Fuck what anybody says, Fifty Cent Ja Rule'd Jeffrey. To take that dude's stage name and create a verb for obliterating someone is some gorilla shit. Nevermind the fact that Ja Rule was in decline anyhoo. Fifty pushed that dude off the cliff. That act will be just as significant as the number of units that were moved for 'Get Rich Or Die Trying'

The danger in Rick Ross' rebuttals and even his releases is that he is reducing rap to hackneyed poseurism. That is what R-n-B is all about. People posing seductively for the camera on closed sets. If Fifty goes as hard as he claims he is we will see Ross exposed as penniless within a rent-a-center fantasy lifestyle and every street themed rapper after him will have their image questioned and scrutinized.

Ross isn't just playing himself out of position, he is fucking up the game for the future. Lord knows that these young cats coming to the mic won't have access to a label like Def Jam who can rent mansions and automobiles for video shoots. You see that Koch Records had to move back into they mother's basement. This money is drying up and needs to be spent smarter, not harder, word to DeWang Carter. Ross needs to smarten up and apologize for any slick shit that might have leaked from his lips.

How fucked the fuck up is Ross' position right now in rap music? It's so bad that The Game is offering him a way out of the hole he dug. The Game? The same dude that almost committed Hip-Hop hari kari when Dr.Dre stopped taking his phone calls. This is the equivalent of a paraplegic competing in a marathon. Ross' legs ain't built for this race. The time has come to cop out (puns always intended for Officer Ross).

Do it now Ross. I'm begging you. There are some little homies in their teens right now that want the opportunity that you have to walk around shirtless and smoke blunts and to play grown up with bundles of fake cash. If you keep acting out they won't ever get their chance to play dress up gangster. Didn't your peoples tell you to never monkey with a gorilla?

gorilla unit