BLOG: Lil’ Wayne & Miss Katie’s Totally Awesome First Date!

Before we discuss Lil’ Wayne’s most awesome interview with Katie Couric, I must preface today’s entry with the following:

“I’m a gangsta, XXL readers. And I do what I want.”

Damn, it feels good to be a gangsta. Perhaps this should be the permanent disclaimer.

“I believe that music is an udder form of news. Music is an udder form of journalism to me so I’ve got to cover all the areas in my album.”

[Blogger’s Note: You should already know music comes from cows.]

While I don’t criticize those who use the term journalism in the loosest of all possible definitions to define their own work, “Miss Katie” might have a problem looking at Tha Carter 3 as much more than an off issue of “High Times” or “Sizzurp Monthly.”

She might have even said something about the comment if she weren’t so enthralled with Wayne’s fancy gutterballs. That interview and segment looks more like a first date gone horribly right! From the hand-holding to the ass-sizzle, Katie seems pretty impressed with rap’s favorite hobgoblin.

Mi Pana on Twitter cracked me up last night by calling Weezy a “Morgan Freeman-ass nigga” while suggesting that the interview should have been called “Drivin’ Miss Katie.” With quotes like “I work very, very hard, Miss Katie… I love to work,” I can’t exactly disagree with that sentiment.

The real Negro Pleasings come in Miss Katie’s enthusiastic line of drug questioning. After showing the world that Wayne has one tour bus for weed and another for weed naps, homegirl goes as hard a Brooklyn, except with a schoolgirl’s giggle.

When asked about his affinity for the lean, Wayne responds:

“It’s to take when you have a very, very bad cough or flu or something like that. That’s all… It’s bad because it messes up your stomach. Your stomach will hurt real, real, bad. Excruciating pain, but I got through it… I’m not addicted to it.”

The second ellipsis indicates the point in his response where Weeziana had to stop rambling and answer the question at hand. Couric asks if he’s addicted to lean, not if he recommends the shit over TheraFlu for severe cold symptoms. Nor did she ask about the side effects. We know those pretty well: stomach ache, unprotected sex and SRDS (Sudden Rapper Death Syndrome). His vague answer comes only about a month or so after he vlogged about quitting lean altogether.

Right. This nigga quit lean like Snoop Dogg quit green.

When asked about his love of the devil’s lettuce, Young Carter is far less bashful:

“I will stand up for marijuana any day!”

However, when asked if he partakes often, he gives another junkie answer:

“Medicinal now… I have migraines, right—”

At this point, Couric’s face gives Weezy his “Negro Please” so I don’t have to.

[Blogger’s Note: Of course, I will anyway.]

Riiiiight. My uncle baby mama, Cookie… She takes shit for her migraines too. In addition to “migraines,” she suffers from symptoms of severe vaginal beatdown due to violent penile intake and excessive infant delivery. Fortunately, the rock cocaine helps with that pain too.

She’s an awesome example for her 12 children. When Wayne’s questioned about being the best role model he could be for his own—and all of America’s—he delivers the best response ever documented.

“I’m not an example for people how to live their lives and never in my life would I ever set out to be an example for people how to live their lives. If you need an example for how to live, then you just shouldn’t have been born. Straight up. And I am a great role model because I’m only a role model for two and that’s all. So why don’t you worry about you and let them worry about theirs? I’ve got mine.”

This shit’s incredible and actually makes a world of sense… up until “And I’m a great role model because…”

Damn. Caught in the lean trap again. You can’t say anyone who needs a role model shouldn’t have been born then immediately suggest that you’re a role model for the two chillens you done borneded. That’s a contradiction of the “too much weed and syrup” variety.

I think Miss Katie’s only asking the tough questions you stumble over because she cares, Weezy. She wants you to stay alive so that you and your custom balls can beat the brakes off of her gutter until she can’t “Hillary Rodham” anymore.

Questions? Comments? Requests?  Do you also want to see Wayne anchor the evening news for real one of these nights?

P.S.: Considering the short-term memory loss due to weed and syrup, this shit probably felt more like 50 First Dates.

P.P.S.: All jokes aside, I can’t wait to see “Tie My Hands” with White Chocolate live at the Grammys. I expect that to be some shit.

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  • medski the prophet



  • louie mo

    keep them comin ron………. you is battin a 1.000 with these blogs this year…… i’m still trippin of the organic line from yesterday………. New Balance Talent foe life nigga!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ron Mexico

      hahahaha! thanks, mane.

      the funny thing is i’ve done it without the use of performance enhancers.

  • Pierzy

    First Palin, now Wayne. Wow! Katie is interviewing all of the intelligent, articulate, geniuses these days!

  • corlione39

    okk let me break thizz ddown for yall weezy furzt came oot sportin cripp colorz then all of a sudden he all damud oot!!! then he sayn he real he dont lie i membr on tha bet show they had on him tyga axd him wut drugz he du he said musicc iz minez drug thatz all lyn azz ma fucca he coodve kept it g code but no str8 lied on tv aftr all theze internet interviewz of him on lean smokn bluntz n shit!!! then on tha interview wit tha whyte lady he said he a gangxta nicca pleeze u think a real gangxta wood claim bof colorz n a lifetime then wazte time gettin ur fce on tv internet makin cd’z come on real gangxtaz aaitn got time 4 that they oot there livn n dyin 4 tha game thiz niccaz oot there frontin like he a boss wen he jus a musicc artizt!!!

    • 2nose

      You seem to have spelling problems,so here’s a little example of how to properly spell, for future reference: shut the fuck up you stupid, illiterate retard. You’re not hard, you’re not a gangser(a), and you’re not impressing anyone with your 3rd grade attempt at being ‘street’. Grow the fuck up, learn how to spell, and stop degrading the intelligence of a black man/woman/youth/whatever. It’s unfortunate that for every Barack Obama there are 100 fucking morons ike yourself.

      • 2nose


  • New Money

    Driving Miss Katie…. that’d be an awesome name for their movie.

  • amar

    hey ron, as soon as the drug question came last night i immediately thought to myself “OH SHIT YOU’RE ABOUT TO BE QUOTED BY RON MEXICO” and sure enough u don’t disappoint with the “Couric asks if he’s addicted to lean, not if he recommends the shit over TheraFlu for severe cold symptoms”


  • latino heat

    is it just me or does wayne look like he had down syndrome in that pic with katie? i’m not hatin’ but seriously, look at his face. he looks special as fuck.

  • http://XXL GSIDE

    Y’all got it all wrong she just want to know where to get the good shit at she get high to don’t let the snow white fool you. Big up mex another classic.

  • Billy X. Sunday

    I really thought you would have come out with a Driving Miss Katie drop today

  • jackpot

    I still can’t believe dude said he made music to show people how intelligent he is. Yeah, “The BLock Is Hot” was really cerebral.

    • Pierzy

      It’s “THA Block Is Hot,” please! All of the great poets have used “Tha” throughout centuries, haven’t they?

  • Worley

    These interviews make me uncomfortable no matter how “good” or “bad” rap music looks afterwards. Rap ain’t supposed to be in nobody’s living room like that. It’s supposed to be in the back room with the black sheep of the family gettin’ lit.

    Dumb rappers need teachin’.

  • UARK83

    Hahaha! Severe vaginal beatdown due to violent penile intake…genius!

  • OG Matt Herbz

    No points unless he dunked on her in the dressing room. I saw dude hosting a sports show the other night, like what the fuck does Weezy know about sports? 10 to 1 odds say that nigga’s got a lousy jumpshot, too…AND HE’S BLACK…even though he’s coming off mighty white right now. Why can’t dudes get that money, then cop some hot cars and live in seclusion while spending each and every day fucking hot bitches? Why the need to appear on television so much being the face of shit that has NOTHING to do with Hip Hop?

    –OG Matt Herbz–

    • n.o. 4 life

      for the record he got all his predictions right about the playoffs on 1st and ten

    • EmCDL

      Thats whats up! Now thats what i call the good life

  • grandma11

    lmao! great blog. you had me laughin all the way through

  • Sarah

    lmao .. this shit is hilarious. wayne always surprises me with how well he interviews though

  • $ykotic

    Can’t really comment, I’m 2 busy laughing!

    Cam bigged up “tha” XXL blog on Dipset radio.

    Ya’ll putting in that work.

  • eddiesixes

    co sign mi pana
    i thought dude was more gone than freeman as soon as i saw that “miss katie” shit my damn self

  • geico lizard

    What “oddjobs” was an 11 year old wayne doing at a gangsta rap label? That deserved a big “no homo” from Katie.

    I have to co-sign you ron Katie wants wayne to make her feel like she is back in college with the entire football team running a train. KC couldnt keep her hands off wayne. I dont think he would hit it but if he did id expect an entire mixtape describing the event and the obvious 3 months of stalking she will do of him after its over.

  • miles archer

    “In addition to “migraines,” she suffers from symptoms of severe vaginal beatdown due to violent penile intake and excessive infant delivery.”


    And shout to Pimp C. I didn’t realize it was just a stomach ache, homie. All this time I thought you had actually died.

    My favorite part of the interview was when “Miss Katie” asked Weezy F what he would say to George W about Katrina if he had the oppurtunity…

    Miss Katie: If you had to ask President Bush a question about Katrina, what would it be?

    (Weezy F silently ponders)

    Wayne: I’ma Gangster… and Gangsters don’t ask questions.

    (Miss Katie quietly nods with an enlightened smile as she’s just been given the keys to his soul)

    Only thing better than this interview was the one I caught the other day for Baron Davis’ documentary on gangbangin’ where Wayne said he “doesn’t know much about the crips & the bloods”.

    Let that marinate.
    Miles Archer

    • Deez Nutz


  • Reemycks!

    Funny thing is that with all of the drug talk, nobody noticed that he was coke’d the fuck up. That whole “I’m a gangster” spiel was a dead give-away. Not that I sniff but Ive been around enuff niggs that do. And that shit my friends was some pure coked out asshole dribble.

  • Combat Jack
  • Pana

    Ron Mex, I thought you was just fuckin around!

  • Pana

    Dont get it twisted. I aint mad..shit…not mad at all.

  • Pana

    Dont get it twisted, I aint mad….shit…not mad at all.

  • Deez Nutz

    Lol @ My uncle baby mama, Cookie

    “Weed and syrup two helluva drugs…”

  • Beast McCoy

    Why do I have this eerie feeling that if he dies at an early age his fans will start their own ala 2pac “wet dreams” of what could have been? Who knows with the declining state of hip hop in ten years [if he died today] who knows what bullsh!t people say about him? “Weezy would have been president if he hadn’t died back in ’09″ – sounds scary doesn’t it.

    • tony grand$

      ^^^ I say the same shit. U can sorta feel it, like that would be the grand finale of his ‘rock n roll’ lifestyle.

      & hell jeah, niggas would have that dude immortal like James Dean or Elvis.

      Pac kinda had that same ‘glow’ around him. Like “yeah, this dude aint gonna finish what he started…..”

  • Pingback: Awesome Bed Stands | Homelybedside

  • UARK83

    “severe vaginal beatdown due to violent penile intake”…genius

  • JeffDaChef

    If Wayne didn’t feel embarressed after watching this interview, I felt plenty embarressed for him. I haven’t cringed so much watching an interview since the Whitney Houston – Diane Sawyer interview on 20/20.

    Wayne needs to lay off the drugs and stop talking so damn slow (I don’t mean short yellow bus slow, I mean chopped and screwed slow). I mean, is he always high or what. I’m just afraid that he isn’t going to be here for much longer if he doesn’t start trying to do right.

  • bongolock



    2 many lines 2 much laughter ron ron went in on this one folks