2009 DDN Tournament Official Bracket

Download the above image and get to dancing. If you fill one out and email it to me, maybe I’ll be able to get the good folks at XXL to throw the best bracket a prize or something. I’m pretty sure we got Brian Austin Green’s album lying around somewhere.

Just like in the SDN Tournament, the outcome of each matchup will be determined by your votes.

I’m already amazed at some of the first round matchups. Gucci vs. Mya?!?!

Talk that schmack. Get them pools together. We’re gonna kick this schidt off proper-like tomorrow.

Questions? Comments? Requests? You know A-Rod’s hoes are talking, right? ron@ronmexicocity.com

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  • Master Cheef

    Gucci vs. Mya?

    you already know that bitch is gone get knocked the fuck out. before there was chris brown, THERE WAS GUCCI MANE!

  • kelito-vision

    c’mon A-Rod! you’re a baseball player with a quarter billion dollar contract and you’re paying for escorts? spick please

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$

      C’mon Mex, you gotta step your prize game up.

      I already have Brian Austin Green’s CD, AND the Best of David Allen Grier boxset on bootleg, in case that was the next option.

  • LEO

    lol lmao ya crazy

  • geico lizard

    The only way I would buy Brian Austin Greens album is if there was a dvd of Megan Fox buck naked in there.

  • amar

    octomom vs. kid kuddi…ironic lol

  • DV8

    Pacman Jones, Plaxico Burress, Octomom, and AIG are my favorites in this tourney.

    The Octomom is a tricky one though. On one side she pimped herself and the system and got paid and all types of free shit on the other side the bitch has like 13 or 14 kids now (WTF?) and you could probably hide a papaya in her cooch easy.

    • DV8

      its crazy because I thought Jim Jones was gonna run away with this for all the stupid shit he said over the past year

  • chitchat

    Xzibit a 16 seed? Hell no!