing goes for their various solo albums.

If you think about it, a song with Cam'ron and Jim Jones might be retarded. Ignorant though he may be, Cam is a master craftsman with the lyrics, where as Jim Jones is... erm, the rightful spiritual heir to 2Pac. He's probably better off having the entire song to himself, to adlib and what have you.

The only way I could see a Cam'ron and Jim Jones reunion being worth my while is if they united for a common cause. Like, if the two of them got together to take out Jay-Z. Or at least to mock him viciously. If they do, they can email me, and I'll contribute fag jokes on the strength - not because I have anything against Jay-Z personally, but just because I feel the spirit of competition has gone out of hip-hop.

What do you fruits think? Are Cam'ron and Jim Jones really gonna get back together? Should we give a shit? Speak on it.