Are You Not Entertained?

The way that every media outlet has been declaring the end of hip-hop you’d think the art form that survived worldwide ridicule, resistance from the Grammys and a black woman’s rage (RIP C. Dolores Tucker), would get more respect for surviving these current hard times like Nas (who has ironically been the grim reaper symbol for our current state of affairs). I’d like to think the art form that spawns so much from so little can overcome the many obstacles that lie in its path, be it lagging sales, boring beats, lame lyrics and you. Yeah you, and me…we’re all to blame for hip-hop’s ICU status. You know why? We are gluttons for entertainment. We don’t even look at hip-hop the same anymore. We pick it apart more than we listen to it. Like right now I’m writing this 36,000 miles above y’all to MF Doom’s Metal Fingers Presents: Special Herbs Vol 5& 6. Above the clouds with no office distractions, wayward kiddie strollers knocking into me or wack headphones, I’m able to hear at the end of the track “Pennyroyal”, Doom actually has a clip of the dope ass video game Doom to conclude the beat. With us not taking the time to peep the ill details that some of our artists are trying to push, we help strangle the life out of our shared love.

Yet, hip-hop doesn’t live off dope music alone. There is a reason the term “Don’t believe the hype” is a classic mantra. Hip-Hop needs events, huge ass crazy bugged out shit to happen to keep us interested
as well. You can’t tell me you don’t secretly smile when you hear some DMX news. Be it good, bad or ugly, whenever I read he has flipped the fuck out, I’m like “ODB lives”. Cats like Big Baby Jesus made hip-hop fun to not only listen to but enjoyable to watch and figure out. Tupac with all his ranting and raving, reminded you of that loud mouth dude around your way who on any givin day could back up his shit popping or…not. Flavor Flav with his unpredictable antics, slang for days and style of dress brought color to MTV without diamond chains and big rings. So I’m saying we need dope individuals to help bring hip-hop out of the hole we’re in. And some events to make shit pop.

Who are some of the more interesting cats to have ever graced our presence and made us say “this muthafucka is crazy”? And what type of event needs to happen to get our attention again?
Please get creative, some wild imagination scenarios are needed, understand that some of these cats be reading and might do the shit. ‘Cus 50 Cent is running out of dudes to make fun of, and regardless of how you feel about dude at least he’s doing something to entertain us, but he’s only one man doing his part.

(Sidebar: MF Doom being nowhere around and having dudes perform at shows as him with the mask is some funny shit though.)-DT

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  • General

    Honestly, I think Maino should go on tour, not with his music, but on a slap a Rapper tour. He can start with all these rappers that are getting too full of themselves, have a camera follow him and he can just start walkin up to your favorite rapper and slap em! I would love to see him walk in on one of Diddy’s retarded blogs and just put the open hand right upside the face!

    • GorillaJoe

      Nah bro I don’t think it would work out just like that, its a known fact Diddy’s knuckle game is proper.

    • KO


    • LEO

      How come nobody bought Joe Buddens album?

  • http://xxl ryan

    allow real MCs to rap and get sum shine. i dont mind dance songs but when dance songs are being acknowledge more than actually lyrically songs dats the problem. just follow wat the 90s did and hip hop would be fine.

  • Pierzy

    I think 4 of the best and most famous emcees need to get together to make an album and a tour! Ha!

    • tony grand$

      It would be a good look if the older cats would recognize their influence &/or legendary status, & take full advantage.

      It’s only so much room for the youngins. Grown folks in hip hop need to be represented also. It’s an “untapped market”, word to $yk. If the music is truly for the people, it should be all people, not just ADD’d out adolescents & club dwellers.

      Hip hop is global, time for the MUSIC to show that.

      • Pierzy

        On point as usual, Tony

  • No Mames Buey

    fock the sideshow, I want dope music/albums, not some TMZ-type gossip BS about DMX or 50. Gossip is for girls or ghey-ish WWE wrestling fans.

    IMHO if the albums are dope, some people will dig it without any nonsense. This amount of people might be smaller in 2009 than in 1999, since the major labels are pushing wack shyt like Lil Wang or Yung Lil Whoever The Fock. However, there are still are such “heads”. Even some young heads like teens that are Tribe or Nas fans for instance, from downloading their discography off of the internet.

    Think of some of the great albums that had no sideshow nonsense. The albums stood on their own, without bs nonsense

    ATCQ 1993 Midnight Marauders
    Wu-Tang 1993 Enter the 36 Chambers
    Nas 1994 Illmatic
    The Roots 1996 Illadelph Halflife

    Contrary to the hip hop criers’ whining, there are still great albums in this decade if you look, such as:

    Blu & Exile 2007 Below The Heavens
    Blue Scholars 2007 Bayani
    Foreign Exchange 2004 Connected
    Kanye West 2004 College Dropout (at the time Kanye did not have much sideshow nonsense, his album sold well because it was fockin great music)
    Q-Tip 2008 The Renaissance
    Talib Kweli 2002 Quality



    • jab1

      no west coast albums, you fuckin east coast dick licker



    • Anti-Mainstream

      Co-Fuckin sign on that one. Kris is the greatest of all time and there certainly ain’t anybody today that could touch him!!!!

  • Detroit P

    You can’t tell me you don’t secretly smile when you hear some DMX news.
    This guys fuckin up his life and you’re laughing about it..and you want other people to follow in his footsteps and fuck up their lives doin crazy shit just so you can be entertained for 5 minutes…every rapper you mentioned got fucked up doin crazy shit…you a sick fuckin dude
    I read he has flipped the fuck out, I’m like “ODB lives”. Cats like Big Baby Jesus made hip-hop fun to not only listen to but enjoyable to watch and figure out
    didn’t he swallow a bag of coke and die when it burst in his stomach…u want more people like that?
    Tupac with all his ranting and raving, reminded you of that loud mouth dude around your way who on any givin day could back up his shit popping or…not
    not, is right..cus he got himself killed doin that shit…I guess you want more dead bodies…is that what entertains you?..huh?…is that what gets you off?
    Nobody respects Flava Flav as a person….and no one respects 50 cent for his music anymore….you want more people following down that path, just so they can get “15″ minutes of “fame” and you can get 5 minutes of entertainment…smh



    • anutha_level

      damn……tell’em why u mad son!

      on the real though, i feel where you are coming from…from a serious stand point. however, i don’t think that was the premise for this post. i DO however, think that he may have chosen a few bad examples to get his point across. from what i got out of it was moreso the fact that we need to breathe some fresh air back into hip hop, some how-some way. a better example could have been a character like humpty-hump, keepin it silly and original…nahmean? but no doubt…making light of tragic incidents/lives, and in fact encouraging more of the same is NOT what’s up.

      • Detroit P

        lol….yea..i kno..I wasn’t serious….I was just bein a asshole over his examples…but yea I understood kinda what he was sayin..or what he SHOULDA been sayin…we need people like Eminem used to be…entertaining outside of music…….except for when he got addicted to sleeping pills and got fat…and then got wack…but he still got his legacy…as if that counts for anything in rap

        • ?

          Em is nowhere as nice as he was before, but he ain’t wack.

          Never that. He still raps circles around…everyone.

  • blakesymphony

    ORIGINALITY what will make hip hop exciting again . Alot more ARTIST with TALENT and alot less dumb niggas just trying to get paid. Im not knockin the hustle, cause we all gotta eat, but the money will be there if you heart is there.until we have more artist and less monkeys wit mics, the genre as a whole will suck, with only a few exceptions.sorry heads, rap sucks.Im way more into all the urban offspring genres wit a hip hop feel(and even ones that dont) more than rap right now.They are way more pleasing to listen to, and most of them dont insult my intelligence as a listener.

    cant say that about current rap music.

  • YeahRight

    Dipset need to get back together. Eminem should come out and sneak diss Lil Wayne. 50Cent should get arrested in Miami and it comes out that Rick Ross had his homies do it. Jay-Z and T.I. should do a East/South Best of Both Worlds cd.(even though Dre3000 is nicer than Tip to me) DRE3000 NEEDS TO DROP AN ALBUM WHERE HE’S STRAIGHT RAPPIN’! Arab should steal on Soulja Boy in public. Lil Kim’s titty AND pussy should pop out on Dancin With the Stars. Kanye and Diddy should play as gay men in a movie and win Oscars…then kiss after the acceptance speech. Haha! Dayton stand up.

    • Mr. 306

      Genius…straight fuckin’ genius.

  • Curtis75Black

    I don’t need a emcee acting a fool in front of the camera or getting arrested at a Walgreens around my way for parking in a Handicapped spot to be entertained. Back in the days we shamed that person for putting Hip Hop in such a negative light. I’m entertained by the same good music I hear everyday from Old School to New Gen artists. Radio and TV aint the same for Hip Hop and now the Internet is the Mainstream source for our music. Look at us every minute on this site talking about various topics. Hip Hop Tours Need to get back in effect though. Young fans need to see The Elders Rip a Show without syncing with their tracks. Hip Hop sites and Mags need to interview the Vets more often withoout asking the same questions: What do you think about Hip Hop ? Why are you still rapping ?

  • The_Truth


    It isn’t the “wack rapper’s” fault he’s wack.’s the corny white exec who wants to make a quick dollar’s fault for signing him! The Humpty Dance was a silly song, true. . .but there was so much more DIVERSITY on the radio at that time, silly shit had it’s place.

    Now, everything you hear on the radio has the same “formula” as the ‘Stanky Leg’. . .it’s unbearable. Take back Hip-Hop from the top, and you’ll see the difference at the bottom (artist). -1

    • RDS

      I know far more black execs that made wack ass choices than white execs. I dunno why you’re trying to make it a racial thing like it’s all their fault. Blacks are responsible for their own choices, myself included. That has nothing to do with white folks. There’s far more exploitation amongst blacks, than amongst whites. For example, BET went from THE place for black music and entertainment to playing second fiddle to both MTV AND VH1. How the fuck did that happen? I turn on my cable and I’ve got MTV2 playing all hip-hop and R&B and VH1 soul playing all that good urban soul music and…wait…there’s no BET music channel? Say it ain’t so. I don’t need another reality tv show essentially promoting the stereotype that black women are hoes (College Hills, the Dean’s daughter…or one of them damn shows). Shit’s not cool, my dude.

      • El Tico Loco

        Nah they got BET Hip Hop but is on loop playing the same show hosted by David Banner and the same 25 countdown hosted by Ciara which is so not hip hop.

  • Creative Catz

    There are creative artists. Just this past week, a unknown rapper did a nice diss track to the current rap establishment. And i am am sure there are a ton of other just as talent rappers.

    Problem is there is a new whole generation of so called “creative directors/producers” (read: art majors),calling the shots, who create not so creative hip hop shows.

    At this point the creativity is not in the artists hands, hence the shit that is out there

  • RDS

    Radio and Labels need to change. Period. Bullshit-ass music doesn’t start with the artist. The bullshit-ass artist has to be put on by the label first. The bullshit-ass artist hears what’s being played on the radio and emulates. Don’t necessarily blame the artist. Blame the mofos that put him/her on.

    And people need to stop will all the “bitchassness”. I don’t like Diddy, but that word is on point for mofos that don’t keep it 100.

  • Vendetta

    TURN HIP-HOP INTO THE NEW ‘GONG SHOW’. Here’s what hip-hop needs. Stop talkin’ about how it’s dead and about how lyrics don’t matter anymore and about how the garbage is whats selling. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Everytime you hear some sorry excuse for music on your radio, call up your station and just say “GONG!!!” That’s it. If there are so many people who are concerned about where hip-hop is and where it’s going, they must out-number those calling the stations and requesting the b/s. Let them know that U don’t wanna hear it and they;ll stop playing it. Simple. Talking about it goes nothing. A lesson I learned from my Black President.

  • Vendetta

    TURN HIP-HOP INTO THE NEW ‘GONG SHOW’. Here’s what hip-hop needs. Stop talkin’ about how it’s dead and about how lyrics don’t matter anymore and about how the garbage is whats selling. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Everytime you hear some sorry excuse for music on your radio, call up your station and just say “GONG!!!” That’s it. If there are so many people who are concerned about where hip-hop is and where it’s going, they must out-number those calling the stations and requesting the b/s. Let them know that U don’t wanna hear it and they’ll stop playing it. Simple. Talking about it does nothing. A lesson I learned from my Black President.

  • Chris S

    nothing…the savior is going to be back may 19

    • ?

      I sOoO co-sign that shytt.

  • Anti-Mainstream

    From 2005 to now, Hip Hop has been at it’s ALL TIME WORST! The shit sucks now! The supposed hottest shit out now is lukewarm at best. Boring beats, sucky and outrageously overrated lyricist, and corny dances. We seriously need to take our music back!!!!!



  • ThE AnsweR


    it wouldn’t hurt to take out GARBAGE rappers out da radio like Wayne, Ross, Plies, etc.

  • TuffDaddy

    Blakesymphony hit the nail right on the fuckin head. All these dudes sound the same now and when someone finally does come out with something original (Wayne, Gucci, Plies, Foreign Exchange, Lupe, Kanye, ei.) they get played out quick because that’s all there is to listen to. Not to long ago you had New Orleans with a voice, Compton, Staten Island, Marcy Projects, Brownsville, Chicago, St. Louis, Miami, Atlanta, Philly, Oakland, Clevland, and the list goes on and on. If we wanna hear wanye spit we’ll listen to wayne. If we wanna hear lupe we’ll listen to lupe. Rappers just need to be their self and represent their hood with some pride like people use to.

  • Mika

    What would entertain ME is the sight (read:video) of Ross publicly bowing to 50 lol and 50 coming wit open arms only to have C.O smack him in the face…..or some shit of that sort….. beef is played out …yeah it is …. but it IS entertaining ! lol

  • Montrell Jackson

    Rappers now in days dont work with too many other rappers.I think rappers now in days like to collaborate with the same mcs on different songs. Im getting tired of hearing songs by rick ross feauturing dj khaled and ti and lil wayne and kanye west. What about this one jay- z featuring ludacris, or lil wayne featuring 50 cent, come on now when have we ever heard of those two doing a track together.Another opinion, 2 much flossing dog i like to be able to relate to the music that i listen to,i dont know how it feels to have a 100,000 chain swinging fromm side to side every time i take a step, or how it feels to have da baddest chick to be riding shotgun in a maserati, i just dont. We need mcs in the game that spit that i know what he he talking bout type of flow, for example i can ride to boosie and plies all day long on with the volume on max.I like lil wayne too but he’s always high or drunk now in days u cant really figure out what he be talking about because hes always saying some crazy type of stuff and then expect for you to know what hes talking about, naw gotta come harder and more original with it. T.i. dat guy he switched his style up and now i can relate to what he be talking about know so i turn that shit on max and let my head bob back and forth. hip hop aint dead its just that some rappers are trying to hard to be different instead of just giving us consistent verses and hit records thats what we want and what we need so come wit it please

  • Devon

    stop using the word swagger an we will b fine

  • Galice

    Co-sign COMPLETELY

    But honestly if you look at alot of “mainstream” rap right now, its also categorized as “pop.” Now think about the 90s, would Wu EVER be considered pop?? Would Nas be considered pop?? this is where there needs to be some distinction, because maybe artists wont feel the need to appeal to EVERYONE by making some souljah boy-esque bullshit i.e. making up a dance and calling it hip hop.

  • Vicious Seiger

    Artists really need to challenge themselves to make good cohesive albums minus the input of the label. As we enter the age where labels no longer have the only means for you to get your music to the masses, artists should be trying to do music that they themselves not only enjoy but that they feel is their best. Many artist need to also accept that they DON’T have the talent to make a full album [over ten tracks] maybe an EP but not a full album. One other thing that has really been lost in the last 5 years is how some regions had their own sound like New York, Atlanta, Cali and Miami because nowadays all the music is slowly beginning to sound the same and is by the same 10 producers. Sometimes you need your own in house producer or band to gain your own distinct sound. All in all we need to see the art elevated instead of just accepting the status quo. If more artists would venture out of their comfort zone of subject matter maybe things would be more entertaining instead of this brain dead paint by the numbers music out today. To tell the truth the only rays of light for the art have been coming from the underground/independent scene because the mainstream has just been plain sad for the last year of so.

  • El Tico Loco


    • tony grand$

      Idk El Tico,

      I feel you, but @ the same time, we as the hip hop community, have kind of fought for years to be respected as a movement as opposed to being dismissed as a bunch of fly by night hooligans. Now, the world recognizes us as just more than a collective of rappers. We dance, we sing, we teach the world how to “dress”, etc. We live this. I know cats that are hella “hip hop”, but can’t rap for shit!

      So I sort of think it’s unfair to discount those young R&B cats as not being hip hop. It’s more than just rap. It’s a movement, a culture, a lifestyle, so I think anything hip hop inspired is included in the hip hop experience.

  • Curtis75Black

    EL Tico, Very true !! But on the flipside to that is they were born in that Hip Hop Generation. They might be able to sing but they grew up with the Wu, Nas and Jay. It was bound to happen. It’s not like the early 80′s where singers didn’t want to fuck with Rappers.

  • scorpio007

    hip-hop is not dead, but it will die if dumb-ass dickhead goofy mufuckas like souja boy and lil wayne keep putting shit out. people think that “turn my swagg on” (or whatever the song is called) is on point when it’s pure corporate fourmula bullshit.

    lil wayne puts out a rock cd? what tha fuck is u thinking. best rapper alive? PLEASE. I can easly made five rappers that r wayyyyyyyyyyyyy better that weezy.

  • amar

    rakewon, ghostface, jay-z, nas, ice cube and mobb deep forming a super group with dr. dre doing the beats, nate dogg and snoop dogg doing the vocals/choruses and flava’ flave as the hype man would be nice

  • tscoop

    i wanna see the ghost of ODB(rip) knock soulja boy the fuck and then do the stanky leg over him. tell me that wouldn’t be entertaining.

  • El Tico Loco

    Curtis and Tony$ I hear both of ya’ll but that’s the root of the watering down of the culture, and despite living in Atlanta I’m a purist to the umpteenth degree for both R&B an rap and nowadays the MTV and ringtone sites separate Hip Hop and Rap as if they are different when one is a part of the other(rap to Hip Hop)to the point R&B doesn’t even come up unless is an older act and despite the image and the beats is a whole different vibe between the two no matter how you dress em up. And if you combine the two cool but lets say in an award situation categorize the shit by the artist whose album it belongs to example Usher album-R&B, Usher single ft Luda-R&B, Luda’s album Hip Hop Luda’s album ft Usher- still Hip Hop but now they will say Usher is Hip Hop and Luda is rap and that’s my beef because where the R&B go?

    • tony grand$

      Okay, good point. I wouldn’t say the two (Rap & R&B) are necessarily symbiotic, but it’s only so much seperation when the two genres have become so intergrated.

      Some years back, an r&b group, say Bell Biv Devoe, had to branch off from New Edition to exercise the art of hip hop. It’s not like that nowadays. They wouldn’t have been able to make those same songs under the r&b umbrella because it wasn’t tolerated. Granted, they are still two seperate musical styles, they are both members of the movement. Saying r&b cats ain’t hip hop is like saying Jabberwokies (spellcheck) isn’t just because they don’t wear jewelry or talk. It’s the culture, bottom line.

      Hip hop is the life we live, Rap is just one facet of the music generated from the hip hop culture, IMO.

      Plus, our generations call it R&B because we didn’t want to acknowledge it from a hip hop standpoint. Keith Sweat, Luther Vandross, Johnny Gill, those cats are Rhythm & Blues, so they call all of “our” stuff hip hop, be it 50, Ja, Fat Joe, Ne-Yo, Ashanti, Rihanna, etc.

      • El Tico Loco

        But this is the main reason artists that we feel are more talented don’t get the shine they deserve. Not to mention people we might know out in the streets personally who we believe will eat your favorite rapper alive if they touched mics or someone in your church that can sing the perm off the fat women in the front pews and won’t be signed because they are not a variation of whatever’s popular at the moment which is probably the result of payola received by a PDs (program directors)

        • tony grand$

          Yeah, but to those people who really want it, nothings going to stand in their way, feel me? Not a title, not a label, not a program director.

          The grind is hard & arduous, but it’s too many outlets for cats to have cetain excuses. If you’re hungry, you’re going to eat, right? Whether it’s a snack or a full course entre is entirely on that individual.

  • macdatruest

    If it’s not about Rap, why you wanna see rapper’s do it??? Why don’t rap magazine editors and bloggers do some crazy shit, to entertain people?? Why do muthafuckas encourage a rapper to do everything but make music? To the dude who wrote this-if you go swallow a bag of coke, you’ll be on TV too! Then people can say, “another ignorant blogger, those guys just don’t get it”

    Go start a (newly invented in our sad era of sub par lyrical warfare) Youtube Beef with another blogger, then blog about it. That way you can get your pussy ass entertainment and write your mental poison.

    “Im thirty thousand feet above it all, trying to stir shit up from way far away. ooh I’m so important, where’s my purse” lookin ass boy

  • Prince Caesar

    I wanna see some more bugged out videos like Busta Rhymes shit back in the day.

  • Danny Chronic

    The whole problem has to do with what the mainstream (i.e Radio, MTV, BET, Magazines) and what they are putting out to represent the genre. All this rap with weak subject content over candy beats isn’t touching base with the average listener. How many of us can really relate to riding in $100,00 cars or banging dimes, selling crack? The real stuff is underground where it has always been. Everyone’s riding the coattails of the person before them. Get original, and we as consumers need to stop supporting this dumb shit…

  • latino heat

    as much as i hate to say it the era we came up on is gone and not coming back. there might be a few youngster’s that might be up on Tribe, and shit like that but for the most part they ain’t trying to hear it. have any of u rode in a car with somebody under 15 lately? if u play anything but what’s on the radio right now they start bitching about changing the station, (which i don’t) but still. people, not just kids, have been brainwashed to believe that what they play now is hip hop. it all sound’s the same and if it sound’s out of the ordinary nobody’s trying to hear it. on the topic of controversy, you say that’s what we need but as soon as Kanye spews his latest ignorance or 50 pic’s on a new punching bag everybody’s all upset. if you ask 30 people how to save hip hop you will get 30 different answers. but no matter what it’s not going back to how it used to be.

  • $ykotic

    Yeah I’m entertained. Entertained and saddened.

    We own recording labels but no distribution companies.

    After all these years radio still sucks. And we hold those jobs now(PD,AD,MC,DJ).

    We came from Video Music Box to hardly any videos on the box.

    Tony grand$ said it for me above:

    Go and get that “untapped market” BACK.

    Even the investors don’t wanna back this music anymore.

    The rock dudes have their icons and the new jacks and they don’t bump heads.

    Even the older dudes new stuff sells. They have contemporary rock stations that get ad space and thrive while the new jacks get their swing on.

    Why not rap?

    A contemporary rap station? For 30+ heads? Man there’s been so much music put out how can it not thrive. There are plenty of slept on songs out there that could get spins now. Even sometimes on classic R&B stations there’s an old song that is revived(HINT:SAMPLES)from the dust archives.

    Albeit I wouldn’t wanna hear RUN DMC and RAKIM all day in rotation. Again too much stuff out there.

    Then the Hov’s and Q-Tip’s can ride a lane where they don’t have to compete with the new stuff. And the new heads can fight each other for their careers to sustain that long and join the contemporary ranks(LONGEVITY).

    Now this has created an organization of the genre without bias of age or style.

    That last NaS was contemporary. The Roots being on TV everyday shows that the lane is opening.

    Rap has to grow up now.

  • macdacutest

    i wanna see camron lil wayne and mase have a 3 way pillow fight and rub oil over eech others bodys.

    • tony grand$

      No homo!

      Don’t worry mac, I getcha back, dude.

      • macdatruest

        How a nigga call his self cute? and you besmeerching the mac name? Oh yeah, Yayo on So Seductive….Yayo? Is that you????

        • tony grand$

          *tosses flag, blows whistles*

          Damn, I thought that was you Mac! My bad, my dude. I thought you was cracking a joke, & forgot “no homo”. Niggas impersonating you, you blowing up, fam.

  • dark vanilla

    Things that would make hip hop better:

    1.Get rid of no talented artist (Soulja Boy, Hurricane Chris, Mims, Shawty Lo, Yung Joc, T-Pain, etc.)
    2.Artist that are talented but making crappy music, start focusing on making better music (50 Cent, Lil Wayne, T.I., Three 6 Mafia, etc.)
    3.Bring Old School artist back(KRS One, Rakim, Wu Tang, Run DMC, Public Enemy)
    4.Artist that have beef, end beef and start making good music (This is mostly for 50 Cent and Game. These two need to make music together again, but it could go for other artist too)
    5.I like DJ Khaled’s idea of bringing different artist together. Combining the South, East, and West on songs would be great, not just artist from the South. Like a track with Nas, Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Joe Buddens, Papoose, Fabolous, and Cam’ron would be a dope track.

    To sum it all up, end bubble gum rap, end beef, and start working on making the best music you can make.

  • dark vanilla

    One more thing, no more pushing albums back. Release them on the day they’re supposed to be released (WHERE’S DETOX ALREADY?)

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Every coon nigga MC should get the “What the fuck is wrong with you?!!” from their MC Peers. Kinda like Patrick Ewing and Charles Barkley walkin in a room of cats that have NBA Title Rings..”How the fuck did those bums get in here???!!”

  • Jonsey

    I think we need Dr.dre to drop Detox….

  • romil

    Being Im a real fan from tha golden era and b4.

    I can say that for this game to get exciting again. The legendary rappers like, Outkast, Wu Tang, Nas, Dr Dre & crew,Snoop All these great 90′s era groups need to come back to the forefront. These guys gotta go back 2 tha lab,Give fans what they WANT… because not all of them but most of the artist we used to look forward to started slacking after dropping a classic or two. And the game just got bhoring. I remember running tha halls in High School tagging Wu Symbols, skipping school for the Redman album. reading every magazine to see the Coming Soon releases and interviews. The game isnt exciting like that anymore. Alot of people stop purchasing due to artist slacking. Str8 up. The only thing exciting besides 50 cent and Rick Ross is us knowing. Raekwon is dropping OB4CL 2, and Dr Dre, Em and 50 is coming as well. but what do we do in the meantime.??? And the Number 2 Fact is BET, and MTV needs to play more HIP HOP LIKE BACK IN THE DAY. WHEN WE USED TO RUN HOME TO WATCH RAP CITY, & YO MTV RAPS. If it gets back to that With the Radio Exposing new music on the Pump it or Dump it or like the Philly station has the Friday night hip hop. It can get back Exciting and albums will Sell. Number 3 Artist like Jay Z needs to expose new talent. He’s the undeniable king but since Beans, Freeway, SP, K West. He hasnt brung nothing new to tha game as far as exposing a new cat. And most other artist arent. Thinkabout it Dr Dre= Snoop who does SNoop =??? who does Wu tang = Nobodys extending their generation. Peace

  • macdatruest

    Rap won’t change cause the media knows how to keep good rappers beefing. I miss that era with Def Squad, Wu-Tang, Heltah Skeltah & OGC, Mobb Deep, just a variety of good music, back when rappers weren’t encouraged to be the public critics of other rappers. Hip Hop is fueled by negativity now. When a reporter ask a rapper about another rapper and he refuses to say something negative, the magazines step up and start a smear campaign toward the public against the rapper who refuses to hate. The message being sent is “keep dancing little monkeys, we’ll tell you what steps to do”

  • Steve

    Seriously hip hop will never be the same again but honestly (and I know I’m going to receive heavy criticism for this) but we need more dudes like Kanye in da game cause who wouldve expected one nigga could do a song like jesus walks and bring out an entire album like 808′s he’s creative and versatile you can say Lil Wayne is bringing out a rock album but run dmc did that 20+ yrs ago even though it was one song and it was with aerosmith and more thing if we could get 3 or 4 more tracks like swagger like us just with different that would be a big step too.

  • kashrulz


  • poohtyme:)

    much love to everybody…. ya’ll speak tru ish… but it’s our fault hip hop has gone down hill, remember when NY made niggaz listen to lyrics and biggie and pac gave substance wheneva they drop a song.. it’s not that way. now we got ringtone rappers,dances we really won’t do in 2yrs to 5yrs. nobody is creative anymore unless we speak about (kanye west)…
    i’ma fan of rakim,nas,outkast and not this stanky leg souja boi shitt.. no diss to any of them but if u give a inch a nigga will take a yard believe it… no hype i’m just being reel.
    we lost true hip hop when we lost big, pac, big pun and so many others…peace

  • tx oakcliff tx

    JAY-Z VS EMINEM BATTLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ALL OUT!!!!!!! with the climax being a pay per view freestyle battle.

  • YouJustMadCuzI’mStylingOnYou

    Just bring back some originality.. not the same formula, different rapper. Like artists actually have their own sound. One producer producing most of the album.

    The big artists all have their own character, story and unique ways of sounding, flowing, wordplay etc etc.

    Bring that back.

  • Ali

    we don’t need much….just more of the stuff that makes u say “now THIS is what we need!” enough of that and we’ll be good………I think the Slaughterhouse thing is interesting, those guys sound good together……I think Lupe needs to drop this year….Eminem & Dre too…..OutKast need to drop again…..Raekwon…….we’ll be good

  • lilblue4rmthaO

    Jus like us as people- We evolve-When Nas said Hip Hop is dead I think cuz was jus in denial he gettin old. Like cars and clothes,Hip hop is not goin to be tha same as it was in tha 80′s and 90′s,so aint transportation,technology,and entertainment.Mind u tha music out is wack as hell but caint be mad at seein so many yung black men wit millions. Hip Hop need a bailout!
    Omaha,NeBLASTYA Norffside 40′s all day

  • jester

    where all the lyricst at? dont get me wrong i dont mind a banger from busta, 50 or rule but i wud rather listen 2 a rapper who talks sum real shit dmx, xzibit, shady cube or nas etc… from wat i seen this yr cud b real gd wiv shady, 50, busta, kiss & dre droppin!

  • Curtis75Black

    Let me say this: Radio is not going back to the essence of the Late 80′s and 90′s because there is too much payola and stations are now ran by ONE COMPANY PLAYING THE SAME SHIT !! So on that note, internet is the new radio. Look at it, we here more new shit on this website alone than the radio and clubs. Dj’s are Dick riders of artists in their region and fans of the radio, so them bringin’ the new shit is just as crazy as Dre droppin’ Detox tuesday. Speaking of Dre, Eminem and Raekwon – waiting for their shit to drop is only gonna add gray hair on your head. Their music is not gonna bring that fun back to Hip Hop because there has been crazy cd’s that came thru that has been Hot but reviewed poorly and cd’s that have been hot that hasn’t been purchased by HIP HOP Fans !! Fans – all of us, has to take part in the supporting of our culture. We all have ears and we know when shit is Hot just like we know when shit is wack – Be honest with yourself and give props. listen to cd’s and not just singles. Research emcee’s and YES, introduce us to other emcees and different styles if you heard any.

  • JR


  • WDRE08

    U know what hip hop needs








  • tommy gunz

    personally rap will never be able to touch me the way it did from ’93 to lets say…’98 that era was priceless and nothin can compare…

    the thing i wonder– is if the kids feel the same way about the shit they play on t.v. and radio now?…cuz it makes me feel like an old ass man that hates everything…cant fuck w/ it period…for now ill be happy w/ the 3-headed monster tho..

  • Ryan

    There are still great artists producing good albums: nas, jay-z, bun b, lil wayne, ludacris. I don’t think hip hop is dead, but it’s not like the golden era of the mid 90′s. I really think we need to pay close attention to underground hip hip. For example check out RayDawn The 86th. He not only brings it lyrically but knows how to pick a beat as well.

  • Ace

    rappers just need to bring variety, creativity, hard beats and rhymes. rappers need to care again and STOP CARING SO MUCH ABOUT “SWAGG” and start worrying about “LYRICS” and making timeless material. stop worrying about the money because if you are dope it will come, but the way he game is set up you have dick ride lil wayne to stay afloat its disgusting. but yeah creativity and dope lyrics will entertain me.

  • jester

    i gotta salute curtis75black & ace cos wat they sayin is bang on radio is so fuckin annoyin these dys they rape the same track over & over again if i here another milli ima choke sum motherfucker… nw its all bout £, cars & hoes (not jst 1 or 2 trax but a whole album) nobody wanna touch on real shit cube & nas where is their radio play its soulja bitch, dumb berg & plies of shit!

  • kp83

    Somebody should make an album with nothing but beat boxing and someone beating on a table top for 10 straight tracks no samples. That would take it back to freestyling in the lunch room and on the block. That would sell millions of records. Don’t believe me try it and see what happens. If Kanye got away with his last album then why not try this. Remember freaks by lil vicious!! Still one of the dopest reggae tracks ever and all they had was dougie fresh on the beat.Ludacris album back for the first time the dopest part of the album was the cypher with 4 eyes!! Straight beat box!! Jay z incorporated the kitchen table on the blue print track momma loves me!! I’m telling you if i could rap i would have a quadruple platinum album right now.

  • Thomas

    Hip-hop is boring right now and has been for some time. The market has become over saturated with untalented and uncharismatic rappers coming in wanting to tell the world ‘the real story’. It worked with N.W.A. but the formula has since been played out with few exceptions and even though exceptions have to give credit to the amazing production that carried an otherwise lackluster album to the top.

    Everyone is copying everyone else. The black man is the most imitated man on the planet and there is no place this is more obvious then in Hip-Hop. Not many are being creative when it comes to lyrics and beats. The videos are uncreative because all rappers want the same thing and want to create the EXACT same video and play into the “I’m a hustler” gimmick.

    Skillz(Million Dollar Backpack),Common(Find Forever)Blu(Below The Heavens),Talib(Ear Drum), and Kanye West’s last two album’s are the only rap albums I have been impressed with in the last 2-3 years.


    Look it’s a simple as this . Stop messing with the same ole’ same ole’ , and look for new talent . Their are so many people out here in their bedrooms , basements , blocks whatever that have alot alot of talent and need to be recognized . All they want is a chance .

    The “Golden Era” that everyone talks about i can pick 2 groups that we’re not mainstream but were giving a chance O.G.C and Heltah Skeltah . They were both hot groups with no airplay but had a following .

    All i’m saying is give new people a chance . Skateboard P had the right idea when asked about beats he said basically that their are kids out here now that have hot tracks but maybe need to change a sound or two to be able to market it . And i feel it has to be the same for rappers and MC’s .

    Give somebody new a chance and quit waiting on these same ole’ skalyswags that feel so entitled because they made piles of money and said forget it i will put out an album when i’m good and ready .

    Remember the noise you hear coming from next door just might be the next person that makes it and reps for your block so SHOW SOME DAMN SUPPORT ALREADY !

  • BornaKing

    Hip Hop needs some inovators people who have very diverse ways to express themselves, this genre was formed by many different types of people, and for the past few years we have been hearing the same lyrics with a different voice or seeing the same images with different performers in the videos. I like many others am a product of the early 90′s east coast mobb deep, nas, onyx, wu tang era, so i can appreciate the street shit but i know i also like to hear all types of music so I believe we need a balance in hip hop on the radio and on the television. Just to give future hip hop heads some perspective.


    we do we have tony yayo it’s marvinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  • dark vanilla

    I cosign Curtis75Black. I’m so sick of the same songs over and over again. I quit listening to the radio in 06. I mean I remember when I first heard Chamillionaire’s Ridin’ Dirty. Shit was tight. Then they played that song 50 times a day and I couldn’t stand it. I hate to say it, but think women are fucking up hip hop. There the ones requesting these stupid songs, and we have to request em to keep the bitches happy.

  • DV8

    I wish Dr.Dre would start releasing all these songs rumored to be just sitting around and have never been heard outside of the studio. Start doing mixtapes or something.