Dammm, I haven't even started blogging, posting up images or videos yet and the Love is overwhelming. Yall be easy on the Hate you might hurt yourself. Big shout out To all my Sneaker heads, to all my gadget geeks, to all my fashion fakes and to those who just love the Hip-Hop Lifestyle. You'll see it here first. Ill bring you exclusive product from kicks, to Japanese phones, to interviews w/ Keri Hilson, & Stephon Marbury, to an audio interview w/Mike Tyson about FightNight 4. to the head of Marketing and the head designer of your favorite brand. Im not here to tell you how to dress or even to tell you what to buy, but for those that want to be in the know of Lifestyle and behind the scenes of how other aspects of the industry works check me out daily. XXL is a music mag but every1 knows Lifestyle plays a major part in the world of Hip-Hop. Hit your boy Smiley up any time. Send the hate/love it doesnt matter.