The Beat Goes On…

What up y’all? It’s Datwon aka DT and I’m doing the Scratch blog for a minute. My approach is a lil’ different than the homie Gooch. No big explanations about what I’ll be bringing, just know that some good music is on the way.

Check out this video on Total Eclipse from the turntablist group Ill Insanity (which is a spin-off of the X-ecutioners). Peep how he makes about three different beat juggles out of ATCQ’s “Scenario.”

I’m a battle DJ connoisseur and T.E. and my dude Rob Swift (who will be at the Scratch DJ Academy, 434 6th Avenue at 7pm tonight!) are two of my favorite turntablists in the game. Rob would let me tag along to all the different battles and showcases he and the X-Men had during the height of the DJ wars of the mid-90s. Some good times.

If you aren’t familiar with the turntablist scene or just want to learn what it’s about, go to Serato is dope, but nothing beats some ill techniques.

And here is a bonus clip of Exile out of LA doing work on Weezy F’s hit…

(Thanks for the look J. Kim)

By the way, I spoke to 9th Wonder yesterday. We got some heat coming. If you have skills put your link in the comment section.-DT

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  • Hate Hate and more Hate

    I’m sorry, I know your a Rob Swift stan and all, but homie sucks monkey balls on the tables. I watched that video and Swift didn’t even yell out “we the best” or drop a bomb sound effect during his set, so therefore he’s not a real dj by today’s standards

    • DV8


  • El Tico Loco

    HH@MH is right he’s not a real dj by today’s standards being that the standards have dropped.

  • EmCDL

    Thats cool man….now can you also bring Scratch Magazine back as well? Cuz XXL is gettin on my damn nerves always on Kangay and Weezy’s nutsacks all the damn time

  • aquma

    I saw Blu & Exile at the Wale show the next day in SF. Exile on the MPC is CRAZY live.

  • EmCDL

    Damn them vids is sickness! Looking at stuff like that makes me realize why I want to go into DJing. And Exile on the MPC that shit is just ridiculous!

    @ Datwon:

    Hey man weren’t you like the editor-in-chief when Scratch magazine was out? I still have some of my older mags and remember seeing your name a couple of times in the Editor Notes.

    And whats up with this thing with 9th Wonder? I’m kinda on a different grind with music right now, but your welcomed to go mby my myspace page and let me know what you think (just click on my name on this comment)

    • DT the Kingpen

      @ EmCDL

      -More dope vids to come.

      -Nah. Wasn’t the EIC of Scratch ever. Created KING Magazine and RIDES Magazine

      -Beat wise “you enterprisin though, and i like it/but fuck with the big dogs yo, i gotta bite ya”, not sure how long you have been making beats but add some of your soul to it. If equipment is an issue I understand, but study what makes people move/react and bring your style to it. Right now they feel computery. Good luck

      • EmCDL

        Appreciate the insight DT I’ll keep that in mind

  • MZ

    Yo DT,

    Help a brotha out with some back issues of XXL. I’m like 6 or 7 short of a full house.

    • DT the Kingpen

      Hit me on

  • Romil
  • romil

    check me out, any questions leave a message..

    • Hate Hate and more Hate

      I have a question for you.

      Were you always that wack or did you wackness develop over a period of time?

      • Avenger XL

        Your beats will work ok for the christian rap market (Due to the fact the are kinda corny any way). But I think you are working with something. Keep at it I would like to hear the album you develope as long as it isn’t beat me to death with the bible to a break beat.

  • Avenger XL

    Yeah! I hope you make this a producer blog like it supposed to be instead of a half assed opinion blog like gooch(aka goochie MANE) was running. The turntablism is a start, here are some suggestions:

    Production tips
    Equipment reviews
    Sample pack reviews
    host beat battles
    interview producers

    All things producer driven, no celebrity shit or waxing philosphical on the state of the game.

    fix yo face

    • EmCDL

      Co Sign

      I still have my older Scratch Mags and read the info that they always had at the back of the page…and its still helping me out today. Shit is hella relevant even to this day!

  • Stan

    Real Lyrics is in the Buildin… Boston aint got next we got now…

    No BS I’ve been showin Love to XXL for a grip now… Show some back and peep my shit!