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The realest shit ever is I still buy hip-hop albums. I get way too much music sent to me, more than the average mix show DJ probably and I’ll still cop something with my hard earned cash. I don’t do it as much as I should, but at least twice a month I buy some newness. Back when I was diggin’ for beats I’d spend a week’s worth of lunch money on a dusty jazz album just to skip through it and not find a groove to chop up.

On the same note, one purchase from hip-hop that still has me heated is DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince’s Homebase album that had “Summertime” on it. I was amped from the hotness of the single, so with $15 I spent my weekend money on that shit. The ill part was I was visiting my cousin in Jersey. Since I knew I’d be straight with fam on food and drink at their crib, I would be good on coughin’ up the dough. Little to my knowledge they ain’t have shit! No food, drinks, snacks, nothing. So I was out of the few dollars I had (back then you could get a hero sandwich, chips and a soda for $3.50) for whatever. So I’m still pissed at the duo for that, even though Jeff made up for it with his Magnificent album series. Will, I love Enemy of the State but I’m still waiting for the music payback.

Anyway, to this day I’ll spend my last on the prospect of an album being dope. I download mad shit for free like the rest of you, but the last album I brought was, Cappadonna’s new shit Slang Prostitution (check what I thought about it here.

So this post has a two-part question. What was the last album that made you mad that you actually bought it (tape, CD or ITunes) annnnnd what was the last album you spent money on? Album not single (I cop a lot of those). -DT

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    jim jones birdgang album. that was a shit sandwich.


      That’s the last album I bought too, not the latest or newest release though. Still haven’t copped Plies album yet.

    • MO


  • chase




    • valdez

      last 3 newnewly released cd’s i bought from the store:

      1. gnarls barkley – the odd couple
      2. erykah badu – new america
      3. nas – untitled

      i was happy with those purchases.


    im sorry. but da last album i bought out the store was The Carter 3.

  • Trouble

    I bought the Shwayze album, it was a instant classic so it was worth the $15.

    Will Smiths last album “Lost and Found” was dope as fuck, you should check that one out.

    • DT the Kingpen

      What up Trouble? Shwayze’s album was dope? Wow…gonna check that at some point. Looking for Will’s Lost and Found right now.

    • CBT

      that shwayze album is classic.

  • bob

    plies da realest that was worth the money!!

    • Rob the Music Ed

      Co-sign on Plies. I copped that and Kanye on the same day.

      I just bought Joe Budden’s “Padded Room” today. Even though I’ve had it for like a month.

  • these posts are racist

    I’ve literally only purchased one CD in my life: Eazy-E 187 Um killa.

  • General

    Ludacris-Theatre of the Mind was the last CD I bought and I’m still playin that in heavy rotation. The last CD I paid for and wanted a refund was The Carter 3, I still don’t get the hype around that CD or Lil Wayne, his rhymes are horrible

  • Gooch

    true story, hip-hop head and all that, last album I bought was Lily Allen’s “Alright, Still.” Before that I think it was Redman’s last LP. Aside from those two I can’t really remember. I haven’t bought more than 10 rap CDs since the year 2000. CDs cost too much, always have.

    • Smel

      That actually makes sense (sadly) cuz it’s not like anyone you know is gonna have that Lily Allen for you to burn LLS

  • frost breezy

    american gangsta which was an all time classic……anyone beg to differ

  • Pierzy

    The last CD I bought? If memory serves correctly, it was “Hip Hop Is Dead” by Nas. I felt an overriding need to support that project. However, I’ve been meaning to cop Jay-Z’s “American Gangster” because that is one of my favorite albums that came out in recent years.

    • DT the Kingpen

      Damn P. You mentioning Nas made me remember that the last CD I brought was Nas’ Nigger album. But the last album I copped was Cappa’s off of iTunes.

      • Pierzy

        You got Cappa’s? So you’re the one?

  • Vicious Seiger

    I bought k’naan on amazon for 1.99 [download] and I bought UGK’s “Dirty Money”, “Ridin Dirty” & “Super Tight” as well as E-40′s “Ball Street Journal” at Circuit City’s going out of business sale. Put I can’t lie not much on the new side has moved me to buy many physical albums lately. I mainly download or crate dig for my fix [cue the junkie scratching].

  • c. gabi

    “Graduation”- Kanye West. Simply because I thought 50 really would stop putting out music if Kanye outsold him (what a fool I was).

  • Vicous Seiger

    PS – It’s hard to shell out cold cash for the new albums when they just might be trash esp. on the strength of single that really wasn’t that great to begin with. [Suggestion for a post: The Last Album You Bought that you didn't ride on the skip button or never pressed skip]



  • vslimm

    i buy cd’s all the time if i burn something its usually mix tape shit or to combine hot songs together the last cd’s i bought were actually six of them..t.i paper trail..t-pain,,akon,,their last cd’s,,young gezzy,,lil wayne da carter 3..i hv i let someone borrow well u kno how tht goes..and jennifer hudson thts for my

  • OG Matt Herbz

    Beny Moré: “Lo Mejor De Lo Mejor” in 2008. Only because digital copies of his shit seemed hard to come by at that time. Act like you know.

    –OG Matt Herbz–

  • RL

    Just picked up the reissue of Iceberg Slim’s “Reflections”. $13.00 well spend on some nostalgic sh*t. They don’t make them like that anymore.

    I dropped about $9.00 on the Gang Related Sdtk. with the hopes that Death Row would scratch my West Coast itch. Needless to say, that CD wasn’t worth $2.00. Mad as hell that I bought it.

    • Pierzy

      Gang Related – a double disc that should’ve been a maxi single or, at most, an EP. The 4 ‘Pac songs, the Kurupt song, and one or two others…

  • amar

    marshal mathers – the slip shady lp LOL

  • Chris Cash

    The last albums i bought were ” Theatre of the Mind” and (808′s) because they came out the same day and the last album i regret buying is
    Universal mind control.

    I buy all my albums at best buy, except the ones i cant find like Paded Room which i still havent got because it wasnt there, i only download mixtapes. But i only by albums from reliable artist.

    Has anyone heard Padded Room? I havent heard alot about it. Is it good?

    • Chris S

      listen to “Pray For Me”.

      that song alone made me wanna buy the cd.


    Padded Room is dope. favorite tracks are “If I Gotta Go” & “Adrenaline”. It was a good purchase.

    • money213

      Padded room is the last album i bought, its ok best songs are “Pray For Me” and Blood on the Wall’

  • http://xxlmag jb

    The last album I brought? Game’s L.A.X. I also copped Swizz first album G.H.E.T.T.O Stories. It’s a hard album to find and i’m into collecting rare stuff and I got everything else. The problem is there closing all the record stores! There closing Circuit City and I hear there closing Virgin records! What type of shit is that? If your like me and u like to read the credits when u cop albums your running out of places 2 go.

    • Jesus Martinez

      I get all my shit at Target, Best Buy, or this local place that sell a lot of mixtapes and old out of print CDs you can’t find no where else. I like getting the actual CD myself too.

      • daz_oc

        old out of print?? wheres that store at?? I been looking for a lot of old shit but cant download it online anywhere

        • Jesus Martinez

          Navy Blvd. Pensacola

      • http://xxlmag jb

        There r a few cd’s I still need: Diamond D: Hatred, Passions and Infidelity, Big Noyd: Episodes of a Hustla, Nice & Smooth debut, Willie D:Controversy and Above The Law:Uncle Sam’s Curse. Anybody know where 2 find these albums? Get @ me on the myspace page.

    • Stevie B

      I actually wrote a blog about people like myself who still like to read the credits and look at the album art work in cd booklets guess it didnt make the cut for xxl.
      Anyway I feel you on that I have to know who produced the tracks and all the other good stuff. And like my girl said the other day nothing was better then when a hot album came with the lyrics. It Was Written anyone?
      Vinyl is dope because of that warm sound and nostalgic look but the cd booklet is greatly underappreciated. Hey what can I say I was born in 85!lol

  • Aaron

    The last album I bought was Outkast- Atliens, well worth my $8

    And I still feel like a sucker for buying The 7 Day Theory only because when I got it in the mail it was the edit version and you can’t properly listen to that shit edited.

  • Worley

    The last album I regretted buying was American Gangster. The last album I bought was Nigger. The next album I will buy is The Last Kiss although I suspect the mixtape is better just like with Nigger. I will still support Jada though. Gotta buy that Luda album too. I got a burned copy but the joint is worth a purchase.

  • Stig Man

    just picked up Padded Room last week, lyrically creatively conceptually a classic, production’s average, but all in all some of the best money i’ve spent

  • 615banga

    last cds i bought were

    ludacris- theatre…
    ace hood- gutta
    nethod nan- 421
    and 2 pistols death before dishonor

    • A

      You got robbed cuzin!

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Sean Price – Jesus Price Supastar

  • Ceedat

    The last album I bought was I Pledge Allegiance to the Grind Pt. II, I just now bought it because I couldn’t find it at a store to save my life and then I saw at the zombie Circuit City recently and I had to buy.

    • Instant

      yeh go cop that killer mike album
      that shit is fire! classic

  • kill bill

    Last one i bought was Ludacris Theatre of the mind and Im still on it

  • C. Hop

    Scarface – Emeritus
    Mac Dre- Genie of the Lamp
    Mac Dre – Ronald Dregan

    I learned my lesson to shop wisely after being burned by no limit once a month in the 90′s.

  • west philly’s finest

    Ace Hood? The last real cd I got was Lupe’s The Cool my girl bought it though I don’t know if that count. I only spend money on shit I know gonna be nice.

  • Jesus Martinez

    B-Real: Smoke N Mirrors, bought it last week and Devin the Dude: Landing Gear.
    Last album I regretted was Common: Universal Mind Control.

  • A

    I’m straight downloading.
    Buying music these days is like buying rag weed. I’m holdin on to my paper until cats like: Little brother, Nas, AZ, or Styles-P Drop something. Other then that I hope the game just dries up!

  • murK

    Curtis was T-R-A-S-H!! last album i bought was 808′s.

  • Chris S

    i buy all of my albums in stores. i download a lot of free stuff too but i own over a hundred cd’s. most of the cds i buy are classics that i don’t already have.

    two days ago i bought the Touch The Sky Mixtape that Lupe Fiasco did. i finally found a store that had it! a few weeks before that, i bought Lifestyles Ov Da Poor & Dangerous by Big L.

  • Ton~Teezy

    Since I get a lot of my hip-hop music free the last album I copped was Britney Spear and I was UPSET!

  • Stevie B

    Last Albums I bought were
    Death Certificate Ice Cube
    Atliens Outkast
    Its Takes A Nation of Millions To Hold Us Back
    Public Enemy
    I just had to get some classics before the official end of the compact disk era

    Last album I regret buying was T.I. Vs T.I.P. which hurts to say because i have been a fan of his for a longtime. My ex-girl who is damn near a T.I. groupie did not even like it so sad!

  • HungUp

    It’s funny, my homegirl and I were just having this conversation the other day. Nobody buys actual cds anymore. Having said that, the last album I brought was Scarface-Emeritus.
    Not his best but way better than most stuff out there. The folks at XXL need to tell these rappers to stop putting out that bullshit and maybe the fans would buy something. They need to learn that everything sounds good when you’re high.

  • Curtis75Black

    The last cds I picked up were Heltah Skeltah’s (Hot), Q-Tip’s(Finally opened over the weekend – A slept on Gem Ya’ll) and The Maroon 5 remix cd (Nice) and Neyo (which I still Haven’t opened).

    The last cd I picked up that was a dissapointment to me was Nas Untitled. Too Much hype and no substance. Very lackluster.

    Still trying to pick up Scarface new one.

  • louie mo

    heater sketler- d.i.r.t
    dub union- dub union
    88 keyz-death of adam
    i still got them in the rotation

  • IndyKid

    LMAO at the dude saying Schwayze is an instant classic hahahahahahahahahaha. That’s funny.
    But the last album I bought was Jeezy’s The Recession. I only buy the albums if I respect the dude. Otherwise I download everything.

  • DV8

    Last albums bought: Q-Tip- The Renessance,

    Last album I regret buying: Dont even remember I probably tossed it after hearing it.

  • Mas

    The last time i bought music i actually bought 3 albums at teh same time from amazon. black milk- tronic (slept on, dope beats), ill bill the hour of reprisal, and east coast avengers- prison planet. The last album i bought and was mad at was Dj Muggs and Planet Asia Pain language, that shit was boring and Muggs didn’t bring it on the boards

  • MarioM.

    the last CD i bought was 808′s and Heartbreak the best album i’ve ever heard.
    before that was T.O.S. G-unit fucking killed it better than beg for mercy.
    and before that was… when did TI v. TIP come out that shit was terrible and that song with eminem fucking a. what a waste of plastc.

  • Ben

    Cam’ron S.D.E.

  • Hip Hop Makers

    I just got that joe budden yesterday

  • jester

    the last album i bought was lethal injection remastered but if we talkin lastest i got kanyes jst 2 go 2 the collection it was fuckin terrible he shud have stuck 2 wat he knu not wat he fort he cud do… im dyin 4 a new dmx album thas me bein real cos thas y he is real he tells it like it is like tha debate whos the realest i dont give a shit wat any of u say he is real!

  • latino heat

    the last actual cd i bought was Nas last one. i recently bought Heltah Skeltah’s D.I.R.T. and Joe Budden Mood Musio 3 online. the last shit sandwich i bought, a tie between 808′s and Heartbreak and Common’s new one.

  • D-Block

    last album i bought: J Dilla- Ruff Draft

  • ddubbzz

    Last album i baught was Scarface(Emeritus) which was the hottest album of the year, and before that it was Qtips (renaissance )

  • Curtis75Black

    Oh, I forgot to mention Jake One’s White Van Music cd. Double cd with a Intrumental Disc for all you spittas ou there. Shit is Bangin’ !! Diverse bunch of emcee’s rippin’ Very much worth it.

  • Curtis75Black

    Oh, I forgot to mention Jake One’s White Van Music cd. Double cd with a Intrumental Disc for all you spittas out there. Shit is Bangin’ !! Diverse bunch of emcee’s rippin’, very much worth it. Also Goodie Mob Classic Soul Food, found on a humble trip

  • latino heat

    correction. i forgot i bought that Scarface cd when it dropped. lol at C.HOP, you ain’t the only one that got burned by No Limit once a month. not me, but a lot of people bought his b.s. faithfully.

  • money213

    The last album i bought was Padded Room, probably wont buy anything until the three headed monster (em,50,dre) finally release their shit.

  • PEDRO C.

    The last good cd I bought was Tick Trick’s “The Villian.”
    The last cd I got that wasnt so good Tech N9ne “Killer” I expected more.

    *** I still buy albums, about 4 a month.
    support your favorite artist.

  • Anthony G

    Z-ro Crack, chopped and Screwed. Best CD yet, although every cd he has is the best one yet, ya digg!

  • venemez

    The last one I bought was Paper Trail

    The one I regret buying LLoyd banks rotten apple

  • zood

    Last album that got me mad that i bought in Hip Hop was probably Curtis by 50 Cent
    The last one hip hop album i bought was Cormega’s The Realness
    of itunes
    and Ludacris Theater of the Mind on CD
    both very good.

  • Jack

    I always buy the cd I don’t care about the singles cause you can hear those on the radio and those are usually the weakest songs on the cd. The most recent Cd i bought was TI’s Paper Trail and I’m about to go get Joe buddens padded room and I don’t get disappointed with any cd I’ve bought cause i listen to all the songs on youtube after i get the track listing so i’ve hear them all before i buy it.

  • qp

    The last album that I bought and wished I hadn’t was…….The Curtis Album…….I’m a 50 fan, but it wasn’t what I thought it would be…..nothing was really sticking

    The last Hip-Hop album that I bought and loved was Rhymefest’s “Blue Collar”….that was basically the anthem to my life for the last couple months……..

  • dbys

    tha last album i bought was luda’s theatre of the was straight. tha album i wish i wouldnt have bought was plies new shit. i like dude but dam he brags alot

  • Mike Beezy

    I spent $16 on Raekwon’s Lex Diamond CD. That’s $16 and an hour of my life i can’t get back. I If OB4CL2 is a dud, i’m fuckin done…I also bought Grand Puba’s “2000″ album and had a serious musical self-esteem check.

  • Raw Lew

    the last album I copped was Joe Budden’s Padded Room. I love it was well worth 8.99 even though I would have bought for $15 regardless. One of my more dissapointing buys would be Lloyd Banks’ Rotten Apple. That joint only had about 4 thorough tracks. Big shout to all those who still go out and physically buy albums I buy albums if I’m interested, that makes it sweeter when the album is complete and thorough. My CD game is about 150 dep now with recent and pasts classics. One.

  • jr

    I buy cds every tuesday (when something is relased) from best buy r target. fucked up thing is i burn them and sell them! lol

  • Rae Tha Great

    I regret copping The Knux they had all that hype and I thought they was gonna sound like The Cool Kids. Maybe I gotta take 2nd hear.

    Last album I bought was 808′S & Heartbreaks. Last one I recently downloaded was BIG SEAN “FINALLY FAMOUS VOL.1″ and KiD CuDi “A KID NAMED CUDI.” I’m getting ready to download MIKE POSNER “A MATTER OF TIME.” DETROIT STAND UP PEACEEEE

  • escobar9300

    Last Cd’s I bought were Nas’s latest album, and before that I bought Graduation and Hip Hop is Dead. Everything else wasnt worth my dough, though Ive been meaning to support Luda’s new album

  • bwa ha ha

    i buy alota cd’ the way they look all neatly arranged on my shelves..

    i bought padded room and history of violence last week. neither made me mad i copped.

  • Nomad

    I recently bought The Message (Grandmaster Flash) on vinyl and Nas’ untitled cd and still loving Jean Grae’s joints- Jeanius & the evil jeanius.
    worst? recently? guess AZ’s last joint (not mix tape) cant even remember the name…didnt even make it thru the ride home……

  • dwi

    prodigy hnic 2, havoc

  • Rex Banner

    The lats albums I bought were g-unit’s tos and the re up gang album. I fuckin loved TOS well worth the $9.99 but the re up gang album wasn’t what I expected, they could have made a classic but instead recycle shit from we got it 4 cheap 3. I regret buying that shit!

  • Ray UK

    curtis was the last cd i bought that i feel i wasted good money on, still lovin L.A.X and 808`s tho!

  • Kean The Great

    The last albums that I bought that I liked was Young Jeezy’s The Recession and Nas Untitled, both of them went hard. Last album I played frisbee with was G-Unit’s T.O.S. b-cuz it sucked balls like nobody’s business. If I was a Yung Berg fan, which I’m not and I’m from the Chi too, I would’ve broke his shit too. Famo’s life is just a waste of Man Juice anyway.

  • AndreB

    the latest new album I bought is 808s and heartbreaks. And thats some real good shit! But I buy allot of used albums. I found camrons purple haze and come home with me. And Nas street deciple and I’am… cost like 4$/cd.



  • Tanner

    The worst album I have ever bought would have to be Beat’n Down Yo Block by Unk. And the lastest CD I’ve bought was The Dynasty: Roc La Familia 2000 by Jay-Z which was today haha. I still buy CD’s on a regular basis and i’ve never downloaded.

  • El Tico Loco

    Theater of the Mind, Recession, and Heltah Skeltah. My worse was the last Pharoah Monch last joint, waited 10 years for an Internal Affairs follow up and all I got was 10 tracks of him tryna experiment?

  • Jesus Martinez

    I also regretted Nas’ last album, EPMD’s, and Ace Hood’s. But I did like Jake One and Trick Trick’s. Plus I found Main Source’s first album a lil while ago.

  • cam

    Piles his 4th cd T.i paper trail thats it i download it for free fuk buying i hope the stop makeing cd’s

  • ryefrance

    The last album that I bought was Chamillionaire “Ultimate Victory”. The sales figures on this album were okay but you got to respect any rapper that doesn’t say a single bad word and still makes the album hot as hell.

    The last album I kinda regret buying was the G-Unit”TOS”. Kinda shitty but I still like 50 cent despite the fact that he released “Curtis”which is crap only because the songs were not organized properly and because the album didnt flow well. Individually the songs are pretty good but together they suck.

    The next album that I will buy will be Chamillionaire”Venom” or Eminem”Relapse”, which ever comes out first.

  • 14snipez

    Big L- Lifestlyez of the poor and dangerous. “all black” “fed up with the bullshit” “devils son”( some fuckin horrorcore satan shit but lyricially crazy) “dangerzone” nuff said

  • Young History in the Making

    Yo on some real shit…the last album i bought and took back was american gangster…i dunno why but i just didnt like it…i took that shit back the same day and told the ppl at fye that it had a defect in it and it didnt play….thats the only way they took it back and gave me a refund lol…but yeah…..i just didnt like it…and the only song i really just bump from that cd like that is “sweet”…but the dj green lantern remix of it……cd before that that i bought and didnt enjoy was joe buddens first cd….the one with “pump it up” and “focus”…i didnt care for it the first couple of listens but it grew on me and i just kept it..

  • adrenaline

    last one i bought was black milk tronic and jake one white van music. Refine your lyrical taste yall

  • King Joffy Joe

    Well, let’s see. Because I download most of the music I own, the last c.d. that I actually purchased was Mobb Deep’s “Murda Muzik”, (1999). Yeah. I’ve been doing this shit ever since the orginal Napster!


    the last cd i brought was that fat joe “elephant in the room”, soundz lame huh???
    buh,not cuzz it was that joey crack buh bcuz it was like 2 years ago, other than that rick ross, aint nuffin come close to goin that hard… shyt rick ross may hav even went harder… and my manz let me hold that…

  • East Saint618

    Last couple cd’s i bought was

    Nas – Untitled

    BunB – II Trill( I barely even listened to it though…. i got tired of hearing the word trill a hundred times in a song)

    Lupe Fiasco – The Cool

  • wat_wat_wat

    The last CD i bought was the recession- Young Jeezy. nobody has convinced me to cop thier shit since!!!!


  • Jeuce

    Ludacris – Theater of the Mind & E-40 – The Ball Street Journal…copped the clean & dirty versions for the albums since I’m a DJ…worth the $40 i spent that day…

  • Beantown Bomber

    k’naans album… dude is dope. Previewed on iTunes and it made me want to buy it. Bought it today. Emeritus, Theatre of the Mind… insane as expected

  • maCaso

    T.I. Paper Trail ****1/2
    The Game – L.A.X. ***
    Lil Wayne – Tha Carter 3 **1/2
    G Unit – T.O.S. ***

  • Incilin

    THe last album I bought was Late Registration. I riped the packaging, ripped the CD to my computer and never needed it again. Fucked up part was that the shit aint rip proper and some of the tracks had scratches and noises on it. I ended up just downloading those tracks. ALBUM FAIL

  • paychexx

    cons- dont quit your day job

    scarface- emertius

    nas- nigger

    killer mike- pttg 2

    ice cube- raw footage

    will copped jadakiss

    i only buy cd if i really like the artist. i bought cons just on some old school shit, like i heard him a few times, he tip’s cousin runs with yeezy so he gots to be dope, very underrated cd. oh yeah i bought crooked block obama 2 becuz he spit all those free freestyles.

  • Anti-Mainstream

    Whenever Real Hip Hop albums or good music comes out I buy it instead of downloading it because downloading destroys the music industry…Last albums I bought were E 40′s Ball Street Journal, DJ Revolution’s King of the Decks, Nas untitled album, Krs One’s Maximum Strength 2008, and Ice Cube’s Raw Footage….

  • tony grand$

    Whaddup DT….

    Last joint I dropped loot on was Red’s “Red Gone Wild”. No brainer for me, because I’m a diehard from “Brothers On My Jock” off the EPMD album (yeah, light years ago). That shit was fire, I still bump it, often.

    Aside from that, I rape the Net or steal from friends & relatives.

  • Corey_88

    Last albums I bought were
    Immortal Technique – The 3rd World
    Q-Tip – The Renaissance
    DJ Drama – Gangsta Grillz Vol. 17 (kinda a dissapointment, expected more)
    Other than that i dont regret buying any albums that i own

  • L.A.X

    A lot of u need 2 buy better cd’s, I mean god damn Scwayze and shit? The last album that pissed me off was 808′s and Heartbreaks. The last album I bought was Buckshot and 9th Wonder, The Formula

  • kid video

    I picked up “Padded Room” today…it’s a solid album if your a Budden fan.

  • macdatruest

    MJG- This Might Be The Day I bought it, and somebody stole it, then I bought it again.
    “Mac Life” “Can’t Get Rid of Me” and “Jungle”

  • DJ Xcalibur

    Wooow I buy a lot of albums…

    The last one I bought that i was disappointed in was The Carter 3 and I know I am gonna catch hell with people for that but oh well

    The last couple I bought and was very happy with were:

    Jake One – White Van Music (The most recent buy)
    88-Keys – The Death of Adam
    Q-Tip – The Renaissance
    Kanye West – 808s and Heartbreak

    • EmCDL

      Yeah that 88 Keys and Q-Tip is off the chain! Way highly underrated IMO

  • PHD

    Jay Z – Kingdom Come ….damn he owe me for that one.

  • sealsaa

    Jay Z American Gangster (terrible)

    I bought Illmatic (AGAIN!) Last week, after XXL covered the making of it. I had it on my ipod already, just wanted to bump it in my car.

  • EmCDL

    The last album I bought that was wack as hell to me was that Akon cd…not his new one, but the one before that (I think it was called Konvicted). Did not like that album at all and listened to it the whole way thru like three times.

    Now for the last album I bought recently, I have to go with the first ATCQ album and The Very Best Of Brand Nubian…bought that at Second Spin like about a week ago, and I’m bumping it like its the new ish!


    graduation i bought that joint and i was pissed i was glad i got curtis at the same time. amn i could not stand that kanye ended that cd with a homosexual song about how much he loved jay-z. the last album i bought that i liked very much was 88 keys death to adam i keep telling people to buy it. the joint is just good also the ladies love it.

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