The realest shit ever is I still buy hip-hop albums. I get way too much music sent to me, more than the average mix show DJ probably and I'll still cop something with my hard earned cash. I don't do it as much as I should, but at least twice a month I buy some newness. Back when I was diggin' for beats I'd spend a week's worth of lunch money on a dusty jazz album just to skip through it and not find a groove to chop up.

On the same note, one purchase from hip-hop that still has me heated is DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince’s Homebase album that had "Summertime" on it. I was amped from the hotness of the single, so with $15 I spent my weekend money on that shit. The ill part was I was visiting my cousin in Jersey. Since I knew I'd be straight with fam on food and drink at their crib, I would be good on coughin' up the dough. Little to my knowledge they ain't have shit! No food, drinks, snacks, nothing. So I was out of the few dollars I had (back then you could get a hero sandwich, chips and a soda for $3.50) for whatever. So I'm still pissed at the duo for that, even though Jeff made up for it with his Magnificent album series. Will, I love Enemy of the State but I'm still waiting for the music payback.

Anyway, to this day I'll spend my last on the prospect of an album being dope. I download mad shit for free like the rest of you, but the last album I brought was, Cappadonna's new shit Slang Prostitution (check what I thought about it here.

So this post has a two-part question. What was the last album that made you mad that you actually bought it (tape, CD or ITunes) annnnnd what was the last album you spent money on? Album not single (I cop a lot of those). -DT