BLOG: The Youngest In Charge

Soulja Boy. Soulja Boy. Soulja Boy. For most saying his name three times is like calling the Candy Man of hip-hop to come and kill the listeners. Yet, with all of his fame and fortune and fans of adolescent status that love to Bird Walk, hip-hop has let dude live. I’d say he’s been given quite a few passes for some of his outlandish statements, he’s also been taken to task for some, all in the name of him being 18 years old. That shouldn’t be an excuse for his antics, although he handled the Ice-T beef better than most expected, actually got Charles Hamilton to turn into the Sonic speed ball and respond in rhyme, got Nas stans all crazy and dealt with Bow Wow how you deal with Bow Wow…but what does it all mean if he ain’t dope on the mic?

Bare with me, I’m trying something here. We all have the ability to go research some shit right now. I could ask a question and you can go to Google and look it up, but not this time, we are gonna go by the honor system. No looking for dates, or ages or none of that, this is strictly off the top of your head…Who is the greatest young MC ever? Meaning, their full-length album came out before their 18th birthday.

Hold up! No jumping on Wikipedia or any of that shit! Right now, go in the comments section and spit the name that you recall being that dude as a youngster who spit fire and their whole album came out before they were 18.

It’s a lil’ tough for me as I want to lean on all the research outlets that I can think of, I see I have to lay off all that Patron. Rap groups are in the running as well; just don’t say Another Bad Creation. There’s a lot out of different choices out there. Fresh Prince? A-Plus? Chi Ali? Illegal? You also have the fact that some of them were spitting rhymes from older cats, so factor that into your choice.

I’m going with (damn, if you follow the rules, this shit is hard)…LL Cool J.-DT

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  • OG Matt Herbz

    A young age isn’t an excuse for being a pussy ass bitch. Fuck Soulja Boy and fuck all that he’s “accomplished.”

    –OG Matt Herbz–

    • Hate Hate and more Hate

      I don’t know about his rapping abalities nor do I care but 2pac was the best barn back-up dancers under the of 18, I’ve ever seen. Some people say he was inspired by Scoop and Scrap lover.

    • joe p

      def LL cool J but fuck soldier boy … hes wack


    LL and LIL WAYNE. I always thought that it was crazy that lil wayne called himself the best rapper alive. but i do think that he’s the best kid rapper ever!



  • Who dat?

    Shyheim AKA the rugged child could have pressed 450 on souljia boy….

    • DaDude06

      Shyheim EASLIY had to cosign on that one of the nastiest young mcs ever

      • supersupreme

        Def Shyhiem EASY
        i Co-sign that shit
        he ripped every mic he touched
        also he also had the pleasure to rock the mic with pac and biggie same night same stage
        END OF STORY.

  • Pierzy

    Nas was 20 when Illmatic dropped right? Snoop was 20 when Doggystyle dropped.

    I’m gonna have to go with LL – “Radio.” I think he was 17.

    • these posts are racist

      Nas was like 17 when he dropped one of the illest verses ever on the “Barbeque” track.

      Pac was 21 when he dropped 2pacalypse now…

  • yoshi

    Lil Wayne Lights Out! I believe he was 17, the word play on that track was insane

    • Umpington the Fif

      Chipmunk from out of the UK. One of the best teenagers I have eeevvvvveeeeerrrr heard

  • dr fresh n fly


    • EmCDL

      Co Sign that cd is raw than a mug

    • Superstar Extraordinaire

      yea outkast is dope ass fuck

  • Hate Hate and more Hate

    The only “rapping” a little kid should be doing is at Subway and other fast establishments where they need niggas wrapping sandwiches. But since we don’t live in a perfect world, we have gay ass niggas like Soulja boy & Bow Wow running loose.

    And like the Spring Street Legend aka Matt Herbz said, age is no excuse for being a pussy bitch nigga. Would you excuse your bastard kid(s) for bringing home straight f’s on their report card, because there just a kid? This is why I hate shows like Amateur Night at the Apollo for kids. Stop lying to these little bastards telling them “there all winners” when deep down inside you know you want to boo them talentless fucks off of the damn stage.

  • Curtis75Black

    A 3 way tie for me: LL Cool J, The Fresh Prince and Illegal. All Three came with Classic debuts with different perspectives and Real Lyrics.

  • Pologod

    Jamal. I know niggas remember “Jamal Fades Em All”. He was pretty hot, back day. Shit, when he was with Illegal, shit was pretty ill. Lil homie was spitting with the likes of, Redman and Keith Murray.

    • Jamal7Mile

      “Who the fuck wanna take Jamal to play ball?”

      Co-sign!! Yeah, yeah, I know… biased.

  • ChrisCash

    I think Bone Thugs were under 18 when then shit came out

  • Dart_Adams

    No one ever heard of Special Ed? He had TWO classics under his belt before he even turned 19!

    No Wikipedia needed/I seen it!


    • dt the Kingpen

      dope one Dart. wow.

      • capcobra

        definitely special ed….and kwame.

  • kyle

    The lil niggas from ILLEGAL and i was gonnna say that before I read the rest of your piece…they could SPIT!!

    • M.R.E


  • Galice

    Kriss Kross. Nuff said.

  • hip.hop.says

    i’m going with shyheim aka the rugged child (that wu affiliated kid)…i think he was 16/17 when his disc dropped.


    Nas 1st joint, Kool G. Rap’s first joint, Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince’s first joint, Special Ed’s first joint, Mc Lyte first joint….etc. There were alot of youngins doing thier thang


    Lil Wayne – The Block Is Hot

    dats all i got off da top of my head

  • capcobra

    how old was leaders of the new school?…

  • http://xxlmag jb

    LL wit Radio and Bad (bigger and deffer). Back when he was nice. lol.

  • http://n/a capo doze(twitter me)

    ll cool j, shyhiem, a plus, juelz santana, all ny na ‘mean!!

  • tony grand$

    I gotta second & third Special Ed. “Youngest In Charge” was hard.

  • ridda

    didn’t mobb deep drop juvenile hell or even infamous before 18 years old??

    • amar

      i’m sticking by the no wikipedia thing, so i’mma guess juvenile hell…”I’m only 19 but my mind is older, when the shit gets for real my warm heart turns cold” hahahahha

      buy nas, mobb deep, biggie and tupac were def some of the best under 20 (i think tupacalypse now was under 20?)

      wait…was tupacalypse now before 18? cause then i might have to say tupac…

      • Jstnb

        No 2pac was 21 when he dropped 2pacalypse now

  • Totalpackage

    shyheim aka the rugged child that shit was hot stell got at amd bump it from time to time

    • Jay-1

      Wasnt ice cube under 18 when nwa came out?

      • Jamal7Mile

        Nah, not quite. Cube was 19 on Straight Outta Compton. However, that wasn’t NWA’s first album so he had to be younger on the first one. “NWA and the Posse” was the first one, I think.

  • Curtis75Black

    Da Youngstas, Mc Lyte, LONS, EPMD, ATCQ, Ice Cube. Kris Kross was Ghost written by Jermaine

    • http://xxlmag jb

      O yea! EPMD!!! I think they was 17 with Strictly Business. That’s my vote.

  • zood

    May not have been fire as such but block is hot by lil wayne
    unless that was released when he was 18?

  • Incilin

    This honor system is stupid since if you follow it, you may end up giving an answer you’ll regret just cuz you couldnt remember who was what age when.

    The answer is easily LL. Radio is a classic. Who else dropped at classic at 17? There you go.

  • Enlightened

    BG. BG. BG. Hands down.

    Most people didn’t get on BG until Cash Money got the major deal which means, “Chopper City in the Ghetto.”

    Anybody who was on BG on the original “Chopper City” or “It’s All On U” vols. 1 and 2.

    Those three albums was when this nigga was between the ages of about 15-17 and they are ridiculous! Hands down his best work.

    Sad to say…it’s when he used to rap about being on heroin and maybe that had something to do with it because his flow was so much more creative and fire than it is now.

    Please, go listen to those albums if you never have!

    • yo

      i concur. chopper city all day

  • Gooch

    Shyheim the Rugged Child… easy

  • qp

    I would have to say LL Cool J and didn’t Rakim drop Eric B. For President before he hit 18?

  • B

    Messy Marv and San Quinn both dropped albums at 16.

  • kelito-vision

    lil wayne – the block is hot
    bow wow – his verse on Doggystyle was tight
    kid n play – weren’t they 18 when they came out wit the first record

  • DV8

    Lil Wayne
    Bow Wow
    Mobb Deep
    Kriss Kross

    just to name a few….Soulja Boy is just plain dumb and doesnt want to admit it thats why he uses that Im only (whatever age he is) excuse for why his music sucks.




    • Superstar Extraordinaire

      co sign dre and big boi was spittin fire dog….they still do (da art of storytellin pt 4)

  • Curtis75Black

    @ Kelito-Vision,
    That wasn’t Bow Wow on Doggystyle. That was Lil Malik from Illegal. Bow wow couldn’t get away with that verse today !!

  • yaSiRE

    Da Yungstaz

  • Barry Washington

    Eric B. & Rakim – Paid in Full

    I’m pretty positive Rakim was 19 so that doesn’t count but I know they started recording the album in ’86, making it possible for Rakim to have been 18 during the time of the first recording.

    • Barry Washington

      Also to “amar” Pac was born in ’71 and 2pacalypse came out in ’91 so that would make him 20.


    My man A+ all the real OG’s remember him. I think he was like 14 get the album hot sh%4


    He’s wasn’t on the mic yet but Large Pro been making beats for heads since he was 16!

  • Da Truth 239

    By far it was BG aka Baby Gangsta. BG went hard as teenager spitting fie shit. He was better when we was younger than he is now. The whole hotboy camp was bout dat gangsta, and spitting that fie shit. But if you into having a goodtime and partying I have to give it to Kid n Play. Them boys knew how to get the party jumping and have fun.

  • t- brezzy

    ll cool j radio but he was 19 when BAD came out

    • DADE COUNTY 305


  • El Tico Loco

    Da Youngstas
    Mobb Deep
    Run DMC
    Large Professor (Main Source)

    Now fast forward to 09

  • Moi

    Rakim, Cube, Nas dropped/wrote classic songs and verses before 18 i think . . . and LL a classic album with Radio at 17. how old was Nas though when Illmatic came out? anyway, given that we’re talking about Rakim, Ice Cube, LL, and Nas here (as well as Fresh Prince, Special Ed,), that makes age no excuse for The Wackness.

    • amar

      “i wake up early on my born day, i’m 20 it’s a blessin the essence of adolescence leave my body now i’m fresh in”

  • 6Cubed

    MC Ren in NWA was most influential. That was one of first albums set the bar for gangsta rap. Him and Cube wrote that album. I hate to admit it but Bow Wow sales wise is the most successful outta of the young MCs. I didn’t say he was the best he was the most successful sales wise don’t get sales and skills messed up.

  • wat_wat_watt

    although im not a fan of his…i’ll give it to lil wayne.

  • Devon

    Bow wow was 2 yrs old when his album came hes my pick

  • louie mo

    what ? no love for da youngstas?

  • Lowedwn

    In order….

    LL Cool J

    I wanted to say Mobb Deep, but Juvenile Hell wasn’t all that compared to The Infamous, and thx to XXl’s article I know Nas was 19 when Illmatic dropped.

    • BIGNAT

      i was going with LL but i almost forgot about outkast

  • K-Atomic

    haha ima be the best soon… still 16 and working hard on the lyricism… so i got time.

    but other then that i think ll cool j takes it, and if cory gunz had came out with one when he was younger then 18 he woulda been pretty dope too.

  • dbys

    yea mane i gotta give it to enlightened on that one. b.g.’s chopper city was the hardest in my book and he was actually bout 14 or 15.

  • Dubbs2041

    umm, wasn’t Ice Cube 16 when he wrote “Boyz n the Hood” for Eazy?

  • ne where gang

    how old were the geto boys 18?

  • Jose 88

    Curently i like Tyga but that´s arguable and based on personal taste.
    I´m kinda stuck between LL and Lil Wayne on this one…

  • Coopd509

    How could it not be the G.O.A.T.? Soulja Boy is a walkin’ nursery rhyme! LL CooL J dropped an album before he was 18 but the content appealed to cats twice his age….now you tell me what 30yr old listens to SB!?

  • GOAT by a nose

    LL wins slightly over Wayne. The rest of this discussion is either irrelevant, becuz the ages of Outkast, Rakim, etc. makes them ineligible, or idiotic. A+? come on!

  • $ykotic

    Clearly you can see the generation gap thru the comments.

    LL Cool J (HANDS DOWN)

    Special ED

    Kriss Kross(JD got paid)



    Da Youngtas(Utube “Crewz Pop)

    That young Cash Money Group

    Bow Wow

  • Big Money STL

    The old Weezy the hardest young nigga that was out….

    or boosie in is first days muhfuckas wasnt on that doe

  • j589

    lil wayne when he first came out under 18 and i think bg dropped one before he was 18 not sure though

  • Detroit Draper

    Yea Im glad to see some people still appreciate gangsta shit. B.G. chopper city, Its all on you vol.1, and 2 were classics

  • raul

    mc lyte enough said

  • vslimm

    i would say lil wayne but imma giv it to bg chopper city waz a hot cd in new orleans it was underground and it still manage to sell alot of records..even whn the only rappers tht were selling at the time was pac and biggie

  • Jamal7Mile

    Foxxy Brown got it for the ladies.

  • dk
  • macdatruest

    B.G. & Lil’ Wayne (The B.G.’s)album: True Story ages 13 & 15
    B.G.: Chopper City age 16

    B.G : It’s All On You Vol. 1&2 age 17
    Lil Wayne on Juvenile’s 400 Degreez age 16

    I don’t know about Autotune Wayne, he aint bad but B.G. Wayne was the shit! B.G. been a young beast



  • dk

    Mac Miller the best 18 under right now

  • Chris S


    i’m pretty sure nas was 16 when he did his verse on Live At the BBQ. he did halftime a year later. then dropped illmatic the year after that. so i’m pretty sure he was 18…

  • Shawty J

    Big Boi and Andre were teenagers when they dropped Southernplayalisticaddilacmusik, right? If so I I gotta give to them. That album only had one flaw: too many skits. But all the songs were great!

  • Fettah


  • Gangsta Pimp

    i guess none of ya’ll have heard of x-raided? dat nigga was 17-18 when dropped that first joint(psycho active).

  • REAL TALK 09

    the GOAT.. a yung LL COOL J!…as for SB..Soulja Bitch!…yall know he the worse!

  • gangsta pimp

    x-raided came out with his first joint when he was 17 or 18. a nigga that young spittin dat hard shit means a whole lot.

  • Yung_sean

    Soulja Boy my nigga he go hard ass fuck But im thinkn Juelz Santana

  • that nigga

    Rakim was still In high school when he dropped his first album. I remember him stating that In one of these weak as mag articles. Nas was 16 when he spit that “Live at the barbecue” verse and that “Kick em In the grill” joint with M.C. Search.

    Remember Chi Ali anyone? How old was Biggie when he dropped Ready to Die?

  • IndyKid

    Love him or hate him, Wayne had a bangin album with Tha Block is Hot. Dude was one of the youngest starting mc’s I know of. I don’t think anybody’s arguing that LL was dope too.

  • Curtis75Black

    @ That nigga,
    Biggie was around 21-22 when he dropped and Chi Ali was ghostwritten by the Native Tongue family. He states it himself on HipHopDX.

  • esco702

    Im gonna go with shyheim aka the rugged child duke was sonnin grown men at the time

  • jester

    cube or ll i dont give a fuck wat yall say they done changed the face of rap bk in the 80s i kno watcha all finkin how did ll cumon he wen platinum at 16 & nw look he still in the rap game ppl sleepin on exit 13 he stepped his game up after the definition & todd smith… an as 4 cube cumon he was writin 4 all of n.w.a. he lyrics r the truth since dy 1 he will speak on shit nobody wans 2 or they do but sugar coat it every last album in my eyes ain been under an l ratin an raw footage tha shud have got an xxl!

  • jester

    oh how cud i forget fuck soulja bitch straight up his ass-ring-tone he needs 2 go sit-shit-ina-corner an reach under the bed pull out a hustler or fox & wank-dat-stupid shit outta his system… u can have 1 or 2 catchy fuckin trax but cumon a whole album of dance flash dance flash dance we need 2 hear sum real motherfuckin subjects its like he actin all hard & shit but he ain been fru fuck all!