…and X-to-the-Z is your jittery deputy mayor.

After telling Foxxhole Radio all kinds of sordid details of his South Beach Adventure like a teenager who ain’t never been to a party before, the former gangsta rapper takes the ultimate nigga low road by blaming the media for sounding like an asshole.

This is why grown-ass niggas keep their mouths shut about what goes on behind closed doors. We all know how the media can put a hand up your ass, work your vocal chords and make you sing all kinds of songs about your partying with Puffy and Superhead.

Damn. I tried to told these niggas.

I listened to the radio segment. I don’t see where the “spin" comes in. For a supposedly connected nigga, Xzibit sure knows how to give play-by-play to a bunch of motherfuckers who have no business being fully informed of his escaping Puffy’s invite to The Blue Oyster Bar and becoming Superhead’s one-millionth customer in the same night.

[Blogger's Note: That being all of us.]

All a nigga need to know from Xzibit at this point is where to get a plasma screen, fish tank, washer and dryer for the trunk of his ’89 Sentra. Otherwise, the one-time Mr. Paparazzi need G the fuck up.

Longtime readers know I’m the usually first hip-hop-flavored blogger to throw his reputation on the line for equal rights, particularly when it comes to our gay, lesbian and bisexual family. For this reason, I’m amazed at Xzibit’s attempt to flip his own homophobia onto the media reporting on it. He’s right. Many hip-hop sites and readers therein go out of their way to affront gay people. However, in this case, it wasn’t the writer at Bossip who jumped up, took Superhead’s fingers out of his own ass, and did the Hanna-Barbera delayed run-in-air before finally peeling at the sight of some menses making out.

Negro, please.

Note how Puffy didn’t call the radio station to bark about how the place he took you isn’t a gay club (all the time). He called your ol’ runteldat ass. That has nothing to do with spin. It wasn’t Wendy Williams or Jamie Foxx & Co. working their jaws like, you know, Superhead.

It was you, nigga… and we all heard it. Next time you're on the radio you might wanna talk about your upcoming album... I mean, movie or some shit.

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P.S.: It's a shame niggas in the rap game only for the money and the fame.

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