Is Flo Rida the new king of hip-hop?

Seriously, who are these people who keep buying these Flo Rida singles?

I checked this site the other day, and I saw that a new Flo Rida song had broken a digital sales record, and I wasn’t sure what to think. I had to check to see if it was the very same sales record that had just been broken by the three-headed beast of marginal relevance that is Eminem, Dr. Dre, and 50 Cent, which, for what it’s worth, had originally been set by Flo Rida, a year or so ago.

As it turns out, it was. Just the other day, that Em, Dre, and Fiddy song sold 418,000 digital downloads in one week, which made it the highest debut on Billboard’s still relatively new digital sales chart evar, even more so than T.I.’s obnoxious “Live Your Life,” which broke the record back in October, with 335,000 downloads its first week, and Flo Rida’s “Low,” which set the record back at the beginning of 2008.

I wasn’t about to spend the time it would take to see how many copies “Low” sold its first week out, though I see it once sold 467,000 copies in a week, and that’s still considered a record. That must have been it’s very best week. I wonder if Eminem will eventually break that record. You’d think it wouldn’t be that difficult, since he already broke the first week sales record, but then “Crack a Bottle” might not have legs, as they say.

Flo Rida could just as easily end up breaking his own record, since I imagine most people are like me, in that they wouldn’t know from “Right Round,” the new Flo Rida song. Or who knows, maybe I’m just behind the curve on this new Flo Rida, as I was with “Low.” It had already been the most popular song in the country for quite some time before I even heard it – on the “white hip-hop station,” natch. This despite the fact that I do sorta kinda work in hip-hop journalism. Ha!

I figured I’d do the right thing and have a look at “Right Round,” but I couldn’t even find it in this site’s Banger’s section. To date, I’ve yet to actually hear it. I thought I might have heard it in the car the other day on the way home from work, on one of Sirius’ godawful hip-hop stations, but come to find out it was some new song by ’05-era Texas rap also ran Slim Thug, who I guess is mounting a “comeback” effort, if you will. Is that what hot in the streets, niggas rapping over “The Safety Dance” and what have you?

All of which begs the question: How in the fuck did this new Flo Rida song manage to become so popular that it’s selling upwards of half a million copies a week, if I’ve never heard of it, and you can’t even listen to it on this, the website of the most popular rap magazine evar (for what it’s worth)?

Selling half a million digital downloads a week might not be preferable to selling that many albums a week, which Flo Rida almost certainly won’t be able to do, in that, if an artist only makes a tiny percent of the price of an album, which costs $12 or whatever, you can only imagine what they make from the price of $.99 digital download.

Still, it’s better than nothing. Especially these days. Lest we forget, that new Cappadonna album only sold as many copies as he bought to try to sell to people who ride in his cab. And I wouldn’t be surprised if that doesn’t turn out to be this year’s worst selling rap album. Is there ever gonna be a new Little Brother album, or has that R&B money got too good to Phonte?

There must be an entire community of people who could give a rat’s ass about anything us bums here on the Internets consider hip-hop. We hardly even know who these people are, and yet, there’s obviously enough of them to float an entire industry by themselves. Flo Rida has somehow managed to tap into this community. Does that make him the king of hip-hop in 2009? Cue Flo Rida on the cover of six different issues of XXL in T-minus 10, 9, 8…

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  • latino heat

    lmao at the cappadonna joke. almost laughed as hard at the thought of flo rida being the king of hip hop. there’s gotta be some funny business going on with that download record. NOBODY has heard that damn song and yet it’s sold that many downloads? dosen’t sound right. phonte’s doing r&b?

    • Justice4All

      Dude downloaded his own song. Check his credit card statements!

    • MARCY

      The song features Kesha, a singer / actress from the TV Series ‘The Hills’.

      Don’t hate on the evolution of hip hop, even though i’m WU TANG forever, i’d rather hear a song like this in the club then some wack ass disco/pop/techno, chicks aint dancin to DMX, aka GREATEST OF ALL TIME

      • PlatinumHeart

        Flo Rida is the ‘King of Hip hop”………to those people like my 7 year old son. Look at the Jonas brothers etc their music appeals to little kids with it being bubblegum pop and they sell a bunch of music. Flo Rida has songs that little kids can sing along to and he maybe gets the girls with his body (not me though that receding hairline does not appeal to me. Flo Rida makes bubblegum rap which does not talk about anything particularly but the

        kids love him as do people who don’t really have love for hip hop. They have love for music they can sing along. I just wish some true hip hop artist could sell more music because if Flo Rida is outselling people I am not feeling to positve about where the rap game is going.

  • miles archer

    Never heard it, or “of” it for that matter. Give it a week and I’m sure it’ll be in rotation 16 times a day. Give it three weeks and I’m sure I’ll find myself singing along when it comes on because i’ll have been brainwashed by then(“Pop Champagne” anyone???).
    miles archer

  • DV8

    I would finally give in and recognize Lil Wayne as the King of HipHop before I would ever consider Florida the King. Fuck record/song sales because people buy bullshit every day.

  • Pierzy

    “Lest we forget, that new Cappadonna album only sold as many copies as he bought to try to sell to people who ride in his cab.”


    Haha! I’m surprised Cappa didn’t try to pull a stunt like De Niro in “Taxi Driver” to impress a teenage hooker…

  • amar

    well these figures are based of people who download music legally, right? if it was possible to track every mp3 and torrent downloaded illegally, flo rida’s single wouldn’t be quite so high.

    With that said, out of the group that downloads music legally, I don’t see very many being us poor to middle class hip hop fans. Therefore it makes sense that the poppy hip hop artists are the biggest sellers.

  • songstar1

    i think its all a conspiracy to make us talk about a record none of us have heard. Record companies think we are idiots.

    • Arcey

      I think you’re right & Bol is on the pay list!
      if not then he’s guilty of bringin’ our attention on this bullshit song no one heard yet.

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    For real, Who the fu6k is Flo Rida??? hahaha

    • squadwildin

      yall probly heard it… it sound like some fergie shit… thats why the white ppl like it.

      its catchy. i’ll give him that…he may be the best pop-rap song writer this decade.

      here’s some introspection…”pop-rap”??? is that wats sellin nowadays?

      hey i’m not a hater

  • FlapJack

    Has anyone heard it? If it’s another Low, I might start doing all my drinking at home.

    The music we put up with to get our dicks wet. (none)
    It’s a damn shame.



  • geico lizard

    “There must be an entire community of people who could give a rat’s ass about anything us bums here on the Internets consider hip-hop. We hardly even know who these people are, and yet, there’s obviously enough of them to float an entire industry by themselves.”
    Thats the downside of being online so much you cant predict what the regular world will like. Joe Budden gets alot of love online and lil wayne gets a lot of hate but joe budden will never outsell wayne. People online will complain about hip hop being dead but if you only get your music free online and never buy it then its hard to complain about who sells the most.

    Krs one said he felt better complaining about obama because he actually went out and voted last year so the same thing applies to record sales. If you think cudi,drake,wale and c hamilton are the best out then you have to BUY their albums when they drop.

  • OG Matt Herbz

    Did anyone catch that FloRida’s name is spelled the same as Florida, the state? Yeah, there’s definitely something fishy going on. I think he’s just trying to pitch something to some of those bitch-ass Gator fans that buy anything with “Florida” printed on it. And, to top off this conspiracy theory, it also appears that he is FROM Florida. Like, whoa!

    But seriously, what song are we talking about here? I didn’t even know that he released anything. Man, this music thang sucks right now. Can this song be had in the Bangers section for free?

    –OG Matt Herbz–

    • squadwildin

      hey fuck nigga(OG HERBZ)….easy wit hatin on FLORIDA

      and the University of Florida for that matter.

      why did it take you so long to realize the double entendre of his name…how long has he been out?? did you learn how to read yesterday?

  • fredMS

    hip hop doesnt even have snares anymore. i dont know what to call it

    • FlapJack

      Claps fred, it’s called claps

      • capcobra

        hip hop got the claps now…lmao

  • Incilin

    His success with sales but invisibility on this site notes that while assholes like me, you, and everyone on this site loves hip hop and loves to discuss it, we don’t bother to buy any of the rappers we “love.”

    But some people (prolly white ppl) who don’t give a rat’s ass about who Rakim is but just want to party (and live in fear of the RIAA knocking down their door) are willing to put a dollar down to buy music. For all our knowledge and criticism, we’re such savvy consumers, we don’t bother to consume and wonder why what we value withers away.

  • sealsaa

    @ OG Matt Herbz

    Uhhh, you’re just NOW making the connection with Flo Rida’s name and the state? Say it isn’t so…

  • $ykotic

    So do we understand that it is about money and longer music?

    i think ITunes figured out how to fake the clicks like Worldstarhiphop be doing.

  • Combat Jack

    Yeah, hillarious Cappadonna reference. Made me accidentally spit out my grape juice on my lil daughter.

  • Show_Time

    I actually heard the song yesterday on 98.7 fm Tampa, Florida. I think that I kissed a girl and I like it Girl was on the hook. Its like European Elctro Club Pop-Hop type shit. The shit you would see rich white ppl dancing to in some exclusive trendy club.

    Flo rida is not that bad..Flo wise..Content and lyric wise hes corny. But like I said he can flow and FLow different so I dont see why yall think he wouldnt be successful.

    All he need is the right beat with a catchy hook and voila! He’s done with Low and appearently this new song.

  • mgs

    I think these digital download stats are faked. How much would it really cost a record label to buy 600,000 digital downloads? Considering most of the money goes straight back to them, it would probably be less than it would take to get him on the radio.

    Its like how scientology used to buy up warehouses full of “dianetics” to make it look like a best seller.

  • tommy gunz

    first flo rida kills it with the tropic thunder shit…now this…all hail flo and wayback hairline…congrats on the wack ass music doggie

  • Josh


    Is it that you sometimes delete my comments or do they just magically disappear?

  • EmCDL

    I haven’t heard his single yet…that shit not even advertised on myspace, so how the hell is it getting so many downloads? I’m not a big fan of his music, but he doing his thing…whatever ‘thing’ he doing…he gotta be on some covert ops ish to have that many downloads

  • Federal Ranga

    Co Sign sealsaa

    Matt, man…. You gotta be kidding me… you really didn’t know that shit?

  • Avenger XL

    Everyone missed it, no suprise that BOL did. The truth of the matter is Florida was big on the remnants of the rave dance scene for rapping to trance beats before he got the mega hit “Low”. So he gets love from those pop dance music sites that most rappers only dream of and he plays to that crowd i.e. the real party people out there. So really he doesn’t need a hood cosign or net nerd big up. The glow stick and suburban crowd have him safely in tow, Nelly should have taken note.


      I dont give a fuik what he sells or where he sells it are fuking putting flo rida where snoop dre pac biggie jayz nas kool g rap and ice cube have been because of sales thats fukin ridiculous that man doesn’t make hiphop music he makes formula music that’s the total opposite of hiphop he’s in the same vein as nelly and ja rule id care bout all dat blck amn getting money shit everything u do u should do with meaning do u see the fuking state the world in u still trying to ride someones elevator…..stupid music for stupid people

  • dwi

    flo rida king of hip hop? hahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahaha !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111

  • Oh yes i did!..

    So he toured with 2live back in the day big deal and now he sells mainstream tunes to the club hoppers. He looks like a chopped and screwed version of 50 cent or the game. i guess the tattoos and the buff look are in this decade?

    As far as im concerned there is only one person that deserves the privilege of calling them self a king and he goes by the name Tech N9ne.

    Good on Florida for making his money while he can even if he had to whore himself out in the process. I guess it’s better to be a high class trick than a 2 dollar one?

  • ImagiNation

    The track sugar is good but what the fuck? hell to the fucken no florida is a damn popstar in ma opinion no way u can call him the hip hop king. period! and I aint hatin on the nigga but fuck no that would only be a disgrace to hip hop!

  • bullets

    who ever suggets flo rida is the king of hip hop on any level should be shot seperated at the limbs then decorated around there childrens play pen with the remains…. Flo Rida You country niggas just dont know when to stop FLO RIDA meet me in the square B that shit just got me tight as if lil lame and doofy man wasn’t enuff suffering when u can make a suggestion like that HIPHOP IZ DEAD HIPHOP IZ DEAD DEAD DEAD…….

  • Otto the Rugged Man

    Flo-Rida is hip-hop?


    Seriously, XXL is going to start reviewing Lady Gaga records soon.