Joe Budden: Tell ‘Em Why You [Not] Mad, Son!

Don’t you just love it when niggas tell you they aren’t mad in the most disturbed voice possible?

I don’t know, internets. The clip above looks like the rant of a visibly frustrated man. I wouldn’t know what there is to be frustrated about when you rap for a living and have a big booty freak in the crib hookin up the empanadas and pastelitos, but okay, Joe Budden’s got some shit on his mind. Let’s indulge him.

“I’m not frustrated with anything. Stop fucking saying it.”

For those of us who had the privilege of growing up with fathers, this is when you knew to let that nigga sip his coffee and take your ass to school without making any eye contact.

[Blogger’s Note: I can only assume that’s how dealing with a grumpy father in the morning would go, as I, like most of you, spawned from maternal asexual reproduction.]

“I’m pushing 30… Damn…”

I’m pushing 30 and having the time of my life! I could understand 30 sucking sweaty elephant balls for a nigga who hasn’t found his direction or–cliché be damned–“calling.” What the hell happened with Mr. Jumpoff?

“Everybody who’s nobody is running around talking about they done rode my woman’s Splash Mountain.”

Oh, I’m sorry. His face said that. I don’t want to get in trouble for misquoting. Wouldn’t wanna frustrate a nigga.

There isn’t a need for a public service announcement if there’s nothing to discuss, right? Of course there isn’t. As the late great patron saint of studio gangstrosity [Tupac] once said, “Something’s on your mind. Let it off.”

If anything, I’d be a little upset at the engineer keeping my “AMALGAM DIGITAL, BABY!” shoutout at the beginning of a track. It’s one thing to be happy about your deal. It’s another entirely to shout out some shit that doesn’t sound nearly as cool as the G-Unit stutter or some other catchy label plug. Otherwise, a nigga would be chillin.

Yep, workin and chillin. That’s really what The New Balance Talent is about.

Where the fuck is my ad campaign anyway? If Mickey Factz can do Honda, a nigga like Ronnie can do New Balance for sure. I’m trynna get rich enough to be mad about not being mad in this motherfucker.

Questions? Comments? Requests? Welcome to Tangent City on a slow day. Population: You.

P.S.: Be on the lookout for RMC podcasts and comedy album on AMALGAM DIGITAL, BABY!!!

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  • these posts are racist

    Brother, you called Tupac a studio gangster, highly innaccurate.

    • Ron Mexico

      i didn’t mean that he’s a gangster in the studio alone… i mean every studio gangster wants to be pac.

      • these posts are racist

        My b…homey. Hit me up on the Gmail, G.

    • Hate Hate and more Hate

      I beg to differ, Pac was the epitome of studio gansterism . . . but instead of getting his card pulled like Suge Knight (getting knock the fuck out), He played 52 pick-up that night in Vegas.

      • Ron Mexico

        i also didn’t say he wasn’t a studio gangster himself.

        • Avenger XL

          What does Pac being a gangsta have to do with anything. I suspect Pac was the hood character that wasn’t all G’d out but was hella out going and creative. We all know that guy in the hood who could draw they ass off or play any instrument but due to circumstances may have ended up in the wrong situation. Dude went to the school of performing arts which tells you he was an artistic talent. Just because much of the world didn’t take major notice of his talent until he started really pushing the thug life movement doesn’t make him a gangsta. He provided a kind of social commentary on the inner workings of the hood mentatlity trapped between pro-black militant and the party and BS mindstate that keeps folks in the hood. Dude was starting to work that acting thing out big time too. I bet if Pac was alive today he would have been doing more movies than albums because creative people need knew mediums to create in.

          So I really don’t care to if he was a real kill fools for nikes gangster which I don’t think he was. I think he was a very creative cat that came from a distressed social background so he brought some of that with him when he got in the spot light. Including making bad decisions and having very public nigga moments.

        • these posts are racist

          “I didn’t mean that he’s a gangster in the studio alone…”

          >> I read that statment as meaning he was both a “studio gangster” and a “gangster” in real life. I guess we can get into what it means to be “gangster” and both of would be right as there is no universally accepted definition, nor is there a formal institution that you and i both agree has the authority to designate a gangster or one as a studio gangster. Nah mean? Does one have to perpetrate generally accepted “gangster acts” for a certain period of time before that person is deemed a “gangster”? Also, do the acts have to be committed before turning a certain age, as some have claimed? See what I mean, playboy?

        • FlapJack

          Didn’t anyone see that barbara walters-ass interview from when he was like 18 about how he’s in love with his mom?

          That was pretty gangsta

        • Avenger XL

          Tupac was only gangsta by this definition : (the term “gangster” or “gangsta” is associated with being powerful, admirable or street smart.)i.e. He was a brother from the hood who was hyper creative and prolific and used this gift with his uber charisma to gain power and street cred.

          He was not gangster by this definition:(The term gangster or mobster refers to a criminal who is a member of a crime organization, such as a gang.) Though he hung around several affiliated dudes and that is what got him killed if you asked me. He was never mentioned as being a formal member of any gang. He never had a record prior to making records or prefame for the slow. He had a temper and would wild out from time to time and make bad decisions but that don’t make you gangster that makes you a young man with the kind of momey and power that would corrupt anyone.

          So Gangsta is a title bestowed on cats like Pac, simply saying respect for what he did in his short time on earth. In my neighborhood we used the word gangsta all the time to denote something good or respectable but that didn’t mean it was crime affiliated even if it was hood as hell.

        • amar

          tupac was a bald rapper, therefore he was a gangster.

          ron mexico, u need to do a Negro Please comedy tour and just read your blogs on stage in a serious spoke-word voice. It’ll be some artistic comedic-ass shit, i’ll come for sure. You can even sell your NEGRO PLEASE t-shirts in the back.

        • BGZ

          tupac was a smart, black 25-year-old who grew up in the ghetto; also, he has been dead for almost 13 years.

        • mo

          thug life= the hate u give little infants fuck everybody….you niggas aint up on pac you over-analyzing dickheads.

        • Avenger XL

          Great comment for a under-analyzing dickhead LOL

  • Pierzy

    “I’m not frustrated with anything. Stop fucking saying it.”

    So passive aggressive, Joey. And I did grow up with a very involved father and when the dude’s pissed in the morning, you sit there, put your seat belt on and don’t say shit. By dinner time, it’ll be forgotten and if you bring it up, it’s your own damn fault for what happens to you…

  • louie mo

    Where the fuck is my ad campaign anyway? If Mickey Factz can do Honda, a nigga like Ronnie can do New Balance for sure.
    you got to let them cause every since you start the new balance talent ……. shit me and the homies just cop 4 pair……. so i know that their stock has risen at least .0004 percent…….. better go and get you money homie

  • jackpot

    I grew up with a pops too, so it amazes me when I see these kids keep doing something their pops told them to not do. Poppa Chery only had to give me the look for me to sit my ass down.

    • Ron Mexico

      hatian pops? i know EXACTLY what time it is.

      he probably only had throw down with the sugar cane ONE TIME… and after that, the look was all he needed to end all your “beeship!”

      oui. beeship!

      • Dub Sac

        Who is this Bishop and why hasn’t he been called to the stand?

  • Worley

    ‘Everybody who’s nobody is running around talking about they done rode my woman’s Splash Mountain.’

    Thank God he didn’t really say that ’cause when Padded Room goes wood we might be calling Tahiry Ri Ri.

  • Avenger XL

    Man rappers like Joe budden frustrate me. They are excellent rappers and lyrically ill but they tend to gravitate toward making mainstream ready tunes for an attempt to get that crossover paper which leads to meh efforts(such as padded room). The album is far from wack it is a solid listen but it is just so meh, you know indistinguishable from whats out now that it is hard to pay attention to the ill lyricist Joe Budden is. Anyhoo at least that lame beef with SAI-Gone is over.

  • geico lizard

    “Don’t you just love it when niggas tell you they aren’t mad in the most disturbed voice possible?”
    Thats like when your girl says she isnt mad and nothing is bothering her. Joe is taking on his girls tendencies.

  • Master Cheef

    Death Row was a criminal organization. They did all types of shady shit to get business done and bring that paper in.

    Suge was the main boss. Tupac was one of the underbosses. Bosses aren’t usually required to still put work in, but the ones that truly love the business still like to get their hands dirty.

    You already done seen Tupac on tape beating the shit out of a crip. Nigga had money, power, and respect. That is what gangsta is.

  • ShowTime

    Whats up with these Intelligent-well thought out proper grammer comments? What happen to the good ole days when niggas was e-Thuggin, Posting gay comments, spelling in their own language and shit. hhaha!I use to get a kick out of that. Yo Ron Yall still posting upcoming acts music..Like yall were doing before..I got a song about Oscar Grant and Sean Bell that I wanna submit called Dying in

  • $ykotic

    Mexx you truly understand the power of words;

    Dudes went off on the Pac reference so hard and thorough I forgot this was about Joe Budden!

    But he knew what he was getting into when he wifed the booty.

    And not her.

  • Kane Corleone

    Its funny how niggas who ain’t gangsta or even know a nigga who is gangsta have a definition on what it is to be gangsta. Now how gangsta is that?

    • Master Cheef

      Almost as ganster as you sitting here judging whether or not commenters and comments are gangsta. but you got six stars so absolutely nobody is questioning your gangsta status.

      ron, that billy x. strategy might get you a few comments today, but in the long run you will lose loyal readers.

  • Stan

    AMALGAM DIGITAL BABY!!! Rofl.. That’s gon b my new shit… All randomly Ima b yellin that shit out… “Excuse me sir do u kno wat time it is?”…. AMALGAM DIGITAL BABY!

  • Shawty J

    “I’m not frustrated with anything. Stop fucking saying it.”

    Hilarious. You don’t go on rants unless you’re frustrated or highly annoyed. “Stop fucking saying it” leads me to believe it’s the former.

    • tony grand$

      Poor Joe.

      He got outshined by Tupac’s gangsta aesthetic AND Joe’s girl’s backyard.

      & I grow up with my pops, he was a mailman. The early morn he was blazed up & chill, after a day of crazy welfare check deliveries & stray dog attacks, he developed a talent more potent than “the look”. “The walk”.

      Hear that nig stomping through the house, find shelter fast.

  • Yessir

    PADDED ROOM was really disappointing. Liked about 4 songs out if 13 as a big budden fan. $9 wasted which makes up for the much better halfhouse I downloaded.

  • enzo

    if pac was a real gangster he wouldn’t have been caught on tape beating anyone up. much less a crip.

  • Kane Corleone

    Even tho its old but punk mufuccas speakin on a G intolerable…nigga fuck u don’t worry bout my status homeboy ol Master Queef ass nigga

    • Master Cheef

      lol… damn, man, you are a riot.

      Seriously though, can you just say, “Now how gangsta is that” for me one more time? That shit is fucking priceless.