Cool & Dre vs. Dr. Dre

Where’s the Love, Ross?

A couple weeks ago in the beginning of the 50 Cent vs. Rick Ross saga, Ross made an interesting musical comparison between himself and 50. Like everyone who 50 has had an issue with since the sales battle with Kanye, Ross went on to say that 50 only creates fake beefs because he doesn’t make hit records anymore. But the interesting thing Ross said was something along the lines of “You’ve got Dr. Dre, I got Cool and Dre.” I think this was somewhat of a slap in the face to Cool & Dre.

In my opinion, Dr. Dre is the G.O.A.T. Hands down. You can’t deny that he is still one of the best producers in the game if not the best. However since Ross came into the game, is it crazy to think Cool & Dre have had more commercial success than Dr. Dre?

Since the Documentary and The Massacre dropped in early 2005, Dr. Dre has had 5 joints on The Big Bang, 4 on Kingdom Come, 3 on Blue Carpet Treatment, 1 on Hip-Hop is Dead, 3 on Curtis and 2 on Young Buck’s Buck the World. Outside of those albums which are mostly artists within Dr. Dre’s inner circle, he has been relatively quiet while “putting the finishing touches” on Detox for the last four years.

Since Port of Miami dropped in 2006, along with the two songs Cool & Dre had on that album, they’ve crafted beats for Young Jeezy, Beanie Sigel, Chingy, DJ Khaled, Freeway, Joe, Tru-Life, Yung Joc, Ace Hood, B.G., Fat Joe, David Banner, Gym Class Heroes, Lil’ Wayne and more.

They produced The Game’s “My Life” featuring Lil’ Wayne which got major play on MTV, and Nas’ “Make the World Go Round” featuring Chris Brown and The Game which also had mainstream success. Jay Rock’s new single featuring Lil’ Wayne & Will.I.Am, “All My Life” is also produced by Cool & Dre and the video runs on MTV Jams at least five times a day. Time and time again, they continue to prove their ability to make hit singles.

So with “I Get It In” being available on iTunes over a week now and it continuously dropping on the charts, does Ross actually have an advantage with Cool & Dre given their recent commercial success or will 50 & the Good Doctor really bring the heat on Before I Self Destruct?

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  • nellz

    i haven’t liked Dre’s production in years.

    • mo

      Dr dre’s production on the Chronic alone puts him in a class by himself forever.

    • Wilhelm

      You can’t compare a legend like the doctor to Cool & Dre. Dre is in a class of his own!

      • croco face

        still dre

  • Pierzy

    Cool & Dre have been more successful in recent years because Andre Young hasn’t really put much out lately. As far as a classic catalog, it’s obviously no contest, but when you don’t put anything out, how can you be successful?

    That’s like saying D-Wade, Kobe & LeBron have been more successful on the court than Jordan, Magic & Bird in recent years.

    • Arcey

      I see what you’re saying & it’s true. Those legend became coaches, owners & entrepreneurs and, IMO, Dr. Dre is in the same position, i.e. he can’t rap about Chronic, gangsta shit or even fucking broads (since he decided to do Detox 5-6 yrs. ago when pillow-talking with his wife).

      At the same time there’s lots of joints that leaked with Andre Young as producer (“Topless” with T.I. & Nas, amongst them) they just didn’t make the charts, can they still be considered dope?

    • Wilhelm

      Cool & Dre produces for fake-ass “rappers” like Fat Joe, Lil’ Wayne and Ross!

      Tv and radio never air real rap!

  • Trouble

    I agree with Nellz, Dre hasnt been as prevelent as other producers lately. I know he is of a higher caliber so to speak, but you gotta keep putting fire shit out to hold ur #1 spot. I personally think producers like Mannie Fresh, Timbaland, and Cool & Dre, are better than Dre because there more consistent with bringing fire tracks and hits to the table on a more regular basis. This aint the mid 90s, u aint the best producer of GP anymore

  • Jamal7Mile

    Cool and Dre… Hmmmm… I know they are hot producers. Thing is, I don’t know when I’m listening to their work!

    RIGHT NOW I am checking for who ever made the beats for Rick Ross’ “On Top Of The World.” I think it’s a crew called the Justice League, but I’m not quite sure.

    I’m one of those cats who listens to the beat FIRST before paying attention to the emcee’s lyrics (sorry NYC).

    I automatically KNOW when I’m hearing a Doc Dre beat, a Preemo beat, a J Dilla beat (yeah, I’m a lil biased on that one), or even a Quincy Jones’ beat for the first time. Cool and Dre make pretty diverse music. I’m sure that I’ve enjoyed their music w/o knowing that it was them when I turn on the radio.

    I’m born and raised from MOTOWN! I love Aretha, Marvin, Tops, Temptations, J5, etc… and I have no idea who made their beats (eh, that’s a white lie, I do know! but you know what I’m saying).

    DeeJaying/Production is not the most popular Element in the Hip Hop Community (any more) so it’s rare when they get shine (spotlight) unless they can rap, as well.

    I wanna type more… but fuck it!

  • OG Matt Herbz

    Cool & Dre? Are you fucking kidding me? Dre is a straight up bitch nigga. None of their shit has much stamina–you bump it for a week, then it’s played out. Dr. Dre knows how to make a beat that will still sound tight after 10 years. Rick Ross, nigga please.

    –OG Matt Herbz–

    • Jamal7Mile

      What’s up Matt?

      I absolutely agree with your “Dr. Dre” sentence. I got all of his released beats/lyrics burned into my brains, like everyone else.

      “Rick Ross, nigga please.”-OG Matt Herbz-

      I don’t care for him either, Matt, but go to XXL’s Banger section and scroll down to Rick Ross’ song that’s called “On Top Of The World” … it came out about a month ago. Remove ALL hate first and check that song out. I like it because of the BEAT and Avery’s singing (no, I LOVE it). I couldn’t quote one Rick Ross lyric on that track, either, because I just don’t give a fuck. But he do keep up with the beat!

      Hard to explain… just go check out that song, Matt… trust me!!

  • Curtis75Black

    To some degree, yeah he does: Since there entry they have been Beasts with countless Hits for a Diverse set of emcee’s. But that’s where it stops though because Dre has been doing it for so long you can’t really shit on his legacy. You can’t hold him on a pedistal either because just like rappers in Hip Hop – Out of sight, Out of mind. You have to stay bringin’ the music or it’s “fall off” Status. Dre Has to reinvent Himself.

    • Jamal7Mile


      Cool and Dre are trying to get to D.R.E.’s level, but for some reason, it’s not working… at least, FOR ME, it’s not. I can’t speak for everyone else.

      DOCTOR DRE need to do something quick!! That “Crack a Bottle” was… aaiight.. not classic.

      Hey Curtis, don’t mean to put you on the spot or nothing, but what is your Top 3 Dr. Dre tracks/rap or whatever?


      1. “Let Me Ride” the beat! Why? IDK! It just is!

      2. “Dopeman, Dopeman” NWA, again IDK why. It’s just a plain ol classic!

      3. “Been There, Done That” Again, don’t laugh!! That beat is… WOW man! I’m speechless…

      • Pierzy

        Can I hop in here?

        The three that jump to mind right now are:

        1. “Still D.R.E.” – Dr. Dre f/Snoop Dogg
        2. “It’s Funky Enough” – The D.O.C.
        3. “Just Don’t Bite It” – N.W.A

      • Dub Sac

        I’ll jump in, too:

        1. “My Dad’s Gone Crazy” – I like the orchestral break in the last verse.

        2. “Deez Nutz” – super funky, even though it uses the same drums as “The Day the Niggaz Took Over”.

        3. “Pump Pump” – it’s just nice-n-dirty

        • anutha_level

          can’t forget:

          “real niggaz don’t die” – nuff said

          “the formula” & “let the bass flow” – off that D.O.C.

          “one blood” – game’s shit – ILL!

          ….to name a few

        • Pierzy

          Dre didn’t do “One Blood.” Actually, he didn’t do ANY beats on Game’s 2nd album.

  • tony grand$

    When I see “produced by Cool&Dre” I just nod my head, like “of course”. When I see “produced by Dr. Dre” I say “oh shit, he still does really make music! I almost forgot”.

    Point is, C&D are very relevant to what hip hop is doing right now. & a lot of times folks wouldn’t even know that they’re the ones who did the track, they just know they like the song.

    Dr. Dre is like a hip hop Quincy Jones. He’s a tree with dozens of branches. He’s a legend. But, he’s not out there working with the people. What Detox? He might as well relapse (no Marshall). Cool & Dre are going hard, have been for years, & all the accolades are well deserved.

    Just to be mentioned in this article alongside Dre shows how far Cool & Dre have come.

  • the guy hu cant stop laffin

    i got a few words ha ha ha ha ha

    who wud win in a fight a lion or the deer?

  • capcobra

    dr.dre buy beats so i gotta go with cool n dre.

  • amar

    cool and dre are very good, but it’s about quality not quantity. Everytime i listen to still DRE i still get goosebumps

    • Jamal7Mile


      Still D.R.E. is a “movement” song! How many rappers out there got songs that can be classified as an EVENT??

      Really… a Hip Hop EVENT!! I know some of you signed MCs are reading this. I’m a fan and I want to hear some EVENT songs. A few MCs came close when Obama got elected… just didn’t quite make it over that hump (good try though).

      D.R.E. was addressing EVERYTHING on a hot track that won’t ever be forgotten.

      Amar, those goosebumps are Scott Storch (sp) tickling the ivories and Dre’s superb sonically superior signature bassline. It’s why we still know who he is.

  • STeaDY

    I dont think rick has advantage…its jus people have there times….don’t get me wrong dr. dre still got it an is dope but his time is fading an time for new sound….on top of dat rick doesnt need to add names in him an 50′s beef that jus makes more mess of situation an addin innocent people….just my veiw

  • Curtis75Black

    @ Jamal
    I was on my way to lunch when I peeped the comment and you just threw me thru the wringer and had me thinkin’ !!

    Let me ride – Just a smooth sound
    Till I collapse – That Shit is just RAW if he did the Beat
    The Formula – DOC Classic
    Still Dre – CRAZY
    Phone Tap -Sick
    Natural Born Killers and Zoom, Zoom – Not only did Dre Hook up with those Legendary Emcee’s (Ice Cube and LL) The Beats were Nasty and what they were Spittin’ gave me Goosebumps. Plus they had VIDEOS !!

    • Pierzy

      I’m pretty sure Em did the beat on “Till I Collapse”

  • Curtis75Black

    @ Jamal, I noticed you saying , you don’t know if you’re listening to a Cool & Dre Beat. I’m quite sure alot of fans feel the same way on how it’s easy to recognize a Dre beat. That might have to do with us just downloading and not buying cd’s as much anymore. Remember ripping off the package and finding out Pete Rock Produced all of “Mecca and the Soul Brother”, Dr. Dre produced all of DOC’s”No One Can Do It Better, or Bobcat, a West Coast Brother produced all of LL’s Bigger and Deffer. That’s how we became familiar with producers. Reading the credits. Cool & Dre probably got alot of Hot shit out there but if you downloading your favorite emcee’s you’ll never know.

  • Jesus Martinez

    The biggest hit Cool & Dre ever had was with 50 Cent and Game on that Hate it or Love it.
    The reason you could say they have had more commercial success is cuz the beats they produce always become the album’s singles. On 50′s last albums, the singles have been by like Scott Storch or Timbaland, Busta’s were by Swizz and, and Young Buck was by Polow, and Jay-Z by the Neptunes.
    Dre got them beats you love listenin to on the album and ya don’t wanna get tired of on the radio cuz they aint got enough crossover. Gunz Come Out was the hottest track on The Massacre and Get You Some on the Big Bang, but they had no commercial appeal.

    • EmCDL

      Damn they made that Hate It Or Love It beat? I thought Dr. Dre made that…thats one of my favorite songs by Game (that and the G-Unit Remix)

  • DBlock

    no offense but…

    dre’s work on big bang>>>cool&dre’s life

  • latino heat

    can’t spell overrated without the D-R-E.

  • DBlock

    i kno it’s popular to hate on big bang because busta’s bodyguard got merked and he continues to be a bytch about it… but i think production-wise it’s stellar, and arguably his best disc overall. the sequencing alone is five stars.

    *waits to see how many people listened long enough to catch the rick james segueway from “in the ghetto” to “cocaina”, amongst other things*

  • JayEveryDay

    you can’t compare Dr. Dre to Cool & Dre. Now the facts are the facts…cool/dre have been consistent with the music for the past couple of years. now we all know dr. dre has been working on the detox album and is the ultimate perfectionist with would explain it’s delay. but dr. dre has singlehandly created the careers of snoop dogg, eminem, the game (to a certain extent) and 50 cent. dr. dre makes careers! he has created the chronic and chronic 2001. until cool & dre decide to create an album showcasing their production and ushering in new talent all on their own then you can’t even compare them to dr. dre. think about it like this…if em, snoop, 50 & game had started their careers with cool & dre, would they be as successful as they are now? if rick ross were to have the majority of his album produced by dr. dre, how successful would he be? definitely give it up to cool & dre but for them to take it to the next level they need the people a chronic like album or go harder for another 5 more years and this time don’t give us hit records, give us records that we will play in 10-15 years and have it still feel like it’s the first time we heard it.

  • ThaFace

    Just cuz they make hit records don’t mean the shit good….Dr. Dre > Cool & Dre…for you to compare the two means XXL should just fire your ass

  • EmCDL

    IMO I don’t think you can compare the two…Dr. Dre was good back then, and even though he’s way more established than Cool & Dre, they are relevant now in this time. Not saying that Dr. Dre isn’t relevant or anything, but they are the ones making constant hits right now. While most of the older heads know Dr. Dre, the younger more recent population are all on Cool & Dre’s nuts.

    But like it was mentioned before, the fact that Cool & Dre are even being compared to Dr. Dre means that they’ve really come a long way.

  • Ben

    As far as DRE and Cool and Dre comparisons, stop them now. Cool and Dre are great producers and have that sound people are checking for. However when it comes to these new school producers, Justice League is way better, and have more complex, cinematic sound. Check it out, every album that has Cool and Dre are on, usually have those guys on there, their way better.

  • $ykotic

    Bad comparison. For real.

    Like comparing MLK jr to Bryant Gumbel.

    • Pierzy

      Or Greg Gumbel

  • FlapJack

    Cool & Dre needs to get their props. they don’t have as many clasics as dre yet, but they’re getting there.
    Since Ja Rules’ New York they have been putting out straight quality.

    Dre’s beats sounding the same isn’t a good thing to me. His recipe for hits is played out

  • Shawty J

    Dre seriously needs to start getting some beats out there. But it’s practically impossible. Dr. Dre easily one of the best producers in Hip-Hop reportedly charges $250,000 per beat (or $75,000 if you’re Aftermath/Shady/G-Unit affiliated) and he’s earned the right to charge that much. But the reality is nobody can really afford his beats. Even if I were a multi-platinum selling rapper, I’d pass on one of his beats at that price.

    One thing I can say about Cool & Dre is that their music has shown a lot more diversity. They started off relying on samples and whatnot, but they’ve become more instrumental as well. As much as I love Dre beats, most of them are monotonous and generally consist of the same instruments every beat.

    Another thing worth mentioning is that if Cool & Dre produces your album it has a better chance than coming out than if Dr. Dre produced it.

  • Curtis75Black

    Its not a comparison, What Ross was saying is that hey, yeah we all know you have Dre, one of the best producers in Hip Hop but at the same time, where the fuck is he ? My Production team is putting out Music, countless Music while the One and Only Mr. Young is too busy working on his Swan Song to fuck with you. You aren’t that important anymore.

  • Afro-Jack

    Way i see it, Cool & Dre personify the state of hip hop right now. Theyr all about hits or singles or whatever you wanna call them. Dr. Dre aint all about topping the charts each month and shit, his main focus seems to be to make great, memorable music. Thats the reason Cool & Dre simply aint as nice as the good doctor.
    I mean sure, you could say Dre’s shit always sounds the same/isn’t as diverse as Cool & Dre’s but in a way thats a good thing for him. He has his own sound which people associate with him. You could take a beat from Dre, Pete Rock, Premo and Rza and easily be able to distinguish who’s beat belongs to who. Whereas if i heard a Cool & Dre beat, alongside a Justice League beat, an Inkredibles beat and a Jay Electronica beat i strongly doubt i’d be able to do the same thing.
    Thats that weak shit thats got hip hop dead or dying or whatever right now, people just don’t care about what theyr putting out there.

  • Anonymous

    cool&dre vs the good doc.u might as said vanilla ice vs em.whoever thought of this nignorant shit needs his ass the math bitches.

  • David

    I will put it like this, most music today is throwaway music. You wont give a shit about a soldier boy or a jeezy in 10 years or less. Dre is a genius. You can listen to shit he did in the 90s and you can still appreciate it. They talk shit about him and say he doesn’t make beats and he comes in at the end and twist a knob. People say he is the “Quincy Jones” of rap, he is more of a Rick Rubins. They just have a ear that happens to be in tune with millions of people. If Eminem did have Dre in his corner, he would have never been successful.Snoop wouldn’t be here either. They single handedly popularized the term chronic.

  • Deez Nutz

    Dre hands down why would u even listen to rap if wasn’t for him

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  • dynamicwayne

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