What up y’all? It’s Datwon aka DT and I’m doing the Scratch blog for a minute. My approach is a lil’ different than the homie Gooch. No big explanations about what I’ll be bringing, just know that some good music is on the way.

Check out this video on Total Eclipse from the turntablist group Ill Insanity (which is a spin-off of the X-ecutioners). Peep how he makes about three different beat juggles out of ATCQ’s “Scenario.”

I’m a battle DJ connoisseur and T.E. and my dude Rob Swift (who will be at the Scratch DJ Academy, 434 6th Avenue at 7pm tonight!) are two of my favorite turntablists in the game. Rob would let me tag along to all the different battles and showcases he and the X-Men had during the height of the DJ wars of the mid-90s. Some good times.

If you aren’t familiar with the turntablist scene or just want to learn what it’s about, go to www.djrobswift.com/dvd.htm. Serato is dope, but nothing beats some ill techniques.

And here is a bonus clip of Exile out of LA doing work on Weezy F’s hit…

(Thanks for the look J. Kim)

By the way, I spoke to 9th Wonder yesterday. We got some heat coming. If you have skills put your link in the comment section.-DT