Amber Rose Vs. Tahiry

The last time I spoke on Amber Rose, I pit her up against Yeezy’s last girlfriend, Alexis. If I’m not mistaken, aside from Bol, the majority of the users agreed that Amber was the more attractive of the two. But what about Tahiry, Joe Budden’s girfriend?

This discussion has come up a few times in the office over the last few weeks. I personally think Amber gets the edge. It’s just not the fact that she has the confidence to rock the baldy, it’s the fashion sense also. There just aren’t too many Amber Rose-looking chicks walking around, period. On the flip side, with all due respect to Tahiry, she looks good, but I see bad Latinas in NYC everyday. Gimme a few minutes and I can step out of the office, go up on Broadway, or make a right on 23rd and bump into some bad ass chicks. None of them will look like Amber Rose, though.

In the end, it all depends on what you like. I used to have braids, so I guess I’m used to girls having shorter hair than I do. Perhaps that’s why I’m not sweating Miss Rose’s baldy. The crazy thing is, if Amber ever decides to grow her hair, I’m dumping her for Tahiry. Here’s what my fellow staffers had to say about the debate.

Rob the Music Ed’s Vote: Tahiry. “I need hair, a weave or something, a fucking wig. Plus [Amber Rose is] yellow like the Simpsons.”
Mike D’s Vote: Amber Rose. “She’s just the total package. And I like the bald head.”
Datwon: “Give me a minute.”
Jesse’s Vote: Amber Rose

Who’s your pick?

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  • squadwildin




      • Furiouso

        Was ur gurl sittin on ur lap when u posted that? Geek

      • Namebranded

        @jcityhustla617 i had your girl she wasnt all-that i gotta go amber rose

    • justicebringer757

      all i gotta say is Amber rose wins it Tahiry face on amber rose level body tone aint on amber rose level…..Get the hell outta here! get amber rose pic wit a black weave youll see!

  • OG Matt Herbz

    Tahiry wins by 45 inches…or the circumference of her phat ass. That just reminded me…it’s almost 12:00 noon and I need to go get some ‘tang. Peace…

    –OG Matt Herbz–

    • Phil

      YESSUR, I CONCUR. Like the great Dave Chappelle once said, “I can’t get enough of that ASS…”

      • valdez

        this is not even close. tahiri, by FAR!

  • Pierzy

    I’ve been with a girl that had a dome like Amber so I don’t sweat that, but I still take Tahiry all day.

  • yoprince

    i would cheat on amber with tahiry after too much Herradura, but amber would still be my booski!

    so yea.. amber

  • RaWshad

    SMH. Amber would be nice… if she had some hair.


    not hard at all, Tahiry. i mean, she rockn the bald head n all but…

  • EmCDL

    Tahiry will get it hands down, but Amber Rose is something different…I ain’t never seen a fine ass BALD chick…so for experimenting purposes, I choose Amber

  • DV8

    ummmm….I am stuck on Amber right now. Something about her.

  • General

    Amber all day

  • Jamal7Mile

    Tahiry for me. Everytime I see Amber, that old old Willie D song pops into my head.

  • Superstar Extraordinaire

    both can get the dick….but tahiry can be my main squeeze

  • e


  • Dr Flav

    Amber, because she will bring a bish just as bad as she is to bed with us.

    • netlock

      she dont do 3 ways look on worldstar.tahiry

  • El Tico Loco

    This is like choosing between a milli on your savings and a milli on your checking acct. Both can get it but I prefer Tahiri, my ex wiz went the baldy route after the breakup which I was cool for me because you don’t want to grab the back of a chick’s head and feel 360 waves or stubble.

  • DJ Daddy Mack

    Rob the Music Ed’s Vote: Tahiry. “I need hair, a weave or something, a fucking wig. Plus [Amber Rose is] yellow like the Simpsons.”


  • 2hard2fair

    if kanye is fuckin her,it shows how bad her pussy is just lookin at his crazy ass.however,being a realist,this is publicity,anyone who don’t think kanye is in the closet need to shut the fuck up.

  • JayDee

    Tahiry it’s not even close.

  • Worley

    Tahiry of course. I need my arroz con pollo with a fatty on the side.

  • producer James Moore

    Tahiry of course

  • Sleepy Floyd

    three things:

    1. I am licking booty hole and all
    2. They both can sit on my face
    3. Im going in raw dog

    why because Im out there head first…….

  • maximus 32

    TAAHHIIRRYY!! You can’t trump a chick with an ass like that who is pretty as shit too. She also seems real. I like real chicks. Not hoodrats but a real chick. She fits the profile. I would fuck the shit out of Amber Rose. Any nigga who think she looks like a man is a fag straightup.

  • trp


  • abdulnasir


  • Sleepy Floyd


    1. I am licking booty hole and all
    2. They both can sit on my face
    3. Im going in raw dog

    why because Im out there head first…….

  • west philly’s finest

    Amber killling Tahiry the only thing bad you can say about her is the baldy but she still bad as shit. You can find more Tahiry’s plus Amber body crazy even though she aint fucking wit Tahiry.

  • Gooch

    amber rose…

    this isn’t even a competition fellas

  • anutha_level

    i’d creampie both these bitches…but like the guy said, i can see big booty latinas all day, everyday, everywhere. that bald headed ho has that “different/exotic” shit goin on.

    • El Tico Loco

      I think most of us that picked Tahiri agree that there are more chicks that look like her, so think of the odds of having your own Tahiri. Who knows maybe she has a licker license and bring you an Amber (as in yellow). But some of ya’ll act like you wouldn’t give Tahiri the time of day, are you serious? Plus I don’t think Amber really likes dudes that’s just Kanye’s closet coverup.

  • latino heat

    Tahiry all day. this is more lopsided than the Spurs whooping the Cavs a couple years ago in the finals. i blame Rhianna for all these girls thinking that bald shit is cute. my ex sent me a picture the other day with her new dyke haircut, i don’t even wanna hit it no more. fuck these bald headed hoe’s. word to Willie D.


    i am going with tahiry i do agree you can find other chicks like her. especially in nyc come to the bronx we grow them over here hahaha. now the reason you choose tahiry over amber that bald head shit is a style. now that bald head style will come and go but juicy ass is always in style.

  • skeetmon

    How you gonna make a blog like this and not provide pictures? dumbass

  • PD

    tahiry without a doubt. pretty face, fat ass, she cook, she clean, and her personality is way better. that wack ass baldy gotta go plus she a confused bitch. one minute she want a man next she want a girl. TAHIRY ALL DAY

  • MJones

    Tahiry > Amber No contest

  • Bike Jones


  • LOsO


  • D-Block

    kanyes girl looks like a dude, joeys girl has a fat ass. nuff said.

  • Ingrid

    Amber Rose all the way!! and for Rob’s comment, She aint Yellow like the Simpsons!! is called a nice complexion, some color…Besides the fact that her body is on point; her style is crazy and her confidence goes right along…


    Yo Tahiry is mad hood and she seem real 100 about hers, i know Amber is a bad chic looks wise but i dont know if she would hold you down like tuck the burner or cut a muthafucka if need be, I admit i think Amber is fly and probly looks a lil better but T seems more 100.

  • Earlee30

    Amber rose….ass will sag as you get older….

  • Ms.Zindzi



    Fuck both them hoes — they ain’t givin’ me no pussy…

    Rapper girlfriend G.O.A.T.: Darlene (Ice-T)

  • jayB

    Both luk fine bald or nut amebr ur d bomb

  • justicebringer757

    AMBER ROSE the baddest bitch! OOOOOOOOWWWWW aint no way u gonna see cottage cheese on dat ass unlike tahiry’s….and NO Im not lactose intolerant! I know im using my tongue game on both these hoes!

  • KK

    Ima girl, who will play wit a girl, so I would have to go w/ Amber just for the experience. But yeah I would eat Tahiry too, so…………………..

  • hostile

    tahiry, amber rose is fuckin ugly.all she got is a decent ass.Anybody who think she is pretty got bad taste. Tahiry hands down!amber rose looks like a fuckin alien.

  • Pudim Taylor Smith


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