Do you feel sorry for Rick Ross? You should, if you are the empathetic sort. Rick Ross is about to get Ja-Rule'd back into obscurity. He is up against a desperate rapper in Fifty Cent who needs to show everyone that he is still the lion running the jungle.

Fifty is not approaching his next project or any adversaries as Ferrari 50. He has shed that glamorous shit for a back-to-basics street image that everyone was attracted to from the gate. This is the Fifty Cent that can't smile because a bullet went through his mouth and cracked his teeth.

This is the 'Nobody Moves, Nobody Gets Merc'ked' Fifty Cent. Not the Connecticut mansion Fifty, but the Fifty Cent from the intersection of Rockaway and Inwood. This is not the hyperbole Fifty Cent, but the hardbody southside Sean Bell version. And about fuckin' time.

Rap music needs events like great big title fights. Joe Budden and Saigon was the middleweight undercard. Fifty Cent and Rick Ross is the heavyweight matchup because Fifty is a champ and Rick Ross is a heavyweight. Where the fuck is Micheal Buffer when you need a voiceover? I don't even predict this joint going the distance. Anyone remember how Mike Tyson did the demo on Trevor Berbick?

Look away from this one for a minute and it will be over with.