You Make Me Sick Like Strawberry Quick

If you ask me House of Pain is remembered for the wrong song. Actually scratch that, “Jump Around” is a classic and Pete Rock’s remix is dope, but at the end of the day it’s all about “Shamrocks and Shenanigans.” I could listen to that friggin’ song all day, jumpin’ around like a mug.

But here’s the deal, lyrically it’s kind of amazing how basic and more importantly how random Everlast’s rhymes are. You gotta love it.

Wasting no time, this is how the song starts off: “I kicks the flava (remember this was ‘92 people – get with the slang) like Stephen King writes horror/ If I was a Jew then I’d light a menorah.” WTF! No one saw that one coming. BTW rappers need to use more nonsensical Jewish references. Works everytime.

It goes on: “I never been a front/ I never been a fraud / I got a natural skill for that I thank the Lord / Cause I feel blessed/ I’m casually dressed / I always got my gun but I never wear a vest .” OK-how do you go from counting your blessings one second to talking about your dockers the next.

And my personal favorite: “Everlast, that’s my name/ My unique rhyme style’s my claim to fame/ The House Of Pain’s the name of my click/ You can’t be down, punk, get off my dick/ You make me sick, like Strawberry Quik.” Werd!!! Strawberry quick is freaking nasty. Can’t get more left field then that.
Now here’s my little assignment for you commenters, since apparently my name game was too easy for y’all. Post up the most random lines by your favorite rappers. And no, Supreme Clientele doesn’t count.

Happy St. Paddy’s Day – here’s my late pass. – Jesse Gissen

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  • Yoda

    *Waits for the infamous Guru line*

    • Tony Grand$


      “I say eenie meenie minie moe, I wreck a mic like a pimp pimps hoes”

      • Mean Greene

        Or my personal fav…

        “Lemonade was a popular drink and it still is, I get more props and stunts than Bruce Willis”

  • ty from linden blvd

    man greg nice whole rap career is full of random line…..

    “nipsey russell do the hustle your cock(pause)diesel flex ya muscles”

    “greg nice my life’s like a fairy tale orca was a great big whale” lmao

    • Jamal7Mile

      I left my Philly at home/ Do you have another?/ I wanna get blunted my brother!!


      • EmCDL

        Damn I was just listening to that song last nite LOL

    • oskamadison

      You took the words out of my mouth. How about one of the greatest starts to a verse ever? “Dizzy Gillespie plays the sax…” (Actually, dude played the trumpet but who cares?)

      • Worley

        “Sit back and let my girl play the cello
        Hello I hate jello”

  • Tony Grand$

    *see Redman’s Dare is a Darkside

  • Worley

    No Supreme Clientele? Damn, let me see. Ah yes. Melachi the Nutcracker:

    “Bite on my style I like that
    yo here’s your feedback with one smack”

    He had ‘em for days.

  • Tony Grand$

    Das Efx

    “So peter piper, I’m hyper than pinocchio’s nose, cuz I’m a supercagifragilistic tic tac toe”

    • Tony Grand$


      “Ah yes, comin from da north south east west, hold ya nose take a deep breath-recess, we bless-mics, 10 times a day 10 times a night, it all equals, subliminal sequels”

    • Dub Sac

      Das Efx is a goldmine for this kind of shit:

      So one two, unbuckle my, um shoe
      Yabba doo, hippity-hoo, crack a brew
      So trick or treat, smell my feet, yup I drippedy-dropped a hit

  • Joey M

    a classic from killa cam

    “i keep computers putin”


  • Curtis75Black

    “Hundred dollars in ya pocket, 40 DOG in your hand/Don’t you know you’re just a worker and your Boss is my Man” – LL Cool J The Breakthrough (Bitten By Jadakiss)

  • ri067953

    Insert any line from a Funkdoobiest song…

    • Pierzy

      Or any NORE song.

      But I’ll go with Ghostface:
      “Hit mics like Ted Koeppel”

      • Dub Sac

        You broke the rules – no Supreme Clientele!

    • Pierzy

      Damn, my bad. I totally missed that entire sentence — good call. Flag on me.

  • Jamal7Mile

    Luke Skyywalker “We Wanna Rock” -the entire song.

  • Chris S

    “my dick is harder than a motherfuckin goddamn rock”
    -willie dee, i need pussy

    • Chris S

      oh wait, i forgot about bizarre for a sec

      “talkin nasty shit, bizarre won’t stop
      i’ll fuck two twins with a midget on top”




  • Jamal7Mile

    I rock Vesace, sippin’ VSOP and Hennessey in foam cups/ Motorola flips with illegal chips/ Dippin’ like Tela while everybody mama collecting money from FEMA/ 5 series Beema, 289 horsepower/ I like bitches with dimples and nipples the size of silver dollars/ rollin’ 3 deep in Edie Baures/ choking out LAPD rottweilers/ like chiuaus (sp)/ all day, everyday/ in Southern California where the dogs and the rips stay…

    RAS KASS- “Anything Goes”

    Probably not the exact lyrics. I have trouble deciphering some of his joints. This song accompanies the dopest Al B. Sure sample I have ever heard!

  • LB

    “Always, I’m in some shit/My abdomen is the clip/the barrel’s my dick;/uncircumsized, pull my skin back and cock me/I bust off when they unlock me/results of what happens when niggaz shot me…/”

    Nas, “I’m A Gun”-It Was Written

    • DV8

      uhhh….I dont get it

      I Gave You Power (not “Im A Gun”) is a classic

      • LB

        Good catch. You are a fan. Peace.

  • Tony Grand$

    Redman (again….)

    “The funk phenomenon-I’m bombing you like Lebanon, blow canals of Panama just off stamina”

    • Jamal7Mile

      My favorite Emcee PERIOD Tony!!! I gotta feeling he’s (one of) your favorite, too! The man can do no wrong!

      • Tony Grand$


        “You wanna ride bitch, let me simonize you” lol

        • Tony Grand$

          From “Headbanga” with EPMD

          “Nigga, freak ya with the funkdafied figga/like A plus funk, funk times junk in ya back trunk, punk”

        • Pierzy

          “First of the month these Thugs/will leave your Bones in Harmony from the slug”

          One of the most underrated EVER

  • Jamal7Mile

    “Da Ha, Da Haa” -Rappin’ Duke (or whoever..)

    The whole song is the most retarded shit I’ve ever heard!! But for some reason, it’s enjoyable… even if he disses Kurtis Blow and Run-DMC. Haven’t heard this song in almost 20 years and I STILL remember most of the lyrics/beat!! Classic????

  • yoprince

    Sky’s the Limit – Wayne

    “relyin on rap, but in the kitchen i’m a chemist, AND WHEN I WAS 5, MY FAVORITE MOVIE WAS THE GREMLINS, ain’t got shit to do with this, but I just thought that i should mention..”

    lol WTF?

  • Curtis75Black

    I’m not impressed by none of yous/I’ll pull your titty out, tongue her down in front of you. Got your man standing right behind you with the Mac/ “L, you on TV !! Why you acting like that ?” – LL Cool J Freestyle

  • Jesus Martinez

    UGK: Too Hard to Swallow
    I’m So Bad…I can suck my own dick!
    All Pimp C’s lines in the song

    • $ykotic

      Actually that came from Cool J off the “BAD” album.

      • Curtis75Black

        Nah B. That’s from Walking with A Panther. Trust me, I believe the track is called “Clap ya Hands”. He didn’t say no crazy shit like that on Bigger and Deffer lol.

        • $ykotic

          You are correct. Totally forgot “Panther”.

          The first line off that album:

          “You’re all in like Paul Lynn…” The gay dude from “Hollywood Squares”?


        • eddiesixes

          what about “pregnant pussy” off the banned tape that came out before too hard to swallow? that was some of the most off the wall shit i ever heard. youtube it

        • $ykotic

          I totally forgot about that. Good looking. That was as abstract as Todd would EVER get.

        • $ykotic

          I meant The Underground Kings

        • $ykotic

          The comment dropping is ishy 2day(Is Juelz interning?)

          def. UGK is what I meant.

        • Tony Grand$

          Lol @ $yk drunk-commenting..

  • DV8

    Master P

    “If you dont have my money, you can forget Christmas because your not even gonna see New Years”

  • Curtis75Black

    @ Jesus Martinez,

    That line is from LL’s Walking with a Panther circa 1988 – Believe That !!

  • Arcey

    @ LB: I have to disagree with you! those lyrics are consistent with the rest of the song. this is a metaphor.

    I do admit that it’s a “pause” moment ‘tho, lol!!


    anything from tha late great Mac Dre. Everything he spits is random, but he my favorite rapper of all time. he does no wrong. By far 1 of tha realist that ever touched tha mic.

    “all i need is 1 mic, my money & my heater/i steal clientel, shortstop like derek jeter/im ill fo my mayo, will pop out tha 2 seater”

    “Mac dre stay cussin a bitch out/ quarterbackin like dan fouts or tim crouch/”

    • DV8

      “my tone is loud sometimes/ I scream on a bitch like she a crowd sometimes”

      “Garlic and Cheese on my French Bread/ Swallow it Please when I get head”

      heads aint knowing about the cutty…the game missed out

      T.I.P. Furl!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Curtis75Black

    “She said her name was Lola, I said yo Lola Schwola/Suave bola, Iatola/Saudi Arabia, Coca-Cola” -Greg Nice Microphone Techniques (3rd Bass)

    With Greg Nice, sometimes I wonder how in the Hell did I like this cat ? !!

  • Lowedwn

    Redman “Can’t Wait”

    “…switching speeds like Bruce Lee riding up fuji in the movie, I drop shit on the 1, fuck the 2-3, Funky like a box of coochies on loose leaf”

    Warren G “What’s Next”

    “What’s next, what’s next, what’s N-X-E-T, it’s me Warren to tha muthafucking G”

    • DV8

      I was just about to put that RedMan line down!!!

  • Mr. 306

    i cant believe nobody has posted this

    I told her back it up like burp? burp?
    and make that ass jump like shlerp? shlerp?

    Lil Wayne Lollipop

    and then basically all of carter III cause the whole time listenin to it i was sure saying what the fuck? when the fuck did wayne enter the easy listening adult contemporary genre?

    • chillin mayne

      i told her back it up like burp burp, is actually clever son….a burp is ur food coming back up…hence, back it up like burp burp…weezy is strong with the wordplay sir, which many people do not understand

  • Phlip

    Does anyone recall DJ Quik’s RESPONSE to that verse?
    Think back to Menace II Society, when Kaine was picking up the car from the chop shop, he was in the car with Stacey and Sharif, Quik was talking CASH shit to Everlast and HoP in his verse?
    I’m rollin’ with Quik on this one.

    Also —

    Why has NO ONE mentioned anything off of Camp Lo’s first (hell, or any subsequent) album?

    • INDOE

      Phlip i burnt through the first Camp Lo tape at least 3 times .

  • dupper

    “Your white head came out my black pussy” ODB

    I dare you to try and beat that.

    • Chris S

      “i’m fuckin anything when i’m snortin
      its gonna cost $300 do get my pitbull an abortion”
      -bizarre, under the influence

      • chillin mayne

        ba ja jaaaaaaaaaaa…i laffed for a minute after that verse…i think it was on a eminem track…

  • c. gabi

    Damn, no Supreme Clinetele? Awww shucks lolol

    Here’s one

    N.O.R.E./Noreaga (whoever)

    “ay yo we light a candle, run laps around the English Channel, neptunes got a cocker spaniel”…


    • El Tico Loco

      I tried to put up this line

      Dust and Alize three quarter Timbs, Terry cloth robes hundreds in the envelope, Duke it on the globe thank god for my Wallabee shoe it done saved me.

      but shit ain’t postin WTF?!

      • $ykotic

        “Up 3 nothing in Salt lake City/Burgundy minks swished with sinks in them…”

        Ghost WTF are you talking about!

        “Stroke of Death”

        Loco snuck in a “Supreme Clientele”! Genius!

        p.s. “dookey on the globe”

        • c. gabi

          “If you don’t bring me my muthafuckin cognac, I’ll kill you!!!”

        • $ykotic

          “Milk on my moustache/drop to my chinney chin/dive in the dangerous part/building wit thirsty mammals/white man scream, swim Starks, sharks…”

          “Tony Montana blow/creamy white Havana Joes/Ol Susanna hoe/p*ssy sweet banana flow

          They was dusted dropping this. The beat is enough evidence!

        • c. gabi

          I swear to God, when I first bought that cd, my girls and I popped the cd in and put that song on. I was about to be mad as hell like “I just bought this shit and it’s already skippin!”

          Who knew. That beat was so sick, and they did wild out on that song. But then again, Ghostface and U-God do that shit on EVERYTHING.

      • Dub Sac

        With root beer thoughts, here’s a tennis court for your birthday

  • Sandman

    In that reference to not liking “strawberry quick” they were actually dissing DJ Quik who responded with a song on the menace 2 society soundtrack…

    • mizeryluvkompany

      u rite, he came with cant fuck with a nigga, tht sht went hard as hell, fuck house of pain

  • Ja$e

    “I’ll fuck anything when i’m snortin, it cost $300 to get my pitbull an abortion.”

  • Mas

    How about Meth’s verse from METHOD MAN?

    In fact I snap back like a rubber
    band, I be Sam Sam I am
    And I dont eat green eggs and ham
    Style will hit ya, wham!, then goddamn
    You be like oh shit that’s the jam
    Turn it up now hear me get buckwu-wu-wild
    I’m about to blow light me up
    Upside downside inside and outside
    Hittin you from every angle there’s no doubt
    I am, the one and only Method Man
    The master of the plan wrappin shit like Saran
    Wrap, with some of this and some of that
    Hold up (what?) I tawt I tat I putty tat

  • El Tico Loco

    I guess this will get posted

  • Kakhaze

    anything by bizarre…my girlfriend had a miscarriage i had to eat it

    my dick is burning,it aint cause i got a disease,its cause im jacking off with gasoline mixed with antifreeze

  • $ykotic

    No Supreme Clientele? OK mayne….


    “We eat fish, toss salads and write rap ballads…” WTMF?

    • Mr. 306

      that line kinda makes sense. they live off coke, toss salads haha and write music

      • $ykotic


        “Most of my niggaz smoke like Hilshire Farms”

        • Dub Sac

          That line is fucking brilliant!

          The biochemical slang lord’ll throw the arrows in the dope fiend
          Vocal chords switch laser beams


          Primatine Mist is afraid of my lungs.

  • El Tico Loco

    Supreme Caliente

    We split a fair one, Poconos money
    Gin rummy with glare, spot the lame, bit his ear
    Yo, you taste a tea-spoon, 300 goons, stash balloons
    Locked in lab rooms, hit with glock, stashed in Grant’s Tomb

  • stromboli

    most kool keith lyrics–especially from his doom/octogan/black elivs aliases–fit into this thread.

  • B

    “cocaine blunts and hip hop tapes/ rubber car keys and ID that’s fake”

    -Andre Nickatina

  • Superstar Extraordinaire

    I got a 2 for ya:

    “Ripped this old lady hung her neck by a hook/Didnt realize it was my grandmother till i checked her pocket book”

    “I done lost a hundred pounds, i aint been eatin like i should/This wounded dog in the street is sure lookin good”

    “My gurl beat my ass n shot me in the back wit a 2 peice/Cuz she found out i was havin an affair wit her 10 yr old neice”


    “i run shit like an ass wit legs, massive lead to leave you cabage red”

    -Fuzz Scoota

    “santa claus, i leaver her wit a white chin/yes i get alot of neck like a violin”


    “hoes, hoes, nothin but hoes/skeet nut in they eye/put my dick in they nose”

    -Pimp C (RIP)

  • Lowedwn

    G Dep’s whole “Let’s Get It” verse, Lol.

  • BS detector

    Is it just me or did you just swagga jack

  • louie mo

    gang related like o.j.
    — nore

    what the fuck does that mean?

  • aqua

    Yo! Yall made a nig stop lurking to comment today. I’m feeling the Greg Nice/Redman quotes

  • El Tico Loco

    Gambino Cappachino to the afro sheen

    • Lowedwn

      Still don’t know what that line means, but ’97 Mentality is still hands down the best Capadonna song ever.

      • $ykotic

        “Dirtbomb niggaz that steal cake from stores/That’s the type of niggaz I be wantin’ on my tours/Can’t help it, my style stay fat like Rosanne….”

        That’s song is my ringtone!


    See i got it like ten times/ flip dat got it like ten times/den i got it like ten times/ got money like ten mo times




  • Incilin

    No fronting, Everlast is an incredible artist. His House of Pain days really wasn’t much, but after a massive heart attack he made “Whitey Ford Sings The Blues” which somehow found a way to mix hip hop, rock, and blues into one funky unforgettable sound. Whitey Ford Sings is defy a GOAT non hip hop album for me. He made a few alright records and then disappeared for a while (he had a disappointing album last year) but his unexpected growth from mediocre rapper to one of a kind artist is undeniable.

  • Mere Cool

    How did no one say Em? Dude been out there since day one. “Hi Kids do you like violence, wanna see me stick 9 inch nails through each one of my eyelids” The whole song actually. Most of his stuff too.

  • Mere Cool

    “Now Hoo Tha F*** really want it, Come and get it, Like a Gandhi B**** get red dotted where your fore head is.” Miracle at the time known as K.O.M.A.

  • LB

    “Son I used to be a good boy; fat cheeks, little cute kid/potentially rebellious, yet a straight A student/I listened to my elders til I found out they were stupid/what they told me had me broke and bummin’, time for some new shit/now, I hold more concealed heat than Acupulco/Niggaz in Bush (Flatbush that is) would call me Rocco y mano loco/Got a 4-4, that’ll make thugs seem like KC and Jo Jo/packin every since Mama Roc said gunz was a no no…/”

    Roc of Helta Skelta on “Wu Chronicles” mixtape “stack yo ones”

  • Phlip

    Anyone remember DJ Quik’s response to the Everlast line in question?
    It was featured most prominently in Menace II Society.


    Why has no one mentioned damn near ANYTHING by Camp Lo?

  • zood

    “I’m sittin on a plane without pilot, and violets are blue, daises are yellow, roses are red the flowers are dead” I feel Like dying – Lil Wayne

  • jmc

    you all trippin’? Killa cam is th ROAT
    from Calm Down
    ‘the feds check every fed ex/
    fuck a stash box keep it in yo headrest/
    and i come to yo door where yo head rest/
    i dont understand no gimme a yes yes/
    i dont even know what maybe mean/


    • Smel


      “Swallow my kids, go and kiss they cousin
      Yes, they kissing cousins, toys kissing muppets”

      -Cam, Dipset Anthem (or Gangsta Music)

  • Tony Grand$

    *How about ANY SONG by Dr. Octagon!?!???!?!?*

    • $ykotic

      I’m trying to remember! Digging in the Black Elvis archives….

      • El Tico Loco

        Dr Octagon is a blurr in my memory but he was bugged out in Utramagnetic

        I brought a band,
        Sam is on trombone
        He’s blowin’ hard(pause),
        back-to-back notes, get with it
        Take off your coat, meditate,
        let your brain compel just think
        as the beat excels to your eardrums
        Cause cells to numb and freeze while I break off at ease
        Real smooth, combined the piano

        he wasn’t even on beat nor rhymin, guess is all in the delivery. (see Greg Nice)

    • Dub Sac

      You really only need to know that he has a song called “Half Shark Alligator Half Man”.

      BTW – Oh shit, there’s a horse in the hospital!

      • Tony Grand$

        “halfshark, ALLIGATOR, halfman….” lol

  • My Effin’ Opinion

    “I’m the type of guy to cold put on a pamper”
    - LL Cool J

    • jmc

      i know its hard to believe but he really said that on public enemy #1

  • Jonsey

    “D.c believin’ it, fuck ya little sneakers I got property in beaverton”

    shit was so random

    • Pierzy

      Beaverton is where Nike is located. So he’s saying that while dudes may have some kicks, he owns the land where Nikes are made.

  • Phlip

    Watch, as I combine all the juice from the mind
    Heel up, reel up, bring it back, come rewind
    Powerful impact BOOM! from the cannon
    Not braggin, try to read my mind just imagine
    Vo-cab-u-lary`s necessary
    When diggin into my library
    Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!
    Eating ayea toadstool like the one Peter Tosh-a
    Uh, uh uhh, all over the track man
    Uh, pardon me, uhh, as I come back
    As I did it yo I heard you beg your pardon
    When I travel to the Sun I roll with the squadron
    RRRRRROAW RRRRRRROAW like a dungeon dragon
    Change your little drawers cause your pants are saggin
    Try to step to this, I will, fits you in a turban
    And had you smellin rank, like some old stale urine
    Checkady-choco, the chocolate chicken
    The rear cock diesel, for chicks they were kickin
    Yo, bustin out before the Busta bust a nut the rhyme
    the rhythm is in sync (UHH!) the rhymes are on time (TIME!)
    Rippin up this dance just like a radio
    Observe the vibe and check out the scenario!!

    Yes, people, one of the songs that made some of you LOVE Tribe featured a Busta Rhymes verse that made NO fucking sense.

    • HERM

      “RRRRRROAW RRRRRRROAW like a dungeon dragon.”

      Hahaha. I Always loved that line.

    • foolio_iglesias

      Eating ITAL STEW like the one Peter Tosh
      (I’m American by birth,Jamaican by choice…)

      • Smel

        Loved that verse. It’s the delivery that makes it…

        UH -pardonme- UHHH AS I COME BACK

  • Tony Grand$

    Greg nice

    “Rickety rocket was my favorite cartoon, after marriage the honeymoon/i’ll be goddamned gag me with a spoon, who loves popeye Alice the goon”

    Ugh. I bought that fucking album……



  • abdulnasir

    pack it up/ pack it in/ let me begin/ i came to win/ battle me that’s a sin- house of pain

  • miles archer

    No Supreme Clientelle, but how bout Ghost on “The Game” off Pete Rock’s Soul Survivor, “Words with the president, brunch with Yeltsin/Gorbachev’s under Meth’s nuts, he out in Begium/6 in a half monkey’s/twelve nazi’s…” I forget the rest…

    and NORE got a bunch, “You could catch me wit a teletubbie, holdin’ my gat”…


    Sonny Cheeba from camp lo on “Negro Leagues” said something bout, “Shazzaam and Dr.Octagon/Negro Leagues shadow dancing/in the Garden drinking Shasta’s”… I’m paraphrasing cause I still dunno what the fuck them brothers was talking bout half the time. Uptown Saturday Night was a great album though.
    miles archer

  • mizeryluvkompany

    “well what about rhymin??” “i can hold my own, nick, nack, patty wack give a dog a bone”….
    now thats trash!!

  • oskamadison

    Kool Keith, Ghostface and Greg Nice is the Holy Trinity of “WTF is he talkin’ about?” I’ve been listening to “Supreme Clientele” for 9 years and still can’t decipher that shit. But it’s still a classic. My favorite line:”Meet the black Boy George, dusted on my honeymoon…”

  • Stan

    I kno sum1 b4 briefly mentioned Em.. But ima say, wit a few exceptions, pretty much all of Encore was pretty random…

    “Wat do u mean freeze? My computers will be seized, and the keys to my ranch, I just bake cookies.. Mr Officer, I demand to see my attorney.. I will simple scream innocent cop a plea and be free.. Nobody is safe from me.. No, not even me.. I don’t even kno if I can say the word Pee Pee.. Pee, on the radio, but I think I did.. Janet, is that a breast? I think I just saw a tit!

  • tru predator

    just about anything from eminem.dudes a fuckin genius

  • Billy X. Sunday

    Shout to everybody that mentioned the god Osiris

  • KFrizzle

    Anything by Magoo…especially that verse from Up Jumps Da Boogie.

    Actually Missy got a bunch of random ass verses too.


    You say: random lines.
    Me and my boys call those No-Ledges.
    Recent example: Rick Ross version of Chuck Ds classic opener: I got a letter from the government, the other day. I opened and read it. It said we were hustlers” WTF? Imagine that letter:

    Dear Mr. Ross,

    you are a hustler.

    your government

    • Tony Grand$


      Way to go Ross. Fucking up a classic line like only you can…….

  • Da PartyStarter

    “Rickety Rock was my favorite cartoon,Just Alice, fly you to the moon, Well, I’ll be damned, gag me with a spoon, Who loves Popeye, Alice the goon..”
    Greg Nice of Nice and Smooth “Hip-Hop Junkies”

  • Da PartyStarter

    “Rushed out the back door, into an alley,Girls in pursuit, enough to form a rally, I didn’t wanna scuff up my brand new Ballys, so I took a quick trip like I was going back to Cali, Took the Lear Jet don’t fear yet, coming on your ear set, So as I hit program, you know I’m gonna slam, ’cause even in my name is a funky live “jam”, Don’t eat spam or no kindsa ham, polite to all women so I say “yes, Ma’am, sniff a gram ain’t “flam” , it’s kinda weak, Jamar ‘ll keep you open to the rhymes I speak, not down with a frat cause I ain’t no Greek, A Message To The Black Man” is waht you seek…”

    Lord Jamar of Brand Nubians “To The Right”

  • Smel

    “Squeeze on my nuts
    Lick on my butt
    The natural curly hair
    -please don’t touch”

    Juicy J, Slob on my Knob

  • http://77992005

    Awesome post. Can’t believe I didn’t think of it.