Slaughterhouse Is The Fantastic 4 Of This Rap Shit…

fan 4

A few weeks ago when the Slaughterhouse collective touched down in New York City there was a buzz surrounding their performance like one I haven’t felt in a long time. Slaughterhouse is a rap fan’s dream come true on paper. It’s like having Manny, Vlad, Pujols and Santana all on your fantasy baseball team. Who in the world is gonna stop these superheroes? No one on Earth. Not even Galactus, and Galactus is a bad ass motherfucker.

Dr. Dre is like Galactus for this analogy because he has more or less had a hand in shaping all of these dude’s careers. More or less I said.

Let’s hope that Slaughterhouse does better with the fans than the Fantastic 4 movies have done in the theatres. I think these dudes can be that powerful as a collective too. Just take a look at the parts…

Crooked I = The Human Torch
Crooked I can heat up quick. He is definitely a firestarter and he proved that recently with the freestyle he spit flames on while up in the studio.

Royce the 5-9 = Reed Richards
The veteran of the group that has been to the mountaintop and battled alongside the Spider-Man of this rap shit. Royce can show these dudes how to do it on the biggest of stages.

Joe Budden = The Invisible Man
Budden makes himself appear and then disappear into thin air amd he could do the same thing to a rapper’s career if they don’t beware.

Joell Ortiz = The Thing
Joell is a beast, but since the Beast is part of the X-Men (and the Avengers, Defenders & X-Factor) we will just have to call this young lyrical monster the Thing.

The two issues that could derail the Slaughterhouse movement are egos and work ethics. Part of the greatness of rappers is always their hubris filled self-images. We love our rappers to be haughty by nature.

Slaughterhouse has done well to compliment their fellow members in the press, but when the crowd is in the building and the microphone is hot will they still show the deference to one another that they expressed in their interviews?

The largest concern I have for the Slaughterhouse collective is their work ethic for the project to succeed. All these rappers have individual movements which they must continue to nurture and feed. Will they have the courage to stick to the script (shouts to Statik) even though the rewards are in the longer term?

All I can say is that for these answers and more you just need to keep your internets browsers locked on the same Bat-channel, same Bat-time.

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  • Simple like ABC, 123

    Yeah, “The Fantastic Four” of this Rap Shit.
    But who could be the “Slaughterhouse”‘s producer?

    Dj Premier??? (Boom Bap, Scratch)
    Black Milk??? (Hard Beats)
    Statik Stektah??? (Dope Beats, Scratch)
    Dj Toomp??? (South Beats)
    MF Doom??? (Dirty Beats)
    The Roots’s Band??? (Live Band)
    Exile??? (On his MPC Live)

    Who could be???

    • Jamal7Mile

      Why not ALL of them?

  • OG Matt Herbz

    Wait, so who plays Jessica Alba’s part?

    –OG Matt Herbz–

    • amar

      thats what i was gonna ask

      i concluded saigon

    • tony grand$

      I vote for Minaj.

      • El Tico Loco

        That’s Joe B (according to Billy X) Jessica is the invisible woman. Dude Joe shoulda been made the Silver Surfer.

        • amar

          no man, according to billy x, joe b is the stretchy motherfucker. Why would billy x insult joe b? That one time he posted a video of them chillin. I imagine he gets all sorts of ganja and vajina off joe b; who would wanna screw that up?!

    • Jamal7Mile

      Don’t sleep on Rah Digga!

  • yaboy

    yeah slaughterhouse is ill

    • Pierzy

      Yeah, I think they can take a page out of the Wu-Tang Manual for how to work on a collective effort and then drop solo shit. That first round of Wu solos (Tical, Return to the 36 Chambers, Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, Liquid Swords & Ironman) was ill and just fed the hunger for a Wu group effort. Hopefully these dudes can do that…especially since they have an advantage in that they’re all already known and Wu-Tang wasn’t…

  • Hate Hate and more Hate

    I will say that this is some of the dumbest shit I’ve ever read, but at least the bitch ass blog writer finally hopped of Kangay’s nutt sack for 5 seconds.

  • king blair

    Gotta love the John Byrne art. But honestly they all serve a purpose lyrically Crooked the best. Overall artistry on all levels Royce is best. Overall introspection an heartfelt Buddens is best. While just gutta street talk shit Joel is the best. So if they can make a real project it could rival 36 Chambers in straight spit if not be a classic on its own

  • Jackpot

    Billy, who is Wolverine? Fisty Cent? LL Cool J?

  • tony grand$

    Sup Sunday?!

    Gotta love the FF4 analogy. That sum internet nerd shit fa that ass! Ha!

    U was spossed to cover that joint @ SOB, what happen?

    Anyway, them dudes got all the talent in the world, but if u follow FF4 than you know how much conflict stemmed from their alliance. A lot of probs started inside the “group” although they eventually worked through it.

    I can’t help but wonder who their “Silver Surfer” is gonna be? Remember he fucked some shit up for a min!? Maybe Sai?!

    • Jamal7Mile

      What up TonyG$????!!!!!

      I’d bust a nutt if Sai joined!! Come on Tony, you know that’s not gonna happen…



      • tony grand$

        Waddup Mally Mal

        I’m not sayn if Sai joined. Silver Surfer never joined FF4. @ some point, they all came to a mutual understanding. That’s what I meant.

  • “The Party Killa”

    Still dont think they’re better then the Horsemen(KURUPT, CANIBUS,RAS KASS,KILLAH PREIST)

    • tony grand$

      I think the idea of the Horsemen was good, but that group is overkill. That’s why it never materialized. I don’t see a core or focal point amongst all the difference of style.

      It looked good on paper, & might’ve been hella interesting, but just look @ the list. Rup, Bus, Kass & KP. Niggas wouldn’t have even known how to deal. That would’ve been too much MCin/knowledge kickin, if there’s such a thing.

      & hate to say, but Kurupt would’ve evntually left the group. He would’ve been outshined way to hard.

      • $ykotic

        Real talk.

        Kurupt would have been the 13th planet in that universe.

        He could never go last behind them dudes.

  • Jhon da Analyst

    I agreee TG$……..I never really saw Kurupt fittin in that equation, unless to bring some Cali swag pseudo gangsta shit. Lyrically, I’ve never really been a fan. On his verse on “Mind made up” w/Pac, I thought that was his best.

    • tony grand$

      I’m a LA dude, & no direspect to Rup, but he fell off after “New York, New York”. His shit was the best mediocrity it could be though, if that’s a compliment.

      That’s why a lot of LA niggas fux with Crooked. He should on a national level that niggas out here got raps, not just gang bang Menace II Society stint doubles. Its mad cats out here with skills, but to have that & the street connect on a west coast level is what seperated Crooked From a lot of the comp.

      I don’t know one dude, regardless of locale, that dislikes Crooked. Niggas out are proud of him being part of SH.

      • tony grand$

        *showed*, *stunt*

        Fuck typos!

      • Jamal7Mile

        Crooked I been on my mind since 96 Deathrow days. He finally made an impression on me last wk when I heard him “blackout” on that freestyle video with Joell and Royce.

        Detroit sho as hell ain’t hatin’… remember that we like EVERYBODY and that we are neutral in music… but, by no means, followers. Color, money, history and demographics mean NADA to Dee-troit players. Just play us some good music!

    • Jbo

      Are you for real, not a fan of his lyrics, dude wake up, and listen to Kuruption, deff a classic crazy lyrics,im my mind.

  • Avenger XL

    Joe Budden the invisible man there is so many ways a cat can take that. I’mma leave it a lone cause I try to just address issues and not just talk random ish on these boards. LOL

    Who is taking bets if this internet stan created album ever comes out? I know some cats in the streets want it too but every super group in rap has yet to do anything but supa flop and WU Tang doesn’t count or juice crew because they came in cliqued up.

    • tony grand$

      Yeah Avenger, I caight wind of that “invisible” man thing too. Ha!

      After reading that interview yesterday, “Royce is taking credit, but I should be taking credit” -Joey B., idk. A lil skeptical @ first, & a little more now. The last time a “supergroup” was partially succesful was Gerald Levert, ?, & Johnny Gill (somebody help me out). Them dudes aiint rappers, but rap artists tend to be a lil more arrogant & don’t seem so quick to share a spotlight.

      & the guys have core followings already. There’s a reason every group aint a supergroup, feel me? Yin & yang has to be there, or there’s no balance. No balance = falling.

      • El Tico Loco

        you missing Keith Sweat the group was LSG.

  • og bobby j

    slaughterhouse is the best shit out right now….

    in order…

    • Arrogant_Al

      did u seriously put crooked I at the bottom? rofl….oh my…and joell at the top?????

      do you listen to crooked I?

      • og bobby j

        son, crooked is a beast….probably the most lyrical of all of them….

        he is hit or miss though with his flow. Sometimes, he has trouble riding the beat correctly and uses the term “sir” tooo often.

        Yea, listen to the collective efforts thusfar and tell me joell aint spit the hardest thus far.

        Remember, I am not talking other efforts….just group material.

        Thats my opinion….

  • EmCDL

    I can see them coming out with an album together, then disbaning to do there solo ventures, then coming back together again to release another collective debut. I think thats a good way to keep the camaraderie up within the group…kinda like what Destiny’s Child did.

  • latino heat

    i was just about to leave a comment about the 4 horsemen when i seen some up here already. glad i’m not the only one that remembers them. i also hope the slaughterhouse dudes don’t end up as irrelevant as the 4 horsemen are 5 years from now.

    • Avenger XL

      Unfortunatly they just may. Most of the uber talented rappers can’t seem to get with the right producers and truely channel there sound. They tend to choose horrible or mediocre beats and then einstien us to death at times with little to no character. I know you can rhyme fellas but this rap shit is like pro-wrestling, what is your character to go with your rhymes not necessarly a gimmick but definitely something that makes you stand out. That is why 50, Wayne and all of the top cat’s stay so high in the game they either created a lane or they own the lane they are in.

      Peep the character breakdown

      50-New york street thug who was supposedly raw in the hood brings the hood to the board rooms and marrys the world of hood douche bag to street douche bag. His M.O. is beef and selling formula heavy albums to his cult like stan base. He is the street dude with the license to do an R&B song. You don’t go to 50 for much more than a solid NY dance tune or falsetto thug music (i.e. safe thug music)LOL
      Wayne-i.e. the under achievers poster boy. He is the hero of the talented cat we all know who just phones it all in. You know that cat who may be real cold if he tried but why even give a shit if you can breath on the mic and get love from your stans(PAUSE!) He is also now the poster child and one of the last douche bags standing in the whole awful version of the rap meets metal mash up. He stays high and makes sure the camera see’s him living the rock star life at all times.

      See even these douche bags have something to draw you in. I love lyrics myself so I am sold on slaughter house but I fear they are going to go down like the 4 horseman at leat they are more well known than EMC

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Just for the record…..Ras K. will always be my favorite west coast emcee. “Fools actin like what I always was, West Coast lyricist with East Coast buzz”!

  • Billy X. Sunday

    Y’all niggas cracks me up sometimes. I was in my comic nerd shit because this weekend is the NYC ComicCon.

    The bottomline is that SlaughterHouse is the shit that you dream about happening in Hip-Hop and it is happening as we speak.

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  • Shakeera

    I don”t know who could be there producer but I know who would make a great ally or if not picked up a formidable opponent. You can hear him on REVERB HE’S GOES BY THE NAME S.W.A.S.S. i SENT OVER 416 LETTERS TO DR. DRE ABOUT THIS PHENOM!! WITH NO AVAIL.????////HE’S A FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH!!

  • Shakeera

    he needs to be heard!!!!!!I don”t know who could be their producer but I know who would make a great ally or if not picked up a formidable opponent. You can hear him on REVERB HE’S GOES BY THE NAME S.W.A.S.S. i SENT OVER 416 LETTERS TO DR. DRE ABOUT THIS PHENOM!! WITH NO AVAIL.????////HE’S A FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH!!