Just addressing some of the “love” I got from my last post. The reason why I did headphones as the topic is because of this, listen to what the dude says that introduces him: Canei Finch didn’t win Sha Money XL’s 2008 beat battle, but he got picked up by some major players for production. I actually saw some footage of him making the beats for the battle in the hallway of the conference with his headphones on, just bobbing away. I thought about how we all hear our music and how that effects our experience with it day-to-day. If that isn’t the essence of what Scratch Magazine is, then I don’t know what is.

Yet, there’s nothing like a good public flogging to go with your tough times, so to my favorite comment cohorts: Render, EmCDL (is that you with them wack beats, poppin’ shit? I know for sure you listening through some fucked up headphones or speakers or just need your ears switched. I’d expect a producer to name some type of headphones, which are an extremely important accessory for producing), Shawty J and the main squad leader P-Matik, I applaud your opinions. I admire them so much that instead of getting all hot headed about how y’all feel (Trust, I want Gooch to rock as well, he knows this) I’m going to open the floor for y’all. Yep, been thinking about doing this for a minute due to my hectic schedule and wanting to be on time with postings, but I feel we have some super star writers in the comments section and I want to shine the light on the talented ones. So for all you cats that come to the Scratch blog and want to get busy on the big stage at the top of the page, hit me with your topic and the text and you just might get your blog status on. Who knows, you may start working for us for real, for real.

And to everybody that actually commented on topic, especially Eman, thanks for understanding the real and why.

Let’s see who’s ready for primetime. Hit me at

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  • http://xxl All Dae

    The internet has helped hip hop. Get music immediatly, talk online with yr favorite rapper even the video disses are better than just a song. now I have a song and skit. You can post yr joints. You have access to beats galore and the networking forget it…
    The internet brought a natural change and only the strong survive and adapt. It’s still a tool and shouldn’t replace real interactions or live shows.

  • Incilin

    It’s pretty awsome that your doing this, but do the topics have to be straight up Strach material (ie more on the beats side) because I felt like this blog really really popped off when Gooch started writing about hip hop in general, and not just hip hop production. Either way I look forward to reading what people write.

    • DJ Daddy Mack


    • Detroit P

      Co-sign…..hip hop in general..not specific shit..but basically just talkin about the state of the game, theories about the future..and examples

  • Ben


  • Josh

    Are you being sarcastic? That e-mail address doesn’t work lol…I was actually going to hit you up about that.

  • amar

    can i write about how fiddy cent likes cock and soulja boy’s gonna get a dicking?

  • mo

    datwon thomas stick to doing king magazine only you are single handedly putting xxl magazine down the shitter by turning it into vibe magazine. And you should be ashamed for putting all those wack motherfuckers on the cover as the “future” of hip hop a few months ago.

  • Pierzy

    How about a “Caucasian Please” blog? No?

    • capcobra

      yes….good idea.

  • Rae Tha Great

    Is he serious cause I’m with it. PEACE

  • EmCDL

    I was wondering why you had posted something like that as a blog (about the headphones), just didn’t grasp the concept at the time I was reading it…didn’t know that you would get all mad about it (and obviously you did if you put me on blast like that LOL). And I’m sure the other cats up on your list was wondering the same thing…as far as my “wack” beats, yeah I’m still learning my hardware so of course they’re in the wack category for now. If its all that serious on what headphones I use, I use Altec Lansing….don’t know what the exact type they are but I use them…or this other brand that I’ve been using that I got for free when I got my keyboard (Akai MPK 49). I’ve been using those more than the Lansing’s because they are more flat sounding and don’t have that background noise that I always hear with them. I also use Behringer MS200s as my studio monitors. Just wanted to clear that up…

    • FlapJack

      wow, you need some serious practice.
      sorry homie.
      You bought all that without knowing how to use it?

      Can Gooch guestblog in stead?

      • EmCDL

        Yeah I did and still learning how to use it

        • FlapJack

          Good luck. I bet in a month you’ll see a lot of improvement.

          My first beats were pretty shitty as well, but now, after a couple of months of using my insomnia for something productive, them shits is pretty bangin.

          I only got a bootleg FL Studio tho, I’ll be buying a keyboard / good headphones whenever I can afford it. (ie , never)

        • EmCDL

          Thanks man appreciate the support; most of the stuff on my page isn’t really even hip hop…I’m going a different direction right about now…hip hop still in my blood though and I hope to get better with it (as far as producing anyway)

          Shit I’m still paying on my keyboard lol…but I know its alot you can do with it. Ever think about getting the Musicians Friend card? Thats how I got my stuff

        • tony grand$


          Reading & Writing is for Dumb People………..


        • FlapJack

          EmCDL, maybe if I had credit. I’ll be checking for you in a month or so if I remember.

          Tony, go get it, it’s yours

        • tony grand$


          Trying to make it happen, captain. Thnx for the positive vibes………..

        • EmCDL

          Get it poppin Tony!

  • Adrenaline

    Yo. I am a hip-hop fiend to the core. I’m loving the idea and I would love nothing more than to be a part of it. Scratch has always influenced me soo much, and I remember talking to dudes over the phone over there who said they would send me some of the old issues for free. I didn’t believe it until I actually got a couple rare covers with some of my favorite artists – most notably the issue talking about Nas and Preemo. Man, I miss that magazine. Props to keeping this blog going.

  • Stevie B

    Yo when you gonna let everybody if you picked someone to blog for the site I sent somethin in I want to know whats up

  • $ykotic


    Go get your plate homie! Time to eat!

  • romil

    when are we gonna get another scratch mag?

    One thing I can say is not only is rap falling off, but the beat game is as well. For one everyone thinks they can pick up FL studio and a keyboard and become a top producer. Most of yall kids need to go study old albums old records and recognize what it took for these producers to come up with highly competitive melodies. Dr. dre said producers arent sticking their necks out anymore, everyone is on the same old formula. Try something new and refreshing or stick to following the same patterns and formats.I remember back when if you wanted a good beat you had to save up and pay 4 it. now cats are making tic tac toe beats and giving them away for free or selling for 10.00 which overshadows the Raw Talent thats out there. I think the internet is killing the game period…

    • EmCDL


      I was just thinking of that just the other day ago…about how hip hop has to follow a “certain formula” or it isn’t considered hip hop by the masses. I admit, I am using FL studio myself; thats all I got right now, and an AKAI MPK 49…I want to learn how to use some of the hardware as well and be versatile. I don’t think it matters what operating system you use, as long as you know how to use it thoroughly. But right now I rather be different and do my own thing than to put out something thats been done a million times you know? Its producers that at at the top of their game because of them doing something different (shit look at the Neptunes, nobody was tryna hear their stuff). So definitely co sign on that.

      • FlapJack

        The Neptunes are real musicians though. (ever seen pharell play the piano?)

        Just saying, it’s best to know your basics before you drift too far off what’s considered music (by the radio).

        You can be the new Nitti beats with one finger and a keyboard, but that doesn’t mean you know what you’re doing

        • romil

          Great point, they are musicians. Go listen to Allure on the black album one of the greatest beats. I think most of us will run to spend that cash on the equipment, but we should buy a Piano learning DVD along with that. I mean you either want to be a good beatmaker or a great musician, why not go all out take some lessons. learn the bass guitar, and piano.

        • EmCDL

          Yeah the Neptunes are real musicians…should have pointed that out earlier

          I’ve always been down to learn something new…still got some violin under my belt, but its been a minute since I’ve been on it. But learning an instrument (or multiple instruments at that) gives you a better concept and understanding of the music.

  • romil

    Aint nothing wrong with FL studio, It’s basically how you choose to use it. 9th Wonder makes it happen with that program. Same way Toomp, and DJ Khalil are using Reason 4. Cats can say your beats are wack all day but when you’re doing something a lil different and experimenting new sounds there’s not much one can say. If you study the times in beat structures from the 80′s beats changed alot in the 90′s Now it seems since 2000 beats havent changed that much at all, because not too many people are shifting hip hop. People go out and buy classic albums and try to copy tha format instead of just visualizing a way to make something new. I started on the MPC, now I’m mostly software because I find it limitless Most cats wouldnt purchase most of my trax because they’re on some other ish, Id rather polish my skill and wait & try to find somebody who can complement my style rather than sell out and give em away free or for 20 bucks on rocbattle as well as asking people for there opinion. Im up on my game, because I study this ish! Ive read every scratch, source you name it. The producers that make it are the ones that change the sound, most notably Timbaland, Dr.Dre & Outkast as well as the Neptunes. . Dr dre experimented with drum loops and old keyboards and changed the whole game. At a time when everyone was stuck.

    • EmCDL

      Yeah them cats raped the game with there new sound; now everybody wanna rip on their beats. Thats all it takes is to be intuitive and outside the box…well, as long as it sounds good anyway. I get it all the time that my stuff is wack (I’m pretty sure you know from reading the blog lol), but I also have people say that they like it, and like you said, as soon as I find the right person to implement their lyrical skills on my work, I’ll just continue to work on my music and learn what I can in the process. I wouldn’t consider the stuff I have on my music profile ‘hip-hop’ per say, but I know there are some elements of hip hop within it…just messing around till I find my niche.

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