Kanye West Defends Chris Brown

Ah, friends. How many of us have them?

“Can’t we give Chris [Brown] a break? … I know I make mistakes in life.”Kanye West, VH1′s Storytellers

Define “break.” Better yet, define “mistake.”

What the fuck kind of mistakes is Kanye used to making that are comparable to what Hurricane Chris Breezy is accused of? Spilling Hi-C on your cream-based Bathing Ape is a mistake. Falling asleep with Doublemint in your mouth to find it in your girlfriend’s hair in the morning is a mistake. Accidentally leaving the Auto-Tune plug-in turned on for all of your album’s vocal tracks is a mistake. Beating the fuck out of someone beyond the point of recognition is a conscientious decision.

Provided that’s what Buster Brown did, of course.

Brown shouldn’t be tried, convicted and flogged about the nuts in the court of public opinion without due process, but he shouldn’t be vindicated either. Only Chris and Rihanna know exactly what happened Grammy day. Reserving judgment until all details are revealed is prudent behavior for any observer, let alone those in the public eye. However, when I hear niggas like Terrence Howard-Mayne and Kanye West pleading for leniency on The Hurricane’s behalf, I see the other side of the spectrum at work. I also observe the megalomania necessary to draw a hand back and go full-Dolemite on a young lady.

You know, a little “Love Lockdown.”

After this, I wouldn’t be surprised if—just as Terrence Coward’s been outed—Kanye’s name appears on the [Smack-A-]Bitchell Report for using advanced relationship enhancing tactics. Either that, or he’s the one accustomed to getting slapped around.

Maybe I’m watching a little too much Lifetime Movie Network these days, but we’ve all seen the leaked picture. She doesn’t look like Rihanna anymore. She looks like one of my uncle’s goats back on the farm in Jamaica… right before we’d curry the fuck out of him.

Ay, que cabron!

Contrary to what you may gather from the frequency of Kanye West appearances on our program, I don’t hate the man. This shit is always business and never personal. Martin Louis the King, jr. may think the sun rises and sets in his shawk*, but the man needs counseling for the unfiltered, intellectually masturbatory stream of consciousness that flows so freely from his mouth.

If Kanye’s misguided support for Chris Brown isn’t the meander that finally floods the coastline of his career causing irreparable damage, we’re not far from rafting it.

Questions? Comments? Requests? Need a break? ron@ronmexicocity.com

* – Shawk = Shag + Mohawk

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  • eddieSIXES

    on the real, yeezy seems like he’s the most impulsive dude that ever lived…like his intentions might be good, but that intent snowballs into a muhfuckin shit storm that could be avoided with a moment of reflection before he ends up rambling himself into a corner lookin like Turbo from Breakin’

  • Pierzy

    “Can’t we give OJ a break?…I know I’ve committed several felonies in my life.”

    Dear Kanye,

    More rap music, less singing and zero interviews.


    The World

    • http://www.myspace.com/emcdlthemusicprofile EmCDL

      CO SIGN!!!

      I talked about this in the news section regarding this. OJ got off for murdering someone and still did some stupid shit! He don’t get no damn breaks!

      As far as giving Chris Brown a break…yeah I’ll say he probably needs a break from the folks thats raggin on him…but as far as being tried for what he did hells no. I just hope he don’t run away from it and take it like a man

      • Lowedwn

        “I talked about this in the news section regarding this. OJ got off for murdering someone and still did some stupid shit! He don’t get no damn breaks!”

        co-sign that

        That’s like Kells with that fucked up Ed Gordon interview, shoulda just shut the fuck up and let the shit pass, but no, these kats wanna be the top seed in the DDN’s and whatnot for the next decade. I mean just when everyone was getting passed even bringing OJ up, THIS NIGGA goes and strong arms for Joe Montatna’s shit.

        • RJ

          damn i wish ppl would stop talking about OJ dammn. He was tried by a jury of his peers and found not guilty. leave him alone. damn.

  • http://junglefeet.blogspot.com Detroit P

    the Negro Please section used to be one of my favorite parts in the magazine when i used to read it…but now I realize that when one person starts doing Negro pleases so frequently..they start to come off a little with this…”holier than thou” aur about them….and thats the vibe I’m gettin from this post…for the purpose of a negro please u just over simplified what a mistake is into something small like spilling juice. when a mistake can be something big like killing someone (see: He Got Game)…that happens when you get caught up in emotions, your judgement gets clouded…..Now I’m not defending Chris Brown, cus I don’t kno what happened and I agree with you point that we shouldn’t make any statements about it til everything is revealed(if it ever is)…but their are tons of people ready to crucify Chris Brown already…so I don’t think Kanye deserves a Negro Please for tellin people to chill and reminding them that we all make mistakes and do dumb shit….you might as well Negro Please Jesus for saying “he who is without sin, cast the first stone” when defending a prostitute..or whoever he was defending

    • http://www.ronmexicocity.com Ron Mexico

      hey, man. CB can move on with his life and better himself. i hope he does.

      i make it clear that kanye’s as wrong for uplifting CB as those who condemn him at this time.

      and if anyone’s oversimplifying anything, it’s yeezy. to chalk up an asswhooping as a mistake that should be shrugged off, like a spill, is a line-step.

      as for your thoughts on the column as a whole, i think the premise of negro please is a little haughty intrinsically. when it’s your job to call people to task on what they say and do, it’s hard to not look a little self-righteous. every now and then i give you guys a peek into my own life though. there’s plenty i can be called to task for too.

      i don’t think the self-righteous angle the right lens with which to view this column, but you’re always entitled to how you feel about what you see. it’d be one thing if this were a platform like bol’s or billy’s where i could discuss whatever i want, yet choose to point other niggas out. in this case, the critical eye and ear is what they write the checks for.

      thanks for coming back regularly and shit.

      • http://junglefeet.blogspot.com Detroit P

        yea I guess you right…I still fucks with this blog most of the time and I understand your predicament with only being able to talk about certain topics in a certain way…so with that in mind, good shit, keep it up…..(somebody pause that for me)

  • geico lizard

    * – Shawk = Shag + Mohawk

    TMZ showed a picture of kanye and he cut his hair. He was with that bald stripper,lesbian,prostitute,digger of mens gold.

  • amar

    kanye surely must be fucking with us…didn’t he say he feels bad for rihanna and no woman deserves this before? Now he’s giving chris brown the benefit of the doubt. I’m as confused right now as kanye’s sexual orientation.

    • Machinko

      Amar.. i don’t think Kanye’s statements necessarily contradict each other. No woman does deserve to be treated that way. But it doesn’t mean we have to place judgment on Breezy either, with as little as we know.

      … Bottom line is, all these muhfuckas need to STFU about it. Ye is just another in the long line.

  • Halogen

    This just in . . . .

    Thanks to the Shawk, tight clothes, and autotune singing. Kanye is now a new member of 80′s funk group Midnight Starr, and just like his Roc chaining day he’s been awarded with a activator to moisturize his membership. Their first single will be a remake of “Operator (this is an emergency)” ft Rihanna

  • DV8

    IDK…there is word out that the picture that was leaked wasnt even Rihanna. Supposedly it was a picture of someone in a morgue, who knows for sure. But anyway they back together allegedly so if they have moved past it then so should we. I mean think about it, how many famous people have been caught up in domestic violence and still kept it moving through out the years?

  • Hip Hop since 77

    Kayne has not made a banger in so long can we please stop talking about him. Dude is a punchline now. As far as Chris and Rhi Rhi leave em B. They young and dumb. Just think about the stupid things we’ve all done (or are doing) at that age. They’ll be fine.

  • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com tony grand$

    Kanye does this shit on purpose. He knows the crazier the remarks, the more publicity he’ll get. Good, bad or indifferent.

    He’s like hip hop Al Sharpton. Always there when a “cause” arises.

    Perm = mohag
    Tight jogging suits = too small hipster gear

    He needs to be tending to his own demons, apologizes for spazzing on the constant. CB & Ri Ri are going to do what it do regardless.


    “Accidentally leaving the Auto-Tune plug-in turned on for all of your album’s vocal tracks is a mistake.” you gotta love them cheap shots

  • Curtis75Black

    Chris and Rihanna’s life doesn’t concern me. I have more important shit to think about. They’re many other Black Women getting beatdown and even killed everyday from a Boyfriend or Husband, probably living next door to you who wouldn’t be written or even talked about from the Community of Hip Hop. Kanye can say whatever he wants but I know he’s not trying to give that Doctor who supposely killed his Mom any leniency. We don’t know what happened that night all we seen are pictures and if that’s a sign of guilt…….