That’s gonna leave a mark

Leave it up to the almighty TMZ to finally come up with a picture of Rihanna with her face all fucked the fuck up.

For a while there, it looked like there might not be a picture. I’m sure Chris Brown was hoping there wouldn’t be, regardless of whether or not he’s as guilty as the media would have you think.

Looking at this picture… well, yeah, she definitely got her ass whooped, though it still isn’t clear to me the extent of her injuries. I look worse every day when I roll off the couch at the ass crack of noon, but a decade-plus of hard living will do that to you. I’d heard that she was close to losing an eye, and obviously that wasn’t the case. Maybe she looked worse the next day, once a black eye had time to form.

I’ve heard that this might be a picture taken right there at the scene, to get an idea of the extent of the injuries, for posterity, but the last time I checked, TMZ wasn’t saying where the picture came from. I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t some especially lucky paparazzi. It’s not usually the m.o. of 5-0 to put people’s business out in the streets like that, but who knows. As big as this story has gotten, TMZ could probably afford to pay way more than you can make being a cop.

That’s a lot of donuts.

I was in my car on my way to get a sandwich just now, and wouldn’t you know, this was all they were talking about on the local “hip-hop” station. Girl after girl was calling up talking about how they had been victims of domestic violence (every girl’s been a victim now, apparently), and how Rihanna needs to leave his ass, even if he is Chris Brown, and how his career is so over.

A couple of observations:

1) I guess Rihanna does have to leave him now, even if she doesn’t want to. There’s no way her handlers would allow the two of them to get back together after these pictures. It would be career suicide. You see what happened to Whitney Houston after she actually went so far as to marry Bobby Brown. And I’m not even buying the argument that he corrupted her. I tend to believe Bobby Brown when he says that it was the opposite. Whitney was the one who had the coke. Bobby just had a lot of kids.

2) Chris Brown’s career probably is over. Best case scenario, maybe he can put out a sex tape with the fat Kardashian sister (I’m not gonna lie – I’d watch) and get a series on VH1, but I doubt he’s gonna sell very many records ever again. But the reason is not just because he had the sheer balls to put a shoe on Rihanna. I can think any number of artists who, if I heard they beat the crap out of a woman, I’d probably think less of them as men, if I thought much of them in the first place, but I’d still be checking for a new album, in case there were some jams.

Take for example Nas. In all likelihood, a new Nas album isn’t gonna be very good anyway. He obviously smoked away his ability to tell a good idea from a bad idea a long time ago. That having been said, of course I’m gonna listen to any new Nas album at least once, in case he somehow accidentally made some Illmatic-level material. Let’s say Nas somehow did manage to pull a late career triumph out of his ass. Am I not gonna cop just because he found out his new son isn’t actually his and had to regulate? Nigga, please. I’m not gonna cop anyway. But I will DL and have a look, as they say in some corners of the Internets.

The thing with Chris Brown is: he couldn’t sing for shit anyway. He was like a fifth rate Usher knock off, and who would even want to listen to the real Usher? Girls didn’t like Chris Brown because of his songs. They liked him because he was tall and light skinted and he was such a good dancer. No homo. Which is why I doubt he’ll ever have a hard time procuring some stank for his hanglow, despite his reputation. If he gets with the right people, he might even be able to spin this.

Chris Brown, if you’re reading this, holler at your boy. I’ve got a few ideas for how your career could continue from this point. In case you’re wondering, yes, I do have a college degree in marketing. I can try to dig it up, if necessary, thought it might be water logged at this point. You can find my email addresses listed on my own site, aka ThisIsUnfuckedBoy.

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  • chitchat

    Dont listen to much FM radio but a surprising number of chicks I’ve run into are bending over backwards (haha) to point out why Chris is innocent, justified or smthg else like it.

    Like you said, he couldn’t really sing to begin with. I’m sure there’s another light-skinned dancer with a deranged smile who can do the doublemint shuffle

    • Hate Hate and more Hate

      If Rick James and James Brown can have a career after getting arrested for beating bitches up then so can Chris Brown.

      Hell even Gucci Man’s wack ass was caught on tape laying the smack down on some hood rat and he’s still making music.

      Pun’s fat ass did it
      Biggie’s and left lazy eye did it to Lil Kim and Faith

      tupac’s bitch ass got convicted of rape

      the list goes on and on

      • mo

        dont make me chris brown a bitch up in here!

  • amar

    actually i think ppl listened cause he was good at making catchy songs…like that runnin’ song and that kiss kiss song.

    but ur right. Now all he’s gonna be rememebred for is being the dude who beat up rihanna and help her go from famous pop singer to tina turner. If rihanna had fucked up chris brown in some way, it would’ve been him who’d blow up.

    • geico lizard

      I disagree amar because women hitting men or even killing men in this country they still make the woman to be the victim. If chris brown has bruises like that it wouldnt help his career he would be getting clowned for getting beat up by a woman.

      They will say the man drove the woman to hit him or kill him. Here in tennessee a pastor was shot in the back by his wife while he was sleeping. She unplugged the phone so he couldnt call 911 and her daughter saw her do it. She not only was found not guilty because she said he “mentally” abused her by wanting her to wear stripper heels in bed and asking for anal sex but this chick also now has full custody of her kids and a new boyfriend. Plus she was on Oprah with her lawyers.

      The man is always guilty in this country the law isnt equal. Women and men do the same crime and if the woman cries she gets a slap on the wrist.

      • amar

        nah nah i totaly agree with u. That’s why i said “If rihanna had fucked up chris brown in some way”. I was thinking more…they get married and she cheats on him and gives him HIV. Then chris brown is the victim talented singer and rihanna is that whorebag former star who gave chris brown hiv.

      • EmCDL

        @ geico lizard

        Damn dude are you serious? Thats some vile shit right ther homie; but then again I ain’t surprised…your right, women always get the upper hand no matter what

        • geico lizard

          Her name is mary winkler if you want to look up the story. I thought she would get about 25 years but she got off with time served and talking to a shrink.

  • Marco317

    chris can come back… the american public is very forgiving, he juz has to put in some serious work…at least lay low for a year…

  • OG Matt Herbz

    That pic was bad, but you should’ve seen the other dude: Chris Brown looks like he’s a quarter-fucked-up-chromosome from having Down Syndrome–word to Ron Mex. He’s got the light skin and all, but God stiffed homey with a cro-magnon grade brow-line. Point is, he was outclassed by Rihanna no matter how you cut it. Rihanna’s my baby girl, y’all, word up. She got a big forehead and yeah, her hair is kinda weird, but that skin tone, mang…drives a nigga nuts! Woo! But, straight up, son, I got niggaz in the street on the lookout for Chris Breezy–he’s a dead man walking…no Jay-Z.

    –OG Matt Herbz–

    • amar

      *awaits tpar*

      • Bobo D

        @ amar
        I believe the e-beef is between OG Bobby J and tpar, not Herbz

        • amar

          tpar’s beef si with any white guy who uses the n bomb online

  • Jamal7Mile

    Just saw the TMZ photos and, if they are real, CB gotta anger mgmnt prob that needs to be addressed. However, I haven’t seen his mugshot pics. Unless his eyeball is hanging out the socket peeking up at the boogers in his nose, there is no justification for RiRi’s face looking like that.

    “Put the shoe on her,”??? More like Size-17 Timbs (again, if the pics are real).

    Unless RiRi walked away with “A Part Of” hisself (sp, but so what) like that Royce 5’9″ video… why go that far on her face unless he was truly trying to murder the girl? Look at the pic again… CB put 2/3 nipples on one D-cup forehead. Her lips rival Angela Jolie! Her nose… uh, well her nose was always big, I think.

    Anyway, you know what I’m saying. It’s overkill!!

    • Dub Sac

      Thank you.

      There are so few things that would make this “justifiable” in any sense. The idea that he would have to literally beat and bite Rhi in “self-defense” is retarded.

      And Bol, domestic violence is has always been an issue. I know how you hate being held accountable to any sort of standard, but I don’t think it’s really a case of bandwagon-hopping, so much as people feeling comfortable discussing the issue at this moment in time.

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    “Fu6k Boy, Fu6k Boy, Fu6k Boy”
    Elliott “YN” Wilson

  • Pierzy

    Yeah, I saw that picture this morning. She looks like Tyson after Buster Douglas knocked out his mouth guard over in Tokyo.

  • Jhon da Analyst

    I’ve been poppin a lot of shit about this incident. This shit happens everyday. The point is, ppl need to look at the why????? of all this shit. Trust me, there were times I wanted to murder my daughter’s mom for real. On some “fuck it” type shit. Glad I didn’t, but the human psyche can be quite frail. Just like ppl say “He was just one of the nicest guys u would ever wanna meet” (Dude just chopped up 6 ppl). Shit like that. Why? is the question. Me personally, I don’t like to be fucked with. So if u push me too far, there’s a good chance your fam will be asking you “If you understand me, blink 1 for no and 2 for yes” on some “squeeze my hand if you hear me shit”

  • capcobra

    chris brown need to get his ass whooped…period.

  • Og Bobby J

    rihanna looks like tpars mom when she unveiled her face at the market….

  • EmCDL

    Man where are these pics ya’ll talking about? Bol why didn’t you put the link up foo?! For shame LOL

    • EmCDL

      Nevermind I saw the pics…damn she is F’ed up…I didn’t know it was that bad. Chris Breezy I know you from my home state and all but you deserved to be put in the torture room for this one bruh

  • og bobby j

    anyone see that rhyme this nigga tpar put on yesterday? Shit had me rollin. I stay on this niggas mind like gay dick….

    I hate to even mention this flunkie….but I couldnt get over his “im stressed at work, let me drop a rhyme” shit….im still laughin.

    I got this nigga stressed at work, stuttering while taking niggas big mac orders….over cooking the fries and shit….your sad cuz

    • these posts are racist

      Truth, is the best defense in a defamation case. Think about that Trailer Park.

      • amar

        LOL@tpar not shutting the fuck up about how bj saying using the n word is bad and then accusing him of being trailor park trash and a all sorts of related things, just cause he’s white.

        tpar i don’t like using the n word either, but ur a fake-ass civil rights leader wannabe waste of flesh

        • these posts are racist


          You’re a zionist bitch who doesn’t deserve any of my attention…Go kill some Palestinians and take their land.

        • amar

          LOL u have great memory

    • these posts are racist

      By the way, homey, congrats on your dad (K-Fed) getting connected with Bone Thugs and Harmoney, perhaps now your son can get the long needed health care you have been unable to provide him.

      • OG Bobby J

        Your insults are lame, your life is a joke, your law career is a fraud, your just under me in everyway… except the way you want.

        Just let it be fam, you stay losing. You couldnt beat me in thumb wrestling….

        • these posts are racist

          Definition of lame: Arguing about who has a better career/life over the internet. I have never bragged about my life…the only time anything personal about me has been raised was in a purposeful context. I raise and challenge ideas, not whether I am better than some racist white kid who uses the name “OG Bobby J” on a hip hop blog site. Seriously man…?

        • og bobby j

          i recognize the white flag waving….

        • these posts are racist

          The one with the swatiztika outside your trailer home? I’m sure you do, you put it there…stating the obvious is just odd.

          Henceforth, challenge my ideas “OG”.

    • BGZ

      I ain’t defending this tpar child; I read the interview with him, he seems “smart but misguided”; ain’t he a lawyer or something?

      BTW the reason why CB is fucked because:

      James Brown/Ike Turner= “bad mofos”
      Undeniable geniuses, dudes bought their records; their domestic issues only fitted the white publics perception of what blacks are like.

      Bobby Brown= “the bad boy of RnB”

      Pac/Big/Pun= “gangster” rappers
      They claimed to kill and dismember people, what’s a little domestic violence?

      R. Kelly= “good guy”
      Almost crucified, though his later output was less family-friendly “I Believe I Can Fly” shit, he just claimed to be ‘a freak’ – which he was.

      CB= “romantic crooner for teenage girls”
      Same target audience as the Jonas Brothers.
      Didn’t just smack around ‘some ho’ (that his fans are jealous) but ‘princess’ Rihanna, who’s pro’ly more popular than him with his fans.
      He’s fucked.

      • these posts are racist


        Please, guide me then. In what sense am i misguided? Conclusions without support…if only things were so simple.

        • BGZ

          Ralph Nader?
          I know a lot of leeches came into government with Obama and I don’t support him unconditionally, but I’d still rather have him in office than ol’ McCain.
          America has a two party system, changing it from the inside is probably easier than having a successful third party candidate.
          Even if elected, I don’t think Ralph could handle either the economy, foreign policy, the military, immigration or corruption.
          Obama can open doors for a lot of good people, too.

          Contrary to popular belief, there’s no unified Jewish front, elders of Zion.
          I’m highly critical of Zionist fundamentalists (Avignor & Joe L., Bibi N., MIA’s granpa-in-law), but consider the islamic puritans a bigger threat.

          I’m just here voicing my opinion on the topics brought up, not here to argue dudes.

  • anutha_level

    definitely will be tough to shed this f’d up image he has developed for himself…this image of that brawd’s face will burn into everyones’ memory for all time.

  • kelito-vision

    Chris better become a gangster rapper….the R&B shit is over for him after the picture…he might have been able to pull through if that picture hadn’t come out…but with the picture being leaked and Ri Ri looking like she got smacked by a mack truck face first….yeah he could parlay this into a new career as a rapper

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Kelito…that’s what I’ve been sayin. He might as well be done with that R & B shit. Plus, this nigga like 18 now. Welcome to the real world C. Breezy!!

  • lil’vina

    it’s sad that chris did that to her. first off he can sing and did have talent and obviously you must be a hater to say some shit like that. he fucked it up by doing that and i hope that rihanna moves on and leaves chris for good.

  • satalyte

    Niggaz please. This is all some publicity stunt.

    Makeup can be applied to make you look bruised.

    Chris Brown is too pussy to even raise his hand to a woman.

    Rihanna and Chris Brown are media whores in the worst sense of it.

    None are talented, and both got to where they are on looks and shitty pop hooks.

    Lets stop talking about this shit forever.


  • allnice

    It could have been ten times worst if she really got hit by a real dude. He probably just slapped her a few times. There are dudes that would have put her 6 feet no lie for even touching them once. Rihanna obviously has no sense and Chris Brown is a pussy.

  • tommy gunz

    personally i think the pic prob makes her look worse than she really did…so she caught a busted lip and a couple a devil’s horns on her noggin…there’s pix out of her now and she looks damn near recovered (aside from the sunglasses hiding who knows what)..but i think breezy can recover in two years after the forgiveness tour…imagine him on oprah crying his eyes out about how his dad used to whoop his mom’s ass and he was forced to witness…the possibilities are endless..oh yea something still tells me riri might a had it comin….

  • Avenger XL

    This dude was almost over anyway his audience is growing up and now they want older men. He would have retained his cougar crowd anyway. This kind of pop is only built to last so long.

  • shone jones

    Chris Brown-R&B sensation #5,413,876
    Rhianna-Another half-naked R&B chick who can’t sing.

    Who Cares?

  • shone jones

    “The thing with Chris Brown is: he couldn’t sing for shit anyway. He was like a fifth rate Usher knock off, and who would even want to listen to the real Usher? Girls didn’t like Chris Brown because of his songs. They liked him because he was tall and light skinted and he was such a good dancer. No homo. Which is why I doubt he’ll ever have a hard time procuring some stank for his hanglow, despite his reputation. If he gets with the right people, he might even be able to spin this.”

    LOL at that one, Bol.

  • master cheef

    and you thought her forehead was big before.
    it looks like it is ready to explode in that picture.

  • tony grand$

    A very young man living in a very adult world who couldn’t control his emotions, thusly unable to control his actions.

    The prison system is full fo those.

    His situation is far more removed from the average man’s because he’s famous. Not, unfortunately for him, regardless of the rhyme & reason for what he did, he will be the “new” posterboy for domestication. Most of us grew up with it close to “home” in some form, but once the pic hit TV screens nationwide, America gasped.

    Had he been some clown on our block, he’d do his bullet or two, come home, move back in with the broad, & do it again until he got bored. That dude isn’t on the radar. CB is. Mark Garragos ain’t going to be able to gloss over this one, people are demanding blood.

    He acted his age. Plain & simple. But hey, the best lesson learned is one you paid for.

  • Jamal7Mile

    Tony Grand$!!

    Co-sign! I can’t even identify with CB’s situation… even though I’ve seen men beat on women and women beat on men in these here town avenues, (Deeetroit women ain’t no joke… Brothas/Sistas, we ALL know how to fight.. sex, regardless.. but I win MY conflicts, though).

    None of “us” (<–Jamal7Mile) are CELEBRITIES! When me and my (ex)boo get into it, nobody in Detroit call 911, because they don’t givva shit! It got handled in them streets.

    Tony, $ykotic, yall know me enough to know I don’t give a gotdayum about MOST of that “Bling, Kilo, murder in the street” bullshit… I just want to hear some good music.

    But you know me enough to know that I know that the WORLD is a ghetto. Detroit is a helluva hard place come up in… and I STILL love this MFka!! I already know you feel the same about your hood.

    Tony$.. Chris “learned” off of this one, and will PAY for acting his age.. I agree, he acted his age, and it’s only right that he pay for it.

    Call it an “ass whooping”… or, uh, “time-out”.. depending on who’s reading this.

    I wish my bad ass got time-outs when I was young! My Pops whooped shades off my kidneys when I fked up as a youngsta. It was the right move too cuz I WAS BAAAADDDD!!! LOL!!

    Alright, I’m rambling and tipsy so…


    • tony grand$

      Wuddup Mally Mal*

      Yeah, I can relate to the effects of “abuse”. It trickles down through generations, & like Jhon Da Analyst said, “the human psyche is frail”.

      One never knows what repressed memory can be awakened by “trauma”. After that, it becomes a matter of animal instinct (fight or flight). For all we know, he was acting out some scenario where he was mad about something [domestic abuse related] he saw as a child, but could do nothing about. A couple of flashbacks mixed with unmanaged emotion (& I’m sure some cocktails @ the party), & your boy became a powder keg with a lite fuse.

      The basic temperment here & other places is “there’s more to it than we (the public) know”. I agree with that.

      No matter the outcome, this is going to leave a permenant blemish on his life. His music career should be the least of his concerns @ this point.

  • Jamal7Mile

    Yup, co-sign.

    “No matter the outcome, this is going to leave a permenant blemish on his life. His music career should be the least of his concerns @ this point.”–Tony Grand$

    That’s the truth!! I think he’ll get a pass, though… yeah, for real I believe he will!! If R.Kelly can pee on kids and nut up their asses on camera, sheeiiit! I don’t know any names (maybe TPAR can help me out) but GOOD lawyers are a sight to behold! We’ve all seen them on TV. Celeb lawyers can get you out of ANYTHING, especially R.Kelly’s lawyers.

  • Prince Caesar

    I think this will affect his career to some degree. I think he will still have a huge fanbase and he will continue to drop platinum albums. The public has a short-attention span. I know there will be alot of jokes about him, but, that’s about it. Dude will continue to do his thing. Also, the only reason this shit is getting so much attention is because she is a famous singer. Domestic Violence happens everyday, but, no one gives a fuck unless you are in the public eye. THAT’S FUCKED UP!