Lost in all of the back and forth between 50 Cent and Rick Ross - which has been hilarious, mind you - are the number of other beefs 50 Cent is involved with to varying degrees.

Take for example for Fiddy's beef with Kanye West. It kinda hit its peak, in terms of coverage in the media, way back in '07, when Fiddy and Kanye both released albums on the same day and Kanye's album went on to sell way better than Fiddy's, but it's not like it ever really ended.

Ever since, Fiddy has hardly missed an opportunity, in interviews and various other public appearances, to suggest that Kanye might be teh ghey, and that his new music sucks balls. Fiddy obviously gets off on tweaking Kanye (no homo), regardless of whether or not Kanye intends to pursue their beef any further.

Kanye already won the sales battle. What else is he gonna do? Beat Fiddy up? Pffft! I suppose he could try making sweet, passionate love to Fiddy's baby's mother, and then taking her, on camera, to buy some new shoes, which is obviously the next wave in hip-hop beef, but you know good and well Kanye doesn't really like black chicks like that. On the other hand, she does have especially large cans, and its well known that Kanye is what Tom Arnold might call a headlights guy.

Who else finds it interesting that Fiddy has been going around claiming in interviews that, while he managed to pull that hilarious stunt with Rawse's baby's mother, there's no way his own baby's mother would do the exact same thing with Rawse? Oh, really? Didn't he just have her child support payments cut way the fuck down, and then (allegedly) set fire to the house she was living in, when she didn't move out in time?

Something tells me that, for the right price, she'd be willing to do all sorts of things, just to spite Fiddy. Kanye, Rawse, and the rest of them might want to look into that. Or has Fiddy already made arrangements with her to make sure she doesn't show up in anyone's "vlog?" I wouldn't put it past him. He's obviously a Machiavellian thinker.

But I digress.

The beef between Kanye and Fiddy has taken a weird turn, now that Kanye's mom has died, and his relationship with his fiance has fallen to shit. It never has been Kanye's m.o. to beef with people on record, except for what I've long suspected are veiled shots at yours truly in the song "Diamonds Are Forever" (no, really), but now he can hardly bring himself to rap at all period.

You can tell Fiddy's jabs really are getting to Kanye. There was an interview Kanye did not too long ago - it may have been with MTV News, which has incredible access to celebrities, on account of their not being a real news organization - and he was talking about how, every time Fiddy suggests that Kanye's teh ghey, or that his new music sucks balls, it's like Fiddy's spitting in his face.

Most rappers probably would have left Kanye alone once they lost the sales battle, let alone now that he's obviously pretty deeply wouned. It's too bad for Kanye that Fiddy Cent isn't most rappers. In a song that appeared on a mixtape last month, Fiddy went so far ast to call Kanye a faggot, though he didn't actually mention Kanye by name; and in an hilarious interview with MTV News the other day, he mocked Kanye's new mullet, and that now famous picture of Kanye and the group of teh ghey guys he travels with, over in Paris.

Kanye, when asked to respond, claims he's so secure in his manhood that it doesn't even matter. But you can tell he's just saying that. For all of my talk about how proud I am to dress like a real man (which I am, mind you), if I thought it might help my prospects with certain women to wear tight pants, I'd have a closet full of that shit. I wouldn't be proud of it, but I've done so many things that I'm not proud of over the years. No homo. Kanye, meanwhile, is obviously genuinely concerned with other guys' opinion as to his manliness. I'm not saying he might actually be a closet case. I'm just saying.