The Most Hip-Hop Magazine Is…


Not who you think…

I’m poring over the magazine rack at the supermarket when I come across this chunky magazine that looks like one of those hip fashion rags. Its obviously for cool motherfuckers like myself because the cover photo has a snowboarder jacket featured along with a pair of my favorite sneakers, the Nike Dunks. I pick the magazine up and the shit is brawlic. Like you know those mags that should be hardbound because they are so heavy? These dudes are using some good ass paper too.

I love magazines that are printed in such a hardbody fashion that they will last a few years of me flipping through the pages. On some coffee table shit where the magazine can be used as the table. These are the joints that are built like reference books so you can consult them for the the next several months instead of finding out what the flavor of the week. Flavor of the week is just the flavor of the weak. Do you homos dig my homonyms? Anyhoo…

So the mag was called Antenna and the shit was filled with streetwear ads that looked like eye candy for those of us fuxing with shit like Stussy, or G-Shock or Motorola. The features were about the next season’s shoes, t-shirts and gadgets and the twenty-somethings, thirty-somethings that design all of this slick shit. I was impressed with the content as much as I was attracted to the ads. To tell you the truth they all seemed to meld into one linear path and I didn’t even mind. You know how the ads can sometimes appear forced into a magazine? Not in this shit. Everything was all together like gumbo.

So now I had to go a little deeper to find out who was putting this dope shit out. When a nigga like me goes through a publication that is so visually exciting the next thing I am thinking is that I want to work for whoever is publishing this joint because they obviously know what the fuck is really good. Holy shit! Haha. Antenna mag is published by Harris. The same people putting out a shitload of gun fanatic magazines and even XXL. Where the hell do they keep all the cool motherfuckers doing this Antenna mag shit? No one in the XXL offices is this fucking cool. Well there is Datwon, and there is Carl, and there is… Nah, that’s it.

These clowns doing the Antenna mag are more Hip-Hop than the people doing XXL, which in all fairness focuses primarily of the music facet of Hip-Hop which is rap while eschewing the other elements of Hip-Hop. Damn, I want to work for the Antenna people. They aren’t looking at what’s now. They are fucking with what’s next. Streetwear culture has surpassed Hip-Hop culture in content and marketability. It’s what Hip-Hop used to be before the music industry commodified rap music. Streetwear culture is active and inclusive, while Hip-Hop culture now looks like Jay-Z standing on stage. Stiff and immobile.

I fux with streetwear culture because I can listen to my rock music and my rap and whatever the else I fucking like to hear. My friends can be of all different races and most of them are half white and half ______________ (insert ethnicity/race of choice). This is the future of America party people. Antenna will be our magazine too. I’m just mad this shit only drops quarterly.

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  • tony grand$

    You know how the mag industry goes, Sunday. Them quarterly’s are always better than monthly (isn’t/wasn’t GQ?). They gotta hold you down until the next issue.

    I feel you on a fat mag (no homo), giving a dude something to read, that “picture book” shit gets old. I fux with Maxim for that reason. Hoes with no clothes, & hella articles about nothing in particular.

    I bought it, might as well get my dinero’s worth.

  • Avenger XL

    Be careful kid the truth can get you fired. You XXL ain’t about to let you big up a superior publication and live to tell about it. XXL went the way of BET along time ago. The only reason I come here is to blow off steam while at work and clown stans. Other than that it is trash. I haven’t even bothered to pick up a issue. I wish there was a hip-hop pub more like an URB with the Antenna feel to it and covered all elements of our culture. Also going into some political social ish from time to time but no luck here it is just dribble with dribble on it.

    • EmCDL

      “The only reason I come here is to blow off steam while at work and clown stans.”

      Same here, except I’m actually subscribed to the mag…foolish me…

  • Pierzy

    “I fux with streetwear culture because I can listen to my rock music and my rap and whatever the else I fucking like to hear. My friends can be of all different races and most of them are half white and half ______________ (insert ethnicity/race of choice). This is the future of America party people.”

    Co-Sign all day. The new generation and beyond are going to continue to mix, not only in race and ethnicity, but also in almost every other aspect of life. Our differences are shrinking…the (real) old heads are the ones that are still holding on to the antiquated thoughts and ways…

    • Stevie B

      Wow do you really believe the bullshit you talkin? I hope not I hope this is just wishful thinking. Other wise you are in for a rude awakening!

  • P-Matik

    I stopped reading the print version of XXL years ago when I realized that the requirement to be in Show & Prove was to sell krills and/or have a criminal record. Not to mention all of the Interscope stannery.

  • EmCDL

    Damn Billy you raggin on XXL like that? XXL is the ish homie don’t trip! (of course I’m being extremely sarcastic). The only reason I’m still subscribed to XXL is cuz Scratch went under (why it went under I still haven’t found out yet). That was the only real magazine that was for the music not the skeptics.

    I read something similar to the magazine you mentioned though…its called Complex…kinda like a hipster version of GQ, but its always good shit in there as far as fashion and whatnot. This Antenna ish I’ma have to cop as well…they have more stuff to talk about lol

    • Stevie B

      Saying complex is a hipster version of GQ is like saying a honda is a asian version of a porsche lol Have you ever read GQ they have real articles and real writers complex is a joke.

  • amar

    bxs ppl here at xxlmag are getting canned..this is no time to be rebelling against the man, or they’ll throw your ass on the curb like they apparently did gooch!

    plus if ur gonna suck up to a magazine, don’t let it be one run by the same motherfuckers! if i were u, i’d suck up to Jugs or something and try to get a role there reviewing titty size to ass width ratios and interviewing model chicks.

  • Billy X. Sunday

    You have a point there playboy. I could be fired right now and I just don’t know it. Until my supervisor tells me that I might as well have blown my head off.

    Then I go home and merc’k my whole family. I don’t have kids though, just a lot of collectible action figures. Maybe I rip their heads off.

    • $ykotic

      Do I hear a “Robot Chicken” fan?

      Man I used to have all of XXL’s covers. All of them.

      About to go to the bookstore now(actually roll there) and see what you talking about X.

      Good looking

      • $ykotic

        Website sucks.

        Aint finished the mag. Got me online trying to buy half the stuff!

  • Curtis75Black

    I come here to lounge out between patients. I can’t take all the Jay-Z dicksucking within ya’ll mag anymore. And until ya’ll get Interscope out ya’ll pocket and get some balls back to really cover Hip Hop, I probably won’t ever pick up another mag. If Antenna is hot, I might check it out.

  • Shine


    Is the new XXL, Source and Vibe for me!! Those mags are way more fresh not the same old BS! It’s good to be open minded. Growing up a sister used to get dissed in the hood for inbracing different cultures and styles but now it’s the new thing!

    • CLARK

      Yea Vapors is my shit they got the expensive thick paper goin on too.

      Don’t forget the late great Mass Appeal.

      The cover with Doom and Ghostface is prolly my favorite magazine cover of all time. And then like the next month it was an ill, ill Clipse cover.

  • Incilin

    Wow, I’m surprised they let you post this drop. Prolly cuz for the TIs at Harris this is what they call “corporate synergy”

  • Stevie B

    That street wear shit is fad. And the funny thing is the only reason most of the shit is hot is because a hip-hop or rock artist wears it. Think about it its true. So this article is joke. I read business mags quite often and the truth is most of this shit will not last through the recession. Anybody seen any Kani or Cross Colors lately how about a about a fresh Avirex. Anway the point I am trying to make is the fashion industry is more fickle then the music industry. You should not be looking to street wear or a magazine to help define a generation or culture define yourself by your actions.

  • macdatruest

    XXL’ low point was THE YEAR OF G-UNIT COVERS. I stopped checking for anything useful in the mags back then. And I stopped buying them. Nigga coffee table looked like I was stalking Fiddy wit all them G-Unit covers lol. In paticular I cringed at the one with Yayo and Fiddy that said G-UNIT’S CONVICTED FELONS!. Wow-That to me, showed what direction XXL was headed in and who was driving. The XXl special edition DVD starring Hot Rod was another kick in hip hop fan’s asses. Not to mention XXL presents Shade 45 Magazine aka Eminem’s Personal XXL. But I guess that was their way of thanking him for ruining the Source-their main competition. And I know that Interscope run XXL. When Fiddy’s next album flop them Interscope TIs is pullin’ out of XXL. Yall aint even allowed to post Ross new song cause yall scared of interscope. So basically XXL is a Soul-less artifact of what once was… Whoever writes a expose’ book on the Interscope/XXL undercover backscratching is gonna be rich-so if the fire you Sunday, you know what to do Get Money!