Diddy & D-Roc Build Snowmen for Lil’ Kim

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Ciroc Obama is back! This time he brings the muscle along for some shine as he weighs in on the success of Notorious and the fallacy of Lil’ Kim’s portrayal therein.

Oh, really?

What I fail to understand–other than why D-Roc is so damn touchy-feely–is that if Diddy concedes that Kim’s portrayal is bullshit, why did he sign off on it? As a producer and head vampire in charge, Diddy could somewhere along the line say “Hold on, I knew Kim Jones back then. She was more than a cockswaggling, home-wrecking sack of herpetic lesions.” But no, as he made sure Derek Luke delivered the most grandiose displays of inspirational verbosity, he saw to it that Kim looked like a skank.

This is not to say that any of us ever thought any different of her.  It’s just confusing how, in Puffy’s Hollywood Dreamland one could be admittedly misrepresented.

As far as the Green Mile nigga grab-assing and hanging from Puffy’s shoulders like a 7-foot Cassie goes, my perplexity knows no bounds.

Let me get the story straight. D-Roc does a bid, gets his story all kinds of exploited and earns himself a trip to Puffy’s house and the Super Bowl for his troubles like some Make-A-Wish kid? That better not be the case, Michael Clarke Duncan. That better not be the fuckin case.

If I were D-Roc and Puffy had the nerve to ask me some shit as dumb as “Wanna make a snowman?” I’d be like “Fuck outta here! I did a stretch for the team and now you’re one of the richest niggas in the history of niggerdom. I want a damn Swiss account and some land. Fuck this Of Mice and Men, tend the snow rabbits shit.”

Instead, you hear “W-we don’t got no shovels and b-buckets, boss!”

I love how, despite the fact that this vlog’s supposed to be about B.I.G., the biopic, and making nice with Kim, Puffy still finds time to stunt into the camera like “This ain’t Central Park. This The Lox’s publishing!” That’s right. He could call his backyard D-Block Park. I guess this is only appropriate on the heels of a “Yeah. It’s fucked up. But… fuck it. We had to make a movie” concession that pretty much summarizes the career of every Bad Boy artist in the post B.I.G. era.

Sounds pretty organic to me. The health inspector said so.

Questions? Comments? Requests? Wanna tend the rabbits at the crib? ron@ronmexicocity.com

Puffy: This is about BIG. Don’t focus on us… Just focus on this big-ass house!

D-Roc: We at the crib!

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  • ?

    hahahaa hilarious as always.

  • amar

    lol that’s hilarious…

    making a snowman hahahaha

    but good for puff for not showing the house. He’s obviously caught on to that soulja boy shit…trynna not get robbed. I gotta say, his blogs are becoming less and less SDN lately, despite the snowman line lol

  • DV8

    I thought Puff didnt have anything to do with the production of the movie, just the soundtrack. BIG’s managers (Pitts, Barrow) and Cheo Hadari whatever his last name is, where the ones who put this movie together

    And plus KIM didnt participate by singing off on her character so they went with what they where told by others. Besides if my memory serves me correct KIM wasnt exactly a debutante when she burst on the scene. I dont understand the problem. Im pretty sure her and BIG used to fuck around and she was BIG’s artist, and those where her actual lyrics in the movie, so what is she tripping on? Maybe since all the surgery she totally forgot about the Lil Kim circa 95-97.

    I hope Puff put some money aside for D-Roc since he showing him off on camera. I would hate it for D-Roc if hes just on a fantasy ride and it all comes to an abrupt stop once Notorious goes to DVD.

    • http://www.ronmexicocity.com Ron Mexico

      nah, puff’s one of the producers of the film.

      and i damn sure hope d-roc came home to something nicer than a field trip.

  • Worley

    D-Roc would have been better off standing in the back smoking a Newport like the true G that he is. You can’t win when you compete with Diddy for camera time. You end up looking like a “nigga grabbing-assing and hanging from Puffy’s shoulders like a 7-foot Cassie…”

    Shame on you D-Roc.

  • yoprince

    lmao.. classic

  • Pierzy

    “Make a Snowman with Diddy” sounds like some Ghetto Make-A-Wish shit to me…

  • $ykotic

    I would’ve respected them both if they would’ve vlogged themselves knocking on Kim’s door to talk.

    Or even throwing a snowball at Miss Blackanese’s door.

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com tony grand$

      Sup niggas.

      Puff cold for that shit, Derek Luke was on an interview talkin bout Sean Combs gave him the direct connect to the Puff-phone, & told him to call him if he had any questions on how HE should be portrayed. Then he shits on Botox Kimmy.

      This guy just keeps gettin better & better.

  • http://1290wmcs.com “The Party Killa”

    LMMFAO…. Save this for archival purposes. Ron this mite be up for an award in 09!!


    that shit was funny kim was our queen yeah she was queen of keeping the crew happy. i guess now that she turning white/japanese like jacko she forgot her black past. i don’t wanna see her ass anywhere talking during black history month. people going be like whats margaret cho doing here oh no thats lil kim.

    puff should take care of d-roc to the fullest at least a mil for every year he been away. he been away for 10 years he gets 10 million at least. plus his own house in bk and one upstate. a driver for the 2 cars he will be given. last but not least a fine 18 year old brazilian chick to be his professional ball washer hahahah

  • geico lizard

    I was expecting a Michael “afroman” phelps joke, Ron. D- roc is a GWCOAT so he has been looking for another coattail to jump on since 1997 and he found it. Shyne went away covering for diddy so D-roc is down to do the same thing.

    • DV8

      you are aware Diddy threw Shine under the bus right? Diddy is a cold peice, dont be fooled.

      • http://www.ronmexicocity.com Ron Mexico

        i don’t like the way p. diddy did shyne with different lawyers.

  • 1hunid

    no real talk, why is homie hangin on him like that. Follow behind him like a puppy and all.wtf.

  • Shawty J