Where The Ladies At?

I miss females in hip hop. & for various heterosexual reasons, I’m almost positive I’m not alone.

I would equate the situation to high school P.E. class, on one of those days where the coach decided to separate the two sexes for some activity or test. Before this specific day, the girls were right there with us. We could reach out & touch them if need be. Even the ugly ones that, if they weren’t half naked & sweaty, we’d have nothing to do with. But, as soon as they traveled to the other side of the gymnasium for a whole period, we missed them. Even though we might not have wanted them on our basketball team, or our flag football squad, we still needed that assurance to our peripherals that they’re a stones throw away.

At one point in time, the female MC was shoulder to shoulder with us in the trenches of hip hop, underground, mainstream or otherwise. For every supercrew of cats ready to spit on demand, there was at least one chick that could hang with the fellas. It was almost as necessary as a logo &/or a hand sign. KRS-one had Ms. Melody, Ice Cube had Yo-Yo, Biggie had Kim (pre-botox & silicone), DMX had Eve, Busta had Rah Digga, Hova had Foxy, Joe/Pun had Remy, Master P had Mia X, E-40 had Suga-T, Wyclef had Lauryn, the list can go on for days.

It seems those roles have now been relegated to scantily clad temptresses that will shake a tailfeather for a couple of hundred bucks & a chance to be seen on BET. Granted, the occasional “video ho” uses that as a vehicle to stardom, but it’s not like they’re representing hip hop as much as themselves. The estrogen-fueled MC was a welcome piece to the puzzle, painting a completely different picture of the exact same thing we saw. She was our mom, our sister, our bad bitch, our bottom broad whenever the need arose. & unlike the love-struck song bird, or the broken hearted siren, the female rapper was the defiant voice letting the girls know to stand up & be accounted for.

MC Lyte’s “10% Dis” took the words “hit the road, jack” & breathed new life into them. Queen Latifah called for unity & dared to ask the loaded question “who you callin’ a bitch?”. Who could forget that Kimberly Jones not only brought sexy back, but reminded us that women like getting head as much as men. Fox Boogie illustrated that every hustler had a wifey at home just as deep in the drama as he was. Even as the feminism trickled down to the ostentatious, & somewhat pornographic likes of Trina & Khia, it was still advancement in the direction of empowerment for sisterhood worldwide. Unfortunately, this class of hip hopper wasn’t as highly regarded as their male counterparts, denoted by today’s lack of a prominent female voice in rap music.

Good, bad or indifferent, females in hip hop are becoming far & few between. Whether we need them or not is a personal choice, but I think we can admit we miss them, if only a little bit.

Thank you for your time, as always, & I look forward to hearing from you in the near future. Until next time.-Tony Grand$

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  • DV8

    good post…I agree, where are the female emcees? I bet you if Lauryn Hill decided to drop an album right now that shit would sell like swishers in the hood.

  • Pierzy

    Nice drop, Tony!

    There is a theory that artists like Foxy and Kim set the movement and the genre back a generation because they were capitalizing on their sexuality and not just their rhymes. We went from Heather B and Latifah to Foxy and Kim and, in the middle, someone like Da Brat flipped from the braids and baggy jeans to wearing skimpy outfits in the videos. I’m not complaining, I’m just saying…

    I honestly don’t know why an artist like Lady Luck never really caught on. She had skills and had the right push with Def Jam and was featured on tracks with Red, Meth and EPMD.

    Maybe we’re looking at it wrong? Someone like L-Boogie had the industry in the palm of her hand and could’ve ruled the game (she ran the summer of ’96 and then all of ’97) but instead she wasted her talent…

    • http://tongrands.blogspot.com tony grand$

      Thanks P & DV8.

      Damn, Heather B should’ve gotten a nod before Ms.Melody. Real world & all lol. Too far back huh, I’m dating myself.

      Forgot all about Lady L.

  • Curtis75Black

    You never miss a good thing till it’s gone. A spitta like Bahamdia was a wreck on the mic but today we Have Jean Grae who gets no love mainstream or otherwise, eventhough she’s mentioned as one of the best emcee’s PERIOD. Straight up, You can’t blame this on the industry, You blame this on the fellas who wanted nothing more than eye candy with no substance. Too many of our Sista’s brought that back in the day but it got overlooked because of her looks. Heather B, Lady of Rage, Rah Digga and Remy could easily be the Female version of SlaughterHouse but will it get the love ?

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com tony grand$

      Lady of Rage…..there’s another one.

  • Jamal7Mile

    Good post, Tony Grand$!!

    Lauryn Hill supposedly has an album in the chamber… “Khulami Phase” on Columbia. Not sure what the hold up is but it may have something to do with the fact that she now has FIVE kids. That’s my guess, she’s at home being Mom. Also, I don’t think she handled fame that well… remember her “crazy” period?

    What happened to Jean Grae? She was DOPE! Matter of fact, I’m about to YouTube her name right now!!

  • westcoastaggie

    If only Remy could control her temper…

  • capcobra

    champ shawnna might be the best female since lyte…bitches stay on her good side for a reason…i miss the old school chicks like lin que..sis soulja..oaktown 357…sweet tee…amil..shante…monie love..it’s a long list…what about the chick on timbo’s “love 2 love ya”…or the brown skin chick wit the short cut that rolled wit cash money for a minute…..it’s a 1000 miscellaneous ones.

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com tony grand$

      Whaddup cap.

      Lin que AKA Isis & Sweet tee with them tight ass jeans, lol.

      Gotta drop Finesse & Synquis in there for that matter.

      Yeah, there’s a laundry list of MCette’s.

    • El Tico Loco

      Are you thinking about Ms Jade? From ‘Are we cuttin’.

      • capcobra

        damn i forgot about ms jade..that “count it off” joint wit hov was crazy…but i was talkin bout the chick that was in the video wit tim n magoo tico…she was light skin wit the crazy hips n lips..she kinda remind you of erykah badu…what about antionette or a quick r.i.p to mc trouble?

        • El Tico Loco

          Oh I don’t remember the chick you talking about, but I do remember Ms Jade. And how did we forget Boss (Deeper is a classic) and Michie Mee (Toronto heads know)

        • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com tony grand$


          One of the first MC’s to get Rick Ross’d.

  • El Tico Loco

    What about Khia? Just kiddin

    But you’re right, but part of it is their fault when they don’t stick to their fan base when they see success, you can see it in Kim, Eve, Salt n Pepa, Latifah, and even Lauryn they had edge to them when got put on then they flip the script into some Hollywood shit, makin it difficult for those females that are trying to get on and really go for theirs and stay the way they came in the game as far as not watering on dumbing down their lyrics or in some cases image. But then again most of the new male rappers are getting quite femenine
    and I don’t mean Eminem dresses.

    BTW the “hit the road jack” is from Paper Thin “10% dis” most famous and jacked line is “Hot dam ho here we go again”

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com tony grand$

      Good look on that! I knew something didn’t fit, couldn’t figure it out though.

  • Curtis75Black

    It has alot to do with the “changing of the time”. Once that certain era is over, so were the females. Lets be real, we had many great Female artist but who really held it down as a artist for a long period ? Salt-N-Pepa are the only ones who have basically held it down till their last cd. MC Lyte is the 2nd close !! Lyte, Latifah and Eve branched off into acting, Monie Love, YoYo and Bahamadia went to radio, Foxy went Deaf then Jail, and a whole bunch just got ignored after awhile.

  • $ykotic


    I guess the female mc has either gone the way of Jean Grae(rather retire than be sexy) or they are locked up doing a skid bid.

    Their resurrection will come from a new jack who is totally out the box with it. I wish they would come out soon because I grow weary of the “testicle festival”.

    @Curtis75Black: Bahamadia! “This is How We Do”!

  • Hip Hop since 77

    Yo, nice piece Tony. It’s funny cause I’ve been thinking about this topic lately and I feel we need a new hip hop Queen. I thought Eve was going to take the crown but she went hollywood. I’m waiting for Jean Grae but the industry won’t let her in. So to answer the question “Where the Ladies At?”, in the videos shaking their ass. Seen and not heard. Thanks corporate America…

    But be patient everybody we found a black president, now we just need to find our next great female MC. (and yes it’s hard not to give Kayne that title… just kidding)

    • Jamal7Mile


      You just made me spit beer all over my screen with that last line, man! LMBAO!!!!

  • Jamal7Mile

    Hey Tony…

    Don’t look now, but The Source (online) straight jacked your blog, homie! I believe the title is “Women in Hip-Hop” and the time stamp is this afternoon. Must be a slow day over there.

    You gettin’ famous, Bro, HA HAA!!!


    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com tony grand$

      Good looking Mall!

      For any doubters, feel free to check my blog @ tonygrands.blogspot.com & check MY time/date stamp….

      We all knew how we should feel about The Sauce……

      Anyhow, lmao @ “testicle festival” & Kanye being the new queen of rap music!

    • Arrogant_Al

      ^ ROFL…thats messed up

  • Curtis75Black

    @ Hip Hop since 77,

    It’s not about letting them in. You and many of us continually look at it from a Mainstream Standpoint. You’re not gonna see her on 106 & Park. You’re not gonna hear Jean on the radio. She has dropped 3 cd’s but where’s the support ? This magazine itself, Where’s the interviews? Peeps are so busy blogging about has beens Kim and Foxy and forgetting about the real Shit out there. She is no different from any other male that is hot but WE have to show support. Why is Ross on the next issue ? Why not Jean Grae !! When was the last time XXL had a Crazy lyrical Female on the cover NOT talking about her Pussy and Clothes ?

  • $ykotic

    Hopefully since we’re screaming her name out someone will reach out to Jean Grae and talk her out of her sabbatical.

  • og bobby j

    real talk…i dont miss a single one….not trying to hear no smut rap….

    minus the lauren hill joints….bitches are weak….and lauren is nose deep in meth and face paint right now…


    i wanna say last year i thought lady luck babs and some other chicks was trying to come back. what the fuck happened because lady luck was looking nice

  • http://www.myspace.com/emcdlthemusicprofile EmCDL

    Damn I’m late on this…can’t get on here as much as I use to Tony, but this is a good drop nonetheless. I wish to see more rappin’ ladies as well; your right, it was a time where for every crew there was a lady MC that could hang with the guys; shit was like the protocol for rap crews. But unfortunately shit ain’t like that anymore, and as much as we would want it to go back to that age (or something like it), we just gotta take what these labels are giving us. Most of the chicks nowadays are either plastered up (Kim), in jail (Remy), M.I.A. (Lauryn), or just not getting the recognition they deserve (Jean Grae; girl is ill on the mic and she fine as hell IMO).

    Does Roxy Renolds deserve a mention? I haven’t heard none of her shit but can she rap? I know I’d smash it though LOL

  • What the ?

    Yeah, honestly let’s be serious no girl has ever been more than hot garbage on the mic other that maybe Bahamadia and Lauren, but Lauren was better at singing than rapping anyway, not really that good a mc.

    I would compare it to a WMBA player trying to play a game with the fellas in the NBA. Leta face it, there just not good enough at a mans game.

  • Jerod

    Yeah. The topic of this post is probably why all rappers are turning homo now. Haha!

  • FlapJack

    Old heads! smh
    MIA, Santogold, Estelle, Kid Sister (I’m sorry), Jean Grea. Just off the top of my head. All doing their thing.

    Cosign Kanye being the queen of hip-hop. hahahah

    Tony! Bout to move into Bols moms basement?

    Didn’t he get shitcanned?

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com tony grand$

      I tried to tell them you’re crazy, Flap!

      Nah, no basements for your boy, I got too many kids! Less than Charlie Sheen but more than whoever doesn’t have any, lol.

      Man, I like “Paper Planes”, so much so that I went on a mission to hear some more MIA stuff. Idk if it was old or new, but, No Dice. I was disappointed. She needs more people.

      • Zulu1925

        The only other joint I like by M.I.A. is “XR2.”