The way that every media outlet has been declaring the end of hip-hop you'd think the art form that survived worldwide ridicule, resistance from the Grammys and a black woman's rage (RIP C. Dolores Tucker), would get more respect for surviving these current hard times like Nas (who has ironically been the grim reaper symbol for our current state of affairs). I'd like to think the art form that spawns so much from so little can overcome the many obstacles that lie in its path, be it lagging sales, boring beats, lame lyrics and you. Yeah you, and me...we're all to blame for hip-hop's ICU status. You know why? We are gluttons for entertainment. We don't even look at hip-hop the same anymore. We pick it apart more than we listen to it. Like right now I'm writing this 36,000 miles above y'all to MF Doom's Metal Fingers Presents: Special Herbs Vol 5& 6. Above the clouds with no office distractions, wayward kiddie strollers knocking into me or wack headphones, I'm able to hear at the end of the track "Pennyroyal", Doom actually has a clip of the dope ass video game Doom to conclude the beat. With us not taking the time to peep the ill details that some of our artists are trying to push, we help strangle the life out of our shared love.

Yet, hip-hop doesn't live off dope music alone. There is a reason the term "Don't believe the hype" is a classic mantra. Hip-Hop needs events, huge ass crazy bugged out shit to happen to keep us interested
as well. You can't tell me you don't secretly smile when you hear some DMX news. Be it good, bad or ugly, whenever I read he has flipped the fuck out, I'm like "ODB lives". Cats like Big Baby Jesus made hip-hop fun to not only listen to but enjoyable to watch and figure out. Tupac with all his ranting and raving, reminded you of that loud mouth dude around your way who on any givin day could back up his shit popping or...not. Flavor Flav with his unpredictable antics, slang for days and style of dress brought color to MTV without diamond chains and big rings. So I'm saying we need dope individuals to help bring hip-hop out of the hole we're in. And some events to make shit pop.

Who are some of the more interesting cats to have ever graced our presence and made us say "this muthafucka is crazy"? And what type of event needs to happen to get our attention again?
Please get creative, some wild imagination scenarios are needed, understand that some of these cats be reading and might do the shit. 'Cus 50 Cent is running out of dudes to make fun of, and regardless of how you feel about dude at least he's doing something to entertain us, but he's only one man doing his part.

(Sidebar: MF Doom being nowhere around and having dudes perform at shows as him with the mask is some funny shit though.)-DT