Andy Samdberg > Your Favorite Rapper

I’ve surprisingly been feeling a lot of these new cats’ music as of late.

I’ve been bumping anything Nipsey Hu$$le puts out, took notice of Jay Rock since I heard him merk that “Crack A Bottle” freestyle and Drake’s So Far Gone mixtape is still in rotation. I’ve also been feeling a lot of material coming from our Freshmen 10 MCs. It looks like hip-hop’s in good hands after all. I’m thinking a few of those cats will end up carrying the torch into the future.

Let’s not forget the vets, though. Say what you will about his CO past, but anything Rick Ross has put out in the last few months, has been FUEGO! Weezy’s still a beast, Jim Jones is improving by the album and it’s great to hear Cam again. But my new favorite rapper is Andy Samberg, the more recognizable member of The Lonely Island, a hip-hop comedy group of SNL fame. In case you aren’t familiar with Samberg, he, alongside partners-in-rhyme  Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer, has been dropping hilarious Digital Shorts via SNL for a few years now. “Lazy Sunday,” “Dick In A Box and “Jizz In My Pants” just to name a few, are funny as hell. But their latest release, “I’m On The Boat” got me on the bandwagon. It’s the best rap song of the year.

I just love that these guys don’t take themselves too seriously. Sadly, they flow better than some rappers out there. And Lonely Island’s debut, Incredibad (they’re apparently more creative as well), outsold every rap record on the week of its release a while back. I’m on the boat!

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  • Tony Grand$

    Lonely Island is hard (no homo). Them dudes are fucking hilarious. Andy Samberg doesn’t get enough credit on SNL, they treat him like one of the black cast members (maybe because he raps, idk).

    But, if a dude doesn’t have the stomach for SNL, they probably won’t think the music is funny. It does sound like they’re mocking the art, but I think they’re just having fun with it. & fun is definately something we need in hip hop. & the shit is genuinely comical.

    “I’m on a Boat” gets my vote for best rap video this year!

  • chillin manye

    lol@t-pain adlibbin “mutha fucka” jajajaaaaaaa

  • Kane Corleone

    “got my swim trunks and my flippy floppys”……

  • jburg

    Can’t front the shit was funny as hell!!! It was actually a good video and rap. Funny thing about it is they are rapping about NOTHING, same as all the actual rappers in the game right now. I would buy his shit cause its different and its not recycled shit that just about everyone is doing these days. And its a good laugh. Times are hard we need some REAL entertainment in music PERIOD.



      Couldn’t of said it better myself. This dude is fuckin hilarious, and while his song are basically about nothing, that leaves them open to be about everything.

  • capcobra

    i don’t know the character name but when he plays the white rapper that be rhyming off beat in perfect english…that shit is hilarious…i been buggin off that dude for a minute…they had luda co signing him for t.pain one episode….he was on some “yo i do this..i’m from the streets yo”…then he start rapping on some “we make alotta real expensive cars and pour malt liquor on beautiful models” with the frank sinatra/max b sing along style….. dude a trip.

    • Tony Grand$

      Whadup cap.

      Have you seen the digital short where that fool just runs throigh the city knocking people out while they’re eating lunch?


      • capcobra

        chizzamp whaddup…nah i ain’t seen it yet….what i need to google?

        • Tony Grand$

          Try “Adam Sandberg SNL digital shorts”, idk the name of the skit, but I saw it on the show a few times & on the net.

          I know the character you’re talking about, too. That shit is comedy!


    “Fuck Trees i climb boies muthafucka!!”

    this shit is funny.

  • geico lizard

    Lonely Island >>> Asher Roth

  • Beast McCoy

    You know it’s going to be funny when you see a SNL short with Natalie Portman rapping and the beat sounds like one of those vintage 90′s New York Hardcore beats. I bought the album on the cheap. and I have to say if you replace them with Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane, OJ the Juiceman & Souljah Boy on a track called “I Got A Maybach” it would be flooding the airwaves while morons scream out this is the hottest track of the year. I got admit these boys are funny as hell and clever enough to see the absurdity in SOME of hip hop today.

    • geico lizard

      Co-sign that natalie portman was funny because she is so small and was cursing so much.

      Guys:”we love you natalie”
      Natalie:”I wanna fuck you too”

  • mdb

    best t-pain verse easily…”i never thought i’d be on a boat…big blue watery road…poseiiiiidon”

  • LB

    Wow…another one.


    i remember that dick in the box joint it was crazy with justin timberlake. this song is crazy i need to send this to my friends

  • LOL


  • Smel

    I heard this like a month ago and immediately announced that it’s the best song of 2009

    I’M ON A BOAT B*TCH (b*tch)

  • technai~the comment blogger

    Whoever put up this blog…should be shot A.S.A.P….Adam Sandberg is making fun of a genre that we all know and love…especially for us hardcore hiphop heads..these songs that he’s putting out are mockeries of hiphop & should only be entertained and addressed as spoofs. But some people (e.g Carl “fruit basket” Cherry) are making it seem as though its a real song….geez its no wonder you couldn’t hack it as a journalist or writer..stick to blogging..that way you get less exposure and do less damage…
    real talk!