If you ask me House of Pain is remembered for the wrong song. Actually scratch that, “Jump Around” is a classic and Pete Rock’s remix is dope, but at the end of the day it’s all about “Shamrocks and Shenanigans.” I could listen to that friggin’ song all day, jumpin’ around like a mug.

But here’s the deal, lyrically it’s kind of amazing how basic and more importantly how random Everlast’s rhymes are. You gotta love it.

Wasting no time, this is how the song starts off: “I kicks the flava (remember this was ‘92 people – get with the slang) like Stephen King writes horror/ If I was a Jew then I’d light a menorah.” WTF! No one saw that one coming. BTW rappers need to use more nonsensical Jewish references. Works everytime.

It goes on: “I never been a front/ I never been a fraud / I got a natural skill for that I thank the Lord / Cause I feel blessed/ I’m casually dressed / I always got my gun but I never wear a vest .” OK-how do you go from counting your blessings one second to talking about your dockers the next.

And my personal favorite: “Everlast, that's my name/ My unique rhyme style's my claim to fame/ The House Of Pain's the name of my click/ You can't be down, punk, get off my dick/ You make me sick, like Strawberry Quik.” Werd!!! Strawberry quick is freaking nasty. Can’t get more left field then that.
Now here’s my little assignment for you commenters, since apparently my name game was too easy for y’all. Post up the most random lines by your favorite rappers. And no, Supreme Clientele doesn’t count.

Happy St. Paddy’s Day – here’s my late pass. – Jesse Gissen