If there's one thing I respect about Kanye, it's his honesty. Granted, he's delusional  and way off in some regards, but I appreciate his honesty.

I understand that it's not a good look for rappers to be vulnerable, but delusion isn't exactly helping their profile either. And it's like it's gotten worse over the years. Then again, we've gotten wiser. Coming up, most of us pretty much believed everything these rapper ass rappers told us. Still, the amount of bull coming out of these guys' mouths seems to be outrageously disproportionate.

Take Rick Ross for example. The boss recently claimed that "Mafia Music" ended 50's career. Now, I know this site harbors many a 50 hater, but I don't think any one of you sane-minded good folks believe Ross ethered Fif. There's also a line on the song where Ross claims to be chilling "on 20 million." Does he think we believe him?

I'm sure most of you caught Lil Wayne and Katie Couric's first date on CBS last week. The same dude who said "what the fuck is reading" or something to that effect, had the nerve to tell Couric he makes music for people to know he's intelligent. Cash Money's entire roster deffected and Wayne inexplicably stayed home. Now he's the star his former label mates couldn't fathom being. He must have some smarts to have put himself in that position. But for him to think intelligence comes to mind whenever his music comes on is pretty amusing. I mean, does he think we bought it? Probably so since Tha Carter III has scanned nearly 3 million to date. And to his credit, he doesn't sound nearly as niggorant whenever dealing with sports. He's been doing pretty good doing all this work with ESPN and appearing on "Around The Horn."

But back to Yeezy. I'm sure you guys already read all about him being devastated by the alleged Rihanna and Chris Brown controversy. Of course, he couldn't leave the interview without one of his customary dumb quotes, so he told Ryan Seacrest that Rih Rih was the most important artist in music today and had potential to become the greatest artist of all time. Pftttt! Soooooo, Rih Rih can barely sing, is a decent dancer and is surrounded by a great team, but she has the potential to be better than Paul McCartney, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Prince, or even Aretha Franklin? Like, does Kanye really believe that, or does he think we're stupid.

The thing is rappers now realize how influential they are, so they come up with ideas, beat us in the head with it, pause, and hope it spreads. Like Jim Jones trying to replace the N-word with Obama and substitute "bitch" with Michelle. Like, did he think we'd fall for it? Did he really think it was a good idea? I interview rappers every now and then and have to restrain myself from laughing at their answers. Some of them actually look me in the eye thinking I believe them. There are exceptions of course. I can't express how much I appreciate speaking to folks like Common, Chamillionaire and Bun B just to name a few. Rappers need to realize that the public is now wiser than ever, which is why a crap load of them isn't selling any records. We're not buying it, pun intended. Until they wise up, we'll be laughing at them, not with them. -Jackpot