Free Chris Brown

I’m not saying that Chris Brown doesn’t deserve to have his ass whooped, if he’s guilty of the crime of which he’s been accused. I’m just saying. Do we even know for a fact that he did that shit? Let’s not fly off half cocked here. No Boutros.

For all we know, Chris Brown might have had a good reason to put his shoe on Rihanna. The fact that he’s alleged to have bitten and slapped Rihanna in addition to punching her in the face suggests to me that not only may he have been acting in self defense, but he may have even practiced restraint with her.

Think about it: Rihanna is not exactly a small woman. And god bless her for it. But Chris Brown’s not a small guy, either – he just sounds like it, when he sings. If you’re Chris Brown, why would you need to bite Rihanna and slap her in addition to just plain cold cocking her? I’m sure even Yung Berg could have taken Rihanna out in just two hits: him hitting her, and her hitting the floor, as they say at Shermer High School, Shermer, IL 60062. No Pimp C.

Most likely, Rihanna attacked Chris Brown, and it was all he could do to get her off of him to rough her up a little bit. He probably tried slapping her first, to see if she could take a hint, but that didn’t work. Then he figured he might try biting, to let her know he really wasn’t play. Only then, when that didn’t work, did he finally resort to using his fist. I can’t imagine it was the opposite, i.e. he knocked her lights out, then he bit her. That would just be weird.

Then there’s the fact that we don’t know how severe Rihanna’s injuries really were. I saw some shit on MTV yesterday where her grandma was saying she saw Rihanna, and she wasn’t in bad shape at all. But apparently, she’s the only one who’s seen Rihanna. Every day for the past two years now I’ve seen new piictures of Rihanna, and I don’t even go on the Internets looking for pictures of women, except at certain times of the day, but now that she supposedly got beat, she’s in a bunker somewhere with Dick Cheney.

If you notice, when Chris Brown got locked up, all they did was charge him with making terrorist threats and let him go on bail. If they really thought he put his shoe on Rihanna, wouldn’t they have actually charged him with assault, and probably kept him locked up, so he couldn’t go and finish the job he’d already started?

And what’s making terrorist threats, anyway? I make terrorist threats five, maybe six times a day at the BGM… under my breath, natch. I can’t run the risk of anyone actually hearing me, what with the state of the economy. I could end up homeless. But I notice old white women are getting especially out of pocket these days. I’m sure a lot of them secretly resent slavery having ended anyway, let alone now that we’ve got a black president.

So what, if I sit around and fantasize about them dying in a fire? I don’t think the term terrorist should even be used, unless there’s an Arab and a bomb involved. People might get the wrong idea about me. Which brings me to my next point: How come all of these companies and radio stations are rushing to sever ties with Chris Brown, before they even find out whether or not Rihanna’s just making this shit up?

I can’t help but be reminded of what happened to OJ. Lest we forget, he was actually acquitted of murdering his ex-wife and her jump-off. But he still ended up having to sell bootleg cable boxes and autographed memorabilia just to make ends me. No more TV movies of the week for him. If OJ would have been allowed to resume his acting career once it was revealed he didn’t kill those two people, he never would have had to go get his shit back, in that hotel room.

In that sense, I actually do kinda hope he got rough with Rihanna. I’d hate to see a man get thrown under a bus for nothing.

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  • Hate Hate and more Hate

    Yeah I co-sign

    I believe Chris Brown didn’t hit the bitch hard enough. You see if he had hit her hard enough she won’t have been able to remember what the fuck happened prior to her getting knocked the fuck out. Let this be a lesson to all my wife beaters out there, because these bitches are now getting the law involved with our relationship issues.

    Speaking of the law, I think I’m going to start using a phone book to beat my bitches from now on . . . just in case one of my bitches get enough heart to contact the police, I don’t want her to have any marks on her body!!!

  • geico lizard

    -”I’m sure even Yung Berg could have taken Rihanna out in just two hits: him hitting her, and her hitting the floor, as they say at Shermer High School, Shermer, IL 60062″
    Its 3 hits in tennessee Bol, you hit her, she hits the floor and the ambulance hits 95mph on the way to the hospital with her, Metro Public Schools nashville,tn.

    - “He probably tried slapping her first, to see if she could take a hint, but that didn’t work.” Rihanna probably thought that was foreplay.

    -Co-sign on that shit not having anything to do with terrorism. They throw that word terrorist around like its a trendy term like “bling” and “swagger”. Real terrorists dont want to be called it anymore. Bin Laden is in his cave pissed off acting like little richard,” you know i invented terrorism.”

    • Stuey

      Right on brother. “you know i invented terrorism” that shit had me rolling

  • Worley

    “all they did was charge him with making terrorist threats and let him go on bail.”

    Yea, you know it can’t be that serious. A woman only has to SAY you did something and you’re going down. Yet she can pull a gun on you, hit you and talk all types of wild sh*t. All a man can do is “file a complaint.”

    Nevertheless, you can never let sh*t go that far no matter what happened. I usually tell a chick that she ain’t gonna back up none of the sh*t she’s talkin’. Instead she will call the police, some male relative or whoever is sniffing after her at the time. You chump ‘em like that and that’s usually the end of it.

    If not, pull out that camera phone as you “walk away.” Otherwise, you might have to dig yourself out of a huge mess.

  • Combat Jack

    Classic bol, at it again. Btw, and no shots fired at either direction, but you gon’ keep it live like Fif wrt Elliot Wilson?

  • riderb

    BOL BOL BOL BOL what is the BGM you claim to work at what is the name of the actual place i.e what does BGM stand for . Your right we don’t have all facts and they throwing Crhis Brezzy uder the bus

  • Ike Turner

    Things sure aint like they used to be. You used to be able to discipline a broad……..Too many non pussy gettin envious of my johnson a$$ fools to put their cape on and save these broads. Its gettin outta hand!

  • Avenger XL

    Thank you Bol and most of the posters for proving that beating, pissing or doing anything to a black woman is not a crime in the minds of some folks in the public.

    XXL bloggers please stop talking about Chris Brown. He is not a rapper and has a hook man relationship to rap besides his fake B-Boy act. Chris Brown was going to fade away like all fade R&B sensations. So this doesn’t ruine his career (Mainly because he beat a black chick). I will also like to point out most black women will be out there buying the cd tomorrow and holding up free chris brown posters at his trial. So the situation won’t get any better anytime soon, just don”t blame rap for all of the misogeny when shit like this happens everyday.

    Oh yeah, I am from the old school so the only reason I can see hitting a broad would be to prevent her from causing me serious harm(you know stabbing or shooting). Other than that I don’t see the reason why this ass would do this. IF she gave him VD it is still his on fault. This is show biz stupid you don’t run up in this public domain pussy without the proper check without knowing you are putting yourself on the line. Ask Easy E, Magic Johnson or any fool burnt by a groupie or supposed girlfriend. Fuck out of with that bull

  • BossGame

    Bol you a fool for this! LMAO!!!!

  • sealsaa

    Good post. and Avenger XL, you can’t deny the fact that all a woman has to do is say that you put hands on her, and you’re in a world of shit (see Kobe Bryant). Women will stoop to that level without hesitation. When I took her to court for custody of our son, my son’s mother tried to claim that I never call my son, and that I threatened to walk out of his life, and I brought various voice mail messages with me to court where she told me never to call her or our son again after I had gotten married. You act as if there are no bad women out there. They will stand up and lie on you without blinking, no matter what charges you’re facing.

    • Avenger XL

      There are plenty of bad women out their but what the fuck is beating them up gone do? Give them even more of an upper hand. When dealing with a hoodrat/trailer trash do anything for doe type or just some broad that flips on you. Take care of your shit so anything she says is here say at the most and the courts can’t do shit. So you can counter sue for slander if you play your cards right and if your business is handled correctly. Now divorce and break ups after long relationships can get messy but level heads, as hard as they are to maintan always win. I refuse to let a broad play me out of position and dirty broads use the victim role to do this, so you got to play your position. Hitting a chick is playing right into their hands, now they have all the marbles are they going to make your future fo away or ruin your chance for a decent job?
      No sir fuck that don’t hit a broad unless it is serious self defense and it should never get to that point, if you fuck with the right people.

      Note: my last statment about the right people. If your girl wilds out on you or gets loud for the slightest thing and is too needed. She may be emotional unstable. You have to be a talent scout, Some broads can take a mutual break up and let that shit go. Others try to ruin your life because they placed all their hopes on you(avoid them).

      Kobe broke a cardinal rule. He went too hard after some strange that was mediocre. When his fame could have afforded him some elliot spitzer nookie minus the pay. You know how many whores are sitting on the bench waiting to get caked out by some athelete or rapper as a side peice? That shit is all good until they write a book. Kobye should not have even entertained that little mental skank. She set that up completely but you got to be able to read the signs before you dive in. If a trick is acting too easy to get then she probably has atrick up her sleaves. You got to study the game to keep from going out like a lame and brreak them with your mind not your hands.


      • Michelle S.

        EXTRA late–

        I don’t like co-signing, but I agree with 95%. I do know some females that would stoop to their level. They hit you and wait. If you do, then they go, “I’m callin’ the police!” If you end up with that type of female, it’s your fault in the end.

    • Avenger XL

      Sealsaa I agree that dirty chicks will stoop to anything to get over. But if you are smart you won’t hit them unless you want to give them even more power over your life. Mental broads use the victim scam all the time to get ahead but just avoid givng them a larger bully pulpit by whooping they ass and catching athe process.

      Kobe broke a cardinal case thus ruining your life in rule by even entertain that strange who was so far beneath him(No pun intended). He could have had some top shelf whores at his beck and call but he went low rent like R kelly. The name of the game is treat yourself. don’t trick yourself.

      This is my second attempted response XXL surver must have erased my first.

  • amar

    why would he turn himself in for assault? why would we hear all this shit about how rihanna got beat up but nothing about how chris brown is pleading self defence?

    I’m not biased for either party and don’t trust the media…but this sounds like a typical case of michael richards, christian bale gone violent syndrome to me.

    • amar

      hahaha i just saw the latest update on tv…rihanna claims chris brown hit her in the past and it was an abusive relationship!

      • squadwildin

        oh shit amar…thanks for that info…

        the shit just hit the fan. And i definitely think that bitch is lyin now…. but who knows. maybe chris breezy dont play that shit


    Bol i’v been yelling it was self-defence from the begining. He would still be in jail if he really KuBiYa (trademark pending) her. I got arrested in ATL for terrorist threats before. all that means is you told someone you’ll fuck them up or some off the wall threat and they got scared. My ex got mad at me and poured my henny in the sink. so i told her if she dont go to the store and get another one i was going to put her hand in the sink and turn the garbage disposal on while she scoops it out. so you see he didnt go pimpin ken on the bitch more like ike turner at the end of the movie, when he crept up on her in the dressing room with the banger. you see tina turned out alright.

    • ?

      Im dying at that comment.

    • Michelle S.

      ROTF. Wow.

  • giantstepp

    Good drop Bol! I just had a woman go ape shit on me for nothing a few weeks ago. We were home chillin and then BAM! This broad was all over me like white on rice. I actually had to call the police. I did so to keep my ass from going to jail because if they came on there on (and they were coming because of the noise) my blackass was going to jail. The man always looses in that situation. 10 years ago I wouldve punched her teeth down her throat. But Im a man and all now so I restrained myself. I agree w/Bol on this one. Lets see what really happened before we throw the youngsta under the bus. I know first hand that broads will jump out there at times and make you “defend” yourself :)!

  • Josh

    “Ends me”

    Freudian slip?

  • c. gabi

    Sorry to break up your lil gab fest, boys…and not to sound preachy here. BUT.

    There’s justifiable reason for a “man” to be beating on a woman. That’s an unfair fight, that’s like Lennox Lewis beating on Gary Coleman. That’s why there’s laws that protect women against domestic violence (and in some instances, women too). I don’t see in any way even IF rihanna attacked him, why he would’ve whooped her ass the way he did. Have y’all seen that girl? She ain’t big? She’s just tall (and not really THAT tall). That girl is like a size 2. No way she’s doing any real damage. Chris is weak as hell for resorting to violence to resolve the situation. Any smooth nigga can talk his way out of it, or at least VERBALLY assault the shit out of her to the point of her shutting up and riding home (or wherever) in total silence.

    But whatever. I can’t believe some of y’all on here actually taking his side. Like it’s cool to beat on women…or anyone who can’t defend themselves in the same manner that you can defend yourself. WTF is up with that? Would you be sayin the same shit if your Mom or sister was gettin tossed around like a rag doll?

    • c. gabi

      * my bad “there’s NO justifiable reason…”

    • DA TRUTH

      you’re lying. if there was no reason to beat a bytch. the thought would have never crossed my mind.

  • sealsaa

    @ Avenger XL,

    I agree, and i’m not condoning putting your shoe on a woman, but Bol makes a good point. We don’t know what happened in that limo, and no one’s seen pics of Rihanna, so we don’t know whether she is or isn’t busted up. And for all we know, she instigated the incident, put hands on Brown first, and ended up getting put in her place for her trouble. He might have bounced, leaving the incident alone and going off with some random jump-off, and she might have called the cops in retalliation(spelling). Women do shit like that again, without hesitation. “Terrorist threats” sound kind of vauge, and I haven’t heard of any assault and battery charges being brought against him, so I think her story is suspect.

    • ?

      don’t say women, because not all of us stoop to that level…Sometimes, the woman is actually the victim.
      Now Im not saying I know what went down, but don’t throw all women under the bus.

  • macdatruest

    Youtube: Rihanna The Workings of Evil….Disturbiaaaaaaaaa!

    but I digress…

    Chris Brown aint know who he was fuckin’ wit. He prolly found out and wasnt wit it. Supposedly they wasnt even together but they were just there for the cameras, so I don’t think it was a lover’s spat. Chris Brown doesnt wanna play occult ball they send Rihanna to take his career out. She starts a planned fight with him, he defends himself off instinct BAW! she claims he beat her, rumors fly rampant TIs pull endorsments and end his career before he can expose Rihanna amongst others. He shoulda just did like Will Smith and Jamie Foxxx and at least got down on some scientology kabbalistic magik shit, lightweight occult shit. Shoulda found out about them first Chris

    to be deciphered…

  • http://xxl gside

    What is this the he man women hater club can I join ? I went threw the same thing a week ago but I’m a lot crazy then chis brown I let my hammer do my talk for me trust me they won’t run up on you that way and it’s send a clear massage I’m not the one to be fuck with but that what the nigga get for being in the limelight can’t get away with shit he do something it’s chis brown I do something it’s the nigga in black good post bol way to stand up for the brother or begin a different point of view

  • jrs-one

    LOL @ Shermer High (No Pimp C). And old white bitches have always been out of pocket.

  • Ben

    The only blogger I fuck with you a fool BOL.”If OJ would have been allowed to resume his acting career once it was revealed he didn’t kill those two people, he never would have had to go get his shit back, in that hotel room.” lol got damn!

  • sealsaa

    Well if she IS lying (which seems to be the case) she might end up fucking up her own career in the process of trying to fuck Brown’s career up. Remember, they appeal to the same demographic (young and middle aged women). Women love Chris Brown, and I don’t know too many guys that buy Rihanna’s music (teh gey guys no doubt). For a change of pace, I hope she’s exposed as a fraud, and that her career ends in shambles. I’m not a Brown fan by any stretch of the imagination, but goddamn if I don’t hate a lying ass woman, especially one who tries to destroy a man’s life over some side pussy.

  • allnice

    Of course Rihanna is lying and this whole situation is ridiculous. He was about to be out on her or she was about to leave him probably so she wanted to destroy his money before she left. He was just too stupid to see that she was fuck his shit up. If Chris Brown was the type of dude to actually do something serious to her and her family or if he wasn’t famous, she would never have had the means to attack him.

  • maximus 32

    Did they stop fucking with Dre after he beat Dee Barnes ass on tape?????? I don’t believe in hitting women but you right, they convicting this dude without any evidence that he did anything.


    the shit with o.j. that always happens to people with alot of money. in regular court he won but in civil court where less evidence is needed he lost. he ha dto pay out the ass to a family he was already buying shit for