2009 DDN Tournament Bracketology – Selection Tuesday

Ron Mexico: Welcome back to ESDN First Hate. Today’s we’re going to run the full-court press with guests, Lil’ Wayne and the 7 Mile Scribe herself, Jemele Hill. How are you this morning, people?

Lil’ Wayne: Thanks for having me, Miss Katie.

Jemele Hill: Good morning, Ronnie.

LW: I’d just like to say *pushes up glasses* that I’m glad to be nowhere near the, ummm, field of contestants for this side of the tournament.

RM: You seem pretty safe for now, Wayne. Your boy on the the other hand—

LW: Yeah. I know. I know. *smiling and shaking head*

JH: That’s the one who ate the money on Worldstar, right?

LW: Yeah.

RM: And Weezy tattooed Tyga’s face a little while back too, but let’s put a pin in that. I want to discuss Kid Cudi’s all-caps retirement announcement blog from yesterday. Wayne, what are your thoughts?

LW: I can’t understand that there. I mean, it’s always gone be fools talkin this and that behind your back—you know, the blogs and the magazines and whatever. If you ain’t ready to let that roll off your back and get this money that’s out there, maybe you need to be working in a, ummm, a clothing store or something.

JH: I’m going to have to agree with Wayne there. I don’t know why you’d work toward a recording contract, sign one, hit the road, make an album and then tell the world you don’t want any of part of it.

RM: Do either of you think this is all a publicity stunt?

LW: I’m diggin that “Day N Nite.” I haven’t heard really anything else from the album, so maybe. I remember Jay-Z said he was only gonna make one album and ride off into the sunset and he couldn’t even retire proper-like, so I dunno, Miss Katie.

RM: Nigga, if you don’t stop callin me “Miss Katie.”

JH: I wasn’t gonna say nothing. I thought he was callin me Katie. As far as Cudi goes, it sounds like he’s got some other things going on that might be of more importance. I know TV money can be better than music money. Especially these days.

RM: Alright. Alright. I’ve got a surprise for you two.

LW: I don’t like surprises. One time Baby got me a pony for my birthday. He ain’t know I’m scared of horses, so… That wasn’t so nice like I was hoping. *awkward smile*

JH: I ain’t never scared.

RM: That’s why I love you. You shouldn’t be. As you’ll notice, there’s an empty seat here. It’s reserved for a man you’ve both shared Negromantic moments with at the Worldwide Leader. Please welcome Skip Bayless.

LW: *Lollipop laughter*

JH: Oh, god.

Skip Bayless:
Please. Call me Skip.

[To be continued]

Updated Suggested Contestants

Jim Jones – *
Gucci Mane
Soulja Boy Tellem – *
Chris Brown
Yung Berg – *
Lil Kim
Parlae of Dem Franchize Boyz
Floyd Mayweather
K-Ci & Jojo
Young Buck
Rick Ross – *
Daddy Yankee
WSHH Content
WSHH Comments
OJ Da Juiceman
Homeboy From BooBooTV
Suge Knight
Fat Joe
Dr. Dre
DJ Vlad
VLAD TV Content
Juelz Santana
DG Yola
Lil Flip
Foxy Brown
Max B
Crooked I
Joe Budden
Bobby Brown
Whitney Houston
Charles Barkley
Kid Cudi
Terrence Howard
Joaquin Phoenix
[Every] Major Labels [Sucks Dick]
Frankie F. Baby (Keyshia Cole’s mom)
Plaxico Burress
Jermaine Dupri

Questions? Comments? Requests? Still don’t see your favorite DN? ron@ronmexicocity.com

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  • squadwildin

    hmmm…..Kid Cudi didnt have a problem with the bloggers and others talkin shit, as much as his family members and close friends hating on him….

    Two different things….

  • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com tony grand$

    “Nigga, if you don’t stop callin me Ms. Katie”


    See, that’s why I stay fucking with you, Mex (no homo). You listen to what your peoples be talking bout, word up.

    You already know I’m going for my wildcards. Putting a little side money on them dumb niggas!

  • OG Matt Herbz

    Good lookin on the “Miss Katie” bit.

    I can’t say that I’m surprised to see Joaquin Phoenix up there. You know, he used to be one of the WNM’s rising stars. He quickly worked his way up to Caporegime in his area, but then I think some bum ass nigga put him onto drugs and despite my best efforts to stall him, he’s now rapping… Yeah, rapping…I know. So, I had no choice but to revoke his 2009 WNM membership–plus we have pretty strict rules on personal hygiene so he pretty much ousted himself. A shame when such talent goes to waste…

    –OG Matt Herbz–

  • sealsaa

    LOL, hell yeah! Mex took my suggestion for nominating Joaquin Phoenix and Terrence Howard

    *plays We are the champions*

  • Bobo D

    I posted some in the older blog but I guess you’ve must not have seen them, so here:

    Flavor Of Love contestants – New York, Toastee, “spitin” Pumpkin and that one who couldn’t make it to the toilet in time all spell DDN winners.

    Mephis Bleek – Shampoo comercial?
    BET – See The Boondocks

    I don’t really get the Dr. Dre nomination maybe for the SDN, but for DDN I hold my right
    as member of the Negro Please community to denounce that vote.

    • http://colby-sempek.com Ghost

      Word to that…I think the DD aspect should be looked at like a lifelong achievement award…like Xzibit got into some dumb shit with recent comments, but is nowhere near DMX or even Coolio status for that matter. I think as of recent developments, Jim Jones is a new favorite…

  • Hip Hop since 77

    I would like to see two of my DDN players make the tourney…

    Bow Wow for A)Making a battle record with his grown self (lol) against his young self B)For believing everything he said about himself in his vlog battle against Souljah Boy

    But my favorite would have to be Ray J, For being dumb enough to get a girl pregnant on a reality show.

    • DV8

      yep i nominate Ray J as well

  • The fedz

    2 goons need a nomination. WSHH comments gone win though.

    This ain’t choppersuit!

  • Worley

    The new contestants changed everything. Looks like Jim Jones might have some real competition.

  • Pierzy

    Excellent work as always, Miss Katie.

  • http://yahoo.com bigdogra

    Kimbo Slice should be the #1 seed.

    • Lowedwn

      Oh yeeeeeah, co-sign that

  • G2

    Ron, Plaxico needs a first round bye! He’s gotta at least make the final four.

    • http://xxl gside

      Co-sing that that was some amazing shit he did to get nominated !

  • chitchat

    I don’t think the majors are dumb at all. You can’t trick consumers into buying some BS, only for them to learn it’s garbage once they’re home. Between that and rampant piracy, the chance of a label recouping money on a new artist is even worse than it was ten years ago…and that’s saying alot.

    It makes sense that they draw the rapper into signing long ass contracts and promising to release LPs only to take advantage of whatever money the single can make (licensing for commercials, performances, appearances) and then dropping the artist. If, by chance, lightning strikes twice, the label already owns the artist. If not, drop em anytime you’d like. Why buy the cow when you can get most of the milk upfront and for free? You might miss out on a cash cow once or twice, but for the most part, probably not.

    It’s not playing nice but it seems pretty smart to me.

  • Jamal7Mile

    JH: “I ain’t never scared.”

    Shout out to my neighborhood gal, Jemele!! Glad my two nominees made it (Max B and Foxy) but won’t make it past Jim Jones, what with the recent bullshit that went on in Detroit. You can FEEL the tension on my block, ask Jemele (me, her and Trick-Trick = same area).

    As if shit wasn’t nuts enough out here… I don’t wanna be nowhere near what I’m sensing is about to happen.

    Thanks, Jim!

  • Gumer

    plaxico is definitely up in the top 5 for tucking a hammer into sweatpants…never mind shooting himself and damn near ending his career

  • Lowedwn

    LMAO, Ron, your killing it with this shit man. But, where the fuck is OJ Simpson, nigga like Gonzaga, only pop every 10 years or so, but when he does, OH Baby(a la Dick Vitale).

    Weezy’s Weedcarrier(the bougie nigga, lol)
    Trick Trick
    Jesse Jackson
    Scott Storch
    Jay-Z(big ole Mardi gras anal beads….not pimpin….oh yeah)
    Katt Williams
    Steve Harvey

  • giantstepp

    As long as Soulja boy Tell’em gets a first round bye and a #1 seed, Im good with the rest of the picks. They are all deserving! Idiots…

  • Drama

    i luv how dese xxl ppl didnt even look in2 kid cudis blog. they try 2 use dat all caps shit as a fuckin gimmick. clearly he does all of his blogs in all caps, since he 1st started. wow

  • DV8

    how about Superhead? have you heard she aspires to be a evangelist now? WOW!!!!!

    • El Tico Loco

      Superhead was in the SDN and got pretty far if she gets her Double D’s (no bra). Kanye gotta get in too that my nominee. Plus she can be an evangelist why not? She’s been doin saliva baptisms for years.


    i checked the pack coolio going all the wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    • westcoastaggie

      Coolio is indeed a sleeper.

  • westcoastaggie

    Gotta Put MYA up here for Being Gucci Mane’s Outta jail nana. Real whorish if you’d ask me.

  • Cam Jones

    What about T Pain for starting the autotune movement or at least for overtly admiring the size of Ray J’s Kardashian killer on the radio or his latest admission to not liking lapdances despite his 32 odes to skrippers.

    You are also missing Pacman Jones for…. well the last 3 years of his career period.

    • Lowedwn

      oh shit i almost forgot about that…yeah Pizzle deserves a nod for that there

      • DV8

        Ron Browz for biting T-Pain so hardbody and being horrible at it.

  • $ykotic

    Look like Jim Jones gonna get is first award ever!

    But I would nominate the GOP leader guy dude and WSHH comments. I gotta pop meds before I go on that abomination.

  • westcoastaggie

    Did anyone read Meghan Good’s recent Twitter Message about Soulja Boy…

    “No, me and soulja boy aren’t together lololol that ship has sailed. apparently, he doesn’t like chicks. :( :( :(—-meagangood”

    He might have locked it up after this…

  • http://xxl gside

    what kind of odd you give mex I got a stack on Plaxico !

  • Master Cheef

    damn, dog. i didn’t know you was gangsta like that. you shot trick trick in the leg just to show him that you can blog about whatever the hell you like?

    go on wit your bad self.

  • East Saint618

    yo Ron u the funniest Blogger…. u need to be president of something… keep up the good ass work