BLOG: Let’s Get Ready To Rumble…

Do you feel sorry for Rick Ross? You should, if you are the empathetic sort. Rick Ross is about to get Ja-Rule’d back into obscurity. He is up against a desperate rapper in Fifty Cent who needs to show everyone that he is still the lion running the jungle.

Fifty is not approaching his next project or any adversaries as Ferrari 50. He has shed that glamorous shit for a back-to-basics street image that everyone was attracted to from the gate. This is the Fifty Cent that can’t smile because a bullet went through his mouth and cracked his teeth.

This is the ‘Nobody Moves, Nobody Gets Merc’ked’ Fifty Cent. Not the Connecticut mansion Fifty, but the Fifty Cent from the intersection of Rockaway and Inwood. This is not the hyperbole Fifty Cent, but the hardbody southside Sean Bell version. And about fuckin’ time.

Rap music needs events like great big title fights. Joe Budden and Saigon was the middleweight undercard. Fifty Cent and Rick Ross is the heavyweight matchup because Fifty is a champ and Rick Ross is a heavyweight. Where the fuck is Micheal Buffer when you need a voiceover? I don’t even predict this joint going the distance. Anyone remember how Mike Tyson did the demo on Trevor Berbick?

Look away from this one for a minute and it will be over with.

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  • Pierzy

    Billy X,

    I totally agree. I’m not a huge 50 fan, but Ross can’t even come close to touching Curtis, especially since, like you said, Fif is pretty desperate. 1st Round KO.

    • Devon

      Is this even worth A Damn

    • valdez

      bottom line, u know rap is in such a sad state when u have to question the legitimacy of a “beef.”

      when the listeners immediately think it’s a publicity stunt concocted by the ti’s HIP HOP is the one that has lost, no one else. SMH.

    • mo

      ross will buster dougless 50

  • nellz

    I’m not a 50 fan either…but I don’t see anyone beating him. I mean he lost every lyrical battle…but he still comes out on top.

  • Hate Hate and more Hate

    This battle would be ill if both of them had the heart to live out their lyrics and take this shit to the streets.

    Snitch (no TI) vs. CO

    I hope 50 Cent punches Rick Ross in the chest, causing him to have an heart attack. While Ricky’s fat ass is having an heart attack, I hope he falls on 50 Cent, thus causing him to suffocate.

    fuck both of these corny ass rappers

    • http://xxl jman

      your stupid

      • E


    • macdatruest

      Co-sign Hate to the fullest lol

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    Where the fuck is Micheal Buffer when you need a voiceover?


    “Let’s get ready to rumble!”
    Michael Buffer = G.O.A.T. announcer

  • BossGame

    X you cats up north are still under the perception that your tales of the hood are gullier (?) than everbody else. I was born and raised in Miami and I’ve been in the Army 21 years now and Earle C. Clementes Job Corps (Morganfield, kentucky) before that. I’ve met brothers and Sister from every region and we’ve all got our tales of woe. Ross lying about being a C.O.? What does he owe us? What do we owe him? Brother trying to eat (No Pun)and feed his. If that info being publicized was fu’kng with my ends I would lied about it to. Just like I do everytime my commanders come around asking if your fired up and ready to go to Iraq or fight fires in California or some military minded bullshit. It’s the game we play to survive. Play the game and survive,buy don’t ever forget it’s a game. Peace!!!

  • BossGame


  • Simple like ABC, 123

    Michael Buffer >>>>> 50 Cent & Rick Ross

  • BossGame

    Instead these brothers gearing up to ride on each other and their various crews. Get a real coalition of folks and start riding on fools like Sean Hannity.Thats the beef I wanna see.Flood this fool’s website so they shut em down. Flood fox noise with calls so they pull this racist from the airwaves. Peep what he spews on the daily instead of shade45.thats the real enemy of people of color. Not this nonsense.


    i hear all dat bull… the old 50 cent is back… get the fuck outta here wit dat. niggaz fux wit ross right now more den thay fux wit 50. he jus mad cuz his ass is IRRELEVANT, & he needs 2 build a buzz 4 his own album. Ross would’ve did jus fine without his ass. Rick Ross platinum plaque #3 is on the way.

    • Szasure

      Man your Dumb, I’m from the south also I got mad love for southern HipHop but lets get real Ross is a CO and lied about it and round here aint nobody feeling that shit. What are u a Trust E

  • yoprince

    50 is not demolishing anyone’s career. Ross will probably ignore him from here on out bar maybe two lines in a song, while 50 makes cartoons and loads the battery into tony yayo’s back.

    Mafia Music >>> officer ricky

    Magnificent >>> get up, get it in, in da club take 7, whatever them BS joints with no buzz are called

  • texasleen

    shit is corny im going to take a nap…they both from the farm… THE RAT vs. THE PIG, five 0 vs. C.O. they should have a battle in a prison ring like the movie undisputed

  • Billy X. Sunday

    The shit you talking ain’t for these dudes. They are entertainers and not truth seekers or truth believers.

    I ain’t never saying that the world in NYC is the most hardbody because all kinds of cities do people dirty when they get caught slippin’ (no Slip’n Slide Records).

    I’m looking to be entertained by two rappers, not emcees, but rappers.

    • $ykotic

      X what it do!

      Has anyone out there noticed 50 didn’t start these 2 beefs? (e.g. Wayne-Louisianimal/Ross-Mafia Music)

      I have noticed 50 took off the jewels. Dude be dressing regular these days. To me that shows a difference in strategy cause he damn sure has the money.

      But please guys cut out the regional beef. It’s them and not FL v. NY or North versus South.

      This one will be very interesting to the last bell.

  • the brown

    Yo! First off, fuck 50Cent. Rick Ross though, is a fat fuck with White men tatooed all over his dumb ass. He looks like them motorcycle monkeys in “The Wiz”. I’d like to see them 2 duke it out though. I think F-diddy would knock his ass out.

    • Jamal7Mile

      *dies laughing

  • Hate Hate and more Hate

    Officer Ross’ career is done. Just like 50 Cent, he will never go Plat again . . .ever . . .unless . . .Ross, Fat Joe and Kaled form the 2009 version of the Fat Boyz.

    • the brown

      Yoooo! thatcouldbedope.?

    • macdatruest

      Damn, cosign #2 for Hate in one post…

  • geico lizard

    “Where the fuck is Micheal Buffer when you need a voiceover? ” The last time i saw him was at the titans/ravens playoff game right before my titans choked thanks to run it up the middle jeff fishers no coaching ass. 5-6 in the playoffs means its time to get fisher the fuck out of nashville.


    I know 50 is known for beefing but he has been falling off and i think unless he come with his A game he is gonna look real dumb whith this one. I aint sayin Ross is comp but lets not forget 50 is Goliath and everybody knows how that story goes. Im just gonna wait to see how this ends up.

  • Worley

    “the Fifty Cent from the intersection of Rockaway and Inwood.”

    Try the intersection of Guy Brewer and 134

  • Avenger XL

    Hip-hop does not need another petty beef. If this is your idea of smart marketing or the any publicity is good pub model Billy, You may be wrong on this one. This is the set up of the century you have two dudes on that down ward spiral part of their career looking for a buzz generator. I bet the did more than look at each other at the BET award. They probably plotted this whole shit out and went like this.

    Officer Ricky: What’s up 50 I just got off slip n slide and I am about to go INDY to get a bigger cut of the profits BOSS! But I will work with G-unit if you looking to do any brand expansion BOSS!

    50 wooden nickels: Nah duke! that G-unit shit is about to self destruct unless I can find someone to……

    Both of them together: Beef with!…..

    Officer Ricky: Are you thinking what I’m thinking BoSS!

    50 WN: If you mean start a beef to help you sale your first independent release and help me salvage this abortion that will be before I self destruct Yes!
    Hell I may let you shot Tony Yayo for street cred but remember only a flesh wound that’s my tax write off.
    Officer Ricky: Let’s do this BOSS!

    The game is getting to much like pro-wrestling or a black church service down south and that’s predictable.


      WHy niggas just cant have beef, plain and simple? why it always got to be some sort of publicity stunt? sometimes this shit is real. These niggas got egos that need to be catered to and sometimes it results another man dissin the other man…..PLAIN AND SIMPLE. YALL READIN INTO THiS shit too much.

      Think about it….some niggas fight in the club to get hoes attention. Some niggas fight in the club cuz they saw a nigga they aint like….Its different reasons for beefin. You cant use the same dam reason for every single beef.

      Sometimes it aint about the money?? Have you FUCK NIGGAS EVER HEARD OF A WORD CALLED “INTEGRITY” or “PRIDE” or “SELF-RESPECT”??? probly not….yall probly the niggas that will stand there and get slapped in the face and let the shit slide….Niggas from the hood dont work that way

      Ross from the hood. Fifty from the hood….what they actually did in the hood….Lord knows….could have been snitches maybe….But its a code you live by…


      • Jamal7Mile

        Squadwildin, I kinda agree with you.

        But don’t forget that these two dudes are ENTERTAINERS now, even if they did come from the Hood.

        Integrity, pride and self-respect can be bought out! And Ross and 50 both gotta nuff $$$ to buy them shits out, fuck what the streets think about em… WWE (WWF if you ol skool like me) is where the money is at! It’s entertainment and, yeah, I’m kinda entertained by this so-called beef.

        I also LOVED it when Hulk Hogan had beef with Andre The Giant!!! Anybody remember when Hogan slammed The Giant??!! I think I bust my first nutt when I saw that shit live on Pay Per View!

        Bar (club) fights and street drama is entertaining, too… as long as everybody can wake up and walk away the next morning. If that can happen then, yeah, I’ll tolerate hearing about that in the dude’s raps (don’t always go down that way, which is a shame! You niggas forgot how to ball your knuckles up and throw one right at the bottom jaw or somethin?? EASY if you quick enough! Try it, gotdammit, and leave that hammer in the ride!!)

        Anyway… I’m rambling! Rappers are entertainers. Redman is muthafuckin SUPA MAN LOVA, but I don’t believe he can slam King Kong or fly through the air to save bitches (no, tranvesties!! BOZACKS, eww) cats that got stuck in a tree, wishing he was at at home watching Felix on CH.6!!!

        Whoever gets that one… LOVE YA!! Everybody else need to pick up Redman’s debut.


        … oh shit, the name of this blog is “Lets get ready to Rumbbbbblllleee!!!”

        XXL.. you hiring?

        • $ykotic

          “If something wrong, if something with me it’s you….”


          Remember Ivan Putski? Lil brolic dwarf guy…

  • RiZob

    This shit is CORNY at best……

    • tony grand$

      ^^thats what’s up Rizob…..

  • Stevie B

    Why is 50 having a fucking interview with rick ross baby mother online this shit is circus right now!! LOL!!

  • sealsaa

    except for the fact that Curtis couldn’t write a respectable diss record to save his life, just like 2pac. Piggy Bank anyone? Rawws was right, that shit was week. Don’t know why he chose to go at 50 though, with this CO controversy and all. I don’t think this will be much of an accomplishment for Curtis. These days, Rawws is an easy target. Snitching is as bad as child fucking by hip hop standards, and Rawws got outted as a CO. Hell, even a marginally talented rapper (2 pac) could finish Rawws of now.

  • amar

    they were both going in the shit anyway…this’ll just pause that for a bit…or speed it up actually…

  • Stevie B

    50 is crazy he takin rick ross baby moms shoppin. Rick Ross is done all his personal business is out in the street and i dont think 50 is going to let up

  • sealsaa

    @ my spelling and grammer:

    Damn, I need to get back in school…

  • sealsaa

    Just saw the video of Curtis and Rawws’ baby mother. The fuck? Why is the fool taking her shopping? I mean, getting info from her is one thing, but damn. He lost points for that one. What does Rawws care if someone’s buying his baby’s mother gifts? He’s clearly not with her anymore.

  • capcobra

    50 wit tia is superugly ether.

  • FootHill Will

    50 don’t need a comeback, he never fell off, ppl think Curtis flopped, buncha idiots muthafuckers, and for Ross, he’s doomed, he should just dig his grave, 50 has his baby mama on haha check it out, AfterMath is BACK!!!! DETOX is comin!!!!!

  • BossGame

    Man! Just saw that video with 50 and ross baby mama. Gonna be hard keeping this one on wax. Nothing like a scorned woman! Damn!!!

  • http://xxlmag jb

    50 all day… Ross is not a heavyweight. Unless you mean literally. lol.

  • Jack


    The only persons career 50 can be fully credited for destroying is Ja rule’s since he was at the top of his game before 50 came.

    But with Cam’ron he was already falling off and having trouble within dipset so 50 was just gave him the final push of the ledge

    Same with fat joe since he was already going more with the down south stuff and was not even relevant in new york so again 50 just kicked him while he was down into oblivion he did put up a good struggle though to his credit and 50 got assisted by papoose.

    He didn’t even tarnish Nas at all Nas came back with MC burial and 50 was scared to continue going at him Nas even went back at 50 on Queens Get The Money and 50 still stays quiet (your next blog should be about this one) Nas gave him his start by brining him on his first tour then the piggy bank diss and then 50 goes silent after the response?

    He also let up on Jadakiss because he can’t go bar for bar with Jada at all and now Jada is about to be back on top after kiss my ass comes out but him and 50 are cool now and he might even be on 50′s new cd

    But as for Rick Ross he’s under the Cam’ron Fat Joe category where people already don’t respect him he’s just hangin on by a string that 50′s about to cut with ease

    just for laughs 50 vs Kanye other then that sales battle is ridiculous and dumb

    50 might be able take on lil wayne if he goes at it more like Jay did with nas on Takeover the smart factual way and if wayne engages in the battle but it probably won’t happen 50 just new it would make news since waynes the biggest thing in rap right now and has plenty to pick on about him which people seem to look past.

  • solo

    dude better be careful fuckin with all these ppl man. fucking up a mans’ career could be his death sentence. u never know how much love a nigga have for his spot in the game…. a lil change will get u murked.


    It’s funny how ppl defend Ross or 50 like they knw them personally…yall need to get a lyfe please.

    Jus enjoy the music and dont get sucked into this soap opera bull crap that these artists are feeding you.

    I don’t care about Rick Ross’s past, if that was the reason why i listened to his music, it being real or wat not, then i’ll through every single rap album i own in the trash cuz they are all fake…every single one them. Real gangsters don’t do music…tell me one real gangster that raps?


      YOUNG JEEZY, TUPAC, ICE CUBE, TRICK TRICK, SUGE KNIGHT, SNOOP DOGG, GUCCI MANE, PIMP C, C-MURDA, SHINE, BIGGIE SMALLS, CASSIDY, UMMMMMNM AND THE LIST GOES ON AND ON…THOSE ARE ALL RAPPERS THAT ARE REALLY GANGSTA. Sure they might exaggerate at times but dont take away from their credibility just cuz they do rap. A few cats i named got Jail records to prove they was doin gangsta shit, most recently, Cassidy and Gucci Mane. (Murder Charges). Jeezy really sold dope. Niggas in Fort Lauderdale, FL knew him before he even picked up a Mic or made a song.

      All ya’ll do is generalize and group ppl in the same category all the fuckin time on this website…the shit is ridiculous. What dont yall understand about the fact that People are fuckin different and every body aint the same

      Just cuz you got a few fake rappers, yall categorize all rappers as fake





      • macdatruest

        Hell Yea My Nigga co-sign all that shit. Some niggas in the game is really just tellin’ they stories. keep in mind some of these niggas is like CB4: Remember Gusto? He was a Real Person and a nigga stole his identity to be a Rapper. Fifty Cent was a real person, then a nigga stole his identity to Rap. Rick Ross was a real person, then a nigga stole his identity to Rap. That should be a tip-off right there any nigga name theyself after another nigga, and they supposedly got they own rep? Fuck outta here Rapper Rick Ross was a fuckin’ Cop in real life. Rapper Fifty Cent I think is Still A Cop, shit he went to police academy-what he do with his certificate? I think he just a Hip Hop Police Undercover personally. He just In Too Deep lol

        Fuck both of these lames,like Big Rube would say, Right On To The Real, Death To The Fakers!!!!!!!!!

        • tony grand$

          Lol @ macdatruest quotin Big Rube!!

  • Juzzy

    Haha that new video on thisis50 is funny as!!!

  • Incilin

    Word up. And this shit is already over anyhow. 2 videos and 50 sent your man scrambling.

  • Big Perm

    Check out and you’ll see 50 cent take rick ross baby’s mama shopping….that’s not a knockout but it sure as hell is a haymaker lol

  • Mo Betta


  • sealsaa

    Are you negras high, or am I missing something? How is Curtis taking this beeyotch shopping really all that devistating to Officer Rawws? She’s not his WIFE, she’s his BABY’S MAMA. If anything, it makes Curtis look like a fuck’n fool. If Officer Rawws is smart enough not to blow money on her, then what does that say about Curtis? Fuck’n with me, she would’ve got a round trip BUS ticket and a night at Motel 6.

  • macdatruest

    Hold Up, yall mean to tell me this nigga Fiddy took Rick Ross Baby Moms Shopping?? Times Done Changed, Beef Done Turned Soapy As A Bitch. I’m done with this shit. At least Saigon and Joe Budden get to take a break from their shenanigans, and they get to laugh at some other niggas make fools out of themselves by showing just how RIDICULOUS beef can be. Damn, Fiddy Scent you a bitch ass nigga…You must be lonely as a bitch to take that nigga baby moms shopping, or either you feminine as fuck beefing on some jealousy, 90210 type shit. What happened to making diss songs? Niggas takin’ bitches shopping now? What’s Beef? Rap aint shit no more wit the niggas who so-called on top either a) never dropping albums or b) playin’ too many bitch ass games… I know rock and country music can’t be as lame as rap is at this moment. Damn. I can’t wait for one of these niggas to merc eachother or something MASCULINE.


  • Arrogant_Al

    i for one am a big fan of rap beef, cus rappers talk so much trash, someone needs to get smacked up, niggas talk to much, not shot…..nothing that serious, but duke that shit out in the ring, dudes that are always crying about beef is wack are straight pussy

  • brand-new

    50 will probaly drop a mixtape soon and then it will be a wrap. u wont see ross for 10 years untill he pops up on vh1 reality show or something

  • Billy X. Sunday

    $ykotic, I see you out there. geico lizard, macdatruest, Jamal7mile, y’all already know.

    AvengerXL, why can’t you just let these dudes entertain you with some acting and some rap music. I admit I often look to rap cats to be super lyrical and shit, but sometimes a niggas just be happy these dudes ain’t making nursery rhyme raps.

    I’ma let this act play itself out and I’ma be entertained.

    • $ykotic

      Ima chime in one more time for the late to class:

      At the end of the day if this spills into the streets THEY BOTH LOSE.

      they way the American economy is going we need something fun and exciting to hold our heads together.

      Sheesh guys lighten up.

      I know 20 people alone in 4 days who lost their J.O.B.’s and are thirsty.

      Ima really go in:

      Hell i got in a BAD car crash 2 months ago. Nikkaz I DIED. Fireman bought me back. I got bills up the wazoo. I wasn’t supposed to walk again but the next day after MAJOR NECK SURGERY I walked right outside the hospital and smoke a cig!

      These “beefs” have kept me going! They aint gonna help me survive, but how much cable can a dude watch?

      Anyway X I replied to you ’cause I was wondering when you going in on that “Smoke-a-thon”?

      You, Mexx, and Bol could win Nobels for that!


  • Capostatus

    This skinny Southern nigga thinks he so tough. Better stay the fuck away from N.Y niggas u southern dogs. There is not one Southern nigga that can fuck with N.Y. U country boys ain’t lyrical. Plus u have no SWAG. All u Southerners ever do is eat fried chicken and rent cars.

    U are an embarrassment to black people. U have no style. N.Y niggers the wildest. Watch my man 50 Destroy that fat Southern fuck Rick Ross and that ugly ass faggot called Weezy. And if any of u Southern rap clowns want it then bring it on. That Jeezy nigga don’t want it with O’reily. Nigga too stupid to hold an intelligent conversation on live T.V. His Southern ass better fall back.

    And as for Soldier boy, niggas are just waiting to catch u slippin. And the rest of U Southern Country Ass niggas, u only get half a bar, FUCK Y’AL CORN eating Country asses. I wish death to u all and ur children.

    • macdatruest

      stay the fuck away from N.Y niggas u southern dogs.
      N.Y niggers the wildest. Watch my man 50

      It’s obvious you a white label exec dude, oh i guess its supposed to be some “rap war” between the south and east behind this shit? bwahahaha Rick Ross, Young Joc, Boyz N DA Hood, Ball & MJG, Gorilla Zoe, all from the South, signed to East Coast labels. So I think if it was a “rap war” East Coast niggas would love it, being broke anyway. But niggas from the South is bout money and family. And WHAT NIGGA ON WHAT COAST DON’T LIKE FRIED CHICKEN?????

      U wishin Death to the whole south and all their children? You not just a white dude, you Willie Lynch!!!

  • paychexx

    this nigga crazy, 50 knows how to chess with these niggas

    damn ross is losin baaaaaaaaaaaaadddd

  • macdatruest

    I see you Billy X, but sometimes after so much…fuckin’ beef…you just wanna get back to the quality music, you prolly forgot that was entertaining too. They say Fiddy plays chess. Is dropping bad quality music part of his strategy? If it is, then fuck a game of chess, I need my music like checkers. But it seem to me more like Fiddy plays “go fish” with Rappers(kanye,you wanna beef? nope. go fish….wayne, you wanna beef? etc.) Raw beats and some clever and insightful shit is the way of the greats aka Biggie, Pac, Nas Jay-Z & Kool G Rap. Fiddy and Ross both lost, cause they got nothing significant to offer they own fans. Damn, “perspective” just killed both these niggas careers haha

  • Shawty J

    Why does it matter who wins in this feud. 50 and Ross are both overrated one trick ponies. Both of them have spent their career spittin the same verse over and over. This is gonna be a sad hip-hop feud, period!

  • tony grand$

    If these niggas really beefin, fuck the drama class field trips. Dudes say they street, get street.

    Put up a few stacks, meet in the ring, get Mills Lane to ref the shit, official Boxing Association rules, & have @ it.

    That shit would be like Mike Tyson vs Butterbean. Like Chuck Lidell vs George St Pierre. I aint even loggin on to no site to see this jerk spend money on a bitch that already hates Ross ass! She’s been waitin to vex this nigga since he blew up. She prolly tryin to have a baby with that nigga Curtis as we typin. Fif slippin, like this broad can’t flip it & turn on his ass too. She just wanted a slice from Sbarro & some bamboo door knockers anyway. If 50 took his Mom shoppin, now that would be major pain (no Damon Wayans).

    Way too many theatrical moments. @ least Sai & Joey kept it entertaining. This is turnin into an NBC mini-series. I’m startin to hope Rhymefest & Charly Ham bump heads just to see some real animosity. A dude can only sit & watch dogs bark @ each other through fences for so long before it get boring!


  • e20

    50 cent is about to get Ja Ruled. These kids don’t care about these antics or Lil Wayne would not have sold 3million in the states after kissing a grown man in the mouth.

    The funny thing is, neither Rick Ross nor 50cent can really rap.

    Welcome to the new WWF

  • dra$t-iQ Alkoholik

    man fuck these niggaz 50 on sum bitch shit by taking CO’s baby mama shoppin, that jus shows how muchof a bitch he is

  • JeffDaChef

    I was just thinking to myself the other day, that hip hop is missing beefs. I’m not talking about Tupac and Biggie beef; I’m talking about friendly 80′s hip hop beefs. Hip Hop has been pretty boring as of late and some good ole’ fashioned beefs would be great.

  • IndyKid

    I for one, am entertained. Isn’t that what this is about? Let’s be honest with each other; rappers aren’t the most pacifistic people on the Earth. Is it that farfetched that two dudes originally from violent hood upbringings can hate each other? I’m not saying it’s out of the question that these guys are pulling a stunt, I’m just saying it’s a strong possibility that they just dislike each other. Pure and simple. Ya’ll are acting like a publicity stunt is the only option. In any case, I like it. I don’t really care how it came about. I’m entertained.

    Night. Night. Keep yo butthole tight.




  • louie mo

    i gotta one question for you ……. does interscope records leave the money on the dresser after you are done suck it’s dick…… god damn billy …… grow some nuts and use your own mind …… this shit is gettin old real quick