Revenge is like the sweetest joy

Props to Fiddy Cent for taking hip-hop beef to a new level, by doing some charity work with Rick Ross’ baby’s mother, and then letting the world know by making that hilarious video.

Sure, Jay-Z once banged Nas’ baby’s mother in the back seat of his Bentley and then left a rubber on the baby’s car seat, but that wasn’t actually in the context of the two of them beefing. I’m pretty sure he did that beforehand, as part of the Nas stannery that ultimately lead to “The Takeover” and so on and so forth. That was just his way of getting closer to the guy who made his favorite album. (See also: Jay cranking Illmatic backstage on the Hard Knock Life tour, as seen in the movie Backstage.) Then, once the beef kicked off, he was like, ‘Yeah, that’s why I fucked your baby’s mother.”

Which reminds me, I guess there’s also Faith Evans having sex with 2Pac. But 2Pac didn’t have the sense to tape himself having sex with Biggie’s estranged wife. All there was was that picture of her sitting on his lap in the studio, looking high out of her mind. Which was proof enough for me – don’t get me wrong. If Pac couldn’t have talked Faith Evans into having sex with him in order to get revenge for Biggie’s philandering ways, or on the basis of his rock solid abs (nullus), he probably could have waited until she passed out and slipped it in anyway. But imagine how much more devastating it would have been if he’d gotten it on tape, or if he’d paid her enough to admit to it.

Ellliott Wilson-style sidebar: Given the fact that Faith Evans was involved on the production tip, I’m assuming that she isn’t depicted having sex with 2Pac in Notorious. I wouldn’t know, since I haven’t seen it. I know I said I was going to, but then I came to my senses. Plus, I’m lazy like that.

50 Cent doesn’t actually have any footage of him having sex with Rick Ross’ baby’s mother, or at least not any that’s been posted to his social networking site to date. I wouldn’t be surprised if he does, though, since it’s pretty obvious he did post up in Tia’s new lingerie, and since we know he has a history of taping phone conversations. The thing is, I wonder if he actually managed to convince Tia to do it with him on camera, or if he told her that the sex would be necessary, as a condition of her book deal with Fiddy’s vanity publishing imprint, but that he wouldn’t tape it. All she had to do was sit there and not look at all concerned while Fiddy all but explicitly stated to the Internets that he just got done dropping a load on her.

If it’s the latter, I’m sure he taped it anyway. It’s just, it might be difficult for him to do anything with it, legally, or else he might have to pay her even more money than it cost for that fur coat. (But wasn’t she lovely?) I guess there’s always the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve been with the mother of your rival’s child, which I’m sure is deep, regardless of whether or not she’s as good with those lips as I’m thinking she probably is. Or who knows? Maybe he didn’t, out of a genuine respect for her. They do seem to have developed a certain rapport. In fact, I’d even go so far as to say that they make a cute couple, sitting on that couch together.


Rick Ross’ other baby’s mother, meanwhile… Fiddy’s gonna have to get her involved with this, right? I mean, besides just pointing out her picture in a magazine where you can find top notch whores. If he doesn’t, perhaps out of a genuine fear of STDs, I might have to get her to do something strange for some change myself, on GP. Not with me, of course. But, you know, with a homeless guy or something. I can’t imagine it’d cost more than $300 or so. Only thing is, with the economy in the state that it’s in, I might have to take up a collection. But I’ve already got a van we can use.

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  • Pierzy

    Is it like Jake One’s White Van? That would really put it over the top.

    • Bol

      It’s a ’99 Honda Odyssey.

      • Pierzy


        • LEO

          hahahahahaha LMAO this is great….just great….fuck Rick Ross

  • og bobby j

    50 always taking shit to the next level….biggest villian in rap history.

    anybody heard from buck lately? a nigga get confused!

    • Deez Nutz

      Damn…i forgot about Buck…add that to the list of careers 50 destroyed

      Ja Rule-Deceased
      Fat Joe-Deathbed
      Jadakiss-Life support
      Buck-Dazed and confused
      Rick Ross-Diagnosed w/ a few days to live

      • that nigga

        Jada-Life Support? You gotta be kiddin me, no kiddin yourself right? You sound fuckin stooopid. Spelled just like that for your dumb ass opinion.

        • Deez Nutz

          “Jada don’t fuck wit me, if you wanna eat
          Cuz I’ll do yo’ lil’ ass like Jay did Mobb Deep
          Yeah the homie in New York, niggas like ya vocals
          But that’s only New York, dawg, yo ass is local”-50 Cent on Piggyback

          Jadakiss sales for new album < 70k first week

        • texasmade

          sales dont make a rapper…and you forgot to mention The Game killed his whole crew…and kanye sold more

  • these posts are racist

    What’s beef? Not this…beef is when you have five mouths to feed and just got laid off. Beef is Iraq, the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

    • fredMS

      stfu. this is entertainment and thats that. smh at trying to be all conscious about rap.

      • these posts are racist


        I was paraphrasing a rapper…Mos Def. More importantly, if you don’t think rap is “conscious” then you obviously don’t understand rap or its history.

        • LEO


  • tensensi

    LMFAO @ “But wasn’t she lovely?”

  • Deez Nutz

    You’ve really stepped your game up Bol…props.
    P.S. Go to ovguide if you want to see Notorious for FREE. Its pretty good…thats a post by itself.

  • Arrogant_Al

    their’s dudes like 50 in the hood all the time lol

  • Deez Nutz

    I’m I the only one that noticed in the first video he did about officer ricky, he had a copy of his certificate of perfect attendance from being a C.O.


  • Hate Hate and more Hate

    Am I the only one surprised that Rick Ross not only got a bitch to sleep with him, but actually bore his child . . . and all this took place when his fat ass eating up niggas commisary after checking their assholes for contraband, for a living!!!!!!!!!

    When I first found out about all this I was surprised, but then I seen a what his BM looked like.

    She looks like the black version of Olive Oyl

    • master cheef

      i’ll cosign that

      and ricky ross look like a black bluto

  • tommy gunz

    can we just give fif props alone on a classic hilarious vid that he posted…but then the adding of the background music took it to another level..this is why fif wins…his enemies get angry and emotional while he sits back with his feet up and fuckin laughs his ass off..

  • sealsaa

    Not you too Bol. I thought you would’ve had the sense to clown Curtis for spending money on that hooer and her sidekick. Granted, the video was funny, but i’d hardly be upset if the guy I was beefing with took my baby’s mother shopping. Just makes him look stupid for wasting his money on her when I refuse to. Some advice to Officer Rawws; if I was you (no C.O.) i’d do him one better (no Ne-Yo) and take Curtis junior to Chuckie Cheese, and have just the two of us playing in the background. Its very clear that Curtis’ baby’s mother can’t stand him, use it to your advantage.

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Fisty might wanna chill before Ross goes all Marvin the Martian on him “being disintegrated makes me very angry, very angry indeed. You have sealed your fate, I am going to project you in time. Where you will be a useful but harmless slave. Begging for mercy makes me angry. Oh dear, I got the silly thing in reverse. He’s turned into a neanderthal rabbit. Well… back to the old electronic brain…….Yeah, he might wanna watch out for that spacemodulator thing……..Ha!!

  • Enlightened


    50′s helping to expose him with the money. If you’re a (supposedly) rich nigga as Rick Ross is always screaming, then you’re a bitch ass nigga for letting your child’s mother have to hitch rides with people because you took your car back.

    Secondly, because of that money, Ross can’t move on 50′s baby moms. She’s not stupid. Regardless of what her and 50 are going through, he has enough money to keep her straight. She’s not fucking that up to get in the middle of this.

  • geico lizard

    “If he doesn’t, perhaps out of a genuine fear of STDs, I might have to get her to do something strange for some change myself, on GP.Not with me of course But, you know, with a homeless guy or something.” I was curious about how much she charges too Bol. Escorts at every level have had to drop their prices because of the economy so a chick who let RR hit it raw cant be charging that much right now. Plus Bol that homeless man you help out will pay that good deed forward right after he leaves the free clinic with his ointment.

  • Josh

    Am I unable to change the name I post under?

  • LEO

    50 Cent is the Joker of the rap game…lmao….Why So Serious Ricky!!???


    The Rap game has no Batman…

  • OG Matt Herbz

    Shiiit…. I’d break it off in that ho. AND catch it on video. She’s kinda cute–makes me wonder what the fuck she was doing with CO ass fat ass broke ass Ross. Fuck that nigga.

    –OG Matt Herbz–

    • these posts are racist

      Dork Matt Herbz,

      You wouldn’t break off a kit kat bar…now ride your bike in circles around your cul de sac and practice your gangster routine in front of the mirror. You and OG Bobby J should hook up and create the hardest fake hard internet thug group known to man.

  • $ykotic

    I can picture Ross doing the Woody Harrelson in “Indecent Proposal”:

    Tia! Tiiiiiiiaaaaaaa!

  • sealsaa

    @ Enlightend

    There’s a flaw in your arguement bra. If Officer Rawws is putting his son out there in the cold, then he is indeed a bitch ass nigga, but who’s to say that he didn’t just go and pick his son up, and made the trick walk home? Can’t be mad at him for that. Baby mothers have a tendancy to lie and to dog out their baby fathers, especially black women. Didn’t Curtis’ BM call him evil for evicting her and their son from the house he was paying for? And come to find out, she had jiggs running through the house! I’d be hard pressed to believe anything a baby’s momma has to say about her child’s father, especially in a situation like this. And as for Curtis’ BM, he’s got no choice. He’s ordered to pay child support. Maybe he gives her extra money on the side, maybe not, but she still gets her $6,700 a month, regardless of whether or not she talks shit. And by your logic, wouldn’t that make Curtis a “bitch ass nigga” if he cut off that money if she DID decide to cooperate with Officer Rawws?

  • macdatruest

    Welcome To The New Hip Hop. I’m Gettin’ Out.

    • TEZZY

      You was never in lol

      • macdatruest

        Guess not bitch, cause i don’t do shopping spree beef. Just not the way I roll, so yea when the beef turn gay I’m through with rap, cause the music been suckin fuckin balls. ESPECIALLY FIDDY & SHIT UNIT

  • Thizzin

    Yo 50 let Yayo hit it!

  • Worley

    “I’m pretty sure he did that beforehand, as part of the Nas stannery that ultimately lead to ‘The Takeover’ and so on and so forth. That was just his way of getting closer to the guy who made his favorite album.” Tabernacle.

    50 got this n*gga Rawse. I’m not buying either album, but the sex tape and the recorded conversation will be good.

  • Cal

    This is the very reason why Fif may be one of the most relevant forces in hip hop history! No rapper has ever been this diabolical even a douche like Pac would give ultimate props to Fif! And coupled with Fif’s massive income it takes to a whole other level since most rappers in that income bracket like Jay, Dre & Co. tend to forget the beef shit!

  • allnice

    Yeah it was really good revenge but then that is emotional and that is all 50 is left with afer the day is over. Rick Ross and his baby mother are gonna eat of this beef more than 50 can. He shouldn’t have even responded to Ross especially since he roll with DJ Khaled and Fat Joe who are the real niggaz behind this shit quite obviously.

    Why don’t he go fuck Fat Joe wife or one of his hos? Why don’t he do that shit to Lil Wayne or T.I. ho? Because he can’t and that is what makes it corny. Rick Ross is small timing son he not even from the streets like that. Eat a nigga up and do that revenge shit on a nigga that can actually retaliate against you and then I will give you some props. He not gonna go that far on niggaz that will seriously fuck his shit up like Jadakiss or Fat Joe so 50 is really pussy to me.

    I guess it is similar to 2Pac and Jay-Z fucking the baby moms of they rivals, but what does that really prove if the nigga is weak like Nas or a fat fuck like Big? Big knew he was fat and ugly and Nas know he really not important so they did’t even care and then it hyped they career. If you really want to get a nigga, fuck a nigga money up like how Jay fucked up all of Def Jam money. 50 just dissing niggaz on wax but he not pulling the plug on a nigga money so they never gonna go away for good. They gonna regroup and attack this nigga when he run outta gas or make a big mistake.