I noticed something while talking to the homie Mike D the other day.

I almost never like classic albums the first time I listen to them. It's like I initially hear something entirely different. I had Amy Whinehouse's Back To Black for maybe a year before it finally sank in. I remember being at the Virgin Megastore in Union Square and hearing "Tears Dry On Their Own." "Is that on Back To Black," I asked to a friend of mine. I swear I absolutely didn't remember peeping the track before that day. But it made a strong enough impression on me to dig the album back upand give it a second chance. I love that album, man. To this day, I still bump it like it first came out.

The same thing happened with Justin Timberlake's last album. By the way, Future Sex Love Sounds > Confessions. Don't be Justin racist now. But everybody basically kept on raving about the album. I liked it, but initially didn't see it as anything special until I heard "Damn Girl" on a mixtape. Once again, I went back to the album and discovered how great it truly was.

As for Midnight Marauders, the story's a little different. I actually got that album a bit late. I remember my cousin Tone and I bumping "Electric Relaxation" on repeat, so when I finally got the CD, I pretty much kept the ritual going, which is weird because I'm a long time Tribe fan. You'd think I would have played it from front to back the second I got it. Needless to say I love that album now. Something similar happened with Illmatic, my favorite rap album ever, De La Soul's Stakes Is High and a few more classic joints. I'm not sure what it is.

What about you guys?