Just addressing some of the “love” I got from my last post. The reason why I did headphones as the topic is because of this, listen to what the dude says that introduces him: Canei Finch didn’t win Sha Money XL’s 2008 beat battle, but he got picked up by some major players for production. I actually saw some footage of him making the beats for the battle in the hallway of the conference with his headphones on, just bobbing away. I thought about how we all hear our music and how that effects our experience with it day-to-day. If that isn’t the essence of what Scratch Magazine is, then I don’t know what is.

Yet, there’s nothing like a good public flogging to go with your tough times, so to my favorite comment cohorts: Render, EmCDL (is that you with them wack beats, poppin’ shit? I know for sure you listening through some fucked up headphones or speakers or just need your ears switched. I’d expect a producer to name some type of headphones, which are an extremely important accessory for producing), Shawty J and the main squad leader P-Matik, I applaud your opinions. I admire them so much that instead of getting all hot headed about how y'all feel (Trust, I want Gooch to rock as well, he knows this) I’m going to open the floor for y’all. Yep, been thinking about doing this for a minute due to my hectic schedule and wanting to be on time with postings, but I feel we have some super star writers in the comments section and I want to shine the light on the talented ones. So for all you cats that come to the Scratch blog and want to get busy on the big stage at the top of the page, hit me with your topic and the text and you just might get your blog status on. Who knows, you may start working for us for real, for real.

And to everybody that actually commented on topic, especially Eman, thanks for understanding the real and why.

Let’s see who’s ready for primetime. Hit me at scratch.blog@harris-pub.com