Don’t you just love it when niggas tell you they aren’t mad in the most disturbed voice possible?

I don’t know, internets. The clip above looks like the rant of a visibly frustrated man. I wouldn’t know what there is to be frustrated about when you rap for a living and have a big booty freak in the crib hookin up the empanadas and pastelitos, but okay, Joe Budden's got some shit on his mind. Let's indulge him.

“I’m not frustrated with anything. Stop fucking saying it.”

For those of us who had the privilege of growing up with fathers, this is when you knew to let that nigga sip his coffee and take your ass to school without making any eye contact.

[Blogger’s Note: I can only assume that’s how dealing with a grumpy father in the morning would go, as I, like most of you, spawned from maternal asexual reproduction.]

“I’m pushing 30… Damn…”

I’m pushing 30 and having the time of my life! I could understand 30 sucking sweaty elephant balls for a nigga who hasn’t found his direction or--cliché be damned--“calling.” What the hell happened with Mr. Jumpoff?

“Everybody who’s nobody is running around talking about they done rode my woman’s Splash Mountain.”

Oh, I'm sorry. His face said that. I don't want to get in trouble for misquoting. Wouldn't wanna frustrate a nigga.

There isn’t a need for a public service announcement if there’s nothing to discuss, right? Of course there isn't. As the late great patron saint of studio gangstrosity [Tupac] once said, “Something’s on your mind. Let it off.”

If anything, I’d be a little upset at the engineer keeping my “AMALGAM DIGITAL, BABY!” shoutout at the beginning of a track. It’s one thing to be happy about your deal. It’s another entirely to shout out some shit that doesn’t sound nearly as cool as the G-Unit stutter or some other catchy label plug. Otherwise, a nigga would be chillin.

Yep, workin and chillin. That’s really what The New Balance Talent is about.

Where the fuck is my ad campaign anyway? If Mickey Factz can do Honda, a nigga like Ronnie can do New Balance for sure. I'm trynna get rich enough to be mad about not being mad in this motherfucker.

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