The last time I spoke on Amber Rose, I pit her up against Yeezy's last girlfriend, Alexis. If I'm not mistaken, aside from Bol, the majority of the users agreed that Amber was the more attractive of the two. But what about Tahiry, Joe Budden's girfriend?

This discussion has come up a few times in the office over the last few weeks. I personally think Amber gets the edge. It's just not the fact that she has the confidence to rock the baldy, it's the fashion sense also. There just aren't too many Amber Rose-looking chicks walking around, period. On the flip side, with all due respect to Tahiry, she looks good, but I see bad Latinas in NYC everyday. Gimme a few minutes and I can step out of the office, go up on Broadway, or make a right on 23rd and bump into some bad ass chicks. None of them will look like Amber Rose, though.

In the end, it all depends on what you like. I used to have braids, so I guess I'm used to girls having shorter hair than I do. Perhaps that's why I'm not sweating Miss Rose's baldy. The crazy thing is, if Amber ever decides to grow her hair, I'm dumping her for Tahiry. Here's what my fellow staffers had to say about the debate.

Rob the Music Ed's Vote: Tahiry. "I need hair, a weave or something, a fucking wig. Plus [Amber Rose is] yellow like the Simpsons."
Mike D's Vote: Amber Rose. "She's just the total package. And I like the bald head."
Datwon: "Give me a minute."
Jesse's Vote: Amber Rose

Who's your pick?