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What’s going on, fellers?

First off, I’d like to thank you on behalf of myself and Datwon for submitting so many Scratch Blog entries. We have something in mind, but won’t reveal it just yet. Just keept the entries coming. Now, in case you haven’t noticed, we’re in our third week and Tony Grand$ is already on his second entry. Not for lack of submission, but there are only but so many we can use.

Here are a few things you need to keep in mind when hitting us up about the Scratch blog. Don’t send us links to your personal blogs or ideas about topics, just go ahead and submit the actual entry. Last but not least, make sure to include your byline. If your entry has yet to be posted, it most likely lacked one of the things mentioned above. If not, hit me in the comment section so I can look for your entry. Again, thanks.-Jackpot

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  • LB

    My bad, what’s the e-mail to send to?

  • Pierzy

    I didn’t know we could do more than one drop, so I’m going to start working right now to try to keep up with the Grands…

  • http://governmentnames.blogspot.com Al Shipley

    I sent in my entry with a byline on Thursday, let me know if I need to resend it.

  • $ykotic

    Grand$’ on beast mode!

    All of ya’ll are dropping heat though….

  • harmen

    i dun even blog but i have a very good idea for one

  • Harmen

    -Gruesome 2somes- by harmen khara

    over the years a lot of rappers have “had an album in the works” with some other rapper.Here are some that have been talked about for a while but prbly won’t happend

    The H- birdman/rauce the bauce

    can’t feel my face – juelz/wayne


    child rebel soldiers – lupe/pharrell/kanye

    ? – the dream/kanye

    which brings up the question- who would u love to see do an album together and have it actually come out?
    i can’t feel my face i feel is gonna be pretty hard as long as wayne raps like the 04-07 wayne
    because those 2 i feel bring the best out in each other (see. “birds flyin high”, “miami”,”rubber burnin”, “make it work for ya”)
    a lot of u clowns would probably say pac and big or how crazy would a nas jay-z album be? call it dead presidents.
    Me personally i would like to see some of these young bucks do it like drake and fabolous
    or lloyd banks and jadakiss ooooh! that would be hurtin em!!
    or what about game and jeezy or game and wayne or wait!.. game and 50! the thought of that makes me wet my pants. but i digress some of these one, two punches would be weak for instance how about birdman/master P or shawty lo/gorilla zoe, i’m sure those would be “lyrical murder” over some cliche’ “southern beats” who would ya’ll like to see together?

    • FlapJack


      • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com tony grand$

        Lmao! Dude, if I were ever to be a “Johnny Carson” you’d have to be “Ed McMahon”.

        • FlapJack


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  • Heavy Artillery

    I miss the scratch Mag. I have every copy.